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That’s his story. You wanna hear mine? Hmm? FP was a mess. He was stealing from the company and selling stuff on the side. All things considered, I was pretty generous. [So generous you didn’t give him a second chance?] Of course I did! You have no idea how many times I bailed that man out of jail. Son … when someone is drowning, you can try to save them.


what the hell are you doing here? looking for the thugs that trashed my dad’s equipment. we figured it was the serpents angry for getting kicked off their land. but, now that i know you’re a serpent, i’m thinking this is personal. going after my dad! his company! this is payback, right!? for when he fired you!?

“You think zim is not real, you think zim is fake!” - Zim.

I’m probably the last person to read this fic but I’m gonna suggest it anyways!
I’m only on chapter 9 & im blown away with how amazing it is!!!

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hi, would you mind telling me the ship name and show of all the wlw ships in that wlw gentle touch post you made? please? thank you!!

 Of course not!

Okay, here we go:

Sanvers! (Alex Danvers x Maggie Sawyer) - Supergirl (CW)

2. Wayhaught! (Waverly Earp x Nicole Haught) - Wynonna Earp (SYFY)

3. Shoot! {my number one wlw otp} (Sameen Shaw x Root) - Person of Interest (ended with series five 2016)

4. Hollstein! (Laura Hollis x Carmilla Karnstein) - Carmilla The Series (series 1-3 you can find it on youtube and there will be a movie later this year!)

5. The Bonus round! Cophine (Cosima x Delphine) - Orphan Black (BBC AMERICA - last series currently airing)



I can not begin to tell you how much I’m in love with @gur0gur0 Sally x Larry fanfic! Especially the end of chapter 2~

I really hope you like it (´。• u •。`) ♡

((You read from left to right))

I made this in honor of young justice season 3!

(also because I just really loved the little Robin faces that pop up when Robin is hacking in season 1)


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