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I’m like six years late to the fandom but here’s some terrible Valentines from everyone’s favorite Roman LARPers

send them to the profligates you least wish to kill


non-existent demon dating simulator!

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and if you have any suggestions what next dark youtuber should be, let me know!

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Sunlight filled the room, filtered through the sheer white curtains, angled low and casting long shadows across the frayed motel furniture. The light had reached Dean’s eyes as he lay in bed, but even so he was pretty sure that wasn’t what had woken him up. There was a good chance he wasn’t even awake. He remembered falling asleep in the bunker last night, fully-clothed and on top of the covers instead of half-naked and underneath them.

As if to confirm that yes, this was a dream, Cas was suddenly standing there, blocking his light.

“Don’t you ever knock?”

The sound of his voice felt too loud, disrupting the absolute silence in the room.

Cas tilted his head. “Did you want me to?”

There wasn’t anything Dean could say to that. He watched with apprehension as Cas stepped closer, backlit by the setting sun so that his face was completely obscured to Dean. It wasn’t until he was close enough for Dean to catch a whiff of his cologne (since when did Cas wear cologne?) that Dean could see him.

Not that there was anything to see; Cas’ expression was blank, betraying nothing. He crouched, sitting down at the edge of the bed. Dean shifted away automatically.

“Don’t,” Cas chastised softly. He edged closer, grabbing Dean’s wrist. His hand was steady and warm, and Dean realized that his own had been shaking. “Stay still.”

Dean licked his lips. “Or what?”

Cas leaned in. Dean shifted away again, unable to help himself, stilling only when Cas’ other hand came up to cradle the back of his neck. His heart was beating wildly, and he couldn’t hold back a soft gasp when Cas’ nose bumped against his.

Then Cas stopped. Less than an inch away, so close that Dean could feel the warmth radiating from his skin and the unnecessary breath exiting his lips. Teasing him, daring him to close the gap between them. But Dean couldn’t move.

“What are you doing?” he asked, amazed at how steady his voice managed to sound.

“Nothing,” Cas said.

“Then do something.” A demand. A plea. Whatever it took for Cas to just come a little bit closer. “Please.”

“It’s a little too late for that.”

Dean’s heart clenched. “Don’t.”

“I’m sorry.” He sounded it too, not that it made any difference. “I should go.”

“Yeah,” Dean agreed. 

Like that made any difference, either.

Like Cas wasn’t already gone.


(part II)

momsydney8  asked:

I asked this last night but it was a bit late so I'll ask again. (And this is exactly what I asked) Welp, my only idea to help my friend was to ask you sooo, this is exactly what my friend typed. "I'm having like a panic attack right now my friend has severe depression and he found out his girlfriend is cheating on him now his thinking about killing himself" "Please help me I don't know how to talk to people like this" So Hailey could you help my friend's friend please, please please answer this

That’s.. disheartening to hear. From what I can think of is, talking to them, helping them realize that there is more to life than relationships. I know that heartbreaks hurt, I’ve seen many happen, but you can learn from that relationship and move on to more important things. People can be cruel, but dwelling on it isn’t living. I believe that he should make new goals for himself, to live life to the fullest before deciding if his life really was worth living and should discontinue his life story. I know I’m not a professional, so maybe seeing a therapist to talk things out could help? I hope this is somewhat helpful.

Ao no Exorcist Movie: A Father's Day Special Post

I would like to dedicate this post to all the
loving father all over the world.

I did spend a lot of time in this one since I
really want to give importance to all DADS
who are trying their best to take care of
their children.

Just like Rin and Yukio, my father already passed
away. However, the love and care that my PAPA
gave me will always stay in my heart just like how
Shiro showed his love for his two beloved sons.

To anyone who was able to read this:

If you can still tell your father just how much
you love him, please fill free to do so, I promise, it won't kill you.

If you hate your father, it's not yet too late to
forgive. It doesn't mean that you hate him
would mean that you don't love him. Hate is
not the opposite of love after all.

If you feel like you are abandoned and you
want to feel his love, try to be always at your
best. In that way, you won't feel any regrets.

If you think your father is not being a father to
you, DO NOT stop being his child.

In other words, no matter what kind of father
we may have, we must LOVE them

444. Don't give up on us (Part Two) (Requested)
  • Harry: "I saw you...and her." You finally blurted out. Harry didn't hesitate, he was quick to explain the situation, telling you how she was an old friend and completely shitfaced and being the gentlemen Harry was he offered her a safe ride home. You should've trusted him, you didn't want to react this way but it was hard to keep it together all the time, according to the press Harry had a new girl every week. "Love, I know it's not easy to deal with all this. I just hope that you know I would never ever do anything to hurt you. I don't want anyone else, I just want you (Y/N). Promise me if you ever feel like this again you'll give me a chance, give us a chance."
  • Liam: You tried your best to stand your ground but as soon as you heard the crack in Liam's voice and his tiny sniffles your stubborn exterior melted away. "I-I... It's not you babe. I'm so sorry, I know all I ever do is make excuses and that's not okay. You don't deserve any of this, you deserve to be treated like a princess and if you give me the chance I'm going treat you like that again. I'm gonna call you everyday no matter what because I want to, I need to hear your voice. I'm gonna send you flowers every Wednesday cause I know how much you hate them. Just please give me the chance to make it better."
  • Louis: "I'm so sorry that I've ever made you feel like you had to give up anything for me. You support everything I do a hundred percent and the idea that I'm not doing the same for you, it's....I'm gutted. I was being selfish when I asked you to come to me, I just want you all to myself and I forget that I have to share you sometimes. I'm so so sorry love, please tell me what I can do, I'll do anything." Louis always knew exactly what to say after a fight, and as much as you hated that about him you loved it all the same because deep down you knew he meant everything he said. If you knew Louis, which you did, he was going to do whatever it took.
  • Niall: "Who said it?" He sounds angry now. "Tell me who said something to make you feel like this cause I'm gonna do something bout it, I don't know what but I will." You were quiet, searching for the right words but Niall continued to rant. "(Y/N) you have to know that you are one of the best things to ever happen to me. You are the most beautiful person, inside and out. If anything I'm not good enough for you. You deserve so much more attention than I can give you sometimes and that kills me." You were really a mess now, talking between your sobs. "Niall. No that's not true." He cleared his throat to fight off the tears, "Princess just please. Come see me. Let me show you how beautiful you are."
  • Zayn: His hands stayed in place, cupping your cheeks, wiping away any new tears. You meant to continue you packing, but the touch of his skin against yours was just too much. He tilted your face up and looked you deep in the eyes. "I love you (Y/N). I don't have an excuse for the way I've been acting lately but I can promise you I'm gonna stop. Saying sorry isn't good enough so I'm not gonna even bother saying it. I need you to give me a chance, let me make it up to you. Let me show you how sorry I am, how much I love you, how much I want you, how much I need you. Just please don't go.
  • Written by: Anna

anonymous asked:

so.... I've been depressed lately. I have gone though these things before, and I just can't get over this one. I've gone to the hospital twice; one for suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety among other things, and the other because I tried to kill myself. I can't get rid of these thoughts and feelings. I am so helpless. I need to escape. I just can't do it anymore. Please don't give me that "it gets better" crap because I can't see it and I've been like this forever. I just need something.

how about 100 reasons to stay?

  1. New books
  2. New movies
  3. Rainbows
  4. Sunsets
  5. Sunrises
  6. New clothes
  7. Puppies
  8. Kittens
  9. Family
  10. Friends
  11. The love of your life
  12. Your wedding
  13. Your first kiss
  14. Cookies
  15. Brownies
  16. Ice cream
  17. internet
  18. Your favorite actors
  19. You first child (should you want one)
  20. New TV shows
  21. the crunch of leaves on a fall day
  22. Lemonade on a warm summer day
  23. Baby animals in spring
  24. Snowball fights in winter
  25. The beach
  26. Vaction
  27. Pampering yourself
  28. That first breath from resurfacing underwater
  29. Rollercoasters
  30. Water slides
  31. Your dream job
  32. Crunchy apples
  33. Sweet strawberries
  34. The scent of roses
  35. Fun music
  36. New hobbies
  37. Old hobbies
  38. Full moons
  39. New moons
  40. Lunar eclipses
  41. Solar eclipses
  42. Aurora borealis
  43. Shooting stars
  44. Comets
  45. Crickets at night
  46. Chirping birds
  47. Hugs
  48. Forehead kisses
  49. Cheek kisses
  50. Kisses in general
  51. New haircuts
  52. New wardrobe
  53. Soft fabrics
  54. The chime of a bell
  55. The depth of a gong
  56. Plays
  57. Musicals
  58. The sound of heels on marble
  59. A crackling fire
  60. Popping bubble wrap
  61. Chewing gum
  62. Eating your favorite food
  63. Making a random dish
  64. Finding your destiny
  65. Winning awards
  66. Traveling the world
  67. Going on tourist attractions in your city
  68. You child on their wedding day
  69. Your graduation day
  70. Prom
  71. Geeking out with friends
  72. Lazy days
  73. Christmas (if you celebrate)
  74. New Years
  75. Your birthday
  76. Pie
  77. Random holidays
  78. Valentine’s day (hella lots of chocolate)
  79. Ripping paper
  80. The glow of coals
  81. Crashing waves
  82. The sound of rain
  83. The scent of rain
  84. The scent of books
  85. Trying a new food
  86. Contacting an old friend
  87. Writing anything
  88. Kissing your significant other
  89. Playing video games
  90. Old films
  91. Old TV shows
  92. Crappy soap operas
  93. Bouncing on a bed
  94. Bouncing on a bed in a hotel
  95. Hottubs
  96. Swimming pools
  97. Fish
  98. New Years resolutions
  99. Changing your whole life
  100. New costumes for Halloween

anonymous asked:

Hey, gonna sound weird, but hey whatever i don't care. I'm gonna kill myself tonight. But i wanna say thank you to you guys. You guys have provided me with a lot of, admittedly superficial, joy, laughter, and general happiness when life just kept getting unbearable. Everyone in the group, was a huge support to me, and i truly appreciate everything you guys do and have done and will continue to do. You guys really should be aware of how much you are appreciated, thank you all. sincerely, thanks.

I hope this isn’t real. Please don’t do this. I hope I’m not too late in replying to this. Email me at and I would love to talk. I’m serious- please contact me tonight. It would mean a lot to me (as did your very kind words).

anonymous asked:

Hey, um, this is kind of unimportant, but I keep a pet spider in my locker, and lately people have been crowding around it and I've heard rumors that people are trying to kill her! This is really disturbing to me because I'm really attached to this spider, and I don't want to go to check up on her to see her dead. People know how to pick the locks at my school too, so theres almost no form of security for my poor spider! I'm freaking out about this! Can I get help from a Serket please?

You’re pro8a8ly going to want to move the spider.

First of all, spiders are crafty cr8tures. Just like you wouldn’t want to find her dead in your locker, you wouldn’t want to find her missing from it. She might hitch a ride on your school8ooks, climb out when you open it, or just escape some other way.

Secondly, if it’s widely known that you’re housing a spider in your locker, especially if it’s a 8ig one, you’re going to freak some people out. People get screamy around spiders. Eventually someone’s going to get fed up and tell some adult and they’ll pro8a8ly make you take the spider outside.

So unless you’ve taught her to sit, stay, heel, you might want to transport her out while you’re ahead.

whatdourelfeyessee  asked:

Whatever you do don't imagine ur fav gay ship watching one die while singing you are my sunshine

you are my sunshine literally kills me

it’s applicable to bagginshield tho like…

you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey you’ll never know dear how much i love you please don’t take my sunshine away