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You know he muerto

I´ve finally fully devoted myself to draw some Klance ( Because I ship it as hard as Lance is right now! ), and here it is for all your thirsty needs! 

I bet this has been done before but the Palpatine meme was a must to draw :D (The thirst is strong with this one)

Plus I´m pretty sure that Lance has a soft spot for everyone that talks to him in spanish… And a soft spot as well for that toned body indeed ;P

                                no little girl ever dreams of becoming a receptionist

It’s a time of TRANSITION for the youngest Cooper. Just off the heels of her COLLEGE GRADUATION, her English degree given to her with magna cum laude distinction, she finds herself at a crossroads  … or better yet, a DEAD END. It’s a tough JOB MARKET these days – & it’s not exactly like employers are knocking down her door. She’s found a blessing in her sister, Polly – & the fact that there just happened to be a job open at the paper company she works for. Sure, being a receptionist isn’t as glamorous as, say, working for a PUBLISHER in New York or Boston or anywhere but SCRANTON – but she can’t complain. She’s got a paycheck & a place to live. There could be far worse things to be up against than the MUNDANE

Sixth months in & she’s already settled in to her new work environment. There are plenty of eccentric personalities flitting about the office – & despite the fact that she doesn’t really enjoy her job, at least she doesn’t have to PAY for entertainment – she gets it for free just by sitting at her DESK. Betty has already vowed to herself that she won’t stay with this job for too long – that once she finds the right position  ( even if it’s LESS PAY )  somewhere else, it’s goodbye to ANSWERING PHONES & hello to the FUTURE


POLLY COOPER – big sister, roommate, her everything
ARCHIE ANDREWS – he’s caught her eye, but she’s certain she hasn’t caught his. 
HARVEY KINKLE – he spends more time at her desk than he does the warehouse, good friend 
POSY HAWTHORNE – she showed her the ropes when she first got the job, good friend
ELIZABETH SPENCER – it’s like she’s made it her life’s mission to make her miserable



(because I have yet to see anything vampire related in the Kylux fandom and I am honestly surprised?)

(don’t take this too seriously)

  • Ben Solo is the 17yo emo, loner who has no real friends
  • Everyone thinks he’s weird because he’s OBSESSED with vampires and full-heartedly believes they exist
  • He does extensive research on vampires, and believes all the common tropes
  • He has been known to get into very heated arguments of anything vampire related
  • He’s part of an online chat-room for “vampires” or other emo kids like him
  • He believes vampirism was meant for him, because “no one gets him” except for his “vampire” friends online
  • He calls himself Kylo Ren because, “that’s his vampire name”
  • He wears all black, and tries not to go out in the sun so he can maintain his pale “vampire” skin
  • he tried to drink blood one time but got sick, he was very sad
  • Hux is the new-in-town, 18 year old exchange student from Europe
  • Hes very pale with striking bright orange hair
  • He’s always dressed to the highest perfection, never a hair out of place
  • People try to befriend him at first, but he gives off creepy vibes, therefore, everyone steers clear of him
  • He mostly keeps to himself, never outwardly drawing attention
  • Kylo knows from the second he sees him that Hux is a vampire
  • He’s right
  • He begins to stalk Hux, following him around and taking notes in hopes to fully understand what a vampire is
  • He keeps all of his “findings” in a journal, its pretty much blank
  • Kylo think’s he’s being sneaky
  • He’s not
  • Hux knows about the lankly, emo boy following him from the very first day
  • He makes sure to act as any other normal 18yo would
  • Kylo starts to question himself, nevertheless, keeps the investigation up
  • After a couple weeks and no suspicious activity from Hux, Kylo is very frustrated, and is about to give up, when- 
  • He is sitting in some bushes, spying on Hux through binoculars. He puts the binoculars down for one moment to rub his eyes, when he looks again, HUX IS GONE.
  • He hurries to find him, in doing so, falls right out of the bushes, onto the sidewalk
  • Hux is standing on the sidewalk, watching him
  • Kylo starts to freak out, scrambling away and reaching for the makeshift cross stake he keeps in his back pocket
  • He threatens Hux, backing against the wall
  • Hux watches bemused, then easily plucks the stake from Kylo’s hands, tossing it away
  • Kylo freaks, and figures this is where he dies
  • Hux drags Kylo up by the collar, hearing him audibly swallow
  • He questions Kylo, “Why do you keep spying on me?”
  • Kylo tries to stammer out some lie, but there is no use, he finally admits it
  • “I want to become a vampire!”
  • Hux releases his grip in surprise, Kylo drops to the ground on his knees, and begins to beg Hux to make him into a vampire
  • Hux of course says “no”
  • Kylo pleads, and pleads, almost on the brink of tears, 
  • Hux takes pity on him, and allows Kylo to befriend him
  • They become one of the hot gossip topics of the school
  • Someway, somehow, these two fall in looooovvvvvveeeee

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“If you don’t get up… I’m… I’m gonna talk like a bad boy.”

[ “ A  b a d  boy….? Haha..ha!! ]

   [ Haha,too funny! ]

[ Please  e n l i g h t e n  me, Sakamaki-san! Then I’ll get up. “ ]

Protective Masterlist

As Long As I Have You (mpreg) - oakleysfthoying

Summary: Pregnant!Dan runs into a bit of trouble while out shopping with Phil, and immediately Phil becomes very protective when he sees.

Everything is not alright - awesomesockes

Summary: Dan has a bad fit on the flight back to London.

Heart Out - smokinbyelevn

Summary: person A has only been in abusive relationships and while hes on his first date with person B at person B’s house, A accidentally breaks a mug or plate or something and his first response is “please dont hit me” B is confused at first but then makes A explain and comforts him and explains how he’d never hurt him.

I’ll Fight For You - i-love-phan-and-butts

Summary: Phil doesn’t approve of strange men flirting with his beautiful Dan, and his protective-boyfriend instincts somehow get him into a bar fight!

Protective Boyfriend -  pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan is meeting Phil’s parents for the first time, and they’re both extremely nervous about it. Dan is left alone with Phil’s dad and things don’t go so well and Dan quickly learns that Phil’s dad doesn’t like him at all. Phil finds out what happened and demands an apology

That Bullet Won’t Hit You - flamboyant-lester

Summary: Dan and Phil aren’t together anymore. But when an a man with a gun breaks into their school and engages in open fire throughout the classroom. Phil finds that his only instinct is to protect Dan.

Thunder - placentaandllamas

Summary: Dan is afraid of thunderstorms.

Too Much - trysomecats 

Summary: Dan overworks himself into sheer exhaustion, resulting in a worried/protective Phil.

You’re Always There To Catch Me - danhowellsfringe

Summary: Phil always helps Dan with everything from live decisions to every day tasks and Dan tries to repay him somehow.

a california christmas;

❅ Day 25 of the Christmas Writing Event ❅

member/group- mark/Got7

prompt- christmas with mark at his childhood home

listen to- this

(a/n- this is SO chessy ahhh but i kinda like it? it was different than what i actually had planned but…please dont hit me because of the immense fluff)


Originally, you had no desire to leave Seoul and go to America for the holidays. It simply didn’t seem right to uproot from your home with Mark and leave it all behind for half of December. In fact, you were only convinced when you saw how excited your boyfriend was to go visit his family this Christmas. But now, as you sit beside Mark in his childhood home with his family, joking and sharing stories, you regretted ever wanting to stay in Seoul.

“So you’re telling me that Mark would steal items from your closet, wrap them up, and give them to you for Christmas?” You looked over at your blushing boyfriend and smack his arm playfully. “Cheap-o!”

“‘Yah, shut up. I wasn’t even a teenager yet,” he defended, making everybody laugh. Honestly, you thought it was adorable that he tried to get everybody gifts. Heck, it was still one of his favorite things to do if your own presents were any confirmation.

“'Okay, okay, in all seriousness, Mark was a sweetheart,” his mom said with complete adoration in her eyes. You couldn’t help but feel the warmth and love in the room and it made you realize just how unbelievably lucky you were to get to be a part of it all.

“He still is,” you coo and reach up to peck his cheek and everybody awe’s obnoxiously at the way you two interact. Mark is still blushing, but he wraps his arm around your shoulders and leans down to gives you a kiss back anyway.

Mark’s dad soon declared that it was time to watch Rudolph, which was one of the Tuan’s infamous Christmas traditions you soon learn. Mark insisted that it was embarrassing and silly, but you actually found it endearing. Besides, you never got to celebrate Christmas with such a big family who had silly, cute traditions like this. It was all new, but exciting, for you.

The old cartoon Christmas special soon appeared on the TV and you instinctively cuddled up to Mark. His mom soon came over and pressed steaming mugs of hot chocolate into both of your hands with a big smile on her face, gushing over how cute you two were. You had giggled at her comment and thanked her, even though her son only could blush for the hundredth time that night.

The program starts, showing little Rudolph with his cute little red nose. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before,” you whispered softly into Mark’s ear. His eyes widened and he gave you a look.

“Seriously? I can practically recite the script!” he exclaimed back quietly. You shrugged with a giggle and nuzzled your nose into his arm, the lost hours of sleep finally catching up with you. Throughout the day, you had met almost every member of his family, engaged in a cookie baking extravaganza, and even played games with all the little kids. You had the right to be tired.

You watched the show through half-closed eyes, warmth enveloping you. The sound of Christmas music and hushed laughter began to lull you into a blurry state between sleep and awake. You could still feel Mark’s breath as it brushed against the top of your head and you could faintly hear the animated voices from the cartoon, but you didn’t feel quite there. It was peaceful.

It seemed like hours passed before you felt your body being collected carefully into a set of strong arms, lifting you off of the couch. You heard a We’re going to crash for the night come from Mark before the sound of the creaking steps filled your ears. He pushed open a door with his foot and you were gently placed onto what you guessed was his old bed. The movement somehow jarred you from your cloudy dreamland and you involuntarily let out a small whine as you sat up.

“Y/N? Are you awake?” Mark sat down on the edge of the bed and swept a tendril of your hair away from your face. You nodded and hummed quietly, locking eyes with him. He smiled. “Go ahead and go back to sleep, you must be exhausted,” he urged lightly. This time you shook your head.

“Lay down with me,” you ordered and he obeyed with a laugh. Once he was under the covers and had you wrapped up in his arms, you sighed. “I can’t believe I’m in your childhood bedroom.”

“Why not?” he asked, stroking your hair gently as you drowsily fluttered your eyelids again.

“I don’t know. I just never guessed my life would be like this, you know, cuddled up with a hot boy and being in love with him at the same time. It’s unbelievable.” You looked up at him. “Plus, I can’t get over the fact you have a poster of Megan Fox hanging ten feet away. Really?”

Mark busted into laughter at your comment. “Shush, I was a typical teenage boy once.” It was quiet for a little bit as you both simply laid in the presence of the other. Rhythmic circles were being etched onto your lower back softly, almost causing you to slip away again, but you held on to reality for the sake of not wanting to waste any moment shared with the one you loved.

The comforting silence was broken as Mark decided to speak up again. “Okay, I wanted to wait until later to give you this…but it feels like right now is the right time so…” He fumbles around in his pocket for a second before drawing in a breath. “Honestly, I’m looking down at your sleepy figure and the only thing I can think of is how much I want to do this every day of my life. You’re so breathtaking in every sense, and even when you cry your eyes out at the cheesiest romance movies in world or make me so fucking mad that I want to scream, I can’t help but love you unconditionally. The way you laugh at my terrible jokes and how you want to watch the sunrise at every chance you get has captured my heart, along with everything else about your existence. And, well, I’m not good with words, so this was probably a gigantic mess, but…wow, I want to marry you. I want to marry you so bad it hurts.” He reveals a red velvet box and opens it with care. “So Y/N, will you do me the honor?”

Every ounce of sleepiness you had felt vanished as you listened to the words of adoration that spilled from Mark’s mouth. You didn’t know how it was possible that you could feel so much love at one time, but it was happening right now.

“Of course I will, you dork,” you answered shakily as tears spilled down your cheeks. Mark slipped a beautiful ring onto your finger slowly, savoring the moment. He reaches up to wipe your fallen tears as you interject. “But seriously, how did you just propose to me in front of Megan Fox? Are you crazy?”

“This is exactly why I’m marrying you.” He abruptly pulled you into a kiss, the taste of his mom’s hot chocolate filling your mouths up. Passion practically exuded from your lips as you two continued with ease. You had shared a lot of kisses, and you mean a lot, but this one had to take the cake. It was at least the best you had had with your fiance.

A loud thump suddenly interrupted from outside the door, and you both exchanged confused glances. Though, your confusion was soon cleared up when you saw the door creak open and half of Mark’s family emerged.

“Did you do it?” his dad whispered loudly and Mark nodded, grinning from ear to ear. Loud cheers erupted from everywhere and you suddenly were the one blushing as everybody cooed over “the happy couple”. And of course, everybody wanted to see the ring, which you gladly showed off. It really was beautiful.

When everything died down again, you went back to your previous position with Mark, head tucked into his chest and arm resting across his stomach. He kept humming a random love song, not being able to get the tune out of his head. Not that you could blame him.  You were intoxicated with feelings of love too.

“Hey Mark,” you whispered just before you closed your eyes to once again slip away.

“Yeah, Y/N?” he answered back.

“I’m getting married for Christmas.”

Nate Maloley Imagine - Memories.

Anon Request: can u do an imagine nate: you and nate get into a big argument and nate lifts his hands up to run his fingers through his hair but y/n thinks hes going to hit her so she scream” please dont hurt me,im sorry” because in her past she had an abusive boyfriend and nate didnt know. Y/n screams and cries but nate comfort her and tell her that its going to be ok (im sorry if it doesnt make sense).

I’m sorry it took long..

Contains swear words (cuss/curse words) and a situation that people may find upsetting - for those, I apologise in advance.

R/B/N - Random Boy Name

– (Y/N’s POV) – “You’re a fucking asshole, I hate you! Get the fuck out of my house and go fuck a whore, I don’t care!” I scream in anger, my face surely red and my nails digging into my palm.

“Don’t fucking speak to me like that!” Nate, my boyfriend of two years, yells back as he paces the floorboards.

“I’ll speak to you how I want, you don’t own me. Fuck you, you asshole!” I yell again. My eyes widen even wider as he turns and punches the wall. He turns back around and raises his arm.

I look into his eyes as his the memories hit me head on. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please! Please don’t hit me R/B/N!” I scream in panic, cowering back into a corner but relief floods my body as I see his fingers rake through his dishevelled hair.

Nate’s arms slide around my body tightly, pulling me to his chest and rocking me back and forth. “Who the fuck is R/B/N?” He asks softly, stroking my back.

I don’t reply, the sobs don’t allow me to for a few minutes as he continues to hold me and comfort me. “M-My Ex,” I reply quietly, his whole body tenses. “I sh-shouldn’t have scr-scream, I’m s-sorry. Forget-“

“Did he used to hit you?” He questions, my eyes squeeze themselves closed to stop the tears but it doesn’t help. I soak his shirt with my tears.

“So-Sometimes.” He lifts my head up and cups my face so he can look into my eyes. “Y/N I’d never hit you, I’d never lay a finger on you unless I was showing how much I love you. I fucking love you so much Y/N and I could kill that asshole for hurting you, why haven’t you told me this before?” His voice breaks, holding nothing but pain and honesty, he’s crying.

“I’m sorry, the mem-memories just came ba-back.” I cry silently, laying my forehead against his chest.

“Don’t be baby, it’s not your fault. Now why haven’t you told me this before?” He asks, wiping his cheek against his shoulder to banish any tears on his skin.

“Because I thought I’d never h-have a reason to, I p-promised to forget him.” I shrug, a dry chuckle leaving my mouth.

“I’m so fucking sorry Y/N, if I hadn’t had raised my hand you wouldn’t have remembered. I’m sorry-“

“But then we would have carried on arguing and I wouldn’t be in your arms right now. I’m sorry for yelling at you, but you have to understand my point of view here.” I dismiss the Ex subject and plaster on a smile.

“I do, I was just mad. I’ll make it up to you, shit Y/N, I don’t deserve you.” He sighs and lays his head on my shoulder.

“You’re not Nate, you don’t have to make it up to me, just promise we can forget about he who should not be named.” I reply, stroking his hair.

“I promise with all my heart, but I’m still making it up to you.” He whispers, I roll my eyes and pull away from him to stand up and offer him my hand.

“Bath?” I suggest, he takes my hand and pulls me back down so I lay on his chest.

“Cuddles.” He smiles, kissing my lips softly.

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“Please… Please don’t hit me again.” (dont-remember-who-i-am)

“Bucky, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it…I.” Shilo stammered, taking a step back from him. She had fallen into a flashback and lashed out at the only person who actually cared about her. “I’m so sorry, I forgot where I was. I’m so sorry.” She repeated, running her hands through her hair as tears filled her eyes.