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so, on the subject of fish

I dont fuckign know guys

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #23
  • Dan: Phil you left all the cupboard doors open again
  • Phil: godDANit

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I keep checking on AO3 for a new update on home ever since your latest one. But when I checked your Tumblr page and saw March......... I died inside!😔😢. So I'm asking, are we really going to see chapter 18 in March?!?! I don't mean to be brutal but I stopped reading chapter 17 to wait and read the new one and it together so I could finally complete something that t really meant something to me. So please for this anon, finish with your darn book and make something out of yourself. For me.


I work on Home every day, anon, as I have for two years. I start at 10am and draw until 8pm. I don’t go to school or have a job because I have severe anxiety. I need more time because the drawings are extremely detailed (click here to see what I mean) and I was recently diagnosed with lupus, which means I’m flat in bed with a fever more often than not.

If by “darn book” you mean the book adaptation of Home I’m working on, I haven’t touched it in two months because I’ve been trying to finish the fic. Please don’t insult the novel. The novel is Home/Raising Home, word for word, with different names and a few adjustments. The story and the artwork is my heart and soul. I cry happily while crafting it sometimes.

So don’t come to my inbox to yap at me to go faster, because I dedicate every ounce of free time to making the last chapter the very best finale possible.

okay I have a question for anti-Otayuri people…

I’ve noticed that some of you ship Mila and Sara

Why is that ship okay, but Otayuri is not?

I know Mila is 18. But Sara is 22.

The girls have been skating competitively for years. I think it’s safe to say that they’ve probably known each other since before Mila was 18. Especially because they seem pretty close in the show. They’ve probably been friends for at least a few years, since Mila started skating in the senior division with Sara. Perhaps since Mila was 15/16 and Sara was 19/20.

Yall seem to have a problem with people aging up Otayuri. Or with them waiting for Yurio to turn 18. Like yall argue that Otabek would still be a predator for “waiting” because that would mean he had romantic/sexual intentions with Yurio from the start or something.

But Sara and Mila probably knew each other when Mila was still a minor. Why is it okay to ship them just because Mila is 18 now? When they probably knew each other when Mila was still a minor. So going by your logic, why is Sara not a predator as well for “waiting” for Mila to turn 18?

Like this is a legit question, I don’t understand your logic, please explain?

Only you can wipe my tears before they’ve even begun to flow down my cheeks.
—  Melwowz

Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise: NBC News Today interview (February 1, 1988)

nonbinary intersex people are valid and important too!!!

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um do you guys know any other svt meme blogs NOT THAT YOU'RE BLOG IS TERRIBLE its just that im bored cause i went through ALL your posts

ALL??? you mean all 3k+ of our posts?? or just our our own posts, excluding the reblogs lol. We applaud you for your dedication, thank you :’)

For your reward, here are some quality blogs that post a lot of memes or just funny posts:

@seventeen-memes @caratmemes @uhilikechicken @eggshua @blondkwan @incorrectseventeen @incorrect7teen @theseventeenfamilysingers @badsvtimagines @alt-17project 

And here are some other amazing blogs that make gifs and they gif quality and funny seventeen moments:

@hanwooz @hoon-seok @wonnhao @mountean @12fools @xiuchens @seugcheol @shwua @amillionwon

If you know your friend, partner, or family member has dependency issues and they’ve made it clear to you that they have separation anxiety and would rather you tell them you don’t want to talk to them rather than ignore them, and you still ignore them, I’m sorry, but

You’re a piece of shit and they deserve so much better than you. I don’t care what the fuck your reason is. There literally can’t be a logical explanation as to why you can’t take a minute out of your day to text your loved one who’s MADE IT CLEAR THEY NEED THIS to tell them that you’re not ignoring them, you’re just not in the mood to talk.

You are a piece of shit.

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about ur deh post. i actually understand where ur coming from i saw deh and comet a day apart. i think the reason why deh is getting so much attn is bc so many can relate to it. i have anxiety and depression so it really hit close to home for me and it's super important to me. it has really helped me through a lot. i loved comet and it was beautifully done and it was incredible, and it deserves attn!! its just not the kind of show i connected with

yeah that’s why i think it’s having such a big impact on people!! like i know i can definitely relate to dear evan hansen more than comet, i just think comet is so much better. it’s easy to relate to something that so many people go through, and i’m so fucking glad that the show is inspiring a lot of people to seek help or just have something to come home to and listen to on the bad days. i know heidi/evan’s relationship actually hit really close to me, and so big/so small made me bawl like a baby. 

content wise, however, it has been done before in a lot of different ways. something like the great comet, which takes a piece of literature that is often seen as long, dreary, and boring by today’s standards, and completely revolutionizes it to something modern…. IDK. it’s on the same level as hamilton, in my eyes. it should be hyped up. because it’s challenging people to pick up books like war & peace and see it in such a vibrant, modern, and colorful setting. 

an electro pop opera. with little to no props. where a black woman with natural hair is a fucking princess in 19th century russia. where a dark skinned black man will be taking over as pierre in july. i just think it’s so fucking ground breaking and beautiful and it’s everything that broadway SHOULD BE DOING.

the great comet takes a classic and turns it into something fresh and beautiful. not to mention that you are a part of the show, no matter where you sit. 

ben platt definitely deserves best actor. he’s devoted so much and he’s given so much of himself to the audience, that it would be so fucking disrespectful if he didn’t win. (in my eyes). 

but the lead delivering a powerful performance isn’t what wins best musical, nor is it relatable content. and i def know you didn’t say it deserved best musical (i’m just getting distracted and ranting now, i hope u don’t mind!! i just keep thinking about this a lot and i don’t speak to very many people in the broadway community on tumblr !!! <3)

thanks for ur kind message, i was afraid of being attacked since deh is so well liked on here! 

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I thrive off your Qrowin. T ^ T everyday there's at LEAST 5 minutes where its devoted to praying for more Qrowin LOL but yeah headcanon: HOWS ABOUT THAT SMUT WHILE HE'S ON BREAK FROM TEACHING HIS CLASS AT SIGNAL? EH? EH? (I am so sorry that I am a dirty otter, kiwi friend. Also just craving smut...)



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