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  • Molly: What are you doing?
  • Sherlock: Exactly what it looks like; redecorating.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: It looks exactly the same!
  • Sherlock: No, no...that coffee table was an inch to the left before. I've also given the wallpaper some maintenance. I'm rather fond of it.
  • Molly: Well, Sherlock, if you love the wallpaper so much, why do you keep shooting at it?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Because you deserve better.
  • Molly: Sorry?
  • Sherlock: Nothing. Coffee?
  • Molly: Oh, actually, I'm late for lunch with Tom.
  • Sherlock: *bitter* Oh.
  • Molly: Although...we're not together anymore. I'm not obligated to meet with him.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* White, no sugar.
  • Molly: Please and don't be shy about the biscuits.
  • Sherlock: *still smiling*
Just Wallpaper

Contains strong suggestive themes and mild language

“I want to feel like you notice me, that’s all. I-I’m just…just a piece of damn wallpaper to you, you don’t- why are you looking at me like that?”

Molly tried to keep her irritation hidden as she climbed the stairs of 221B Baker Street, although her heavier than usual steps were giving her away. Why the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, had summoned her away from a very important meeting was beyond her but she was soon going to find out. Sherlock was sitting in his black leather chair, hands steepled and eyes closed.

“Well? You said it was an emergency,” she said hurriedly, her patience already wearing thin.

“Yes,” he nodded towards a shoebox on the table, barely moving his head as he did, “a client returned from holiday to find her beloved pet budgie dead at the bottom of its cage. I say ‘client’, I don’t take such mundane cases for-”

“Sherlock, please tell me you didn’t call me away from a really important meeting to autopsy a dead bloody bird!

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billthegaypotts  asked:

I don't want to request - but I'm using your yuri on ice Christmas wallpaper for my phone and I really love it!!! I would like to keep some sort of yuri on ice wallpaper and I'm wondering if you have any other wallpapers for the other 11 months??? I don't want you to sacrifice your time to make them - if you have any can you let me know? Or if you know any good edit blogs may I please ask the name of the blogs?? Thank you! I love your blog (sorry this is really badly worded I'm quite tired!)

Hello there c: Thank you a lot ,i’m happy you liked them ! We ‘re planning to make more wallpapers in the near future.You can check our tag #wallpapers to look at reblogged wallpapers from other blogs! 


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