please don't let them do it again

“Say my name.” I told him.
“Why?” He asks.
“Just do it. Please.” I reply, clenching tighter onto his jacket.
Then he spoke the hopeless 7 lettered name and from that moment, I knew,
Nothing was the same. Nothing was going to be the same again. There was no joy in his voice; no happy memories, not a single bit of care.
I let go of his jacket and walked away.
Never did I ever write my name the same way again.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #47

❝ ––– I checked with Senneck on Bash’s progress earlier to make sure you had someone by your side before I left. […] I cannot help you be queen. Or Scottish. Time and again, you have shown an uncanny ability to emerge from adversity unscathed and on top. You did it in France - much to my great annoyance - and you will do it here. I can’t spend no more time on your journey, I have my own.❞


Watched the Yagyuu arc again so I doodled one of my fav shot from the ep 80 with their both hair styles UwU which Kyuubei-kun do you guys like the most?~


Please don’t let Septicpie turn into Septiplier.

I know it’s very unlikely given that these two joke about it all the time now, but we still shouldn’t risk that. If you watched the Cringemas stream then you noticed how distant Mark and Jack are now compared to how they used to be. Septiplier had a little something to do with that.

I wish they’d be close again, but it seems the intensity of the Septiplier fandom has pushed them too far apart.

We shouldn’t let jokes grow into harassment. Please be mindful of what you post with the tag “septicpie”. You’re not only posting for yourself, your post stands for us all.

Honestly though, initially I didn’t want to ship it. But then something snapped, and now I just…help. 

All I can see in my head is Yellow just being so protective of Blue and not wanting her to ever get hurt again. Smol Blu.

A chocolate kiss

Hello, dear people ! It’s me again ! So, I hope you’re fine today, just like I’m ! Here is an another little fanfic that I had the idea from nowhere. It’s different from I usually write. You’ll see ! Before beginning, I would like to thank you for your lovely comments for “A protective angel”. I’m sad too that it’s finish but if you want another fanfics like that, just tell me !

So, let’s do it !

  • Summary : “Negan and the Saviors come to your door to claim what you owe them. Negan wants you absolutely and he doesn’t miss an opportunity to tell you. He asks you for your greatest misfortune to come into your house. You let him enter your home, in your kitchen and..”
  • Ships : Negan x reader
  • Words : 2040
  • Warnings : Curses, a bit of smutt (it’s light)

I tag : @heartfulloffandoms - @smuttwd - @negans-dirty-girl - @itsneganslucille - @negans-network - @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff - @autumnjade22 and @backseat-negan (Don’t forget to see their blog !)

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Enjoy !


The sun was loud today. The sky was clear of all clouds. The day could have been perfect. Yes, it could have been perfect if there weren’t the group of Saviors who would come to visit you. He had a hand on your group and that of Hilltop. Negan had a hand on two groups. He was going to come to Alexandria today and you weren’t sure you were ready, not after what had happened that night.

You raised your head to the grid by playing with your knife, turning it in your hands. You saw Rosita and Spencer getting into the car to get supplies for the Saviors. The wind blew softly on your face and you closed your eyes to enjoy this moment of calm.

This calm was ethereal. In the distance you heard vehicles approaching Alexandria. And by the noise, there must have been many. You swallow when you get up. You put the knife in its sheath and you went at full speed towards the grid.

Some people from Alexandria had approached the entrance just like you. They threw themselves incomprehensibly and frightened glances.

You saw the shadow of someone approaching and you easily guessed who was behind. The form stopped right in front of the fence and started tapping three times.

“Little pig ! Little pig ! Let me in !” Exclaimed a familiar voice.

Nobody moved, not even you. Spencer was the one who went to open. He opened the first fence to reveal Negan and his eternal smile.

“Well ?” Negan finally said after a moment of silence.

“Hum.. Who are you ?”

You sighed in annoyance. Spencer was part of the community but you didn’t appreciate him. He had an execrable personality and he was completely stupid. You hesitated to go, but you decided to do it. You rejoined Spencer at the entrance.

“Stop being stupid, Spencer. You know very well who it is”, you said by rolling up your sleeves and starting to open the gate.

The grid was opened and Negan came in, swinging Lucille beside him, going directly in your direction.

“Well, hello there ! You know how fucking I was impatient to see your pretty face again”, he said laying Lucille on the floor before resting on it.

“I’m fucking happy for you”.

“And I missed that dirty mouth too”, he said passing a tongue over his lips.

You ignored him completely. Rick, who had been warned of Negan’s arrival and his group, appeared behind you looking at Negan with anguish. You couldn’t blame him. You were as stressed as he was, even if you didn’t show it.

“Rick ! I missed you too ! But not as much as our dear..” Negan said brandishing Lucille to you.

“(Y/N)”, you said between your teeth.

“(Y/N).. A name as pretty as its possessor”.

He winked at you. You inhaled and then expired, trying to calm down. He let a laugh escape at the sight of your reaction before gently turning to the small community.

“God damnit ! This place is magnificent ! I need someone to show me around”.

He turned towards you with a falsely innocent smile.

“No way”.

“(Y/N)”, Rick murmured, his head bowed.

“Rick, I wouldn’t do that” you murmured in his direction.

“(Y/N).. Please”, Rick pleaded.

You saw his eyes full of fear and entreaties. You swallowed and shook your head, raising your hands in the air as if you had yielded.

“Okay. Okay, I’ll do it”.

You turned to the tall, thin man who had waited for your answer. You nodded to the side, a sign that he could follow you.

“I feel like I’m having fun !”  Exclaimed Negan seemed a bit too cheerful. “Guys, take everything that’s interesting. And if there’s a problem, let me know”.

“Yes, sir !” They answered in chorus.

You then both leave and you angrily see the Saviors scatter all over Alexandria. They were really going to take everything.

There was a disturbing silence between you two. Being alone with this man didn’t reassure you and urged you to do nothing. But you just show him around, don’t you ?

“Where do you want to start ?” You asked, always advancing without fixed destination.

“By your house”.

Your blood froze and you quickly turned to Negan who still had his damn smile. You opened your mouth without any word coming out.

“Why at my home ?”

“Because I want to. What’s wrong, sweetheart ?” He asked as he gently approached you.

He stopped right in front of you, frowning. He put a hand behind his ear, waiting for an answer from you. You looked at the ground, reminding you of that sad night. You couldn’t afford other deaths.

“There’s no problem”, you finally said.

“So let’s go ! I’m really curious to find out what it looks like !”

Your only house was already filled with horrible persons ruthlessly searching wherever they could. But now, it was your home that you were going to show. Anyway, it wasn’t like they weren’t going to go in there and search it.

You came to your house. This house could easily have an entire family. It was big, but you loved your house very much. It was the only place where you could relax, forget everything for a while. A bubble that protected you. Now this bubble was going to burst.

“Wow ! Look at this ! You’re living in a fucking house”.

You climbed onto the porch and rummaged in your pocket in search of your keys to finally find them. You put in the lock and turned the key so that the door opens with a small click. You moved away to let Negan go first.

“Women first”, he said bowing slightly, making a sign toward the door to tell you to enter.

You frowned, but you came in despite everything. Negan followed you, slamming the door behind him, with a smug expression on his face.

“What a lovely place. I’ll go into the kitchen. It’s one of my favorite rooms”.

“Make yourself at home”, you replied with a sigh.

You followed Negan to the kitchen. He had deposited Lucille against the counter and was enjoying himself with the tap. He smirked at you before turning to the kitchen cabinets.

“Do you have something to eat ?” I’m fucking starving”, Negan said as he opened each drawer and cupboard available.

“Why did you want to come to my house ?”

“Ah ! Interesting”, he whispered taking a chocolate bar. “You’re the hottest woman I’ve ever seen ! I just wanted to have a little privacy with you, to get to know you better”.

With these words, Negan tore the sachet and bit into the chocolate. He passed his tongue over his lips, apparently enjoying the taste. You watched him, troubled by what he was doing. He looked up at you and grinned as he approached you.

“You want some ? It’s really delicious”.

He stopped in front of you and handed you the chocolate. You went from him to chocolate to finally return to him.

“No thanks. I don’t want to eat something you’ve touched”.

“Oh, damn !  I love your rash side !” He exclaimed, biting his lower lip.

He approached your ear and you shivered as you felt the heat emanating from his body. He was close. Too close.

“It’s so exciting. You have no idea now how much I want to fuck this pretty ass that you have”.

The red rose to your cheeks, your heart suddenly accelerating. You stepped back a step but you found yourself stuck by the work set. You looked for your scabbard to take your knife, but Negan clung suddenly to you, preventing you from making a single movement. You felt the swelling in his lower abdomen and it made you feel very uncomfortable. He smiled before putting the small piece of chocolate that remained in his mouth and he put his hands on yours to block you. You looked at him with terror, feeling the fear but also the excitement mounted in you.

“Negan, plea-”

He cut you by putting his index finger on your lips. His eyes were lying on your lips and glowing with a hungry light. You let a shiver run through your body as he slowly approached your face. Your body reacts directly. You released a hand and you laid against his chest, trying to push him away.

He put the chocolate at the corner of his mouth and continued to approach despite your attempt to remove him. You could hardly push him away. He was stronger than you.

“That’s useless, doll. And then you want as much as I do”, he whispered softly with a mischievous smile.

“I-I don’t want it. In fact, I don’t know what you’re talking about”, you stuttered turning your head to the side, red like a tomato.

“Oh, the naughty lying woman. I must seem to punish you”.

He took your chin to raise your face and took you by surprise by putting his lips on yours, dragging you into a fiery and passionate kiss. You tetanized and as you were looking for a way to get you out of there, you couldn’t see any.

Negan smiled above you. He took your legs to lift yourself and sit you on the worktop, without leaving your lips. Under this action, you had opened his lips by surprise and he took advantage of it to bury his tongue inside your mouth. You wanted to push him back but your body was against you. It didn’t want to move.

So you were forced to keep up with his fast pace. His lips were soft and his tongue was now twisted with yours, leading a frantic dance. You feel excited in spite of yourself and you moan slightly. You put your hand in his black hair well capped to caress them, deepening the kiss.

He rubbed against you and had now placed his hands on your waist, bringing you closer as possible. You suddenly felt the chocolate in his mouth. And with his tongue, he pushed the chocolate in your mouth. And as he drew back, he crunched a piece of chocolate with a smile on his lips.

You swallowed the piece of chocolate, out of breath and it was now that you realized what you had just done. You widened your eyes and plunged your face into your hands, still feeling the warmth and the sensation felt during this kiss.

“It was the most delicious kiss I ever tasted !”

He put his tongue on his lips to retrieve the chocolate. He stooped down to take Lucille back. He swung the deadly bat on his shoulder and before he left, he bowed near your ear.

“Next time, wait to go to the fucking speed superior because I intend to make me this ass”, he whispered warmly.

And on his words, he nibbled slightly at your earlobe before getting back straight and leaving the kitchen whistling, his eternal smile on his lips.

You stayed there, on the worktop, still shocked by what had just happened. Your heart continued to beat hard against your chest, you passed a tongue on your lips, a big smile on your face.

You must admit it was delicious, this chocolate kiss.


Voilà ! It’s the end ! It was so fun writing it ! It was different. I hope you liked it. Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion or to send me a comment. Thank you for reading it and I hope I’ll see you for an another fanfic ! 💛


hey guys it’s your local garbage back again, feeling bored and wanting to do something for her followers! this time around i’m gonna do some fancasts bc it seems like people really like those!! so here’s how we’re gonna do it!


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What are you doing?
Two people said mikayuu is bad. So what? Block them and get over it. You do realize they are simply salty haters, right? It’s not like their negativity will change anything. Laugh at their nonsense and let them go and make mikayuu more popular lol
Stop harassing the haters, there’s no point. Let them drown in their bitterness. They are just inmature people hating on fictional things in front of a computer… Internet is to have fun. What are even haters for? Let them go fuck themselves. They spend their time hating on ships instead of enjoying their own. They don’t even have good arguments. Just calm down and, I don’t know, if you’re mad and you want to vent come and scream at my ask box or message me and I’ll scream with you.

Wow I’m being so slow about doing these. But I promise I’ll get them done one way or another if it kills me. So here’s a nerd, again left side is “lights out” right side is “lights on”. 

Sollux Captor is the electronic glitch that is just too purposeful, just too unsettling to be an ordinary corruption or a coincidence. Although the stories of him are less common his impact on his targets are long lasting. He’s why certain people will never play a certain game for the remainder of their lives no matter how much they previously enjoyed it. He’s the cause of all those “haunted game cartridge” stories that pop up on internet forums. 

He’s also the one who will get bored while his targets are away at school and play their video games, or if he’s feeling malicious, download a virus or two onto your computer. Either way they don’t remember that being their last high score and they don’t remember the sound of air horns playing every time they press a key on their keyboard before they went to school. He’s also very, very apathetic and lazy a majority of the time so he rarely actually does his job, that being the reason he’s so rarely experienced. He will also sometimes do things like waiting until you’re just about to finish off a final boss in a game and then flash a picture of Pepe the frog over the screen, thus making you screw up and lose.

credit to daveactualstrider  for the au

Karkat / Sollux / Kanaya /Gamzee