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~The Ultimate Starter Call~

Somehow I’ve been here a year and still not made one of these… BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

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Quick Clarification


I’ve been seeing some confusion about RP, so I’m gonna explain it r e a l fast.

Your blog, and your character, etc. are RPing when you interact. That’s the RP. After all, while you run the blog, you are role playing as the character and saying that it’s their “official” tumblr.

The only thing is– is that it’s a Modern and Public AU– so of course stuff like dragons, vampires, murder, war, etc. aren’t really going to be RP options! I had thought up the AU because I thought it would be cool to have something different from a normal RP blog, and I’ve seen the idea before.

Here’s also this: just imagine your favorite celebrity or muse or whatever, and like you know how a lot of people keep up with their twitter, instagram, and tumblr? It’s kind of like your character is the celebrity in this case, sharing their life through the internet. Plus I would think it’d be really cool to convince people these are “real” and make them happy. Idk, I think entertaining people is fun!

Your posts on your blog ARE the RP. You make it seem as natural as possible. You gotta pretend that it’s the character, not you, sitting behind the phone or computer making the post ye know?

I don’t think that if the characters really had their own blog they would send sentence starters and such to each other, so the AU is made to seem realistic as if it wasn’t an RP blog.

• Real people don’t post in third person omniscient paragraphs about their lives. That’s weird. You gotta act like the characters are said real people. That’s the point of the AU.

• I understand some asterisks, but again, real people don’t post in social media saying their actions in asterisks.

So, TL;DR:

Posts and interactions = the RP in this AU

You have to act like the character when you make interactions. Tags are theirs. Reblogs are theirs. Unless you say it’s you I will automatically presume it’s not you.

I’m not banning RP in this AU, because apparently some think that’s what this is. It’s not. The whole point is to RP, but in a different way. Just think of it as clever acting.

EDIT; this is incredibly passive-aggressive and I’m sorry; I just care a lot for this ye know? Thanks guys :,)

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PLEASE REPOST, DO NOT REBLOG!  Feel free to add to any of your answers!  The purpose is to tell your partners about the way you write!  For the multiple choice ones, BOLD all that apply and, if you want, italicize if it’s a conditional answer!


name  :    hina
are you over 18  ?     yes   /   no
is your muse  ?     yes   /   no   /   verse dependent
when was your blog established  ?   february 10th 2016


are you selective about who your write with on this blog  ?     no  ( anyone )   /   semi  ( most people )   /   yes  ( some people )   /   highly  ( few people )  /  private  ( mutuals only )
are you selective about who you follow on this blog  ?
     no  ( anyone )   /   semi  ( most people )   /  yes  ( some people )   /   highly  ( few people )
if your muse is canon ,  how much do you adhere to canon  ?     not at all   /   a little /   some   /  mostly   /  strictly   /   n/a
what post lengths do you write  ?     one liners   /   single para   /   multi para /   novella
do you use icons and/or gifs  ?     no   /   gifs   /   icons   /   gif - icons
do you write on other platforms  ?     yes  /   no
what level of plots do you write  ?    unplotted   /  open ended plots  ( set up a meeting and see what happens )  /  semi-plotted  ( one or two steps ahead )  /   fully plotted epics  ( plotted beginning, middle, and end )
how quickly do you usually respond to threads  ?   very slow  ( more than a month ) / slow  ( 3 - 4 weeks ) /   average  ( 1 - 2 weeks )   /   fast  ( less than one week )   /   very fast  ( less than three days ) /  it all depends
what types of threads do you like  ?    fluff /   angst   /   smut  /   action  /  tragedy   /   domestic   /  family  /  conversational  /  hurt - comfort

what genres do you like  ?     fantasy /  supernatural   /   science fiction   /  historical  /   horror  /  comedy   /  romantic /   drama  /   action   /  adventure   /   espionage

are there any themes you’re uncomfortable writing on your blog  ?    yes   /   no
do you have any triggers  ?     how do you request it tagged  ?     yes  /   no  


what types of relationships are you open to  ?     romantic  /   platonic   /   familial  ( canon )   /   familial  ( ocs )
what types of pre-established relationships are you open to  ?    romantic  /   platonic   /   familial  ( canon ) /   familial  ( ocs )
do you have otps  ?     yes   /   chemistry only  /   no
do you have notps  ?     yes  /   no
what is your muse’s sexual orientation  ?     heterosexual   /   heteroflexible   /   bisexual  /   homoflexible   /  homosexual   /  pansexual  /   demisexual     /   asexual   /   ambiguous
what is your muse’s romantic orientation  ?     heteroromantic   /   heteroflexible   /   biromantic   /  homoflexible   /   homoromantic   /  panromantic   /   demiromantic     /   aromantic  /  ambiguous
are you comfortable writing smut  ?    yes   /   selectively   /   no
how early in a relationship do you ship romantically  ?     autoship   /   during plotting /   after a few ic interactions   /   after several ic interactions   /   slow burn  /   never
are you open to toxic ships  ?     yes /   selectively  /   no
are you open to problematic ships  ?    yes /   selectively   /   no
are you open to polyshipping  ?     yes /  selectively   /   no
are you an exclusive shipper  ?     yes   /   sometimes   / no
does crack shipping ever happen  ?     yes   /  sometimes   /   no
does crossover shipping ever happen ?     yes  /  sometimes  /  no

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I made 408+ gif icons of Shelley Hennig for my indie rp blog where I used to play Malia, and I figured I would stop being selfish and share them. None of the gifs were created by me; they were just resized and recolored. All are 100x100. If you use them, please like / reblog this post. And PLEASE don’t place them in your own gif hunts, thank you.

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tabbyseraph  asked:

Does the "I will not tolerate personals reblogging my roleplays" just mean that you don't want people trying to push their way into RPs not involving 'em, or do you not want any of your stuff reblogged in general?

I should’ve of said it better. I meant like when a personal blog reblogs a thread of mine. That isn’t allowed.

  • I'm terrible forgetful and sometimes I tend to forget your names. Or which blogs a person owes. I'm terrible sorry for that! I thought maybe you guys could reblog this and add your names and your rp blog urls? That would be helpful. Also people I don't follow/rp with can reblog, then this could be helpful for the whole Teen Wolf indie rp community - I think?
  • Bia: thebansheeofthepack, barefootedalpha

I’ve said I would do a giveaway when I first hit 200 followers, and that wasn’t too long ago. Now that I have almost hit 500 I think it’s time that I actually do it. I didn’t expect to have so many followers in such little amount of time so I’m thrilled that I finally get to do this.


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This giveaway will end February 25th, a few days after I get back from my trip to Disney World. So this giveaway will be active for about a month or so.  


First Place [ One winner ]: 100 icons of their muse or their faceclaim, a graphic promo that I will reblog every other day for two weeks and (if I am able to –please do not hold me to this– and it is optional) a gift from my trip; a plush toy or something. 

Second Place [ One winner ]: 50 icons of their muse or faceclaim and a graphic promo that I will reblog every other day for a week.

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               ** If you are the first prize winner, you have to be comfortable with giving me your address (USA only, please). As state above, this is completely optional, so if you aren't comfortable with revealing your address, you can just have the icons and the promo. The item will be very general too (mostly something Frozen related; since I won’t be picking the winner until I get back– I will not be asking anyone what they prefer).