please don't take this seriously it is a joke

Rebecca Sugar: *looks over Adam Muto’s shoulder* Whatcha doin’?

Adam: It’s a story arc for Adventure Time.

Rebecca: What’s it about?

Adam: Well, Finn is travelling with his friends to a far off colony of humans that has been isolated for thousands of years under a restrictive authoritarian rule and brainwashing in order to find his lost parent.

Rebecca: *takes notes* Interesting…

So take a look at what Jack wrote on the whiteboard, and in the video title.

If we want to take the meaning of ‘wubba lubba dub dub’ seriously (“I am in great pain, please help me). Perhaps we should be careful…

Because it’s not the 1st time Jack has brought that message to our attention.

Just a coincidence/ joke/ Easter egg? Could be. I don’t know. But video titles had double meanings in the past with Anti before. You guys have fun deciding!

(Expanded ideas on @your-cringy-brother‘s post you can read here.)

Are you thinking of writing a Ganlink fanfic, or perhaps making some Ganlink fanart? Are you thinking that one of them must be a whiny, bratty, and extremely clingy and dependent drama queen? Well then, I would like to invite you to consider the following:

-Is selectively mute because he knows there are many expectations of him, and bears them silently as to keep the people reassured and confident in his skill
-Wears clothing that is practical depending on his situation
-Will help anyone with a smile on his face, even if he is pressed for time
-Has a sense of humor despite the responsibilities he has
-Gets straight to the point in a conversation
-Can understand when someone is frustrated and worried, and will support them even if they lash out at him
-Is there when you need him most no matter what
-Has excellent survival skills, and can make do with whatever he finds in the wild
-Is extremely strong, despite his small stature (he pushed back Ganondorf in TP with a clash of swords, like DUDE)
-Can think of getting out of hairy situations with a cool head, even when things take a turn for the worst

-Destroyed an entire island just because he was pissed off
-Wears tons of armor and bling which is probably very heavy and jeez how much does this man sweat
-Always flawless appearance, fuck practicality, he must look intimidating in his edgy and blingy armor and he WILL use the giant most heavy sword ever because its intimidating and “look at how powerful I am”
-Makes elaborate and ominous sounding speeches about everything, even when he’s about to die. Does this man ever say anything without some added drama or ominous warning in there?
-As a result, even in death he is dramatic
-Has such a powerful venegful complex that he won’t ever give up on his goals, even after dying a couple of times and slowly losing his sanity and humanity with each subsequent reincarnation, even knowing full well that there will always be a hero to come strike him down. Very vengeful man here.
-Eventually just settles with destroying Hyrule because if he can’t have it NO ONE CAN.
-Will leech off some poor host, buttering them up and being such a great ally until he gets what he wants. Then he ditches everyone and its all about him and what he wants, he’s running this show solo now.
-Will not do anything without having his fortress and legions of monsters, and will only take care of the problem himself when everyone else he placed between himself and his enemy is dead.
-Gets progressively pissy and and panicky as he realizes that he is about to fail, again.

All in all, if someone is gonna be the whiny clingy bratty drama queen, it’s totally gonna be Ganondorf my dudes :)

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can the mun draw themselves as a pony

honestly Leia should’ve been the one to confront Kylo on that bridge. we know he has daddy issues (“he would’ve disappointed you” he says to Rey) but until proven otherwise I’m gonna assume he’s a total mama’s boy. just imagine. imagine Leia strutting out to him on the bridge. “BEN CHEWBACCA ORGANA-SOLO YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK HOME RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE GOING TO BE GROUNDED FOR LIFE, YOUNG MAN” and he just takes off the helmet and sniffles “okay mom” and awkwardly shuffles over to follow her out

I forget that there are middle schoolers on Tumblr and they're seeing my bad behavior and they're impressionable so lemme just say


Don’t do.

Any of this.


NCT Mean.

Inspired by @chokemewinwin‘s post –> xxxx

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