please dont be someone i know irl

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u online: I'm such a queen, a badass😜 u irl: *whisper* c-can I please have a packet of... k-ketchup

*smirk* My policy is simple, what you see is what you get. You have no idea how I hate faking to be someone else to please people, so I will never do any trick like that dude, because I dont bend. If you need any proof, come off anon, I will send some people who know me in real life, they can confirm this to you. Just to give you something to think about before provoking me, a friend of mine actually said that the first time she saw me she thought I was so scary she wouldnt want to be friend with me. She was really surprise that I have fair share of friends. People just find hanging with someone honest and true to herself very relaxing.

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whoa there

ok im gonna cut to the chase…… i know im like a year late but im just gonna go ahead and post some uh mettatum doodles here since i figured maybe SOMEONE will wanna see it??? hahahaha istg if i know you irl dont look under the cut im begging you but anyway

mettatum under the cut so yeah warning its stuffing!! rly gross!! haha 

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not to discourse but i wish people didnt make fun of the term “qp” and like… act like its a Fake Wannabe Oppressed Term

mostly because all the people i know who use the term to describe their relationships irl are 1) trans and not straight and 2) use it to describe people they love and care about very deeply and honestly i feel like if someone is not straight n cis and is in a committed and loving (if nonromantic) relationship with someone who is the same gender as them (or if they’re both/all nonbinary) what is the point of treating it like a Straight Best Friends thing unless that is 100% how they define it.

like. materially what’s the difference between women (or men, or nonbinary people) living together and supporting each other and being affectionate and intimate w/ each other without romance vs with romance… 

shrugs. ive never been in a qp relationship but i know a lot of people who are in them for whom theyre very important

I want someone who enjoys taking photos of anything beautiful as much as I do. I want someone who enjoys just sitting in silence together without it being awkward. I want someone who will go on very long walks and adventures. I want someone who will sit under a tree with me so we can put flowers in each other’s hair and laugh at nothing. I want someone who will take me on drives anywhere so we can just listen to the radio and stop at random places we see that look interesting. I want someone who ill lay with me in the back of their truck of on top of their car and watch fireworks all night. I want someone who will give me lots of hugs and cute piggy back rides and will come over to my house during family cook outs and hang out being cute with me. I want someone to take pictures of, believe me I will take a lot. I want someone to cuddle me in my bed and sleep with me all night, not minding my messy bed head in the morning. I want someone I can physically be with, please.

Hey guys! Thank you so much for 2000 followers! I made this blog back in October and i was excited when i got 100 followers, and never even expected to have 2000 of you enjoy my blog enough to follow. I started with only reblogging stuff, and since then i’ve started making edits and videos, and i’m a tumblr affiliate for BH. I wouldn’t be doing any of that stuff i enjoy without you xx // this is a list of my favorite blogs that i stalk on a regular basis, and bolded are my babes <3


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