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A colored, shaded, cartoony full body commission of a scene redraw for @feekins !

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4 Days of Inktober!
Day 1: Ghost
Day 2: Zombie
Day 3: Grim Reaper
Day 4: Favorite Villain aka Lila Rossi (dressed up as a Witch)

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update on riin’s life: still very gay for the beautiful dancer/singer ladies of fe

[Translation] Aoharu x Kikanjuu Vol 10 (Omake)

Yukimura: Mattsun, Haruharu please!! Please put this sailor uniform on for my manga source material!!

Haruki: No like usual it’s a no…

Matsuoka: For that you can just look at it and draw right?

Yukimura: That’s no good!!

Yukimura: The thickness of the body changes the appearance of the sailor uniform…Especially the area where the breasts are, in this current state I can’t grasp how it looks!!!

Matsuoka: I don’t have breasts either!!

Yukimura: Do not worry….I have also prepared bras

Matsuoka: Aren’t you just a regular pervert!!

Yukimura: It’s okay i’ll wear it too!! There’s nothing to be scared off if we’re all wearing it!!

Matsuoka: The thought of that is scary!!

Yukimura: Haruki…I haven’t forgotten about you….

Haruki: Don’t use me as a sacrifice!!

Hotaru: Everyone- Landlord-san gave me some sweets lets share them-…..

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I couldn’t decide which one I liked more, so here’s both of them!

I haven’t drawn strawberry haired Aradia in like.. a year….?

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