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Tumblr deleted this?????? 

Idk why, but it’s gone from my blog so yeah! Fuck me, right?! So yeah my H2O Delirious piece, reposted from what seems like forever ago. Someone had messaged me saying it was gone, and I finally looked, so yup here it is again!

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I make my own version of Fem!Jotaro ver. DiU <3

Her name is Joriko, but i research for another name uvu

Yes, she don’t used makeup and skirt, i made this design in base of the original personality of Jotaro, and i think if Jotaro is a girl, she dont used any of this, its more, probably she think is annoying the makeup and all of skirts for her job


4 Days of Inktober!
Day 1: Ghost
Day 2: Zombie
Day 3: Grim Reaper
Day 4: Favorite Villain aka Lila Rossi (dressed up as a Witch)

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A colored, shaded, cartoony full body commission of a scene redraw for @feekins !

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If you’re interested in commissioning me, the base prices and info are here. Please know what you want prior to messaging me.

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I was literally just scrolling through your Allena art and crying. THANK YOU! ;V;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


HERE, have another cute allena 


or i can always lend you a shoulder to cry on ;___; we allenas gotta stick together hfhfjhfdj

THANK YOU, YOU, FOR THIS MESSAGE, you made me miss them hhh

Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade: Sakamaki Kanato (Chapter 1)

Kanato: Here, this is the castle town where the parade is being held

Yui: It’s really lively, it’s making me kind of excited

(I can’t help but think back to the carnival we went to before)

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would you be able to compile a file with all (if not, most) of the bnha official art? i dont think minitokyo and zerochan have them all and im not sure where to find them :// if not, i understand, thank you!!

Hello! Other than those two websites you can find official art:

Google is also your friend.
If anyone knows other sources feel free to tell us!
Have a lovely day everyone~



update on riin’s life: still very gay for the beautiful dancer/singer ladies of fe

[Translation] Aoharu x Kikanjuu Vol 10 (Omake)

Yukimura: Mattsun, Haruharu please!! Please put this sailor uniform on for my manga source material!!

Haruki: No like usual it’s a no…

Matsuoka: For that you can just look at it and draw right?

Yukimura: That’s no good!!

Yukimura: The thickness of the body changes the appearance of the sailor uniform…Especially the area where the breasts are, in this current state I can’t grasp how it looks!!!

Matsuoka: I don’t have breasts either!!

Yukimura: Do not worry….I have also prepared bras

Matsuoka: Aren’t you just a regular pervert!!

Yukimura: It’s okay i’ll wear it too!! There’s nothing to be scared off if we’re all wearing it!!

Matsuoka: The thought of that is scary!!

Yukimura: Haruki…I haven’t forgotten about you….

Haruki: Don’t use me as a sacrifice!!

Hotaru: Everyone- Landlord-san gave me some sweets lets share them-…..

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