please don't see this movie

Please remember that just because The Interview has “subverted the terrorists” and is available to see in limited theaters and VOD, it does not mean that it is worth your time or money. Seeing The Interview is not an act of American pride or patriotism. 

It is a movie that aims to make a joke out of the suffering of an entire nation of people starving, being tortured, and enduring intellectual coercion under an oppressive regime and a violent dictator. Just because Kim Jong-Un is fat and Asian, does not automatically make him a figure of comedy. 

Here in America, a dictator of another ethnicity (especially of darker complexion) would be met with fear, but a Asian man is not to be taken seriously - could not possibly be powerful. A large part of this paradigm rolls back to familiar racism. 

When Charlie Chaplin made the Great Dictator, he did so prior to the bulk of Hitler’s atrocities, while his position in politics still retained some ambiguity to the American public. He fought to make the film happen because he wanted to convince a confused America that Hitler was in fact awful. Still, Chaplin stated afterwords that he would not have lampooned the man if he had known the extent of his evils. 

The people fighting to get The Interview on screen are doing so with gusto in order to make sure the “bad guys don’t win”

The reality of the situation is that the bad guys, in North Korea, are winning, every day, without challenge, against their own people, and we laugh at them, clear our consciences, and call it a win for America. 


It started out as just another day of living the dream, In Montreal i had become a fan favorite they would shower me with tiny foil balls of hash in a ball pen lower down little bottles of Tequila, A record take of 67 bottles in two months one season and the good stuff too. I love the life of getting paid to play the greatest game on earth sometimes i’d thought to myself that maybe i’d even do it for free.- Spaceman; (2016)

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Uh... try not to kill papyrus iam right? Heh =}

I’ll give him everything he gave to Blueberry. Nothing more, nothing less XD