please don't leave me

I’m afraid. I’m afraid that you are going to end up like everyone else that has ever left me. I’m afraid that one day you aren’t going to see the quirky little things I do as endearing or cute, but rather annoying and obnoxious. I’m afraid that you won’t see the things I say and do as you do now, that you will eventually grow annoyed of me. I’m afraid that you’ll see my flaws for what they are, disgusting. I’m afraid that you’ll up and leave just like they all do. please don’t leave me
—  I’m just so goddam afraid
I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to love me again,
I’ll put my hands up,
I’ll do everything different,
I’ll be better to you.
—  Adele ‘I’ll be waiting’
I watched you as you sat next to me, but I couldn’t see you anymore. You were already gone and I just stared blankly as I wondered when did you even leave, when did you stop loving me.
—  Things I realized when I was drunk, part IV
The night is over and it’s time to go home but I don’t know where are you.
—  Things I realized when I was drunk, part VII
I don’t regret loving you nor do I regret letting you break my heart, for if you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have learned how a man should treat me. I wouldn’t have met him, he who helped me recover after you left me broken. Yes, it hurt to be left behind and I wouldn’t wish that pain upon my worst enemy, but I’m glad I was able to have that experience. The way I see it is you let me go so that I could find my way to him, my one true love.
—  please don’t leave me #5
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KANEJ//”Please don’t leave me,”// MODERN DAY COFFEE SHOP AU// SUPER FLUFF// headcanon


- There’s a cafe that Kaz likes to go to before school

- he likes the coffee plus all the lil bakery snacks but sometimes if he hasn’t finished all his homework then he’ll go in early and just hang out for a while

- they even have live music sometimes and it’s always very nice and calm music

- he likes it a lot because it’s not a huge or popular place, it’s just like him, the staff, and maybe 2-3 other people, on a busy day

- so anywhoozles

- one day he walks in and they’re training a new barista

- as soon as he walks in one of the baristas training the newbie pipes up,

- “Oh look, we can even start you off eazy. This is Kaz, he’s actually a regular here. You learn his order once, and you’ve got his order for probably a couple weeks, if not more, until he decides he wants to mix things up,”

- Kaz walked up to the register as the newbie smiled at him

- he couldn’t help but to notice her pretty chocolate eyes

- “How can I help you today?”

- Kaz quickly made his order and took his seat, pulling out his laptop to start on some homework

- Kaz kept on working, before he heard a,

- “Here’s your order, sir,” that startled him so much he almost fell out of his seat

- Kaz couldn’t believe this newbie had snuck up on him without even trying, he was known for noticing the smallest and most minute details, and he couldn’t remember the last time anyone had managed to sneak up on him, especially doing so without trying

- he searched for a nametag

- “Inej”

- maybe this newbie would be more interesting than he thought

- months passed and Kaz actually made an effort to talk to her, and Kaz never made an effort to talk to anyone

- he and Inej slowly became pretty good friends, when Kaz was the only customer or Inej was on breaks, Inej would go and sit with Kaz and they would make chitchat until Inej had to get back to work

- Inej always took the morning shift

- one day Inej told Kaz that the cafe was trying a lot of new things to get more customers in

- Kaz honestly hated the idea, he liked the quaint, quiet little coffee shop, but he knew money was money and there was nothing he could do about it

- so he dealt with it as they remodeled, repainted, started a bunch of new deals, etc.

- until one day they decided to try to target a new group of people, since so far nothing was working

- Kaz didn’t really know much about it, until one late night Kaz decided to do his homework there

- /he didn’t usually go in during nights but he had kind of started to because he knew Inej also worked late nights a lot of the times/

- he walked in and walked over to Inej, made his order, and sat down at his normal table

- he noticed that a pretty big band was setting up

- he also noticed that there were quite a few people waiting for the band to get started

- and now more and more people were coming in to watch the band

- he was walking over to Inej when the band started

- they were a super loud, rock, screamo band that made Kaz’ ears want to bleed

- one look at Inej and he could tell that she hated it as much as he did

- they did their best to talk under the music, but the crowd was just as bad as the band

- the fans were screaming and fighting and smashing cups all over the place

- Kaz couldn’t stand it anymore, so he quickly told Inej goodbye and turned to leave

- “Wait, Kaz,” Inej started

- “Please don’t leave me,” it was barely a whisper but Kaz heard every word of it. He didn’t know why but still he slowly turned back and sat back down with the barista as he nodded his head as an okay

- suddenly Inej gestured him to follow him to the back room, Kaz easily obliged, happy to get as far away from the sound as possible

- Inej turned on the light and shut the door and the mess outside was barely louder than Inej’s almost-whisper from earlier

-the room, however, was a tiny storage closet

- “Sorry,” Inej started, “It’s the best I got,” she spoke as she slid down the back wall so that she was sitting on the ground against the wall

- “It’s perfect,” Kaz said, copying her movements on the wall opposite, so close to the other wall that Kaz and Inej’s feet lay side to side

- they stayed like that for hours and hours just talking

- sometimes there were silences but none of them tension-filled or awkward

- all just comfortable silence

- even when Kaz noticed the noise die down

- he stayed

- she stayed