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look at this boy. look at him. this is the moment where simon is saying he wants to find camille and talk to her. notice the distant haunted eyes, how his chin trembles, how he swallows like you do when you’re trying so hard not to cry and shakes his head no. he’s remembering what camille did, how simon felt in his arms with no heartbeat and it hurts. he confirms it a few min after and turns his pain into anger, reminds simon of what happened. he cares too much, he’s in too deep. you can’t tell me that’s not love. 


One of my first memories is seeing the stars from the cockpit of my mom’s A-Wing. Must’ve been two or three years old at the time. I sat in her lap, straddling the flight stick. The view of the galaxy through the canopy has always stuck in my mind.” - Poe Dameron, Flight Log 

(Poem - “The Old Astronomer” by Sarah Williams)


frnkiero andthe cellabration || 03.06.15 Kilby Court, Salt Lake City, UT

“Could you guys all keep a secret? So, um, we actually just finished a video for this song [prettiest girl] and it might be one of my favorite videos we’ve ever done.  But no one knows about it yet because I’m supposed to announce it on Monday.  So don’t say anything…”


You know what kills me? Vane is such a hardened pirate and will not be crossed by anyone. But then he looks at Eleanor like he’s found the treasure of the world.” (via emisonrevolution)