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Sometimes I think about telling Henry he needs a vacation, but I don't know if Mr. Workaholic could be made to take one

“See a movie! Go out with Dianne! Catch up on all that sleep you’ve been putting off! Just take a break.”

((he rarely takes time off on his own, so he does indeed have to be forced into it sometimes :P))

Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Ask Before Dubbing - Please don’t remove caption - Reblogs appreciated! <3 ✮

OMG I don’t know if I’m supposed to flail about this, but it’s publicly posted on the archive, so I’m gonna sssume it’s okay to freak the fuck out on here lol.

My @hartwinsecretsanta gift got posted and whoever the artist is, I cannot even express how much I love it!! It’s posted here on the archive: go give kudos and love and comments on its awesomeness!

I mean look at this beauty:

My prompt was Teen!Eggsy defending Teen!Harry and this is almost exactly what I pictured, him standing up to some bullies trying to beat up Harry! And look how the ballsy bb Egg gives Harry his jacket in the second panel, it’s so cute I can hardly take it!!

Seriously, artist, I cannot wait to find out who you are and flood you with all my love and adoration because this is the best thing in the history of best things, thank you sooooo much!


A Night to Remember by KatNikki (7.3k words)

It takes less than five seconds for Harry to appear on the opposite side of Louis, and half the time for Harry to roll up the divider, saying a quick “knock when we get there please” before the driver’s face disappears. Like clockwork, Harry is at Louis’ lips like his body physically wilted when they were apart; Harry’s suckling Louis’ bottom lip, pressing a canine into it every so often as his tongue fully explores every crevice of Louis’ mouth. Teeth collide every once and a while, but expressions of hurt and apology are lost amongst the crescendo of their responding moans. Everything about this moment feels buzzed, as if Harry’s boundless energy is actually transferable like some sort of life source; Louis feels high off of it.

or the one where Louis lets Harry perform next to his idol during the X-Factor Final, and Harry busts a nut in the process. 

Image credit: Yahoo!Celebrity UK

Calum looks like the punk that your dad doesn’t want you to date because the first time he met him he was sneaking out of your window and he was half way in half way out but your mom makes him come and meet them officially and calums is a total sweetheart and he starts telling embarrassing stories about you like how you missed the chair on your first date (but he left out the part where he pulled it out from under you) and him and your mom laugh at the dumbest things mostly to your expense and he wins over your dad by winning in chess and how he used to play with his own dad and at the end of the night when you walk him out he quickly presses you against the front door and kisses you and mumbles that he’s been waiting to kiss you all night i


“Everything about what he does from every gesture, every little facial tick, everything he’s doing with his voice – it all speaks to the heart of this character. It all speaks to this idea of a character who’s devoted to a concept of pure anarchy and chaos. It’s hard to get a handle on how those elements combine. The physicality reminds me of the great silent comedians. It has a bit of [Buster] Keaton and [Charlie] Chaplin about it.

The voice is very difficult to imitate. Every film set, on every crew there are dozens of talented mimics who are always taking off different performances or lines that they’ve heard from actors before, but no one could do The Joker. No one has been able to imitate it successfully. It’s very elusive and complicated, but working with Heath you would see that he very precisely worked out every aspect of him. “

          —Christopher Nolan talking about Heath Ledger’s Joker

When Suzu Takes Selfies
  • Suzu: *Points camera at her and Kouko as they walk to class*
  • Kouko: Ummm Suzu what are you doing?
  • Suzu: Just taking a selfie for my Tumblr blog I need to keep my fans updated Kouko-chan and you're going to be in the pic too so say cheese!
  • Kouko: Suzu I don't want to be in your pic--
  • Suzu: *Camera goes off* Too late sweetie! Ahhh this is a cute pic of us Kouko-chan! I'm going to caption this as "Stayin rad".
  • Kouko: Okay sure whatever.
  • Suzu: *Takes another pic of herself with a peace sign and duckface* I think I'll caption this as "Chillin".
  • Kouko: Suzu you might want to start paying attention before you trip or something.
  • Suzu: Oh please Kouko I won't--- Ahhhhh! *Trips over her own feet and falls to the pavement*
  • Kouko: Oh my goodness Suzu are you alright? Here let me help yo-- SUZU WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?
  • Suzu: *Takes a selfie while lying on the ground* This one I'll caption as "Life alert: Caught the feels". I'm going to be the most popular obaachan on Tumblr!
  • Kouko: Suzu would you get up off of the ground please! People are starting to stare and this is really embarrassing! Besides we're going to be late for class!
  • Suzu: Alright Kouko-chan let's get to class!
  • Kouko: * As soon as they get to class Kouko sits at her seat but she notices that Suzu is standing at the front of the class* Suzu aren't you going to take a seat?
  • Suzu: Oh I will Kouko chan! I just want to take one more photo before class starts!
  • Kouko: I swear to God you are a pain to deal with!
  • Suzu: *Takes a selfie with everyone from the Black Class in the background with her hands together as if she was praying*
  • Haru: Oh Suzu what are you going to caption this photo as?
  • Kouko: Yes what did you caption this photo as?
  • Suzu: I captioned it as "Praying for the basics".
  • Everyone from Black Class: * Everyone is either stunned or incredibly pissed* WHO ARE YOU CALLING BASIC!
  • Suzu: Well obviously the basics are standing right in front of me! Ohohohohohoho! ~<3
  • Kouko: Suzu can you not!
Wanna know what really GRINDS MY GEARS?

When people erase your caption on a post or erases your caption and then put their own caption (especially when they erase your caption, but then put THE EXACT SAME THING YOU SAID AS IF THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE CREDIT FOR YOUR POST OR SOME SHIT) That shit pisses me off.

P.S. Please don’t erase any of this just to be “funny” or some shit…I feel like I will unfollow (or block) you if you do some annoying shit like that.