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Sometime you just gotta keep making art. Even if you don’t think you’re very good, or if your art doesn’t get a lot of notes. Please, just keep trying, keep creating. Someone will be inspired by you, and maybe they’ll be motivated to make more art too. Support each other. Support your fellow artists. 
We have the chance to make good things, to educate other people, to challenge stereotypes. You just have to keep going.  

minor pet peeve: seeing extremely popular fics continuously show up on fic rec lists

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artist!brian headcanons please? :~~~)

!!!! Y e s ple ase

Artist Brian being close with his art teacher so she lets him stay in the art room by himself and he’ll just end up working on his paintings for hours yo

Artist!Brian x Jeff ((because that’s been popular and I like it lmao)) using Jeff as a model and he has tons of sketches are full out paintings or maybe dumb charcoals drafts he never went back too just scattered all over his art studio

His art studio is like the size of a small room and it’s got paintings and papers all over the place and something’s are on the walls others are hanging up in rows by strings on the ceiling.

Also I bet his palette is the messing this to exist ever and he is horrible at taking care of brushes like me lmao. He never cleans he just does one color after another really fast and messy and he loves it.

I could seriously go on and on about artist Brian

What are you doing?
Two people said mikayuu is bad. So what? Block them and get over it. You do realize they are simply salty haters, right? It’s not like their negativity will change anything. Laugh at their nonsense and let them go and make mikayuu more popular lol
Stop harassing the haters, there’s no point. Let them drown in their bitterness. They are just inmature people hating on fictional things in front of a computer… Internet is to have fun. What are even haters for? Let them go fuck themselves. They spend their time hating on ships instead of enjoying their own. They don’t even have good arguments. Just calm down and, I don’t know, if you’re mad and you want to vent come and scream at my ask box or message me and I’ll scream with you.

I need your help !!

Hey so I’m really in need of a VIP ticket for the troye sivan concert on February 11th , so if anyone has an extra one they are nice enough to let me have that will be wonderful and I’m also willing to trade two general tickets for one VIP.
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