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Reasons I am the Demogorgon

- No one likes me
- Ugly
- would let Steve Harrington hit me with a bat
- makes weird noises a lot


[Me, yelling into the void about a Voltron / Star Wars TFA au that nobody except me cares about and playing around with increasingly random art styles/new brushes]

KE-3147, “keep it - it suits you” Klance edition, Allurey, BB-1U, Hunk as the successor to epIV’s Gold Leader, Pidge and their bffl, and a Shiro of unknown allegiance. (PS: if u Do care about it please give this a like/reblog!!❤️)


Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is doing well and to have a great day. I never time these drawings on time, but I fought through it!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
Here’s some NejiTen and Shikatema~

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you please rec some jikook fics with pining!jungkook. Or an oblivious jimin? Thanks :*

Of course I can Anon, it’s my pleasure. I’m a sucker for pining!Jeongguk hehe. Please dont forget to read the tags of everything I rec <3 Here you go:

Pine by Wordcouture: real pretty
Golden in your dawn by Fatal : <3 <3
Lost in the gaps by Namakemono: ah…got me real emo
Riptide by peppermint_wind: one of my faves
Blanket kick by Romantium: short and sweet

Now, from my absolute fave Pettey:

Last life in the universe: it wrecked me
Formal absences of precious things: post disbandment au!
Future starts slow: a canon compliant beauty
A touch of sin: I just finished reading this one and omfg it’s a masterpiece, I’m still dying.

And like, i’m going to rec my stuff too bc Im shameless like that:

Muscle Memory
Like Fire, Like Stone

There you go Anon, hope some of this are new for you. Happy reading!!!

some people need to learn how to use AO3 tags lol

Shape of You; Luke Hemmings

This is my first fic so I’m really scared and I hope you like it! I got really inspired by Ed Sheeran’s new song “Shape of You” so here we go :3 

It’s a really short one shot that needs all of your love and attention or it won’t be able to fee its family.

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shit he’s cute when he sleeps… 

dirk totes naps on him when he does weirdass emperor shit


Since so many people enjoyed the last click & drag I made another one! 
This time the Sleepover version!
You’re all gonna have a great sleepover I promise.

It should be mobile/screenshot friendly this time

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Relationship Status:
I have an OTP and they have and relationship (IN MY MIND OF COURSE (≧∇≦)/), does that count?… No?… Damn °-°

Lipstick or Chapstick: 
Oh no nooo!! This lips wont touch anything, they’re sacred!!
Nah, really… i don’t like using those but if i have to choose… Chapstick? ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Last Movie You Watched: 
Does OVAs count? I really can’t remember when was the last time i see a movie!
And if the answer is “yes” then… Death Billiards! ^^.

Last Song You Listened To: 
Akane Sasu - Aimer.

Top Three Shows/Dramas/Animes: 
I’m gonna cheat because i can’t just pick 3 and because i don’t see shows either dramas. I’ll put just anime :v *coff*SuchALoser*coff* (In no particular Order):

- Kuroshitsuji (i can’t escape from this hell, HEEELP!! “ψ(ಠvಠ)ψ)
- Natsume Yuujinchou (such a perfect thing, every episode its so perfect! (´∀`)♡)
- Yuri On Ice (i really liked those gay skaters ~(^◇^)/)
- Death Parade (EVERYBODY PUT YOUR HANDS UP~ ヾ(゚∀゚ゞ))
- 91 Days (thanks for the heart attack in every episode ヽ( ಠ_ಠ)ノ)

Top Three Favourite Characters: 
Maaan! i have a lot of these!! But obviously i had to mention Zexion and Demyx here!!
This is difficult… I really have a lot of favourites characters… ╥﹏╥
Lets go to the next question!!ヽ(^。^)丿

Top Three Ships: 

1- ZEMYX (You didn’t see it coming huh? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
2- I cant decide, i ship everywhere!! (Really, i dont remember an anime/game/whatever where i dont have and otp :’D )
3- Did i say Zemyx? (Im happy shipping this so i’ll do it even in afterlife, i wanted to learn how to draw because of this ship and there’s no hater that can stop me drawing them!! “ψ(`∇´)ψ ok? xD)

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au: Justin Bieber admits that Harry Styles is his favorite member of One Direction and people can’t stop asking them about each other.