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Silver Lining| Min Yoongi

Life has its hardships especially being fresh out of college luckily you have a gummy smiled friend to help you with your struggles. You managed getting a shabby apartment with a shared bedroom and when worst comes ends up having to share a cold shower as the warm water is shut off. Things arent going so pleasant as the electricity follows off too but the most treacherous of all, you being able to face what your feelings might actually hold. But your just friends right?

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Warning: Smut, cursing, stuff, Best friend Yoongi!, So much friendly bickering like damn just fuck already

Genre: Smut and fluff

Word count: 13.2K Got a little carried away..

A/N: A wild update appears. Okay this damn comeback needs to back the fuck up. Yoongi looks like a meal and bighit is now becoming a jin stan everything it beautiful. School sucks thats the main reason my updates are late as hell. also i found this promt on pintrest but switched some shit. ALSO i am supposed to be doing homework but needed to update please pray for my grades. ALso my teacher was talking about college and im not even a senior so you need to calm the fuck down with that damn word. Okay im done

Oh and you know i had to get a blue hair yoongi on the screen.

Having a longing companion was a necessity to a longing life. Having someone to share the necessitates you were used to sharing alone. The feeling of having another comforting body against your side defeating the odds always seemed appealing. It was often rare for something to come along like so. You would rather find a needle in a hay stack then finding something as extraordinary as other couples demonstrate so. It was never an easy task to accomplish as everyone seeks for so, making your chances limited.

I soon accepted this fate and decided on second best, another companion that seemingly resembled the same. A best friend was well suited for my need, as they held the same traits but still remained rather different. A significant other held the qualities of love and romance as a best friend held the traits of honesty loyalty and bundles of fun. No argumentative sides or going a long period without talking as being away from the seemed like the end of your whole soul. I needed someone to rely on and cherish without that sexual desire yet it seemed almost impossible to find. I was hovering over ever possibility i could get, still lost in the endless hay stack.

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Boyfriend Wonho

A/N: this wasnt supposed to be this long but whatevs also wrote this on mobile will sort out the formatting later. some smut in there just to warn you

  • is too good for this world, too pure
  • LOVES you
  • Like would give anything for you
    Honestly thinks hes the luckiest person in the world for having you and is always sure to remind you of that all the time
  • Big soft baby with a heart of gold so you gotta take care of him and make sure hes always happy
  • Its that thing where he is so big and physically intimidating but is actually made of rainbows and sunshine
  • Where you are tiny and not intimidating in the least and ready the fight e v e r y o n e
  • And you will. You would fight any and everyone for shin hoseok you dont care anyone hurts your soft boyfriend they better be ready catch these hands
  • Hoseok knows too so everytime you gettin ready to throw hands he will pick you up throw you over his shoulder and leave while apologising to whoever you were tryna fight
  • That being said, you turn into goo around him
  • Its hard not to really because like have you seen his smile?????
  • Everytime he smiles at you or you make him laugh your heart grows three sizes and your life expectancy is lengthened by 3 years
  • Hoseok an actual angel tho omg
  • Willing to do anything for you his bby
  • Cries at the sad parts in movies
  • Like that sad part in Up made him bawl so hard that you had to ban him from watching disney/pixar movies
  • Mostly bc seeing him cry made u cry
  • You guys are on the couch watching a kids movie and ugly crying against each other
  • Its a Mess™
  • Feeds you all the time
  • Hes a big dude and hes thick af so boy has gotta eat so hes always suggesting going out to eat for date ideas lmao
  • If u try and tell him youre on a diet he will refuse and practically spoon feed you no diets are acceptable with hoseok around
  • Doesnt matter what you look like he doesnt care he just wants you to be happy and healthy
  • That being said if u rly did want to diet to get healthy and fit will make sure you do it properly with a nutritionist and planned balances meals and going to the gym and eating good food
  • Bc he’ll be damned if hes gonna watch u suffer and starve through shutty juice cleanses and no carb diets like no honey
  • is 1000000% supportive of you no matter what
  • Will try his best to support you in absolutely everything
  • Hug Machine™
  • Always down for hugs and kisses basically all the pda he does not care he just rly loves you
  • Tends to pull you onto his lap and wrap his arms around you
  • Probs doesnt even realise its pda hes so casual and liberal with physical affection that sometimes you go the whole day feeling wrong for some reason if wonho doesnt give u some type of lovin
  • Speaking of some type of lovin
  • So goddamn giving that it sometimes makes u feel bad if u dont return the favor
  • Like if he knows u had a bad day will just super casually eat u out til ur shaking and trying to push him away bc its too much
  • Doesnt let you return the favor either bc ur upset even if hes got a raging hard on will just be like ‘shhhhh no its fine drink some water i will make u food now’
  • And ur like hoseok what about u??????
  • He just laughs and walks away
  • Feel like sex will be playful
  • If its not super intimate and romantic then hes probs trying to make u laugh
  • Not all that adventurous just wants to please you and make you cum
  • Gets whiny and flustered when you tease him
  • Most likely to watch you in awe when you do suck him off
  • Honestly just super comfortable about sex tho hes chill about it
  • Its nice to do but not essential to your relationship like he’d be cool if you were asexual or hypersexual its no big deal to him
  • Also lowkey the jealous type
  • Not the angry/assertive jealous type more like sees someone tryna put the moves on u will slink over and throw himself all over like heeeeeyyyyyy my lovely girlfriend whom i love most in the world bc we are def dating and im your faithful boyfriend
  • Youre just standing like laughing bc this guy was pissing you off tbh and you were to slap someone and then he comes along like this wrapping you up in his huge arms being ridiculous
  • You love it tho
  • Gets giggly and blushy when you kiss him
  • Loves it when you backhug him tho he will unwrap your arms to pull you around and hug you properly
  • Always knowing how hes feeling bc he wears his emotions on his sleeve so be prepared for that
  • But him being so emotional makes you comfortable about expressing yours since he wont ever judge you about it even if you had a nervous breakdown about it
  • Wont push you for it either he will wait for you to open yourself up and is ready to open his big arms to you when you need it
  • Hes an actual literal teddy bear bc he loves cuddling dont try and fight me on this hoseok looooooooves cuddling
  • His favourite part of the day is bring close like that to you
  • Any cuddle position is a good cuddle position
  • You know that one photo where hes asleep on minhyuk on that couch where his head and arms are resting on minhyuks back and hes got one leg thrown over his
  • Thats what i imagine sleeping with hoseok is like hes always pressed up close to you
  • Sometimes slightly suffocating bc of his large size but tbh you would die happily like that
  • Has some big ass clothes for you to drown in too
  • I imagine his shirts and hoodies to be hella big which means you could wear them and have maximum comfort
  • Does not mind at all if you steal his clothes highkey loves it and has a folder on his phone dedicated to pictures of you wearing his clothes
  • Actually has a number of folders dedicated to you most of his camera roll is you
  • Gets whiny when the members tease him about you he will get all blushy and tell them to stop teasing him
  • Exactly no one listens and does it more
  • So youre like lmao ur just jealous and straight up make out with hoseok on the spot
  • Which will make him flustered and embarrassed but also get smug when the members are yelling at you guys to get a room
  • No one in this world deserves him like honest to god he is the the best person on this cruel earth

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bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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PSA in dealing with blindness or the partially sighted

So those who know me know I lost my vision at 14 due to some freak immune system issues (I’ve talked about it on here) but that I still function. In fact, if I didn’t tell you I had a giant hole where your face is, you’d never know it, but I do. Because I have one foot in the world of the sight, having been extremely visual as a person, and one world in that of the visually impaired because of the extreme flux in my visual acuity, I feel like I can give you some useful tips, if you ever need to help a visually impaired person, or someone who is completely blind.

1. Don’t just help.

This is the biggest fucking issue. The fact is if I’m using my cane, I’m looking for things on the ground that are landmarks to my location. Which means if you suddenly open the door for me without saying anything and my cane can’t find it, I become extremely disoriented. ALWAYS GIVE AN AUDITORY CLUE THAT YOU ARE ASSISTING.

This includes you well-meaning but completely idiotic people who stop at intersections and then wave the blind pedestrian on. You know who you are. I don’t know, obviously, because I can’t see you, but the people that I’m usually nearby often point this out to me.

2. It’s okay to ask if the person needs assistance.

We may be frustrated but it has nothing to do with you. You won’t hurt our feelings. We don’t like NEEDING help, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need it. Just say “Excuse me, can I help?” But only if it seems a person is lost or confused.

3. Don’t shout at us.

We’re blind. Not deaf. And usually our hearing is our predominant sense. You’ll figuratively blind us by shouting.

4. If a blind person is about to step into something physically dangerous, shout “STOP” with commanding authority. And then be apologetic and humorous afterward. It’s how our cane training is done and so we learn to respond to it.


Offer them your elbow with a verbal cue like “Here’s my arm on your left, if you need it.” The blind person has to govern their own equilibrium, which means they need the flexibility of letting go of you. If you tug them, you also pull them off balance or faster than is comfortable for them to “see” with a cane or foot.

6. Blind people don’t tap the cane for themselves.

The “tap tap” of the cane is usually used only in groups of people to alert you of their coming (though sometimes it is used the brush the cane over uneven terrain that might catch the cane and jab it into our chests). When we walk with a cane, the tip is always aligned to the opposite foot, ACROSS the body diagonally for bodily protection. We then step forward and swipe the cane to the opposite side, along the ground to accurately read the ground a few steps ahead. Tapping the cane actually can remove some of our perception of the land, but we do it for you normies, so you don’t stop dead in front of us and get your ankles bruised by a titanium rod.

7. We obey traffic patterns.

We learn these. And even if we don’t, you aren’t helping us by holding up traffic and honking at us to go ahead and cross. Actually you’re annoying us.

8. Only a small number of visually impaired people are actually COMPLETELY blind.

We are taught to optimize our sight for US. NOT YOU. So if you see a person with a cane who looks completely normal and doesn’t wear sunglasses? Guess what? They’re still partially sighted/legally blind. They’re not less deserving of attention. We wear sunglasses if our eyes are sensitive to sunlight - “photophobia”- like mine. Or we wear them to prevent the embarrassment of the wandering eye. Don’t judge a person’s capability by how they use their cane or their their eyes. Some legally blind people are only blind at night, some at day, some are blind in certain lighting conditions, some can still read with assistance and some can’t visually read at all. There is no uniformity and we optimize for us, not you. You don’t matter. So please don’t do the thing that woman on my flight to LA did and whisper to your friend that you saw me reading my (magnified and adaptive tech phone) and that you’re sure I am only playing blind to get priority boarding. Go fuck yourself with that bullshit.

9. Don’t point.

It really amazes me how many times I’ve said “what’s this?” Or “where’s that?” Only to have someone point. The fuck is wrong with you?

10. Don’t you ever dare touch a service dog unless you believe there is an immediate risk of danger.

11. Proper auditory cues.

You can’t say “it’s at 1 o'clock” for everyone, because guess what guys…not all blind people have seen clock faces! What?! OMG you’re kidding!. Instead give distances in steps, give direction in angles, give directions via landmarks not street signs. I remember one time, my friend Kirsten was asking what a person looked like, and someone said to her, “Well, they’re blond and have a heart shaped face” She said “What’s a heart shape like? And blond is yellow right? That the color of a lemon, right?”

The wrong way: “Oh it’s on Barrett street, about one hundred feet from here, at three o'clock.”

The right way: it’s about fifty paces at a right forty five degree angle from the direction you’re facing, beside a giant open park surrounded by a large metal fence. They may not be able to see the thing, but they can locate things with canes and hands, and get a feel via sound. If you know ground landmarks, like changes in paving, those are also helpful.


Hand them the change first and allow them to put it away, which they do by feel. Then hand them the bills sequentially by denominations so that they can fold and stow these bills in the way that helps them keep track of denominations. THEN hand off the receipt.

13. Don’t ask how they lost their vision.

Don’t be that guy. EVERY GUY. Jesus Christ. Some people are still dealing with the trauma from whatever it is that cost them their sight. I’m not, but I get tired of explaining it to every single fucking person I meet. Don’t say that line “Do you mind if I ask if you were born this way?” It’s none of your business. Stop treating the person like their limitation IS them. You should be helping them through their limitation so that you can GET TO THEM, and get to know the person behind it.

14. If you see a blind person traveling alone at night, and you notice someone watching or casing them, it’s okay to approach the blind person and say “I think you might be in danger. How may I help you?” And then explain the issue.

I have been followed, cased, and tracked. I realized it was happening and prevented it, with some hilarious results, but it happens. Which is why it’s ok for you to be protective of a person, it’s just not ok to be all up in their business.

15. Some blind people wear headphones or earplugs.

These aren’t a “stupid idea”. They’re actually there as a visual aid. What? Well blind people often have very sensitive hearing. Especially to high or low pitch. Many will wear earplugs or headphones to dampen or heighten certain sound values as a visual aid. I personally carry a pair with me everywhere. If I’m on a bus or train, the headphones dampen treble or higher decibels. If I’m in a noisy place like a bar or club, the plugs soften the noise, almost like wearing sunglasses in bright sun.

16. Don’t ask for Braille tutorials.

Not all of us read it. It takes a long time to learn and it’s almost entirely self taught. So if you want to learn, buy a card and get to work.

17. We memorize.

We know the layouts of rooms as instinct. Which means if I walk into a hotel, I am instantly without even thinking about it, running my hands over things, finding switches, marking strides, counting to myself, running my fingers over edges and so forth. This is how I see. So DONT MOVE SHIT. And DONT LEAVE YOUR FUCKING STUFF IN MY PATH.

18. Ray Charles was blind. Not all blind people are Ray Charles.

Stop assuming we all play music. Stop assuming that we all experience things in the same way.

19. Blind people have insomnia.

It comes from not being able to differentiate light from dark. It throws off our circadian rhythm. Meaning it can often interfere with our job, and also that we tend to become creatures of habit in order to avoid difficulty. Don’t break our habits, it throws us off.

20. Give yourself some sensitivity training.

If someone in your family or circle is blind…heck if you’re just a nice person, spend a few hours trying to do everyday tasks with your eyes shut, or put on a pair of fucked up sunglasses, or just give it a shot as you’re at work. See how long you can go before the urge to open your eyes is so powerful and overwhelming that you have to…and then imagine you don’t have a choice. That’s how it feels, every day. In every task. Be patient and kind.

There’s probably a lot more I’m forgetting. Maybe some of my blind peeps can add in?

smoothie klance au?? i guess

you would not guess how many half-written AUs i have in my drafts that become WAY TOO LONG for me to ever consider publishing in a text post. yes this is a short one.

  • keith makes smoothies for a living. it isnt a big deal until it is.
  • one night, this dude comes in. who cares about build-up, we all know its lance, and he looks frazzled. he sits at the counter and orders the fruitiest smoothie on the menu. keith makes it and doesnt think much of it, except to note that something about this kid is just… weird?
  • 1: hes coming in alone, which people their age usually dont. 2: hes dressed pretty nicely. 3: hes just sitting there??? drinking a smoothie??? not even scrolling on his phone or anything, just looking around and slurping. okay weirdo. 4: he seems off. keith does not use the word “aura” on a regular basis but lance has an aura. (which does not make sense to keith, who barely understands his own emotions, let alone someone else’s.)
  • lance thanks keith, and leaves like thirty minutes later. hes certainly not the weirdest customer keith has ever served, but for some reason that random, singular dude sticks out in his mind.
  • but the shifts come and go, and gradually keith forgets about lance.
  • until he comes back in again.

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AU where bitty is on the lacrosse team and manages to keep the lax bros out of smh’s hair long enough that the boys start to get suspicious

word count: 1603

part 1 here

After what Bitty has been referring to in his own head as “The Incident” (with capital letters and all), things between the lax team and the hockey team are… Better? Naturally, Bitty couldn’t tell his team about what had happened, and in fact hadn’t even been pressured to; the teammates who’d been in the house at the time hadn’t even realized he was gone until he was strolling back through the door. So much for having each other’s backs, Bitty had mumbled to himself as he rolled out his pie crust.

But that had been nearly a month ago, and since then, the hockey team hadn’t been over even once to bang at the door with complaints– not even when the house had hosted a party two weeks ago and their music had been loud enough for the bass to be felt a full block away. It’s unusual behavior, and Bitty would be lying if he ever tried to say he isn’t curious about it. The way he sees it, they’re probably just feeling guilty over the whole kidnapping thing. Which is probably fair, all things considered, and Bitty appreciates their consideration. For the most part.

Despite the hockey team’s apparent peace with the lacrosse team, they do still seem a little spiteful. Either that, or Bitty is projecting his own spite onto them; he’s been sitting at the house’s kitchen table for a full two hours now, picking at a now cold tray of bagel bites as he tries to finish an essay. It’s not due until the next Monday, a fact that has Bitty thanking any and all gods who may exist, because there is no way in hell he can finish it tonight with the loud music blaring from across the street. Bitty keeps finding himself bouncing a leg to the beat and staring blankly at his laptop instead of actually writing, and after the fourth time, he finally sighs and slams the thing shut, sliding it perhaps too roughly into his backpack. He deposits the entire bag safely by the stairs before he heads out.

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Daddy's Girl

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Request: Chibs smut based on Daddys Girl by Shawny Sanders

Behind the face you see
Another part of me
Take closer look
You know the cover not the book
My skin is pale and white
My soul is dark as night
Come closer if you dare
Do or die I just dont care


You walked through the crowd, shoulders pushing past you as you made your way to the bar.
The music was loud, pumping through the speakers and you could hear people yelling over the music, trying to hold conversations. The air was thick was the smell of cigarettes and spilt alcohol and you couldn’t deny you were definitely drunk already.
But thats what parties were for, right? And everyone knew; SAMCRO threw the best kind of parties.
It didn’t bother you, seeing half naked women scattered around the room. Hell, some of them were topless but you didnt care. You were confident in your body and you didn’t need to compare yourself to these girls.
Who were you to judge them anyway? The things you got up to in the bedroom weren’t exactly ‘classy’.
“Whisky, please.” You told the strange man behind the bar.
“I accept that.” He said and moved to grab the bottle of Jack from behind the bar.
You scanned the room, eyeing the men in leather and you didn’t notice one of them lean against the bar beside you.
“Ye got good taste, lass.”
You turned towards him and the bartender passed you your drink.
The man raised his matching glass of whiskey and you smirked as you clinked your glass with his.
“Whats ye name?” He asked you, raising his voice so you could hear him above the music.
“(y/n),” You smiled at him and fluttered your lashes.
He nodded. “Chibs.”
You raised the glass to your lips and tilted your head back before doing the whole glass, enjoying the smooth liquid burn down your throat.
“You coming, Chibs?”
He raised an eyebrow.
“To dance.” You explained.
He laughed lightly and shook his head before taking a swig of his glass.
“I dont dance, lass.”
You shrugged, a playful spark in your eyes as you spoke.
“Guess you’ll just have to watch then.”


This is not a scam
No this is who I am
They say eyes so blue
Could never be untrue
But if you look into my eyes
The truth is full of lies
Man you should be brave
I ain’t nobody’s slave


His eyes watched you as you moved, your hips swaying to the music.
You ran your hands down your body as you moved and locked your eyes with his.
On a normal night you wouldn’t have danced so.. provocatively. But you were drunk, it had been a long week, and you’d be lying if you said that his accent didn’t do things to you.
Girls danced around you and you grinded your hips against a blond girl in front of you, both of you moving together.
You didn’t take notice of her, though. Your eyes were locked solely on his and he licked his lips as he watched you move, your hips moving dangerously to the music.
The skirt you wore swung around you as you moved and you made no effort to keep it down. Every now and then Chibs would catch a glimpse of your panties beneath and he had to adjust his jeans that seemed to be getting tighter the longer he watched you.
The song was coming to an end and you decided to head to the bathroom.
You moved through the crowd of people around you, never lifting your gaze from his hungry eyes.
As you neared him you bit your lip and winked before changing direction and walking across the room to the bathroom.
You didn’t look behind you; you were certain he’d follow you.
You entered the bathroom and locked the door behind you before quickly doing your business and washing your hands.
The mirror hung above the sink and you looked at your reflection. Your cheeks were flushed slightly from the heat of the room and the people around you and you touched up your hair quickly before heading out of the room.
The door opened and you smirked when you saw Chibs leaning patiently against the wall.
He licked his lips when he saw you and you walked towards him.
There was no hesitating with you and you grabbed his face and pulled it towards your own.
His lips were soft and you kissed him deeply before letting your tongue run along his bottom lip.
He held your waist, his fingers slightly digging into your skin and you could already feel the bulge in his jeans.
You ran your hands  through his hair, holding him to you as your mouths moved in harmony.
He tasted of whiskey and cigarettes and there was a certain hunger in the way he kissed you that sent shivers down your spine.
You pulled back from him and stepped away.
He met your eye and a low growl left his lips before he grabbed your wrist and led you down the hallway.


Shine like a diamond
My heart is a black pearl
Baby, I’m spoiled and rotten
but I’m not daddy’s little girl
Shine like a diamond
My heart is a black pearl
Even if you offer me the world
I’m not daddy’s girl


The door had barely closed behind you when he pushed you against it, his body pressing against yours.
His lips crashed down against yours and you let out a soft moan as you felt his hands reach down and grab your thighs.
You let him lift you and he growled when his bulge pressed against your core.
His kiss was hungry and rough and his lips left yours and trailed down your neck.
You clutched at his hair, holding him to you and you moved your hips trying desperately to create some friction.
Chibs growled and pushed his hips against you and bit into your skin softly, making you moan.
You moved your hands to his chest and pushed him away and he lowered your body to let you stand.
He looked down at you, hunger burning in his eyes and you licked your lips before pushing him back against the wall.
A playful smirk lingered on your lips and you walked backwards towards the bed, your eyes never leaving his.
With each step you took you lifted your dress a little higher and as you neared the bed you lifted it completely off your body.
Chibs pushed off the wall and stepped towards you with a certain dominance.
Cute, you thought to yourself. He thinks he’s in charge.
The lingerie you wore hugged your body and he couldn’t keep his eyes off you, the way the fabric sat on your skin.
In a matter of steps he was in front of you and you looked up at him through your lashes.
You reached up on your tip toes and kissed him softly before pulling away again.
He reached for you but before he could you slapped his hands away.
“Nuh uh uh..” You tsked. “You can look, but you cant touch.”


All these demons that I hide
I keep ‘em locked inside
In my closet are the victims of the past
Watch out boy
Every kiss might be your last


Chibs licked his lips as you ran your hands up your body and caressed your breasts.
You looked down too, both of you watching your hands move before you reached behind you and unclipped your bra.
It fell to the floor and you glanced up at him proudly, letting his eyes soak in the sight of your bare chest.
A soft groan came from his chest and you smirked before sitting on the bed.
You lay down and lifted your knees and spread them.
His eyes devoured you and you blushed slightly under his gaze.
“You are beautiful.”
He pulled the leather of his shoulders and folded it before placing it neatly on the bed beside you.
Next he lifted his shirt and let it drop to the floor. He palmed himself through his jeans and you could see the outline of his cock, already hard.
You ran your hands over your body, caressing your breast once more.
Slowly you moved your hands lower and you bit your lip.
You ran your hand over your panties, stroked softly over your clit.
Chibs growled and you slipped your fingers beneath the fabric.
You loved being watched. There was something inherently naughty and decadent about it and nothing made you wetter than teasing someone like this.
You slid your hand further into your panties and ran a finger between your slit.
A soft moan left your lips when you felt how wet you were and you closed your eyes.
You moved your hand back up and rubbed your clit gently in circles.
Chibs unbuckled his belt and let his jeans drop to the floor, pooling around his ankles.
His eyes were fixed on you, watching intently the way your hand was moving beneath the lace panties you wore and he felt his cock get even harder.
Slowly he reached down and slipped his fingers in the waistband of your panties.
You began to protest but he hushed you.
“I want to see all of you.”
You bit your lip and nodded before letting him pull the fabric down your legs.
As soon as they hit the floor his eyes were back on you and you spread your legs further, letting him see every inch of you.
He groaned as he watched your fingers move, now glistening and he pushed his boxers down his thighs.
You bit your lip as you watched him rub himself and you moved your fingers a little faster now.
“Good girl.”
You moaned and slid a finger inside yourself. With your free hand you squeezed your breast roughly.
You dipped a second finger in before moving your hand back to your clit.
He stroked himself as he watched, his eyes glued to the movements you were making.
You rubbed your self faster and moaned loudly, knowing you were close.
“Fuck!” You moaned.
“Mmmm good girl,” He stroked his cock slowly. “Cum for me.”
You rubbed faster and waves of pleasure rolled over you.
You moaned loudly as your body shook and your walls tightened.
Chibs dropped to his knees and pushed your hand out of the way.
A gasp left your lips when you felt his tongue on you, lapping up your juices.
You clutched his hair as shivers took over your body.


Shine like a diamond my heart is a black pearl
Baby, I’m spoiled and rotten
but I’m not daddys little girl
Shine like a diamond
my heart is a black pearl
Even if you offer me the world
Even if you offer me the world
Im not daddys girl
Im not daddys girl


Chibs stood and looked down at you, cheeks flushed and panting heavily, your skin glistening.
He stroked himself a couple times before grabbing your thighs and pushing them back, spreading you further and he leant down and kissed you.
You moaned against his mouth and you could almost taste the hunger in him and you knew just how badly he wanted you.
He grabbed his cock and lined it up with your entrance before he ran it over your slit, coating himself in your juices.
You moaned at the sensation and bucked your hips, making him smirk.
He moved his cock back to your pussy and pushed himself inside.
“Fuck!” You gasped.
His hands slid beneath you and he squeezed your ass before lifting you up slightly.
Your legs wrapped around his waist and withy a sudden movement you got him on his back, his eyes wide with shock and you held his hands down to the bed.
His cock twitched inside you and you smirked before rocking your hips.
Both of you moaned as he filled you, stretching your pussy with each movement.
You let go of his wrists and sat up, arching your back and bouncing up and down.
Chibs watched your tits bounce and he grasped your hips tightly.
You rolled your hips against his, moaning loudly and you opened your eyes to see him looking up at you, an expression you couldn’t read on his face.
His hands slid up your body and he cupped your breasts.
His thumbs brushed circles around your nipples and when they hardened he tweaked them between his fingers.
You leant down and pressed your lips against his.
His hands slid from your breasts and he wrapped them around you, one holding your head to his and with the other he held your waist.
He began to move you, lifting you openly to thrust into you as he pulled you back down and the change in the angle sent shock waves through you.
You moaned into his mouth and he began to thrust harder.
You leant back and placed your hands on his chest, holding yourself up and you arched your back.
Chibs reached down with one hand and the brush if his fingers over your clit had you clenching around him. Your climax was so close you could almost taste it.
He pounded into you and you fought to hold yourself up, the added sensation of his fingers on your clit was making you weak.
“You wanna cum for daddy?”
“Please! Mmm!”
You didn’t know if you were begging him or god, but all you knew was that you had to cum.
He pounded into you slightly harder and his fingers moved faster around your clit.
Your body convulsed around him and you collapsed into his chest.
His hands held you as he continues to thrust into you.
Your moans filled the room and yu trembled against him and he thrusted once more before you felt himself finish inside you.
Panting, you rolled off him,both of you glistening with sweat.
You both gasped for air and your body shook with aftershocks.
Finally you caught your breath and Chibs kissed the top of your head.
“Jesus Christ lass, that was amazing.”
You smirked in agreement.
“Just one thing though,” You said.
Chibs raised an eyebrow and looked a you curiously.
“Im no daddys girl.”



anonymous asked:

ok so there's ton of HCs of the RFA protecting MC but what if the tables were turned? How about some HCs of MC protecting the RFA + Saeran from harassment/being hit on by other people? (in all honesty if someone hit on my S/O they would experience hell)

A/N: honestly i’d like to say i’d be the same but like i’m too shy and just yeah with my personality i’d just let it happen unless my s/o is uncomfortable ^^;;; (also loOK I TRIED TO MAKE IT NON VIOLENT FOR THE MOST PART BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE DON’T LIKE VIOLENCE BUT I MEAN I’M THE TYPE TO THROW PUNCHES SOOOO) ~Admin 404



           -I’ve discussed before that he is very oblivious

           -So he wouldn’t even really notice when people hit on him?

           -But you sure did, and you didn’t enjoy it one bit


           -He never really acknowledges it until he sees the disapproving face you’re giving the other person

           -Then he starts getting a little uncomfortable because wow he finally started to think about what the person was saying, and that’s where you step in

           -You’re a nice person, you never really get physical with the person, you just…. use your facial expressions to communicate.

           -So when you gave the person hitting on your boyfriend a death glare that could almost rival Saeran’s…. then immediately replace it with a smile…. needless to say, they froze.

           -In a sweet, innocent voice, you greet them, introducing yourself as his s/o, and watch as they (usually) nervously take their leave

           -He actually really appreciates it though? Like, you love and appreciate him enough to get jealous like that? Not to mention you’ve gotten him out of a few awkward situations where he was too nice to just walk away. WOW MC LOVES ME, THAT’S AMAZING please take charge more often mc, wink wonk



           -But at the same time he’s concerned because some of his fans….. tend to be a little…. adherent

           -You never get physical or hurt anyone, mind you

           -But you’re very open with your emotions

           -So if someone is hitting on him, you immediately voice your opinion

           -You place yourself in between whoever is flirting with your Zenny and himself, and look them in the eye

           -“Hi there, I’m MC, Zen’s s/o. It’s nice to meet you. You think he’s handsome? That’s so funny, I think that too!”

           -Sounds nice, right? WRONG- your voice has a hint of disapproval in it, not to mention dripping with sarcasm and over-exaggerating your words

           -You’re never MEAN though because you couldn’t do that. But you make it obvious enough that, hey, this is my man, please stop hitting on him. And he’s actually just so surprised that this sweet little person can lowkey scARE HIM WITH JUST A CERTAIN TONE OF VOICE, WHAT THE

           -He can’t really… judge though? Because he gets the same way no you get way worse, zenny, so as long as the two of you show each other there’s nothing to worry about, you’re all okay!


           -Baehee takes care of her damn self, okay

           -But she appreciates when you step in like her hero and save the day

           -Like if someone’s too close for her comfort, you’re there in a flash to gently drag her in the other direction

           -You’re more of a quiet pouter- if someone’s flirting with her and she doesn’t seem uncomfortable, you stand with your arms crossed and a pout across your face


           -She tries to be polite but, hey, at this point, you aren’t because??? Why don’t they get the hint??? No means no??

           -So you’re constantly taking the slip of paper and promptly throwing it away or you wait until she hands you her phone and delete their number. Right in front of them. Show no mercy.

           -Do you feel bad? Yeah sometimes. Does she appreciate what you do though? Oh yes, very much

           -You always get a kiss on the cheek when you help her out of situations like that SCORE

           - threatened to punch one guy though when he tried touching her hair. doNT DO THAT. THATS MY JAEHEE, YOU STOP THAT


           -He doesn’t even pay attention to people flirting with him

           -Why should he? He has who he wants, and that’s you. No one else matters???

           -Why do you get so upset over it??? idk jumin why do YOU get so upset over it

           -Takes it as the highest form of compliment and profession of love, because that means you want him all to yourself- just like he does with you

           -But MC please don’t get physical with these people that’s not professional



           -Loves when you cling, though. Hang off his arm, lay your head against his chest, like yES MC DO THAT SHIT, SHOW PEOPLE I’M YOURS

           -He was talking to a guest once, and in mid-sentence, he watched you cover the guest’s eyes with your hand. “You stop that, don’t give him those eyes, you can’t have him” mC PLS

           -Overall, your demeanor stops people in their tracks before they even attempt to flirt with him. You radiate this sort of aura that says “back off this is my boyfriend”. Only the strong-willed attempt, but they always fail. Though, Jumin has to kiss the side of your head to remind you he isn’t going anywhere, there’s no need to get so worked up


           - “why are people flirting with me im terrible” (same saeyoung, same)

           -He’s just confused all the time by it

           -And since he’s confused, he doesn’t know how to really…react. So he just accepts it

           -But??? You don’t like that?? Don’t touch my nerd boy

           -You like to take the “Jokingly insult them but lowkey mean the insult” route to get your point across

           -When I say “insult” i don’t mean you belittle them or anything, mind you. Kind of more along the lines of saying “leave him the fuck alone” without saying it outright- you say it more in ways like “yeah he does like pizza- his favourite is when he’s getting it with me” ya know, that kind of thing

           -And he can’t help but laugh?? Like it’s kind of mean and the both of you know it is but?? They don’t get the hint to leave him alone??

           -Until you get tired of the person and just grab Saeyoung’s glasses off his face, and plant a kiss straight to his lips

           -Which hey he isn’t gonna complain. He actually takes advantage of the situation and puts his hand on your lower back, dips you slightly, and just hardcore kisses you because maybe then the person will get the hint???

           -YOU’RE SUCH AN ASSHOLE THOUGH you wink at the person before you take Saeyoung in the other direction


           -Don’t even breathe in the direction of my cinnamon roll


           -But you can. So when someone’s flirting and asks for his number, you casually walk up and just straight deny them

           -“I was wondering if you’d like to go grab some dinner some ti-” “No” “Who are you?” “No”


           -And he just smiles the whole time because!!! He’s glad you showed up!!! He loves you so much!!! And you’re able to say no, unlike him

           -And for the ones who are more…persistent, despite the “no”, your persona flips like a light switch

           -You can walk up, happy and carefree, and the moment they touch your boyfriend in a more than friendly way, you’re as cold as ice

           -That’s usually his cue that he needs to excuse the two of you. You’d never say anything harsh, mind you, but you would sort of keep that personality for the rest of the day. He’d have to find a way to cheer you up so you don’t feel bad!

           -He always jokes that your face is gonna get stuck in a pout, pinches your cheeks, and waits for you to smile. INTENSE CUDDLING FOR THE REST OF THE DAY because hey MC, he’s yours and no one is gonna threaten that <3



           -i can see why the two of you are a couple

           -you perfected the death glare from him as well

           -He’s uncomfortable in almost any situation so someone hitting on him, and that someone NOT being you, makes him VERY UNCOMFORTABLE

           -And he’s not quiet about it, either. He voices that he isn’t interested, and that they should just back off but for some reason people take that as a challenge?

           -So you warn them with a death glare, then by reminding them that he said he isn’t interested, then your anger gets the better of you

           -There are times that you get a punch or two in, but most of the time, the furthest you get to go is grabbing them by the front of their shirt, and pulling them real close to your face

           -There’s always threats, and never clean language

           -But Saeran doesn’t want you to get violent like he can be so he usually has to physically carry you away from the other person

           -BUT YOU’RE GETTING BETTER! Now you tend to just push the person away, grab Saeran’s hand while giving the other person a look of disinterest, and walking away wow mc look at you, you’re calming down! <3

Kindness || Theo Raeken Imagine

Request: Hola! Can i get a theo imagine where theo is sleeping in his car a the police came and says to him to move and when he was about to the reader appears and says that he is with her and after the police is gone she smiles at him and asks him if he wanted to stay and her house and he hugs her thankful + you can made the rest of it (them wasnt friend but after this them can be)

 Disclaimer: i read an imagine with this exact same plot and i no way am trying to copy them, i got this request so i’m just going to write what comes to mind, so please dont msg me and say that i copied it from someone! Please leave request i write for Teen Wolf and Stranger Thing! Love y'all

Its been a few weeks after everyone defeated the ghost riders. Stiles left Beacon Hills to go to his dream college while everyone else stayed behind. Including Theo, and if you’re thinking about it, you’re not sure where he is. Maybe he did leave Beacon Hills for good or maybe he didn’t.

 You had mixed feelings about the boy, one moment he was trying to tear your pack apart and kill your alpha and the next he’s trying to help everyone and save them. Maybe after he was send to hell, well thats what i call the place that Kira sended him, maybe he did change for the good. But you couldn’t trust him yet.

 Theo wasn’t your friend and you don’t know if he’ll ever be your friend. How can you be friend with the person that tried to murder you multiple times? One part of you hopes that the handsome boy changed, but you doubted it. How can an evil person be good?

 You were driving around town like you always do when you’re trying to relax and have some alone time. In this town with crazy shit happening every minute, it’s difficult to have time for yourself. You looked around the beautiful scenery around you and you turned the volume high and jammed to the song.

“Take me to your best friend’s house, going around this roundabout,” you sang on top of  your lungs, not caring if other drivers saw you. You moved your head to the beat and your fingers drummed against the steering wheel in motion to the song. 

“Ohh yeah, take me to your best friend’s house, i loved you then and i love you noow.” You screamed as you danced to the music. Moments like these were your favorites when you could act like yourself without anyone judging you or looking at you funny. You kept jamming to the different songs when you drove by a warehouse. The warehouse looked familiar and the car parked outside looks like one of your friends. Or so you thought.

You didn’t pay much attention to the car that was outside and continued driving while happily singing in your car. You glanced back at the car, an uneasy feeling crawling in your gut, but you shook you head and ignored it. You turned the volume higher and didn’t glance back at the familiar car. 

The next day arrived and you still had that uneasy feeling in your gut. You didn’t know what it was, but something was telling you to go in your car again and drive. Drive wherever you wanted to. Night time has fallen and after a long tiring day you decided to take your car for a drive.

 You got into your car, turning the engine on and you sat there, looking outside. Thoughts running wild in your mind, and one of those thoughts were about Theo. You really wondered where the hell did that boy go. Is he still in Beacon Hills? Did he left? You didn’t know and even though you two aren’t the best of friends, you still wanted to know if he was okay. 

You let out a sigh and started driving to nowhere. This time you didn’t turn the radio on you drove in silence, trying to know what this feeling was. Is it a good feeling, a bad one? You didn’t know. So lost in thought, you barely drove passed the warehouse. You slowed down when arriving at that abandoned building, but that didn’t what catched your eye. It was the same damn truck that was there last night.

 You parked at the warehouse, but a safe distance from that car. You didn’t know who it was and you really didn’t want to be caught tonight. You turned off your car and looked over at the other car beside you. You tried to see if there was anyone, but to your luck, it was empty. You groaned and let your fingers run through your hair. 

 A siren caught you off guard, which you quickly looked up and found a cop car coming towards your way. Shit shit shit, this can’t be happening right now. Your heart was pounding in your chest for the fear of being caught. You’re not suppose to be out this late at night.  The cop parked his car near you and you sighed. This is what you get from following your damn stupid gut.

 But to your surprise the cop wasn’t there for you. It was for the other car that stood there. You chuckled at the fact you weren’t caught and thanked whatever god that was up there. You leaned over to the window to get a better look to what was happening. The cop got out of his car and walked towards the car with a flashlight in his hand. You can see the officer looking into the car and start tapping on the window. Was there even a person in there?

 You can tell the officer was talking to someone and you wondered who the hell was there. When the officer moved a bit you finally saw who was there. “Theo.” His name flowing out of your mouth in shock. The officer looked annoyed and Theo looked as if he was pleading with the officer for something. Without thinking you got out of your car and walked towards them.

 “Hello, is there a problem officer?” You asked once you were near them. Both of them turned to look at you, one with annoyance and the other with shock. You glanced at Theo and back at the officer.

 “Do you know him?” The officer asked and you quickly nodded your head. You mouthed that he was a friend and the officer nods his head. “Yes, he is sleeping in this car at this place which is against the law. So i asked him to leave or else he is going with me to the station.” 

 “I’m sure that could be avoided. But no worries he will move officer.” You smiled at him and he looked at you before turning his gaze at Theo. “Alright, if i see him again, i will take him with me to the station.” The officer glared at Theo and he let out a scoff. 

 “Yes ofcourse!” You agreed and with that the officer looked at theo one more time before leaving. You let out a long breath that you didn’t knew you were holding in. Theo was about to say something but you cut him off, “We’re going to my house.” I told him, he stared at me with confusion. Why in the world would you even invite Theo to your house. But unlike him, you were nice and you cared for people either they were bad or not. 

 “You’re house?” Theo asked and you let out a frustrating sigh. “No, we’re going to the dumb because you know, i live there!” You said sarcastically as you rolled your eyes. You walked away to your car and Theo mumbled something under his breath. “To her house it is.” He whispered and turned the car on before following you to your house. 

 After a short drive you two finally arrived at your house. Your parents weren’t home for the weekend so Theo could stay without you getting in trouble. Theo awkwardly stepped into your house looking anywhere but you. You rolled your eyes and closed the door behind you. 

 “Alright so i have a spare room and you can sleep in there. The bathroom is right next to your room.” You told him and tried to remember what else you can tell him. “Oh and if you get hungry the kitchen is right there so you can eat whatever you want.” 

 “Why are you doing this?” Theo asked his gazed set on you. You looked over at him and shrug your shoulders. A part of you felt bad for him that he had no where to sleep and you couldn’t let him stay there like that. “C'mon tell me.” 

 “I dont know, i mean I couldn’t leave you sleeping like that in your car. You need a real bed to sleep on.” You answered him not looking directly at him. You walked towards the guest room and he’s following you like a puppy which made you giggle. 

 “This is your room.” You told him with a smile and he smiled back at you. He mumbled a thanks and walked in the room. “Oh and if you want to join me to watch a movie, you are welcome mister.” You winked, walking away from him before he can answer you.

 Theo still couldn’t believe that you would do something like this for him. After all the things he did, he definitely didn’t deserve your kindness. He killed Scott, he tore your pack apart but you still wanted to help him and for that he’s extremely grateful.

 After settling in Theo decided to join you for that movie night you told him about. He awkwardly walked towards where you are and sat down. You looked over at him and gave him the widest smile ever. “You made it!!” You exclaimed and Theo nodded his head not saying anything else. Theo couldn’t focus on the movie, all he could think about is why are you helping why. Why should a perfect nice girl help a monster like him. Without thinking he just blurted out the question, startling you in the process

 “Why are you helping me?” Theo asked all of the sudden. You paused the movie and turned to look over at him. “I mean, i did some horrible stuff to you and your friends and you still helped me. Why is that?” He questioned you and the look he was giving you was pure confusion.

 You sighed and turned your head to look at him. “You’re a good person Theo i know that and I can’t leave you there when you’re in need of help.” You answered him, giving him a sincere smile. “And i kinda like you even though i should not.” You giggled and looked down at your hands. His ears perked, a huge smile spreading on his face. 

 “So you like me huh?” He teased and you rolled your eyes, punching him in his arms. You played the movie again and you can feel Theo staring at you. 

 “Stop staring asshole.” You laughed eyes still on the tv. Theo moved closer and wrapped his arm around you. You can feel your face getting red so you looked away from him. “Thank you.” He whispered as he held your hand. You glanced down at his hands on top of yours and you look back at him. You leaned in a give him a quick kiss. 

Sometimes even the people who did the worse things deserve some kind of kindness. And thats what you gave Theo. A second chance

Make-Over (J.A)

Request - Haaiiii can you do a Jack Avery imagine where the reader does his makeup?

“It’s eight at night, Y/N. Why are you doing your makeup?” Jack asks as you stand in front of the second-floor bathroom, reapplying your lipstick and redoing your eye makeup.

“Because it’s only eight,” you reason.

“That makes no sense,” he says back and you turn to him with a small glare when you realize he’s been recording you.

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killerfangirl3  asked:

Morality gets called to Anxiety's school because Anxiety has detention for texting on the phone and then refusing to had it to the teacher. He was texting princey.

Morality was pissed, he had gotten a call from the teacher, letting him know his son would need to be picked up. He couldn’t believe his son ended up in detention. Something was up, yeah he was awkward and rude, but he never got detention before.

He could see Anxiety texting as he drove up to the school, he had a smile on his face.

Morality honking the horn twice, wondering what he was looking at. Anxiety jumped as he looked up and slowly walked towards his dads car. The ride was silent. Morality was angry, but he knew if he started yelling they’d never make it home. Besides it wasn’t like he did something horrifyingly horrible. He just ignored his teachers request and refused to be part of the class.

Once they got home he could see Anxiety nervously walking into the house. Morality shut his door. He needed to stay calm. He didn’t know Anxiety’s side of the story, he needed to hear him out, even though he had no clue on why he would do that.

Anxiety was walking towards his room.
“Anxiety where are you going?” Morality asked folding his arms and giving his dad scowl. Anxiety stopped and turned around, nervous.

“Who could you possibly be messaging during the middle of class?” Morality asked.

“Nobody.” Anxiety lied.

“Nobody? Interesting, I’d like to meet this nobody.”

“It’s fine don’t worry about it, I’m sorry you had to pick me up.” Anxiety sounded sarcastic but he wasn’t sure why.

“That’s not why I’m mad, Anxiety.” Morality answered.

“Yeah, I screw everything up and make sure things go wrong everytime, I make things harder on you and everybody else just by existing.” Anxiety closed his eyes and his mouth holding back tears and failing.

Morality felt horrified and confused. What just happened? When did Anxiety start feeling this way?

“An, that’s not true at all! What’s going on?” he asked.

“No-nothing.” Anxiety shook his head, trying to hold back a sob. Morality went up to his son and hugged him, letting him sob into his shoulder.

“Hon, its okay I’m right here.”

They stayed like this a while, Anxiety sobbing into his dads shoulder as he held him in his arms. Morality decided it was time to pull back.

“Whats going on? I’m scared Anxiety, I always give you information about my world, but I want to know what’s going on in your world.” Morality said.

“I-I’m sorry, I just, I want to tell you but I’m just so scared you wont love me anymore.” Anxiety was sobbing, Morality came closer.

“Sh, babe, no. Even if I’m mad at you I would never stop loving you!”

“Would you-would you kick me out if- if you hated me?” Anxiety asked shaking. Morlity was horrified.

“Ann, nothing in this world could ever possibly make me hate you! The most I’d feel is disappointment towards you, and that’s all I’m feeling right now. Did something happening? Do you feel depressed?” Anxiety just sobbed, “I want you to feel like you can talk to me about whatever. If you don’t want to talk about the person you’re messagging then that’s okay, there are somethings you want to keep to yourself, but please don’t let it ruin, your health, our relationship or your education!” Morality whispered. Anxiety sniffled. Morality could tell Anxiety was torn and just held Anxiety closer.

“I-I want to tell you, but I’m scared you wont like me anymore.” Anxiety whimpered.

“Hon, its okay. Do you want to talk about it?” Morality asked. Anxiety let out a shakey breath.

“I cant-” Anxiety continued sobbing.
“Shh, I’m here” Morality hugged him again rubbing his back, he was scared, did someone hurt him and threaten him?

It took a while after Anxiety managed to stop crying- he was hiccupping but he wasn’t sobbing. He took a deep breath in.

“I-I think I’m gay.” Anxiety blurted out. Morality froze, not rubbing Anxiety’s back anymore. Anxiety started breathing heavier.

Crap, Anxiety noticed his frozen state.

“No- An no! I didn’t mean it like that, I just didn’t expect to hear that come out of your mouth- its okay, really. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. I promise I still love you, I’m just surprised to hear that’s your bad news- not that its bad news, I just thought from your state it would be bad news, okay I need to stop talking I’m sorry, you-you need a chance to speak.” Morality said. Morality noticed Anxiety began to relax.

“You-you aren’t mad?” Anxiety asked slowly pulling away.

“No! Ann, there’s nothing wrong with that!-being gay, I just, I- I did not expect to hear this from you- I mean, I just didn’t uh, I’m sorry I dont know what to say.”
Anxiety leaned away, “How- how long have you known?” Morality asked.

“About a year.” Anxiety mumbled. Morality nodded his head.

“That’s great! Are-are you seeing anybody? I mean, are you trying to see anybody?”

“Yeah, his names Roman.” Anxiety smiled.

“He-is he a nice guy?” Morality asked. he wasn’t sure how to react, but he knew he had to support him.

“Yeah hes great, a bit of an egoist-but not bad enough that he dosent care about me. He always tries to send me notes and dosent judge my dark humor.”
Morality smiled, glad to see Anxiety light up like he did. No wonder he never talked about girls! Morality came up with a pun.

“Is he Roman-tic?” Morality grinned. Anxiety groaned. “What its a valid question, I’m your dad, I want to know these things.”

“Shesh dad. Why are you always looking for puns?” Anxiety asked, wiping his eyes, but smiling.

“Because puns make me happy and I want my gay son to be happy-always.” Morality opened his arms for a hug and Anxiety smiled, before leaning into the hug. “I love you Anxiety.”

“love you too.” Anxiety said.


“So, you’re dating my son?” Morality asked, trying to appear tough. Roman was sitting on the couch wearing a Prince costume, trying to be polite.
“Yes sir.” Roman answered, obviously nervous. Morality decided to tone down his protective look a bit.

“You don’t have to call me sir! I’m Morality, but everybody calls me dad!” Morality grinned. Roman was about to answer before Anxiety came out of his room wearing his usual attire.

“I’m coming!” Anxiety called out walking towards them.

“You’re not dressing up?” Morality asked frowning. This was the schools Halloween party and it was the first party Anxiety had told his dad he was going to.

“Nope, I’m going as myself.” Anxiety said, pulling up his hoodie.

“And that’s the best person you could go as.” Roman said standing up and leaning forwards as if to kiss Anxiety, but pulled back, scared.

“Oh you guys can kiss if you want, no problems here.” Morality said.

“Yeah, but its considered rude to kiss in front of the parents if the couple hasn’t held hands in front of the parents yet.” Anxiety said before grabbing Romans hands and smirking, “now we can kiss.”

They both smiled before leaning in for a quick peck. Morality awed.

“You guys are so cute together! Do you mind if I take a picture?” Morality asked, pulling out his phone. Roman looked hesitant.

“Just a picture of you and Anxiety together standing side by side if you want. I wont post it anywhere, I promise.” Morality said. Roman smiled gratefully before pulling Anxiety closer, hesitantly looking over at Morality for his approval.

Morality just smiled and nodded, knowing that Roman was probably just scared that Morality would react in a way that would hurt him. (He was also happy to se that because it meant he cared for his son.)

“Say cheese!”

More to the story J.A

Pairing: Jack Avery x reader

Warnings: Bullying, swearing, violence (to do with bullying), mention  let me know if you see any others

Based off a cry not to cry video i saw a while ago.

Summary: He gets partnered with the girl who is coated with rumors and bullied. He thought he knew netter than to fall for her but we all know these one to the story than watch we choose to see.

The whispering thought she couldn’t hear them. But she could. The eyes thought she couldn’t feel them as they burned holes into the back of her as she walked. But she could. The words thought they hurt her as they carried along the waves to her. But they didn’t. She knew better. She knew she did the right thing. Even if they didn’t know the full story. She made sure to protect him. She’d rather they talked about her than him. He didn’t deserve it. So she kept his secret. She took the shit. The bullying. The abuse. And never once did she tell. But he found out. He learnt her secret. And she was scared. What is he going to do to her little boy?



 "Like every boy has seen her naked"

“I heard she slept around a lot when she was younger”

“She’s a fucking hoe, of course I wouldn’t near her”

“I’d tap that, I bet she’d fuck anyone”

The words hurt but she was used to it now. She didn’t have much longer before she graduated, so she held on, ignoring the abuse people gave her. She headed to her science class, it wasn’t long until she could go home to her boy, her world.

“Y/n” Your professor called as you took a seat. He had just finished going through the register.

“Here” You called taking a seat at the back of the class away from prying eye. But that didn’t stop them prying.

“Alright class, today we’re going to be working in pairs” The class instantly began eyeing up their friends, your grunted knowing you were going to be alone again. No one wanted to work with a skank. “No, you do not get to choose your partner, I am going to be pairing you” This caught your breath, No! you’d rather work on your own, everyone judges you, you’d rather then judged you from a distance. Your professor began calling names pairing them up with people when finally.

“Mr Avery” He called looking at the curly haired boy. “You’ll be working with miss y/l/n” To say you were scared was an understatement. He was one of the most popular boys in the school, although he never acted it. He got up from his seat, carrying his things with him and sitting besides you. You waited for the comment. And waited…. and waited….


Where was the abuse? Did he not know? Why hadn’t he said anything? Was he planning something? Your mind raced, sickening you. Say something you screamed. Only it was in your head.

“I’m Jack” He finally spoke turning to face you. A smile placed upon his lips as he spoke. But still no abuse.

“I’m… I’m y/n” You replied wary. Your attention brought back to your professor when he began to explain the project.

“Your job is to work with your partner to build something that demonstrates the transfer of electrons" He explained. “You will have to work together otherwise you will NOT pass” He added. I glanced to the boy, who i now know as Jack, he gave me a warm smile.

“So how are we going to do this?” He asked. He was so sweet to you, it made you a little nervous. You kept expecting some form of abuse from him, to be hit on in some creepy way or something. But it never came. It only made you more anxious. “Do you want to meet at a library? My house is a little busy and loud” He explained. I closed my eyes, taking in a deep breath before opening them.

“Could… could… you… eh” I paused, he was so sweet, i didn’t want to tell him, but i had to, he probably already knew. “Could we do it, the project, at mine?” You finally blurted out.

“Sure” He smiled. If only he knew.

A few days later.

“Shhhh” You were so stressed, he had fallen ill and you had Jack coming over for the first time to work on the project. Your mother was always working and refused to take in the baby. She knew you had. She supported you even though she disagreed. He was in such distress it broke your heart. That when the door rung signalling that Jack was here. You put him down heading to the door.

“Hey” Jack smiled only his smile vanished when he heard the distressed cries of your little boy. Concern laced his beautiful features as he saw the state of you.

“Hey” You smiled weakly, stepping aside for him to come in. “please mind the mess, I’ve just been so busy-”

“It’s fine, honestly, is there anything i can do to help?” He asked as he entered.

“Unless your good with children or want to clean” You joked as you rushed towards your distressed little boy. “Aw babes” You picked up the crying baby, embracing him tightly as you bounced him in your arms trying to calm him down. Jack could see how stressed you were. It broke his heart.

“Hey, give him here” He offered holding his arms out. You gladly let him take him. It didn’t take him long before he was sound asleep in Jack’s arms.

“Thank you” You whispered as you run a hand frustratedly through your already messy hair. “He hasn’t stopped” You added.

“How old is he?” He asked quietly.

“Three tomorrow” You replied.

“Your brother is cute” He smiled. Your heart shattered. If he only knew.

“He’s not my brother” You explained hardly loud enough to hear.

“Oh” Was all he replied. You waited for the vile comments, the harsh words. “How old where you when you had him?” He asked. Your eyes fluttered open.

“I- I was 15” A tear slipped from your eyes.

“Y/n, can i ask for the truth?” You looked at him confused. He still held your little boy sweetly in his arms.

“I found him” You whispered. “He was abandoned. My mother didn’t- couldn’t have him” You corrected “She’s always so busy with work, that i- i took him in.” You explained. You wiped the tears from your eyes as you looked at him sleeping in Jack’s arms. “I’ve never told anyone. I’ve let them assume”

“Why?” He asked confused.

“I’d rather them talk about me than him”

“That’s really brave of you” He smiled softly as he rocked the sleeping child in his arms. “He’s a beautiful baby by the way” He added grinning wildly at the sleeping baby cuddled to his chest.

“Thank you” You whispered.


“Being understanding. So many people give me hell, it’s been so difficult managing school work, home life and little Leo” You smiled beginning to clean up the room.

“It’s called being a decent human being. Everyone has their own story” He smiled, placing Leo onto the settee making sure to put cushions besides him so he wouldn’t fall off. He placed the blanket and began to help you clean up.

“You don’t have to help, I’ll stop now to work on the project” You tried to argue

“Fuck the project” He whispered “You need some rest, i can do the project myself. So how about I help you clean up and you can take a nap while Leo sleeps. I’ll brain storm ideas and get together a plan”


“Y/n, please” He pleaded sweetly.

“Thank you”

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OK so I'm going to rtx austin this summer but as someone who has never been, what should I expect? What should I go see? Help?! Lol

Sure! Here is a quick post of what you’ll need for RTX:


  • Comfortable Shoes- You will be walking…a lot!!
  • A Backpack- To carry your swag safely, nothing you can carry all day.
  • Clothes- Not optional

Water - You’ll be walking, you’ll be in the sun, you’ll get thirsty. Please for the love of god have water

  • Snacks- Bring snacks for food during the day. You’ll be waiting in lines for a few hours and it always help to talk to other on a not-as-empty stomach. Bring food you’ll thank me.
  • Sunscreen- If you burn easily come prepared! There is a shit ton of sun in Austin, and if you’re like most of us and don’t go outside a lot you will burn.
  • Entertainment- Card games, movies, that copy of your friend’s Strangerhood DVD that you stole, whatever for you to survive those long lines and hotel nights. 3DS or any sort of portable game system works too but remember chargers for those. Don’t count on the wifi to bail you out!
  • Money- Convention stuff is expensive so if you wanna go home with something bring cash. There will be exclusive merch at the con and if you want to get it, make sure you have the cash for it. Also budget Fasten fares, food, city attractions, and emergency money just in case.
  • A signing pen- You never know who you’ll run into on the floor and should be ready with the pen or the selfie because they don’t have a lot of time.


  • If you’re sure you’re going, book your hotel NOW. Waiting last minute and unsure of how everything was going to work out will bite you in the ass later. The hotel deals are on the RTX Website so save yourself some money and get on it.
  • Most hotels have free cancellations within 3 days of the booked date so don’t worry about having to back out.
  • Don’t cheap yourself out! If you’re not planning on getting a rental car get somewhere in walking distance. If you’re planning on paying for cab rides the whole time just pay the extra for a closer, nicer, hotel. If you’re booking farther away, have extra cash on your for a pick up or a Fasten


  • Once again cab fares are ridiculous, fortunately a lot of things are in walking distance of the convention center. Especially eating places. If you’re trying to really site see or go far our I suggest using Fasten, I did last year and it worked out really well.
  • Check to see if your hotel offers a complimentary shuttle ride from the airport if you are flying into Austin.


  • 6th Street will be busy, so make sure you plan accordingly for eating. Lots of people both visiting and living in Austin go there so places will be packed
  • It’s everywhere in downtown Austin
  • There seems to be something for everybody
  • Plan your money accordingly, some is affordable, some isn’t, check the local restaurants on Google Maps or Yelp before you go

Convention Tips/Etiquette

  • YOU WILL BE IN LINES FOREVER. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. I was in lines for probably the majority of the convention haha. Please heed my warnings, pick 3 things spaced throughout the day to see. It is actually impossible for you to see every panel or to go to every signing. Find something to entertain you like a fully charged tablet, or friends, and be ready to camp out about an hour before your panel, or two or three hours for the larger panels like the Achievement Hunter panels.
  • DO NOT FORM LINES IF THE GUARDIANS SAID A PANEL LINE HAS NOT STARTED. I can not tell you enough how man times we had groups of people huddling around doors. If the Guardians tell you to not line up, THEN DON’T.
  • If you are worried about lines, follow @RTXLines
  • Treat the Guardians with a little respect (Or a lot if you can handle it). Talk to them or give them a quick thank you while you’re waiting forever in those long lines. They’re sacrificing a lot of their experience to make yours better.
  • If you’re going to get up the mic during a panel, we don’t care what your story is, or who couldn’t make it, DONT ASK FOR SHOUTOUTS DURING A PANEL. There is only so much time during a panel, and as much as the staff loves you guys, it will get annoying and take up time for them to shout out every person
  • That being said, we all understand talking in front of hundreds of people is nerve racking. If you stutter, or are at a loss for words it’s not the end of the world, we’re not all public speaking champs. Just rehearse your question until you get to the mic and take your time asking the question.  
  • If you’ve never been to a convention before… SOME PEOPLE ARE WEIRD! You’ll learn that out real quick. Just because people are a little overzealous or socially awkward does not mean you should judge them, we’re all fans coming together to celebrate something we love.

Cosplay Tips!

  • Have an emergency cosplay kit! Sewing needles, fabric tape, glue, anything you need to fix up a cosplay. You never know when you or another cosplay buddy might need it.
  • IF YOU BRING A PROP, MAKE SURE TO RUN IT BY SECURITY FIRST. We had issues last year where some RvB cosplayers brought guns as props, but they covered the orange tips and had to remove them from the con. There is going to be a cosplay table where security will inspect your prop and tell you if it’s ok or not to have. Please make sure you go there and check in your prop
  • Don’t be too in character. Pretending to be Ruby or Jaune is fine, but when it comes down to having to follow Guardian instructions or being respectful during a panel please just act casual. We had issues last year on this too for the RWBY panel and had to ask a few to leave because they were not being respectful.


  • You’re not the ultimate Rooster Teeth fan. And if I wrong and you actually are, don’t act like it. We’re all here for the same reason, let’s talk about the things we love like equals.
  • Talk to people! I know some of us are socially shy or awkward, but most people at this event won’t judge you. If your not talking to somebody those lines can get old real quick.
  • Stranger Danger is still a thing. Make sure you know how to talk to strangers, be careful, unless you’re an adult then you got this.
  • Please treat women and men Cosplaying with respect. Just because they’re representing a character does not mean they want their material felt, or that you are owed a picture with them.

If anyone else has tips they would like to offer, feel free to add them to this post!

bucketofbarnes  asked:

Holy Hell, I go to sleep and wake up to another prompt list! Uhhh...... dont know if you're still taking prompts, but something Gen with Shiro and 39 or 83? Good luck with all the prompts!!!

Congrats on inspiring the darkest of all of these.  I’m sure you’re proud.

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

This wasn’t real.

This wasn’t real it wasn’t real it wasn’t real.

Shiro knew it wasn’t.  He knew he’d been captured, knew he was at the mercy of Haggar again, knew there was a new bitterness there.

He knew they were trying to make him suffer.

It wasn’t real.

But it sounded real.

Keith’s scream ripped through the room, echoing in a way that sounded incredibly realistic.  But it wasn’t.

Shiro knew because he couldn’t block it out.  When he ducked his head between his legs to cover his ears, the sound was no more muffled for it.  If his hands had been free, they would have been no better.

This wasn’t real.

“Shiro!  Shiro, help!”

This wasn’t real.

“It hurts- stop, please, stop stop I can’t-”

This wasn’t real.

Shiro would not break.

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Mistaken Snaps

Pairing: Reader x bff!Hanbin

Group: iKON

Type: Very Limited Smut/Fluff??/Regret.

Words: 2.1K ish

Warnings: swearing, not really sexting??, cringe

A Brief Synopsis: 

Hanbin does a dumb. That’s it. This is a complete mess so don’t take this too seriously. This is a result of me sitting alone without pants in my living room, watching Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives at two in the morning, while listening to kpop and running on virtually no sleep. Literally no one asked for this, but I’m a slut for Hanbin and like virtuallyallmost of ikon, so this is what happened while I waited for requests to come in.

Originally posted by hbi-n

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Flags (Part Three)(#PrideFic)(Spideypool)

Happy Pride Month Lovelies!!
Wade and Peter talk a bit about sexualities in this chapter, please keep in my mind these are my opinions and aren’t meant to upset anyone. If you would like to talk about anything mentioned in here, feel free to message me or drop by my ask box
Pride Month is about all of us feeling welcome and secure in who we are, and I would never want to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend someone.

Wave your flags, babes, we are all perfect the way we are.

Part One     Part Two


“So.” Peter took a bite of the ice cream Wade offered him. “So pansexual means you are attracted to everyone.”

“No.” Wade shook his head. “No it means I can be attracted to everyone. Lots of people assume pansexuals are whores, that we will sleep with anything with two legs but that’s not true.” He shrugged a little. “I once dated a girl with one leg. No problem.”

Peter burst out laughing and Wade leaned down to press a cold kiss to his lips.

“Love that laugh, baby boy, glad you enjoy my jokes.”

Peter’s lips tingled a little from the unexpected kiss and he looked up shyly.

“So you can be attracted to anyone? I guess I dont see–”

“It’s like this.” Wade slipped a thick arm around Peter’s waist and steered him through the small crowd. “If I had seen you from the back, and fell in love with this ass–” He patted Peter’s butt lightly. “when you turned around and I got a look at the rest of you, it wouldn’t matter if you were a guy, a girl, non binary, asexual, it wouldn’t matter. I’m already attracted to you so that’s just that. Its not that I WILL sleep with anyone, its just that I could.

“So… even like, trans–” Peter hesitated. “I don’t know the right word, I guess.”

“Petey what’s your favorite thing about a girl?” Wade asked and Peter made a vague motion around his chest. “And you’re favorite thing about a guy?” Peter didn’t answer and Wade tried hard not to laugh. “Alright, so imagine being with someone who has both those qualities. It’s fun and exciting and… fun.” He shrugged a little. “Sexuality and gender is no hindrance for me when it comes to choosing partners. I can be with whoever catches my eye.”

“That sounds… freeing.” Peter admitted.

“It is. But so is deciding on your sexuality, no matter what it is.”

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Class Rivals - Peter Parker x Reader

(gif by tom-is-bae)

requested by @ultimatesilk : “hii can you write a peter imagine where the reader and peter are kinda class rivals? like they’re always trying to outshine one another and i guess somehow some way they end up confessing their feelings for each other? 😄”


You burst out with laughter at another one of your friends jokes about Queen’s own web-slinging hero. “Yeah yeah, so the boat ripped in half may not have been his best moment, but listen: he’s probably hot. With abs. He doesn’t have to be smart!” you joke back. 

Out of the corner of your eye, you see Peter’s head swivel towards the sound of your voice, putting a finger up to Ned’s face. 

 “Yeah, ok, because you wouldn’t care if your future husband was a few beers light of a six-pack, sure,” your friend rolls her eyes, smiling. You begin placing your notebooks on the lab bench and swivel away from her to face your chemistry teacher, who’s begun fiddling with his opening demonstration materials. “Trophy husband,” you correct with a smirk. 

Your banter is interrupted by a snicker coming from the bench to your right. Peter, normally quiet and reserved, grins at you. “Trophy husband? You sure you’d be the smarter one in the relationship?” 

Entertaining one of his more playful moods, you indulge him with an eye-roll and an “Oh please Parker, I’m the smartest one in this room,” earning you Peter’s slightly narrowing eyes. It was true after all. It was no secret that Peter was a genius – something you definitely noticed in your freshman year math class where you often glanced at him more than the board – but after his involvement with the Stark Internship, he frequently didn’t hand in his homework or even show up for quizzes. Something that shot you to the top of the class. 

“We’ll see about that,” you hear Peter murmur, then turn away to face your teacher begin lecturing. 

Over the next week, you start seeing a lot more of Peter Parker. After showing up to your shared study hall period after weeks of absences (only two seats behind you at that), taking the front seat of your first period English class, and actually staying awake during the period, you realize he really must have taken your comment to heart and was trying to earn back his spot as Midtown’s brightest. 

You pass by the music hallway on your way to the cafeteria and see him through the door’s window. He looks up and somehow manages to meet your gaze. The trumpet he was lazily holding darts out as he straightens his back and begins playing loud enough that you can hear the muffled glissando through the door. Shaking your head, you continue down the hall. 

You don’t know what Peter’s playing at, but you know you can beat him at it.

Another week goes by, with both of you attempting to call out class answers before the other and glaring smirks from behind textbooks across the classroom. However, you could feel the tension building – to what you were unsure, and a little more than worried about. 

In your last study hall of the week, Peter’s attempts to sabotage you were even more contentious than normal. Next to you, you hear Peter begin to hum and try to maintain your focus on your trigonometry homework. His humming increases in volume and is soon accompanied by his tapping feet; you purse your lips and try harder. Finally, when Peter starts interjecting random numbers in an effort to ruin your counting, you snap and whip your head towards him. 

“Stop trying to distract me - it’s not going to work!” 

“What’s distracting? My charm or boyish good looks?” Peter effortlessly banters back, shocking you and, if his raised eyebrows and slightly open mouth are anything to go by, himself as well. 

“No! That’s not what I-” you stumble over your words, desperately trying not to lose your justified frustration, as well as give away your (well maybe not-so-secret) crush on him. You decide to settle him with a glare. 

“God, I hate you.” Peter just grins at you, leaning back in his chair. 

“You’re adorable. Thank you for giving me this.” 

You feel a blush crawl up your cheeks, but the need to win this debate is far more pressing than any self-reservation you would normally have. Plus, Peter didn’t say anything regarding your near-obvious withholding of your feelings so why stop now? 

“This? What’s ‘this’? I’m still at the top of the class this quarter – without using cheap tactics I might add,” you challenge. 

Peter’s grin stays put. 

“Just wanted to see what you were made of,” he shrugs. 

Emboldened by Peter’s own cockier attitude, you shoot back “And do you like what you see?” 

Judging by Peter’s brows rising even higher on his forehead, you figure you won this round as well. 

“What?! I mean, y-yeah of course, I-“ Peter cuts himself off and shook his head. “I mean I always knew you were smart and,” he glances at you, “great.” He coughs and you both look away awkwardly.

He shrugs again, this time with his gaze directed towards the desk in front of him. “I guess maybe I was seeing what I was made of.” 

With your frustration now replaced with genuine confusion, you turn your body fully towards him and furrow your brow. 

“What are you talking about? Everyone already knows you’re a genius, Peter.” Peter glances up at you once again, with what you thought was a blush coloring his cheeks.

“Just trying to see if I was trophy husband material or not.” 

You feel your eyes widen and your pulse skyrocket. You quickly turn your face down to your desk, again, to hide the blush rapidly spreading up your neck. “Well,” you cough, and relax a little noticing Peter’s tense shoulders in your periphery, “seeing how the quarter is going so far, I think you just might” you finish with a smile, knowing he can hear in your voice.  You meet his gaze once more over your shoulder and take in his relieved and fond expression. 

“Maybe I can settle for just…boyfriend material?” he quirks up an eyebrow. You laugh at his awful humor, glad to have your usual Peter back. 

 “Yeah, maybe.”

anonymous asked:

hi, could you please explain the exchange dan had with that guy on twitter yesterday because i didn't get it at all. i didn't understand the tween comment this guy made and i wasn't sure whether that was due to me not being a native speaker of English or just not understanding some reference / inside joke. it did seem mean and offensive to me but ??? also the watermelon gif?

 Can you elaborate on the music reviewer twitter thing

what happened with the music reviewer?

Can you plz explain Dan’s whole twitter thing about ARCA cause I didn’t really understand theneedledr*p’s response thanks:)

why are you making such a big deal of the Anthony/theneedledr*p exchange??? it was just a joke. and like i get it humor is subjective you’re allowed to criticize free speech and all that but it’s kind of a silly thing to get mad over don’t you think?

sure. dan likes an artist called arca, a venezuelan producer who makes incredible music tbh and who pushes the envelope a lot w innovative electronic production and who’s also openly queer and incorporates queer themes into his music. he works a lot w fka twigs and has gained a strong following through those collaborations. arca has recently put out a few tracks from his upcoming solo album. dan liked one of those songs, called reverie, and tweeted anthony (theneedledr*p) to include that song in his weekly roundup of best songs of the week (and that if anthony didn’t, he, dan, would unsubscribe). ha ha ha all in good fun, just some nerdy bants between two pretentious music fans. cool. anthony responded, however, by saying that dan should show how much he actually likes arca and his music by getting “all the tween girls” that watch him to go listen to reverie and watch the music video. in that statement he makes many frankly insulting assumptions: first, that all of dan’s viewers are tween girls. second, that dan can’t talk about his actual interests with tween girls and that he represents himself disingenuously to his audience. third, that tween girls wouldn’t be into or understand arca’s new song/mv. it’s just a lovely reiteration of the oldest fucking stereotype in the book which is that young girls are stupid and shallow and, crucially, monolithic–they can’t have diverse or complex interests. they are all the same. they only fangirl over simple entertainment, and their opinions, as a result, are less valid and deserve less respect. pretty fucked all-around. then dan responded with a gif of the watermelon which even i don’t entirely understand but generally anthony is called ‘melon’ by his followers and i suppose the gif suggests that dan is fighting back in some way by showing a watermelon being sliced up. it’s a bit vague. 

to the last anon: i’m not sure how i made a “big deal” about this. i wrote about my distaste for this exchange in a tag on a post i reblogged. my critique was like less than 10 words. but you’ve sort of inspired me to make a bigger deal out of it than i did then bc to be frank, this whole shitty attitude that men have towards young girls and their interests DESERVE to be called out, DESERVE to be described for what they are. they’re prejudiced and reductive and misogynistic. and they place pressure on insecure dudes like dan to cater his content to a mythical (partially imagined) audience of straight boys whose opinions he inadvertently values more because of the fact he hears this shit from other straight men around him–people whom he respects and considers peers. he hears people demonizing the stereotype of a “fangirl” and looks at his audience and takes those fangirls less seriously as a result. i mean, i think dan does a good job NOT invalidating fangirls or lumping them all together and stereotyping them actively, for the most part, but he himself has talked about these straight male viewers who expect certain quality from his dinof content and that that is the reason he couldn’t upload a vid of pastel edits onto dinof or a video of him and phil painting each others’ nails. he feels that straight male gaze even if he doesn’t directly talk shit about fangirls on the flip side, and he allows the pressure of their expectations to dictate the videos he makes–i don’t think it’s reaching to guess that those expectations are even a large part of why it takes him so long to make videos. he says in his diss track himself that he procrastinates videos because he’s afraid of being judged. but he knows “fangirls” love him, so who is he afraid of being judged by? the edgy straight guys. i’m angry bc all of this latent sexism is dumb and harmful as fuck and to reiterate:

  1. not all of dan’s audience is female 
  2. not all of dan’s audience is young 
  3. not all of dan’s young, female audience blindly loves him and everything he makes 
  4. there are for sure young females who like “good” “artistic” musicians like arca
  5. even the ones who don’t like arca don’t deserve to be made fun of and stereotyped for liking what they like 
  6. or to be the target of assumptions that they are less intelligent and less interesting/complex bc theY DONT LIKE WEIRD ALT ELECTRO MUSIC

i can’t deal. that shit is fucked up and not funny at all, i don’t see how it’s grounds for a “joke” so like ya. i’m mad. idgaf 

Some Bottom!Phil For Y'all Sinners

Some hardcore smut, some daddy kink degradation typa shit and some spanking Thanks for reading, if it all possible, leave some feedback its my absolute kink, so make me nut ;-) ~~~

Phil is wrapped in a towel, hair still dripping wet when he finds Dan unpacking boxes in his room. He’s shuffling through old movies, sorting them out on the blue and green bedspread, presumably alphabetizing them. Unpacking had proven to be quite a harrowing task, and the boys were nowhere near through.

Phil stands in the doorway for a minute, not sure how to address the situation.

“What’s wrong, Phil?” It’s easy to tell something is up by his troubled expression.

“I tried cold water but it just, it wouldnt go away.”

“What do you-” Dan looks down and notices Phil’s bulge through Phil’s towel. “Aw, baby… Come here, princess. Let me help you, that’s what I’m here for, darling.” Dan clears the DVD’s off the bed, and sits down, patting the bedspread next to him. 

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