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I live for chilly autumn afternoons. You’ve just walked home, the sky above is gray and there’s a chill in the air. With every step you take, your combat boots that are laced high to your knees, crunch upon leaves of orange, red, and yellow. On your way, you pass bales of hay and pumpkins that grin at your back. A black cat scurries past your feet and you slip inside your house. You put the kettle on and make yourself a cup of pumpkin spice hot chocolate. Your favorite halloween movie is on and you throw on your sweatpants and your favorite flannel. There’s a cinnamon scented candle burning on the coffee table and an untouched plate of apple cider donuts. Buried beneath the covers on the couch, your hands wrapped around a mug, you let out a sigh. This is what you live for. Outside, the wind howls and the moon reveals itself behind thin layers of fog. Just before you nod off, you’re sure you see a witch flying across the sky. Your dreams are full of swirling colors of gold and red and black cats that trail after cackling witches.

It’s time.
It is officially October.
The month in which my heart yearns for that comforting feeling in the air of just knowing that it is once and for all autumn.
The witches come out on their brooms and take late night rides across the waning moon, as do the black cats that prowl along the streets at midnight.
The scary movie marathons begin and there’s a chill and a spook that follows you into your house late at night as you retire on the couch after a long day.
You’ve got all of your favorites — apple cider donuts, pumpkin spice hot chocolate, and a candle that emanates fall.
Outside, the crisp wind sweeps colors of gold, orange, and red along the window and there is a faint cackling in the air — for one of the witches has been flying up above.
The next day, you’ve got plans to visit the pumpkin patch, where large bumpy pumpkins sit on bales of hay, waiting oh-so patiently to be chosen.
You shake ripe red apples from bending branches and go on your way, stopping only once to pet the cat at your feet.
Your footsteps quicken at the cawing of a black crow that swoops against the blue backdrop.
The pumpkin seeds go straight in the oven for roasting and the smell of cinnamon fills the air.
That night, with a carved pumpkin sitting out on your steps, and a plate of pumpkin seeds on your lap, you allow yourself to pause and soak in that feeling.
Not the feeling of a good scare when the witches bring when they come around to scare you … no.
And not the feeling of a good smile when the cat comes to visit you … no.
But the feeling of warmth and coziness that hangs in the air; the fresh scent of nature that streams in through the open window.
It is the feeling of knowing that it is October.


Fanart: @ducere

Fic: Shadow Boxer