please don't say i'm the only one who thinks so

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Layne, I appreciate what you're doing, but with all due respect, I don't care if the writers are feeling sorry, or bad, or whatever. I'm not even denying they are. But apologies won't bring back Lexa, won't erase the fact that they led us on all this time. They care? Well, sorry, but it's not good enough. They should have cared before this all happened, they should have cared enough to know what this would have caused. Please don't think I'm hating, I'm too numb for that anyway. Thank you anyway

You misinterpret my intentions. What I’m saying is that while I appreciate fans praising me for being the “only one talking and communicating,” I’m also really the only one who has the grounds and authority and understanding in the LGBT community to do so and I appreciate that many of them are simply listening to the LGBT voices rather than defending something that made so many people upset. I know sorry isn’t good enough. I hope things change. I really hope they do. I know you’re hating. Everyone is hurt. Anger and sadness and resentment is normal and justified.