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I don’t usually post my current event stuff on this account, but my city is in need and not enough people have seen the blood drive info. Last night, Las Vegas suffered a mass shooting at Mandalay Bay Casino/Hotel and Resort. 50 are dead but over 400 are injured.

The city district has issued blood drives for people to donate to at the following locations and times:
Delta Point @ 901 Rancho Ln @ 9am
United Blood Services @ 7am @ 6930 W. Charleston & 601 Whitney Ranch

Please attend if possible and donate to the victims of last nights mass shooting.

Las Vegas Shooting

Hello, everyone. Usually I refrain from posting things of this nature but it is important.

Last night (10/01/2017) Las Vegas, NV suffered a major tragedy. Concert goers attending the “Route 91 Harvest Festival” at an outdoor venue across the street from the Mandalay Bay Hotel/Casino came under attack.

According to local authorities a man opened fire with an automatic riffle and targeted concert attendees. 50+ people have been reportedly killed, and 400+ more have been injured marking this the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

Las Vegas residents, we are in need of your help. If you can: please go donate blood! Victims of this attack are in need, and you can help them! Below are some locations where you can donate if you are in LV/Henderson/Reno/Sparks.

Please. Donate if you can. We need you.

Let’s try this again

so a few months ago I made this post asking for donations to help me escape my emotionally abusive father and pay for college in a few years. I received 2 donations totaling to $38.00. while I am eternally grateful to those who were able to donate, I’m still in need of more to become financially independent. my PayPal email is ( and anything you can send will help me tremendously. In return, I can provide the following:

  • $2 or more: Sigil for any word or phrase
  • $5 or more: Pendulum reading (yes/no question, amethyst stone)
  • $10 or more: Both of the above OR I can provide you with a spell for a given situation (what herbs or gems to use, what incantation to say etc.)

please, donate what you can, if you can. if you aren’t in a position to donate, please reblog. i don’t deserve to live like this and i can’t stand it much longer.

Charity Commissions

I’ve decided to open up commissions for the time being, with 100% of profits I make going to a charity supporting victims of the Las Vegas shooting. I ask that you please consider donating money to help out victims, and can enjoy some art for your trouble. Thank you!

In light if the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, I wanted to try and help in some way. I don’t have much in the way of resources, but I want to think that I can use my skills to help in some way. I will be donating to the National Compassion Fund, which distributes all funds directly to the victims. 

I’m not sure how long I will be keeping this up, depending on the sort of response I get, but I’ll do my best to keep up with as many requests as I can. Please be patient with me as I try to fulfill requests. I will draw mostly anything, but no NS//FW or explicit art. Please send me a message if you have questions. Or contact my email at

please read !

Please take a moment to read about my emergency
I’m desperate. I’m really fucking desperate.

Hi everyone, these posts are so hard to write so bear with me. I’ve done this once in the past and I cannot believe how much worse everything has gotten since then.

I’m not sure where to start but I really need your help. I go by Mimi and I just turned 18. I’m autistic, physically disabled, and chronically ill - which with my anxiety, hallucinations, and other mental health problems makes me completely unable to traditionally work besides self managed activities in fields that hurt me to do. But despite that factor, I work constantly to pay for every living expensive I have because of my abusers. My quality of life is really poor, as you can imagine.

I stay as positive as I can and admitting all that was hard. My main support is my partner, who happens to be a 17 y/o camab trans agender girl. She is recovering from a suicide attempt as well as struggling with their severe depression and abuse much like mine. She’s the only thing that really keeps me going and both of us would not be alive if we couldn’t support each other, regardless of our LDR - we’re 502miles away.

Since their attempt we planned to see each other twice finally. The first trip we planned was so stressful and hectic, but honestly meeting her convinced me that I should keep going and made all of my pain worth it up until then. We’ve been working hard on making the second one happen, and less stressfully. I’ve been doing as much as I can but this week, something devastating occurred barely three nights ago.

Literally every dime I had saved to heal and get away from our abusers to see each other just for a day or so had to have been spent on emergency medical bills. I feel really uncomfortable going into deep detail, but my illnesses are really kicking my ass. Besides getting sick, abused, beaten, and hurt all the work that was damaging me to do just got negated and I’m back at square one just a month before I’m suppose to see them.

I have nothing.

I am so terrified I can’t keep going forward if we can’t do this. As I write this I know what my partner is going through and they’re not going to last through all this either. I’m so, so scared.

Please, please help me. If everyone who followed me donated 25¢ I would be fine. My life is falling apart, I just want me and my partner to be okay.

TL;DR: I’ve been doing self-harmful work for months to save up and see my lone supporter to escape my abusers temporarily, and a medical emergency spent all of my money. This situation is making me suicidal and I need help.

My paypal is . If you want to donate money any other way or have any questions message me or send me an ask, and as long as I’m comfortable with it I’ll do my best to answer. If you can’t donate you’d still be helping my situation by reblogging.

I currently have $0.00 but in reality I know I’m in the negative. So please, please remember my paypal again is .

More than Houston

I know several of y’all have seen the horrible tragedy that has happened in Houston due to hurricane Harvey, but since 99.9% of the news coverage has been about Houston many of y’all that live outside of Texas may not realize that the hurricane affected many other cities. There are SEVERAL smaller towns like Port Aransas, Rockport, Bayside, Refugio, and Woodsboro that were hit VERY HARD. These towns do not have the equipment, funds,, or number of neighbors to help out other neighbors in the recovery effort like Houston does. These towns still do NOT have electricity, running water, or sewer service and won’t for several weeks maybe even months. If you are kind enough to make a donation please take part of that money and donate it to a charity/organization that  will go directly to help the victims in Houston and PLEASE donate the rest to a charity/organization that will help the REST of Texas that was affected by the hurricane. If you are still unsure if you want to donate keep in mind that not only were thousands of people’s homes and all of their belongings destroyed but the businesses that they worked at and earned their money to live were destroyed too. If you don’t want to donate money and want to donate goods keep in mind that it’s not just clothes that are needed. Toothpaste, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, diapers, work gloves, first aid supply’s, and PET FOOD are all needed. Please open up your heart and help out these people in any way you can!!!!!!

Flood Victims

I know that this has nothing to do with Norman but I visit this blog often and it seems there are some great people here so I thought maybe this would be well received, I’m trying to post a message about this wherever I can. As a one time flood victim myself, I just wanted to encourage anyone who can donate to the victims in Texas to please do so, anything helps. My family lost our home in North Carolina and all of our possessions to a flood in 1999 when I was just a teenager. Our home had taken on about seven feet of water by the time the water reached it’s highest level. We left our home with the clothes on our backs and what we could quickly throw into a garbage bag, that was it. Some people aren’t even fortunate enough to be able to do that. Literally anything and everything will help….monetary donations, clothing, toiletries, food, water, pet supplies, volunteering your time…basically you name it, they are going to need it. The images that I’ve been seeing from Texas have transported me right back to 1999 when my family was experiencing the same thing. I know exactly what these people are going through and it’s horrible, absolutely devastating. My family was fortunate enough to have some wonderful people that helped us when we so desperately needed it, so I now try to “pay it forward” ,if you will, in similar situations and encourage others to do so if they are in a position to be able to donate. If the city or town that you live in is accepting donations for the Texas flood victims, please consider donating if you are blessed enough to be able to do so. Also, please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks! 

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hey guys harvey has effected houston and its residents greatly please spread this post and donate if you can to help the victims through this tragic event:

text HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 to red cross

text HURRICANE to 20222 to donate $25 to Save the Children’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

!!!*this post is outdated*!!!

Omar Mateen’s father said the attack was not influenced by religion, and apologizes for his son’s actions. [x]

Omar Mateen’s ex-wife reveals that Omar had a history of violence and was very abusive towards her, often beating her when he came home. She also adds that he wasn’t very religious [x]

This was a hate crime against the LGBT community (who I might add many were Latinx, since the shooting in Pulse happened on Upscale Latin Night), but please don’t jump to conclusions and use this situation to justify Islamophobia. Many people are dead and many more injured are in desperate need of help, focus on helping those out instead. 

If you live in/near the Orlando area, you can donate blood. Must be at least 16 17 years old and at least 100 110 lbs. Call 1-888-9donate. 

If not, you can help by donating to support the victims of the Pulse Shooting 

Please let me know if any of this information is wrong.

If you are near Orlando please donate blood

Please consider donating blood to help the shooting victims. It isn’t well publicized but in the USA people that have had sexual relations with the same sex are forbidden from donating blood. This means that survivors, friends and partners often can’t donate blood themselves.

I did this photo yesterday, yet took it down as people asked not to do the operator symbol, so I have remade the picture without the use of the symbol. The ribbon I’ve attempted to draw is not very good, I’m aware, but I have tried. Here is what I wrote yesterday to explain the picture.

“Here is my picture, half cosplay, saying behind every character there is a creator, behind every story there is an author, behind every fanart there is an artist and behind every cosplay there is an ordinary person. Every fandom gets obsessives, people who can’t wait for the next story, people who love the characters, and unfortunately people who take it all too far. Today it has been reported that two girls attempted to kill their friend to try and summon the Slenderman. This is a perfect example of taking things too far, luckily the little girl who was victim of the girls is in a stable condition and the girls are looking at a lengthy sentence in prison. Unfortunately now everyone thinks creepypasta has bad influence on people, and that is is an occult. It isn’t I’m part of this fandom and I know its not evil. Parents should monitor what their kids do online, and should check in with how their social lives are going, so they can prevent them from doing something this horrendous. They’re just stories. Nothing more. Which is why I did this photo, showing that you can be a part of something and not take it too far. This is how I will express my creativity and reality. Sending love and hope to that poor little girl and her family during this horrible ordeal. It’s creativity not reality”

booksmartidiot  asked:

Isn't the best way for women to get more representation in games for women to start making games, Anita Sarkeesian is a scam artist and liar who uses your ideology to get money from you, she is extremely good at getting in the news but does nothing for the industry. For an example of someone actually trying to make a difference google "thefineyoungcapitalists", they haven't got any media coverage obviously because they are not professional victims like anita

She does quite a bit for the industry. A problem like this you can’t solve in one step. You can’t just make your suggestion happen. I wish I could just snap my fingers and suddenly there are tons of women making AAA games, but it doesn’t work like that. 

First, you must make everyone aware of the problem. Make them understand all the issues. You must market your awareness. Do things like get in the news. 

Consider the Ice Bucket Challenge. Pouring ice on your head doesn’t directly help ALS. But the awareness campaign resulted in 100 million dollars in donations. 

Anita is not tasked with fixing the problem. Her mission is to make people aware of it. 

And if you think Anita isn’t being effective at influencing the gaming industry, there is a tweet from Tim Schafer (WHO MAKES GAMES) telling his game-making cohorts to pay attention to the message she is sending. 

I haven’t seen any evidence that shows she is a scam artist. Just accusations and assumptions. People voluntarily gave her a lot more money than she asked for and as far as I can tell she is just spending it slowly rather than dumping it all at once and wasting it. I mean, I guess she could release her videos with 3D holograms and a laser show to use it all up at once. Or she could use it as a nest egg to pay her staff and fund similar projects in the future. If I saw evidence that she was being super wasteful with the funds, that might be an issue. I think some asshats even photoshopped her buying expensive shoes at some point, but she seems to be living a modest life and working on the project full time as promised. Most of the people I know who donated are happy they did. 

And please, please don’t call her a “professional victim.” I have been on the the same side of online harassment. One time it was so bad that it made me physically ill for a week. I got death threats and even though none of them were as serious as hers… they are fucking scary. NO ONE deserves to be treated like that. She is not making that up. I’ve seen the messages she gets and they are awful and even though she puts up a brave face, those things cause lots of tears no matter who you are. Calling her a professional victim, like she is enjoying the negative attention is super shitty. I’m sorry, but it is. 

My main issue with her is that she used some art that wasn’t hers. I really thought she should have known better. She did end up resolving that, but it was disappointing. 

The issue with the Let’s Play videos is a bit more complicated. I’m sorry, but the people who created the videos do not own them. I appreciate the effort they went through to make them, but they are actually very lucky that they aren’t taken down by the game companies. And while Anita is able to use them under Fair Use, I do think it would be prudent to credit those who made them. 

So, like I said, I don’t think she’s perfect. But I still think her awareness campaign is effective and important. Like I said, you can dislike her all you want, but that doesn’t mean that her mission and message is not worth considering. 

To celebrate Consumed, and honor Carol and women like her, give to CarylBYOB in aid of Cherokee Family Center, helping women and children who are victims of intimate partner abuse.

Please donate however much you would spend on a bottle of wine, or pizza, or snacks to get you through an anxious Walking Dead episode.

Please if anybody lives in/near Peshawar or knows of somebody who lives there please please provide your full assistance, including donating blood to the victims and providing cars and other vehicles for transport to the people injured and also to the relatives so that they may visit them. This isn’t a very big thing to do please try to do it and urge others to participate. Also take care of the children, even in the days to follow, always assign at least two adults when transporting the children to and from the hospital or anywhere for that matter. As I heard the gunmen were asked not to kill the little children, so there may be a possibility that they will attempt to kidnap them or sth similar.