please dont make fun of me

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wait what happened to clown names tumblr, daddy?


1.this is so gross please dont call me daddy stop

2. some fucking idiot here on tumblr dot hell harassed them to the point of deletion/tried to demonize/get everyone to turn on the person who ran the blog; all because they used meme arrows (these little guys: ‘>’) one time in chat. They were victimizing themselves hardcore as well and basically just trying to ruin a nice fun thing because they wanted discourse points for calling out a harmless blog that just makes shitty clown names so now nobody gets to enjoy it

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Take it easy Stealth - everyone is rooting for you and that means accepting when you need time. Art is meant to be fun, its for you - please please make sure you do it because you enjoy it, not because you feel obligated to draw something. <3 And please remember, your art is good, I know you dont always see it but we all do. Its amazing and if you ever need telling again you just let me know because I wont stop saying it until you believe it too.

thank you friend <3 

can we.. stop being so harsh on kids who use o3o, xD, x3, -3-, or types liek dish :3 because when i typed like that when i was 9/10 i was so happy at the time and it was just such of a good year for me. i do still sometimes think its embarassing but..? it doesnt effect you. theyre just being kids having fun, please dont make fun of them or make them feel bad..

holy crap i didnt know this needed to be said but apparently it does

dont make fun of people if they dont react to something right away.

i know for myself, when i read something i pause for a couple seconds and then react. or when someone tells me something it takes me 20 seconds to react.

whether its because of trauma, sensory issues, or disability
dont make fun of someone for it

Remember that alternate forms pokemon meme? remember it was soon replaced with the crossbreed pokemon meme? well, by the time those memes were hot on the internet I had no computer or scanner, and I had this Idea sitting there, but by the time I recovered my scanner the meme was no longer that relevant. However, thanks to pokemon sun and moon coming soon and thanks to some first gen pokemons having alternative “alola” forms, I think it was time I finally made this thing

I always tought it would be fun to se how different climates will affect a torterra’s shell garden, knowing the same plants dont grow in different ecosystems, and maybe crossing a torterra with different grass pokemon will make them suitable for their respective climates as seen in the picture

The first two are the most tropical ideas I had, one based on a tropical Island like hawaii and the other based on a rainforest or jungle, I know the moai heads are found on an Island too but please just coup with me a little

The third one is a frozen forest, this seemed to fit since off the 5 pokemons with alola forms, 4 are now Ice types, I asume we will be getting an island with snowe mountains and such

The fourth is based on a garden pond, it seems there will be a more asian inspired island, and all I could think about where japanese gardens, and even when we all see ludicolo as a mexican dancing tree, it is designed after lilypads and kappas, the latest being japanese not mexican

and thats pretty much it, I has been wanting to make this for a long time but couldnt find the inspiration to, until now

Newt and being with reader who um. self harms.

One thing i would like to make clear. or a couple things
1. Im NOT trying to romanticize Self Harm. at all. Im doing this because sometimes I need to write for myself
2. I do know what im talking about when I write this
3. This is pretty triggering. If reading about self-harm triggers you. Please dont read this. Its not bloody. I promise.
4. If anyone makes fun of self-harm on this post so help me god i will fuck you up. Sorry for the language.
5. If it makes you uncomfortable. Then dont read it. No ones forcing you

•You Hiding scars from Newt by constantly wearing long sleeves and or pants. Even when its very hot outside.
•Newt Becoming suspicious but hopes you’ll talk to him about it.
•You dealing with having to keep those thoughts away while with Queenie because you know she’ll tell Newt and you don’t want to burden him with your troubles.
•Slipping up and Queenie looks up at you in horror as she reads your self-destructing thoughts. She pulls you aside and you beg her not to tell Newt.
•She doesn’t, Until your thoughts get worse and you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. Thats when she tells Newt. In fear or your safety.
•Newt rushing to the bathroom and breaking down the door without using a spell because he’s so scared about what you might do.
•His eyes start to water when he sees you in front of him with a blade in your hand. He carefully walks up to you and takes the blade away.
•At first your mad, Mad that Queenie told, Mad at yourself for messing up. but the anger melts to guilt when you look up and see Newts eyes full of tears
•You start apologizing but Newt tells you that you have nothing to be sorry for. He holds you tight and protectively because he sees you in a fragile state.
•That night involves Silence, compliments, and questions.
•He shows you his scars in hopes of you not feeling as bad. He knows its not the same thing but he wants you to open up.
•You eventually telling him why and he is shocked. Not understanding how you could do that to yourself.
•He tells you something important. “Y/n, I don’t fully understand why you do this, but i want you to know that I love you no matter what. Nothings going to change that”. It means a lot, that he didn’t run in disgust or just tell you to “get over it”
•He constantly gives you compliments and sometimes flowers. He always checks on you to make sure your doing okay. He thinks he’s getting annoying but you love that he cares.
•Him not getting mad when you relapse. Instead, he hugs you and tells you everything’s going to be fine.
•When your finally comfortable enough to show him your scars(which took a very long time) He carefully examines each one. He doesn’t say anything but his eyes are full of love and his hands are tracing them as careful as he can.
•Newt understanding its going to take time to recover. But he’s there for you. No matter how long it might be. Or how hard. Because, he loves you.

Okay. Wow. Im really depressing. But i think these are important topics. Heh. night everyone and Stay Safe. please


Made some cute alien adopts using @mo0gs base! These were really fun to make and i hope you guys like them!!

  • They are only $15 USD (through paypal! I use invoices!!)!
  • You can change their looks/genders/colors etc
  • no stealing please! 
  • If you want to adopt one messages me through tumblrs messenger! (I will get back to you as soon as I can!!)

As always signal boosts are really appreciated!! Thanks you!!!

also i dont get all this sudden hate on nct dream. what threat??? does a harmless group of KIDS (they’re minors please leave them alone???) have to your groups that have been around for years? I’m honestly not okay with the cb for many reasons, but what has been done has been done, we can’t change anything. stop being bitter over teens coming out with an album, let them have their fun. let them be kids stop giving them a bad experience, mark definitely reads these comments on twitter let me tell you that…


if youre a regressor/chire, here are things you can do in public when youre small that dont make people uncomfy!! stay safe guys!!

[ddlg please dont interact]

- get a chewy toy!! i like binkies at home, but in public they can make people uncomfy!! get a chewy necklace from stimtastic!!

- you can still hold your stuffie!! it’s a comfort item and it’s okay!!

- if you call your carer mommy or daddy for comfort/coping reasons, try not to do that in public!! try their first name, or a nickname!!

- you can play kids music in your headphones!! it makes me very happy and calm!!

- you can play the inside out bubble game ok your phone because it’s fun for all ages!!

- blow bubbles!!!! not only is it fun for you but it can make a real lil kiddo happy!! everyone likes bubbles!!

make sure to be a good person & always be respectful. dont ever be mean to kiddos!! theyre still growing and developing and a mean encounter can really hurt them!!

[ddlg please dont interact!!]

Dont make fun of people with Astraphobia

We can’t help it that we cant see the beauty in storms. It doesnt matter if you are a 10 year old girl who wants to sleep next to their parents, or if you’re a 15 year old boy who wants to sleep next to your parents.

Please, dont make fun of us. Don’t laugh at us when we get nervous or start to cry, or shake, or just stand still in fear, because you don’t know what hell it is for us.

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ghost i have severe anxiety and my friends dont get it at all and its making it worse because they dont understand why or know when i freak out (because my anxiety attacks usually consist of getting really hot and crying but i try rlly hard not to cry so i just get super overheated) and when they start poking fun at how im freaking out it just makes me freak out more and i dont know how to tell them without making a big deal out of it and i love my friends and dont want them to feel bad aaaaaa

if they’re making fun of you that’s???????? really bad??????????? really really really bad????????? like please don’t feel bad for bringing that up 

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I'm sorry people ask/expect so much of you, I hope you dont let it get to you! This is your blog for you to do what you want with, and you dont owe a single person a response or drawing, you do you and please know people love you for whatever you'll give us. I hope you always love your art and the things you create and it doesnt become a burden to you, tumblr has a way of making these types of things feel like a job. Its for fun and I hope its always fun for you! You're lovely and inspiring <3

Awwww thank you so much!!!!!! But dont worry im ok!! But its just that it makes me sad that I cant answer to everyone but ayy💗💗💗💗💗