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Don't Listen To Them {random shawn imagine}

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Dating Shawn really wasn’t always easy. Back when we were fourteen it was very easy and I didn’t need to factor in the fact that just about every teenage girl in North America and some of Europe hates me. I didn’t need to factor in that Shawn would be gone a lot. I didn’t need to factor in that shawn would be hugging hundreds of other girls every day. I didn’t need to factor in the fact that I would be dating a teenage pop sensation. But the second he downloaded that vine app and uploaded that six second video everything changed. And by everything, I mean everything. Shawn couldn’t post photos of us on Instagram very often because he would get countless comments and he didn’t want them to hurt me. It’s been almost three years of us, and I still hadn’t let it get to me. But every day as he gets more and more famous, it hurts worse and worse and I can’t take it all the time.
We are both seventeen now, and I know that it’s time to break it off with shawn. His career is taking off and so was yours. You were going to college in a year to get a degree in science.
“Hey muffin!” You hear Shawn say cheerily as he walks through the door of your apartment. This was making it even harder that he thought everything was fine. Because it was with you two, you weren’t at odds or anything. It was just difficult. He leaned in to kiss you but you push him away. He gives you a confused look.
“Hey.. Shawn can we talk?” You ask a tear rolling down your cheek. He nods and takes your hand, and you let him do that because you needed it. You both walk over to the couch.
“What do you wanna talk about muffin?” He says and pulls your legs so they are across his lap. You break down in tears.
“Muffin what’s wrong please tell me.”
He says and wraps his arms around you. You had no strength to push them away.
“We need to break up.” You manage to muffle out. His big brown eyes flash with worry. They were filled with love a few moments ago, but they flash and he is now worried. He loves you way to much and would do anything not to loose you.
“Sweetheart, why on earth do we need to break up?” He says and holds you tighter.
“This is hard. Everyone hates me and I never see you and I miss you all the time and I can’t go to many shows because all of your fans hate me so much!” You say and bury your head in his shoulder.
“Muffin im sorry. I know they don’t like you… And I should’ve done something to fix that. And I promise that I will. I don’t want you hurting ever. I never ever want to see you unhappy or upset. I love you.” He says and gives you a soft kiss.
“I love you so much shawn.” You say and dry your tears. You didn’t know what in the world you would do without shawn at your side loving you no matter what. You didn’t think you could do much without shawn there with you.
••a month later••
“Shawn no… I can’t. I really can’t I may get hurt or something! These girls hate me!” You say trying not to cry. It was the first concert you went to for a month and you were scared. It was a very big crowd, and you were worried that someone may try and hurt you like that one at the beginning of the year in Sweden…
“Muffin, im making sure John is with you during the concert and before hand after the meet and greet. And you saw the tweet I sent out. You’ll be fine, I promise!” He said and placed a kiss on your nose. He was holding his guitar because he was about to go on stage for soundcheck. You were planning on going to the meet and greet to take the pictures and whatnot, but you didn’t know if the tweet would help any. His tweet was very sweet but you didn’t know if his fans would actually care.
“My girlfriend is coming to the meet and greet and concert today! Please be sweet to her, she doesn’t get to come to these things often, and I want you guys to love her as much as I do!” You smile at him.
“Break a leg sweetheart!” You say as he walks on stage. He has a huge smile on his face as he sang two songs. Usually, that’s the end of it but he had something else in mind.
“So im going to sing a song that I wrote for my beautiful girlfriend a while back.” He smiles and looks back at me, since I am just to the side of the stage.
“Is she here?” One of the fans ask.
Oh no.
There are some cheers and some boos, but at least it was equal.
“She actually is… Would you guys like her to come out…?” He smiles and a majority of them cheer, and a few say no or groan. “Y/n come on!” He says and you had no choice but to walk out. As you walk out some of the fans clapped for you and others groaned or yelled boo. Shawn got up and grabbed your hand and pulled out a second stool for you. He kisses you on the cheek and you get mixed reactions.
“Shawn why did you have to bring her out?” One fans yells and a few back her up with yeahs. There was one girl in front who turned around to the girl who was only a few paces behind her and shot her a dirty glare.
“Cause he loves her, and if you supported shawn you would support y/n as well.” She says and turns back around so she could watch shawn preform.
“Thank you honey, it means a lot!” You smile at her and get up from the stool and grab her hand. “It means a lot that you are the first one to stand up for me.” You say to her. You can see the girl who asked shawn that question was just beside herself.
“Just don’t listen to them. Shawn’s real fans love you!” She says with a huge grin, which puts a huge grin on your face and Shawn’s.

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