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Hey guys, Chika here ☆
So, let us take a look what Scott did ( on Steam ):  

I think this time it isn’t a prank, because it sounds too real. 
We all know Scott and he loves perfection and hates himself a way too hard if it comes to mistakes ( from his side ), so, it’s better he gives something up he doesn’t want to work on, as to force himself to work on it everday and makes him uncomfortable ( like FNaF World, you know? ) Sadly, he won’t share the little details on this game with us, but I also respect him and his decision. So, please don’t hate him, I can’t imagine he’ll let us down - if it’s real that he planned a new game with a new storyline and new things for the lore, he’ll put all the new informations on another way to show us the ( complete ) story. 

Please, take care and I hope you’ll have a great day or evening ♥


No one-
No one-
No one see this movie.


DID and OSDD-1, the disorders characterized by multiplicity, don’t work like this. At all.

We are equally likely as anyone else to commit crime, but far more likely to be the victims of crime (and multiplicity literally comes from trauma, usually abuse)

We are not dangerous. Specifically, we are not dangerous because of our disorder.

This movie goes out of its way to portray multiplicity incredibly inaccurately, and in an incredibly damaging way. Mentally ill people suffer enough due to stigma and ostracization. Enough people already think disorders like DID are characterized by violent criminality. Enough people with disorders, especially stigmatized disorders, have been and/or are continuous victims of abuse precisely because of our disorders.

This movie, which places its horribly inaccurate, demonizing portrayal of DID at the forefront of the capture and abuse of the young women, is massively perpetuating awful, damaging stereotypes.

This is not small. This is not trivial. This has consequences. Real people are denied care, denied agency, abused, and killed because of this stigma. If you see this movie, give any money to this movie at all, you are perpetuating that and the responsibility for these abuses and these deaths becomes yours too.

Instead, if you find yourself interested in learning more about abuse, trauma, and multiplicity, I would suggest investigating these topics using resources such as

Do. Not. See. This. Movie.

Stop killing us.

Sincerely, a multiple with OSDD-1b, and victim of abuse both individual and institutional.

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Hello, guys. I think everybody know that FairyTail Dragon Cry movie is coming out soon. So it is exactly that topic I want to talk about.
We all are waiting for the movie, yeah, but not every fan can watch it on 6th of May, cuz far not in every country the movie is going to be released. If DC is going to be on the screens of your country, I am really happy for you, it is amazing. But I want to ask you, no, not only me, all fans that don’t have ability to watch it soon, please, DO NOT POST PICTURES, TEXT OR ANY KIND OF MEDIA, THAT CONTAINS SPOILERS OF DRAGON CRY(or just tag it with special tag for example with dc spoilers)! I am begging you, please, be tolerant of others, save our curiosity about the film! I love this fandom very much and I hope that everybody will be caring for. others ^^
Hope for your understanding.

There was one part where we jump on a wire, and Chris fell one time and dropped out of frame somewhere, and I didn’t know where he went. There’s that scene where we blast through the two doors, and at one point, we couldn’t even get through them, and I was like, ‘Oh, here’s America’s hope! We can’t even break through a door.’

When a male actor plays in a very misogynistic movie / scene (if he has enough power to choose his parts, obviously) I immediately stop trusting him forever.

That’s why I viscerally hate Chris Pine, seeing Ryan Reynolds makes me cringe, I want to slap Adam Driver’s face, I weep for the love of Edward Norton I once had, and now I guess I trust….. uhm………………………. Noah Wyle??


Nivin Pauly + his unfortunate singing escapade
ft. Dulquer Salmaan cracking up on the side

Please go see The Boxtrolls!

I couldn’t type about this last night because I got home from the movie at like 12am and I was so exhausted I had to pass out. And much to my dismay when I checked tumblr to see how excited people were about the very important messages in this movie, I found out that someone had started a rumor about how it was trans misogynist.

Tumblr has already begun spreading rumors about how it is trans misogynist and is making fun of trans people. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE.

Here’s what happened, though I already reblogged a more detailed post about it, this is the TL;DR version:

The evil villain who pretty much a poor person with ‘ambition’ who decides to step on other people to get to the top to acquire the status symbol of privileged old white guys of the movie, at one point in the movie is revealed to dress in drag as a disguise. He has an alternate persona named Madame Frou Frou who he uses to laud himself for trampling the box trolls and spinning terrible myths about their monstrosity. This Madame Frou Frou is used to sing uncomfortably painful songs about how the boxtrolls are monsters. This is because the leader of the old white privileged dudes HATES the evil bad guy, but he ADORES this Madame Frou Frou. AT THE END OF THE MOVIE, THE EVIL BAD GUY REVEALS HIMSELF TO BE MADAME FROU FROU, AND TEASES POINTEDLY AT THE LEAD OLD WHITE GUY WHO HATES HIM, IN A 'HAH I GOT YOU’ KIND OF WAY.

Now that is over,


1. Laika is a small company that is constantly doing wonderful progressive things and should be applauded for it. Please, they do not have the numbers of the big three (dreamworks/disney/pixar) and need to get the cult following NOW, not after the movie has been released on dvd and gone out of theaters.

2. This movie, is, in a nutshell: The absolute best allegory for classism, racism, and mixed heritage families I’ve ever seen. And it’s an animated kids film that I expect lots of kids (and their parents) will go see. The classism and privileged society stuff you see in the story is so spot on, that at times the movie is actually really painful, and heartbreaking to watch. There were times where I was literally uncomfortable and awkward and confused as to why I was? And by the end of the movie I realized that there were actual caricatures of those infuriating people in real life that we try to educate and argue with on a daily basis. I mean, we all know how exhausting it is, and how defensive and nervous you get when privileged people talk about the poor or POC?? I got this same feeling when watching it because they pin point those people so well in this movie and they are not only the villains, but the foils/people who do nothing to help.

3. IT IS LITERALLY JUST SUPER FUN, ADORABLE, HILARIOUS, AND AWESOME TO WATCH. Please, it was so much fun, and when you do go see it, you have to stay till the end of the credits for the best part.


Okay, but

Compared to…

Come on, you know you can see it too!

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