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I´ve finally fully devoted myself to draw some Klance ( Because I ship it as hard as Lance is right now! ), and here it is for all your thirsty needs! 

I bet this has been done before but the Palpatine meme was a must to draw :D (The thirst is strong with this one)

Plus I´m pretty sure that Lance has a soft spot for everyone that talks to him in spanish… And a soft spot as well for that toned body indeed ;P

Here are the lines for a digital painting I’m planning to make of @official-andy-warhol and I’s characters, Doc Mortem (bottom left, Max’s character) and Obscurity(top left, she’s my character). They’re the “protagonists” of a comic we once were going to create called Hell School, where all the “bad”*** afterlives for different religions converges at one point. Here, different types of demons or deceased spirits go and train to ready themselves for what is to come in their respective realms. 

I’ll probably have to postpone this project because my wacom pen needs to be replaced. The nib (and, yes, it’s the actual nib provided by wacom) had pretty much gotten lodged inside of it while I was working on the lines. Fortunately, I was almost done when it decided to do that so I didn’t have much of a problem.


*** When I say “bad” afterlives I mean the ones typically reserved for damned souls. The only exceptions are the Duat (the Egyptian afterlife) and Tartarus (the Greek/Roman afterlife) because those are considered both Heaven and Hell as one. For instance, Obscurity is a demon from the Duat, but in that realm there is not much of a distinction between gods and demons because the gods are also technically demons because they, too, live in the afterlife. The only thing that really tells them apart are their social classes/ranks. 


Conflict of Interest (AKA the snapshots fic)


Kurt wasn’t sure when it happened (probably around the same time that he and Pietro were grouped together for an in-class geography project) but Kurt started to notice Pietro.

Okay, not like that. He started to notice things about Pietro. In anyone else, he likely would have let it slide, wouldn’t have thought twice about the little tics he noticed. Except…

They were familiar.

Except Kurt had incredibly similar habits.

Except this was Pietro Maximoff, and from experience, Kurt knew that Pietro didn’t do anything without three separate underlying motives.

And it was always a good idea to understand the enemy, right?


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anonymous asked:

Could you write something with 2D coming home at like 4am, drunk off his ass and just wanting to cuddle and sleep, and his s/o being like "oh thank god he was only out drinking" but also "I am going to KILL him he was out DRINKING". Thank you!!!!!

A/N: ahahahahahaha @ the anon who asked if that was my time zone it was not you’ll never find me unless you hire a deep web hit man but please dont. let me clear out the drafts and queue before you kill me

  • You come home to an empty house, calling out his name only to be met with silence. You shrug your shoulders as you toss your keys in the bowl beside you, kicking off your shoes as you make your way to the bathroom, a hot shower being ideal after a long day.
  • You dry your hair with a towel as you step out of the shower, finding some comfortable pajamas to wear before you settle on the couch in the living room, turning on the TV in front of you. You flip through the channels, wasting time rather than actually paying attention to what was on the screen. You occupy yourself for a while with various self care activities, checking your phone occasionally as you wait for a response from 2D.
  • You had managed to bore yourself as you lazily pull a Jenga piece from the tower of wooden blocks, games being your last attempt to entertain yourself as you waited. You place the block down before you grab your phone and call him, foot tapping against the floor as it rings. You smack your lips when it goes to voicemail and toss your phone at the couch cushion before you plop down on it. 
  • Eyes study the floor as you wonder where he could be, recalling he’d mentioned nothing about having plans this weekend. You sigh before you collect the blanket at your sock clad feet and pull it over you, staring at the movie playing on the TV before you fall asleep.
  • Cold clamminess over your eyes disrupts your sleep, you shake your head away and hear a familiar throaty laugh.You pull the hands away from your eyes and sit up, rubbing them as you hear him slur something incomprehensible before he lets out a stupid laugh.
  • You check your phone for the time, “Stuart? What the fuck?” you whisper harshly. You get up to turn the lights on and he groans, staggering a bit before he shields his eyes. You walk up to him and pull his hands away from his face, his head leans to the side lazily. “Are you drunk?”
  • He blows air from his lips, “I am… not,” he says, cocking up an eyebrow, his argument completely invalid as it was obvious enough. He rolls his head a bit before he focuses on you, his eyes drooping as a crooked grin forms on his face.
  • You shake your head as you place your hands on your hips, you sigh closing your eyes as you open your mouth to speak but the weight of his body leaning into yours catches you off guard. You stumble back a bit, supporting much of his weight as his legs seemed to give up on him, his hands loosely grabbing at your shirt. His lips rub against your neck, leaving a wet streak of saliva and whatever he was consuming as he buries his face in your neck.
  • Your shoulders rise, ears burning when the stubble above his lip tickles the sensitive skin there, you laugh as you pull him off of you, his face centimeters away from yours as he fans hot air onto your face, the smell of alcohol strong in his breath.
  • He puckers his lips out to kiss you and you lean away laughing at his antics, “Why don’t we talk about this tomorrow?” you say as you try to pry him off to you but newfound strength keeps you locked in his embrace. You awkwardly huddle over to the couch and he pulls you into him as he lays down, snoring almost instantly once his back finds contact with the cushion.
  • let boi sleep he drank too much apple juice

you know sometimes it just hits me that sooyoung is an actual real person and that I might have the chance to meet her and this sensation is so weird it’s like one day she’s gonna be in front of me and I’m not really gonna believe it’s happening and I’ll probably have an out of body experience but bottom line all that matters is that I’ll cry and tell her how much I love her

GUYYYYYSSSS!!! Seventeen’s MV drops TODAY! TODAY! I’m soooo excited!!!! I’m currently trying to watch the bbmas but i cannot find a link to watch in Australia, so to my Australian followers, anyone know where to watch the bbmas hit me up please! (and no i dont have foxtel) But on a negative note, I just did my back and yeah, I’m taking a day of school today…… totally a coincidence that the BBMAs and Svt’s MV drops today heheheh! But yall the MV teaser is bomb! I already have wonwoo’s part stuck in my head and oml hoshi u outdid yourself with the choreo! But my lord cheolie got me like bruh… bruh…BRUH! That’s my rant for today!

Love Jen!!!

Prejudice vs Racism/isms: A Discussion


We need to discuss the difference between “prejudice based bullying” and racism/isms.

Prejudice Based bullying isn’t a good thing at all. But it is literally not even slightly as bad or the same as racism or any other ism.

Prejudice based bullying is when someone bullies someone based on prejudice.  The aspect of “institutional power” is absent from prejudice based bullying. Examples of this is POC vs POC prejudicial actions, thin shaming, POC being “mean to” white people, etc. 

Prejudice based bullying can and does hurt feelings, and can get physical and can end in deaths. But it is not racism, or an ism. 

Racism is the above + institutional power.

Racism is Prejudice based actions committed by a  group with institutional power.

Sexism is prejudice based actions committed by a group with institutional power. etc.

I’ll give some examples:


  • Black person calls an Asian person a racial slur = Prejudice Based Bullying
  • White person is called a racial slur = Prejudice Based Bullying
  • Fat person makes fun of thin person = Prejudice Based Bullying
  • Girlscouts of America not allowing cisgendered boys to join= Prejudice Based Action 
  • Black owned businesses giving discounts to other POC but not to white people = prejudice based illegal activity
  • Asian Restaurant hiring only other asian people and throwing away resumes from all other applicants = prejudice based illegal activity 
  • Black people being “mean to you on the internet” = Prejudice Based Bullying
  • “White Girls and Starbucks” = Prejudice Based Bullying


  • Fashion Company releases statement that their clothes should only be worn by white people = racism
  • White people calling POC racial slurs = racism
  • Housing discrimination for POC = racism
  • Boyscouts of America making it so that we even needed a Girlscouts of America instead of just making a Scouts of America for everyone and/or creating a girls division = sexism
  • A store owner turning away a woman who appears to be a size 14 from his store because she “wouldn’t fit any of the clothes”= lookism/illegal discrimination
  • A black person calling a white person a cracker, and the white person responding with the N word = racism (and by the way, “cracker” is short for “whipcracker” not “saltine cracker because the cracker is white.” When a black person calls a white person a cracker; they are saying that whatever it is that that white person is doing is reminding them of overseers who used to whip black people to death during slave times. Which is deep as shit.)

In every situation that can be called “racism/ism”, the action must be enacted by a member of the party with the majority of numbers and/or institutional power. An “Oppressor”, for lack of a better word. 

For example, I am a minority in certain ways and a majority in other ways. Just because I am a minority in particular ways, doesn’t mean that I cannot be an oppressor in other ways.

If I were to issue slurs or try to oppress people with mental illness or with disabilities of any kind, I would be participating in an “ism.” As someone without mental illness or a physical disability, my actions contribute to the whole of the oppressing force that has trampled them for ages. Even if whatever it is that I’m doing is significantly less damaging or “hurtful” than their response. 

You see. 

When you belong to an oppressive majority–no matter what majority– every single oppressive action you do is fueled and weighted by years and years of previous oppressive action by others in your group. Whereas, people in the contrasting minority not only have less institutional power, but they may also be vastly less able to defend themselves in any meaningful way.

Which is a reference to the INSTITUTIONAL part of institutional oppression.

The entire system that gives you the benefits of being in the majority, usually gained through decades of being an oppressive force, give the minority group the exact opposite of benefits. Which is restrictions.

Restrictions in regards to:

  • The effectiveness of any rebellion.
  • the effectiveness of any complaints
  • the validation of their history and point of view
  • protections they are afforded

As well as the impact of any offending actions towards the oppressive party.


  • “That black person called you a cracker and now you’re sad, but at least you do’t have to live with the knowledge that George Washington pried the teeth out of your ancestors heads and put them in his own mouth as dentures because he was shitty at keeping his teeth clean, and your ancestors were basically thought of as expensive cattle
  • that transgirl said "die cis scum” and now you are sad, but at least your mortality rate isn’t like 1 in 10 just for being alive.
  • that fat girl said “real men like women with curves” and now you are sad. But at least you can buy clothes in your size at any store ever.
  • that boy with depression was mean to you, butat least you don’t have a horrifying history of people with mental illness being shocked to death and thrown in cages, killed, being tortured, or having their organs harvested to look back on, with a scientific misunderstanding spanning centuries that has created stigma that negatively impacts any interaction you have with anyone who knows about your mental illness. 
  • That girl is wearing a shirt that says ‘misandry for life’ and that makes you angry but at least you don’t live in a world where there are so many crimes against humanity committed towards women that I can’t even come up with one that could encapsulate the entirety of the term “sexism”.
  • that man with a wheelchair parked halfway in your parking space and the wheelchair parking space in protest of people talking the wheelchair spaces, but at least you didn’t have to fight tooth and nail for decades to even get a parking space that suits your vital need.

In conclusion; if you have been a victim of Prejudice Based Actions:

Yes, you may be upset and yes you have been bullied or treated unfairly or disrespectfully. And yes, your feelings may be hurt. But you are not a victim of institutional oppression. And your retaliation, if violent or excessive, comes with the power of your entire group behind it.  

It is like if you, are a grown man and  are hit by a two year old, and in retaliation, you choke slam that two year old child into the concrete. Yes the two year old shouldn’t have hit you, but Dont Do THAT.  You should say “please don’t hit me, that hurts”. Or, as in the case with racism/prejudice, say that the POC hurt your feelings, but understand that they have special circumstances.

Nothing will ever change that. So you need to just swallow it. 

Daddy’s little kitten. (Sugar daddy Harry one shot)

*Warning: Contains smut. Might be badly written as its my first attempt. Also contains swearing. Don’t read if offended.*

Getting involved with a sugar daddy is never easy. The whole, no strings attached, being a virtual sex toy isn’t really my idea of a healthy relationship.  However the endless amounts of louboutin shoes, sparkling diamonds, givenchy bags and the brand new mini parked on my drive makes it more worthwhile. Sounds shallow doesn’t it? But daddy insists. So the kitten gladly accepts.  

Being 19 and currently under-going three years of a degree isn’t easy. So when Harry offered to pay for my tuition fees I accepted. If he’s going to throw his money at me I would rather it be on something worthwhile. Harry is one of the country’s most eligible bachelors. Being a millionaire at 29 doesn’t go unnoticed in the UK. Not by the female population anyway. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me or if he showers all his girls with gifts?

It was 10pm on a Friday evening and there was still no sign of Harry. He had insisted that I stayed at his apartment tonight. But yet again, he had failed to appear. I was sat on the sofa, which overlooked the city of London. It was a truly captivating view. Bored out of my head, I decided to scroll through my twitter feed. A certain article suddenly caught my eye.  


Now, I am fully aware that most articles are full of absolute bullshit, but photographs never lie, and boy was there photographs. So whilst im sat at home waiting for ‘Mr styles’ to come home, he’s swanning about in fancy restaurants with what appears to be some sort of play boy bunny? Grabbing my coat and bag I decided that tonight was drawing to an end and I was no longer willing to wait around for Harry. Not to be made into a mug. Just as I was about to leave the door flung open, causing me to be greeted by a disheveled looking Harry. "Kitten? You’re not leaving are you?” “Yep” I smugly replied whilst trying to saunter past him before his grasp caught my arm. “Baby, why?” “Maybe because I’m sick of sitting here like some sort of mug, wondering where you are. Thinking maybe you had been caught up at the office, or thinking even worse, that something has happened to you! But then look, I open my twitter and your all over the papers with some blonde bimbo! Don’t invite me round if you haven’t got time for me Harry!” I shouted whilst shaking my arm out of his grasp. I have never spoken to Harry like this before. Harry’s eyes suddenly went dark and I knew I had crossed the line. “Fucking stop acting like a child! I was negotiating a business deal with her father, but unfortunately he’s taken ill so she came to sign the papers for him. I have the emails if you really want proof. But however y/n I thought you would have trusted me and known better than this. ” Oh shit. “If you can’t trust me then this deal is off!” He spat. “Harry, if you had of at least called me to tell me what was going on then I wouldn’t have thought that way!” I feebly defended myself earning a sigh from Harry. “Get to the bedroom” Harry ordered. Oh I see where this is going. You see when Harry is mad, he lets it out via sex. Fucking amazing sex though I have to say.  

Doing as I was told I walked to the bedroom, hanging my head low like a naughty little school girl. Boy did I feel naughty. I stripped down to my specially picked out black lace underwear and lay on Harry’s bed. I knew this was going to happen tonight anyway. That’s the whole idea of the deal. He doesn’t want a relationship, he just wants sex. I know it’s wrong and I’m being used but I can’t help myself. A short while after Harry entered the room. “Ahhh, what a beautiful sight. Daddy loves it when your all ready for me Kitten.” I simply watched the sex god that stood in front of me. He dropped his jacket off his shoulders and started to undo his shirt. I stared at the tattoos that graced his skin. He truly was amazing to look at.  Once that was done with he removed his pants and shoes.  "You know, you’ve been a naughty girl, not trusting daddy like that" “I know, mmm sorry daddy” I spoke innocently. “I think daddy needs to teach you a lesson, don’t you kitten?” I seductively nodded. He started by leaving bite marks down my neck, and sucking on my skin until it turned into a violent purple. “Mine” he mumbled as he trailed further down my body; over my breasts, down my stomach, and finally, to the hem of my lace thong. Using his teeth, he pulled down the lace, and flung it to the other side of the room. He was definitely skilled in the bedroom. Forcefully opening my legs, he looked straight at me and dipped his lips down towards my core, never breaking eye contact. Earning a hiss from me, he lapped up my juices, making me moan and grab onto his hair. “Mmm feel good kitten?” “Yes daddy! oh fuck yes” I nodded. God he was such a tease. He then inserted a finger, and pumped them in and out of my dripping centre. “Oh fuck daddy!” I arched my back, feeling a familiar sensation in the pit of my stomach. “Do you want Daddy’s cock baby” “Yes, I want your cock inside me”. “Tell me who you belong to” “You Daddy, I belong to you!” I shouted. Harry soon switched his attention to removing his boxers. Without warning, he thrusted into me, causing me to scream in pain and pleasure. “That’s its kitten, let them know who’s making you feel this good”. “Fuck fuck fuck” I moaned as he thrusted into me, harder than ever. “Fuck” the curly haired man grunted. “You’re always so fucking tight baby. No matter how many times I fuck you” he growled. All this dirty talk was making me close. “mmm, mmm close daddy” I moaned. “Let it go baby” he moaned whilst he sucked on one of my breasts. Before I knew it I was a trembling mess beneath him. My walls clenched around him which caused him to release too. “Fuck” he whispered before collapsing next to me on the bed. “That was fucking good” He sighed.  


“Harry” I asked a few minutes later, once we had both cooled off. “Yes kitten” he replied, pulling me closer to him. “Do you think you will ever be more than my sugar daddy in the future? I mean, I know there’s a ten year age gap but I-” “Shhhh, sweetheart” he spoke before kissing me on the lips sweetly. “Let them talk, the age gap doesn’t mean shit to me. Right now, I’m not ready for a full blown relationship, or the commitment that comes with it. But I know, as soon as I am ready, you will be the girl for me. I can feel myself slowly falling y/n, it’s only a matter of time before the penny drops and I’m ready to make you all mine. But until then, we need to keep enjoying moments like these. Okay kitten?” I simply smiled and nodded at the man that lay in front of me, heart warming at the word that had just graced my ears. Although it wasn’t entirely the answer I wanted, it showed that he cares, and there is a possibility that we may be together one day, like I’ve always dreamed of.  

“Ready for round two sweetheart” he winked. “Always with you daddy”.   

Okay so this is my first attempt at writing smut. I’m still trying to grasp how to write it hahaha. Sorry if its bad! Again, if you have a request feel free to message me. Also, please leave me feedback and dont be a silent reader! Hit that like button ;)

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Things that is gonna happen here soon on this blog:

1.Finish Youjin X Reader Scenario: Cafe part 3

2. Create and post more fake text and snaps for KNK (requests are open for it)

3. Write a cute boyfriend scenario for Heejun requested by @keunakeunkeunkeun

4. Answer all your cute questions (i am so sorry for anybody who sent me them to me… i have hella busy with tons to do but I have time today)

-Tinkermom Cami

PS if i dont do this please hit me or send me a message.  



(because I have yet to see anything vampire related in the Kylux fandom and I am honestly surprised?)

(don’t take this too seriously)

  • Ben Solo is the 17yo emo, loner who has no real friends
  • Everyone thinks he’s weird because he’s OBSESSED with vampires and full-heartedly believes they exist
  • He does extensive research on vampires, and believes all the common tropes
  • He has been known to get into very heated arguments of anything vampire related
  • He’s part of an online chat-room for “vampires” or other emo kids like him
  • He believes vampirism was meant for him, because “no one gets him” except for his “vampire” friends online
  • He calls himself Kylo Ren because, “that’s his vampire name”
  • He wears all black, and tries not to go out in the sun so he can maintain his pale “vampire” skin
  • he tried to drink blood one time but got sick, he was very sad
  • Hux is the new-in-town, 18 year old exchange student from Europe
  • Hes very pale with striking bright orange hair
  • He’s always dressed to the highest perfection, never a hair out of place
  • People try to befriend him at first, but he gives off creepy vibes, therefore, everyone steers clear of him
  • He mostly keeps to himself, never outwardly drawing attention
  • Kylo knows from the second he sees him that Hux is a vampire
  • He’s right
  • He begins to stalk Hux, following him around and taking notes in hopes to fully understand what a vampire is
  • He keeps all of his “findings” in a journal, its pretty much blank
  • Kylo think’s he’s being sneaky
  • He’s not
  • Hux knows about the lankly, emo boy following him from the very first day
  • He makes sure to act as any other normal 18yo would
  • Kylo starts to question himself, nevertheless, keeps the investigation up
  • After a couple weeks and no suspicious activity from Hux, Kylo is very frustrated, and is about to give up, when- 
  • He is sitting in some bushes, spying on Hux through binoculars. He puts the binoculars down for one moment to rub his eyes, when he looks again, HUX IS GONE.
  • He hurries to find him, in doing so, falls right out of the bushes, onto the sidewalk
  • Hux is standing on the sidewalk, watching him
  • Kylo starts to freak out, scrambling away and reaching for the makeshift cross stake he keeps in his back pocket
  • He threatens Hux, backing against the wall
  • Hux watches bemused, then easily plucks the stake from Kylo’s hands, tossing it away
  • Kylo freaks, and figures this is where he dies
  • Hux drags Kylo up by the collar, hearing him audibly swallow
  • He questions Kylo, “Why do you keep spying on me?”
  • Kylo tries to stammer out some lie, but there is no use, he finally admits it
  • “I want to become a vampire!”
  • Hux releases his grip in surprise, Kylo drops to the ground on his knees, and begins to beg Hux to make him into a vampire
  • Hux of course says “no”
  • Kylo pleads, and pleads, almost on the brink of tears, 
  • Hux takes pity on him, and allows Kylo to befriend him
  • They become one of the hot gossip topics of the school
  • Someway, somehow, these two fall in looooovvvvvveeeee