please don't take any of this seriously


*hysterical laughing in the distance*

Frozentale AU

So now that the bulk of my final exams are over, I can unveil my holiday-themed fic for December: Frozentale. 

The fic will loosely follow the plot of the film, and will include both Papyrus/Asriel and Papyrus/Sans. And Buff Frisk. That’s the important part.

The fic should be around 5 chapters, and will hopefully be finished in time for the holiday! Look forward to the first chapter sometime this weekend~

On a slightly more serious note, please don’t let anyone guilt you into putting up with crappy treatment. You don’t have to listen to someone if they yell or insult you or if their tone upsets you or puts you on edge. You don’t have to stay if you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to help if they take advantage of you.

You do not have to put up with a toxic situation or disrespect or mistreatment or rudeness just because the person doing it has an excuse. They always have an excuse. That’s the tactic people employ to get away with bad behaviour. I only yelled at you because I had a really bad day at work. I only insulted you because I needed to vent. I only hit you because I got frustrated. I’m the poor helpless little victim here, so if you criticise me in any way or refuse to put up with my terrible treatment of you then you’re a bad person.

Screw that.

You are not a bad person if you remove yourself from situations that hurt or upset you, or tear at your self-esteem. You’re not a bad person if you avoid those situations, or refuse to listen to or interact with people who create those situations. Please don’t feel guilty for it. You’re taking care of yourself. That’s your right, and it’s a good thing.

the signs as things in your kitchen

 Aries // the spatula
The Aries is quick witted, confident, courageous, but impulsive. The spatula requires quick thinking, the precision of golden brown sides and honestly, when you’re handed a spatula, don’t you just want to flip everything? (even if the sides aren’t golden brown because we’re edgy like that).  Regardless, how could we ever live without them?

Taurus // the spoon
The Taurus is reliable and greedy like the spoon, the spoon may be used for absolutely everything and anything in life, the good and the bad. Have a bowl of soup? Use a spoon. Need to pick food up, but your fork is missing? Use a spoon. Your neighbour’s cat got stuck in the tree again? Use a spoon.  Regardless, how could we ever live without them?

Gemini // the spork
The Gemini has an adaptable mind, but is also indecisive and can never truly decide who it wants to be, a spoon, or a fork? So it ultimately decides to be in the middle and becomes the spork. (Sporks are like God’s gift omg, it can do everything).  Regardless, how could we ever live without them?

Cancer // the glad wrap
The Cancer is shrewd and protective, but also changeable and clingy. Glad wrap is protective, (or at least it protects your food from dust, not so much from being squashed tho) but it is also very clingy, like it’s harder than sticky tape to find the ends and peel it off sometimes. (Glad wrap is also fun to just rip apart, but don’t do that with your Cancer friends, the odds are that they probably won’t like it that much).  Regardless, how could we ever live without them?

Leo // the egg timer
The Leo is very creative and enthusiastic, but also pompous and interfering. Truly the human representation of the egg timer. You could say that they’re egg-otisical. The egg timer is quite a creative invention (were they only created to time eggs? Or can they be used for other things, i mean, they’re shaped like eggs too so), but as you set the egg timer, you’re forced to listen to constant ticking (whaT IS THAT MYSTERIOUS TICKING NOISE) and loud ass ringing when time’s up.  Regardless, how could we ever live without them?

Virgo // the chef’s knife
The Virgo has an intelligent and diligent mind but is also fussy and a perfectionist. The perfect match for the chef’s knife, knives must incorporate all these qualities. Precision is a must have, we don’t want to cut ourselves now do we? (Maybe avoid telling your friends that they’re knives, it’s probably not the worst thing they’ve ever heard, or maybe they’ll stab you in the back sometime in the future and you’ll be a fortune teller. But I’d doubt it, they’re Virgos and they’re probably very sweet). Regardless, how could we ever live without them?

Libra // the grater
The Libra is classy and romantic, but also easily influenced. The grater is quite a fancy utensil, but the slightest wrong move could ruin the food you’re grating, or even your fingers. If you’re wondering about the romantic side of Libra, well, what’s more romantic than grating your loved one’s face off? (plus, they’re shiny and who doesn’t like shiny). Regardless, how could we ever live without them?

Scorpio // the electric beater
The Scorpio is magnetic and powerful, but compulsive. The electric beater is sometimes wild and hard to control. The beater takes control even though you guide it through, they’re powerful and determined. It’s also magnetic as hell because, y’know, it’s an electric beater. Regardless, how could we ever live without them?

Sagittarius // the oven mitt
The Sagittarius is honest and straightforward, but tactless and careless. The Sagittarius shows a lack fo sensitivity and skill in dealing with others or issues. Oven mitts protect the hands from the heat of the oven so much that eventually the hands become unfeeling. But oven mitts tell you exactly what you’re going to get as soon as you put them on, maybe you wear them because you want to protect yourself from the flames. Regardless, how could we ever live without them?

Capricorn // the frying pan
The Capricorn is practical and disciplined. A frying pan is a practical utensil for any household. They are patient and careful, but also pessimistic, I mean you do ever see pans in a different colour besides black? And they burn things too, omg can they get any more pessimistic. Regardless, how could we ever live without them?

Aquarius // the mixing bowl
The Aquarius is typically a humanitarian and friendly, but is also detached and perverse. The mixing bowl brings all the different foods together, but they are also detached from everyone else as they are the container that holds people together. Regardless, how could we ever live without them?

Pisces // the oven
The Pisces is kind and sympathetic, but easily led. The oven treats you and cooks your food as you eagerly watch the heat travel and the food rise through the glass. But you ultimately turn the knobs for the oven, you pick the certain temperatures that you need to cook your food. Pisces are sweet, just like the foods we bake in the oven :)  Regardless, how could we ever live without them?


me: yeah… i don’t really take any dc rumors seriously. who knows if any of them could be true at all

dc rumors: lex luthor is going to have a huge role in justice league, break out of prison, endear himself to the public, and then make brainiac in man of steel 2


The 100 3x07, confirmed Illuminati

The 100 3x07, titled Thirteen.

The = 3 letters

100 = 3 letters

3+3 = 6

Season 3. 3 seasons its had + 3 it won’t = 6.

Episode 7. One less than 7 is 6

Thirteen. That’s Taylor Swift’s lucky number. What isn’t her lucky number? 6.

The show aired at 9pm EST. Which is 6 on the west coast. 6.

666. 666.

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The episode aired March 3, 2016. 3-3-2016. 

2+0+1+6 = 9 = 3+3+3.

Five threes. That means five triangles. TRIANGLES.

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Titus had a gun. Bullets go in guns. The Illuminati support the right to bear arms. Titus is Illuminati.

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shof up titus, you little shit.

He also drew a line on his face. With Lexa’s blood. A woman he was close to. Illuminati have something called a Blood Oath, where you kill someone close to you or a family member so you will become famous.

Titus took the Blood Oath. Commander ritual, mY ASS. ALIE 2 kept the Illuminati alive during the apocalypse so she could get Titus to kill Lexa.

Basically, this episode was all Illuminati. AND I HAVEN’T EVEN LOOKED AT  JASON YET. Imagine all the secrets he’s hiding. He’s hiding the full original Clexa kiss, he’s probably hiding his Illuminati badge somewhere, too.

i call epic troll on “all PIV is rape” lady tbh

i mean, what even

here let me try, let me try (wheee):

all pregnancy is attempted murder (corollary: fetuses are actually tiny murderbots)

old spice advertisements are the main source of income for the illuminati

the moon landing was faked

chewbacca shot first

snape married dumbledore

(page 606 totally true)

UPDATE: I’m in guys. I have infiltrated the friend group and am building relationships with them one by one. I have been in contact with praises for a while now, and I think she a starting to trust me. I finally had the courage to move on to m0neymat
I think I have him pretty distracted by my good looks and charm. ;)
myroyalsaviour was a little more difficult, but I have finally had contact with him and I don’t think he suspects a thing. I will keep you posted on my mission to be a part of their group, and I ask for prayers and the following supplies:
-Money (if worse comes to worse, I can always bribe them right?)
(Also, m0ney…… It just seems fitting)
- Concert tickets (I have to make them think I’m cool)
-More tumblr followers (they have to think I’m popular, or they will start to suspect my motives.)

Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words on this very taxing journey.