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Another random Arrow thought....these are happening quite constantly lately. I blame my rewatching past episodes.

So, unless I’m mistaken, part of the reason Felicity broke up with Oliver was how he handled the whole having a son thing.

Now, not to sound petty, but Oliver did only keep it secret because he wanted to have a relationship with his son. Which is understandable.

What is mind-boggling to me is this. Oliver was in no way dating Felicity when he fathered a child. Yet, she was mad and showed it. While on the other hand, the girl he actually cheated on (multiple times yet still stayed with by the way) told his baby momma that it wasn’t completely her fault. That Oliver got the blame as well. Laurel had every right to be mad and upset, yet she only showed she was upset with her dad because she knew that the current situation had nothing to do with her. Her ex’s son was kidnapped, and she put away her hurt to help find him.

How can anyone say Laurel was horrible??


Let me know your thoughts. I’m open to hear what you think. And if I got anything wrong let me know. My rewatching is sporadic, so I may miss some things.

  • Viktor: *Yuuri is eros, I've never seen anyone more eros than him since that one night at the banquet, there is no other way to describe him but an erotic man with such passion there is no doubt about it he's the epitome of erotic love*
  • Viktor: Yuuri, what is your eros???
  • Yuuri: a pork cutlet bowl
  • Viktor: for fucks sa-

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


Idk why but I had this idea of Lance leaving the others because of a misunderstanding that he was going to be kicked out of the group (esp after Shiro comes back and Matt joins the group) because he doesn’t contribute as much and then somehow he runs away and ends up finding an extra lion www.

So then they start looking for Lance, but it takes them a while then shit happens so Matt has to take over as the Blue Paladin cuz they needed to join up. So like after weeks of Lance being gone, they encounter this dude with.. guess what A WHITE LION, stealing stuff and terrorizing civilians. And then they fight, and then they discover it’s Lance!!! BUT Lance is being manipulated/controlled by the White Lion, but no one wants to fight him. But Lance is being difficult so Keith attacks first and then battle ensues and Lance escapes and they’re all really surprised cuz he’s hard to beat.

So everyone’s all confused and sad and angry and mostly confused. Then they encounter Lance again but this time Lance is like more angry at them because the evil lion has been telling him how much they never respected him or took him seriously, so that got him to start hating them.

Meanwhile Allura and Coran are trying to look for info in the archives of any evil lion or something, and they found an archive not of an evil lion but a missing lion. Turns out this White Lion was missing for years and it was lost in battle with its pilot. What they didn’t know was that its pilot got corrupt and in turn the White Lion somehow became corrupted as well. So they realise it’s affecting Lance too and they try to help him.

Then more stuff happens and they managed to get Lance and the White Lion back to normal and… Yeah, I don’t know what happens LOL.

This is just a silly doodle/idea thing, so pls don’t take it too seriously. ;7;’
(I also had the idea that maybe for the White Lion the colours are inverted idk.)


Even though Glee was an incredibly flawed show it managed to break many barriers and traditional conventions on television. The show brought awareness to many issues surrounding many minority communities and humanised characters that would have been typically portrayed as caricatures. Though their portrayals weren’t often perfect, barley any shows reach this level of representation. Credit where credit is due. (insp)


Sherlock has been cancelled

Supernatural is now over

Doctor is really gone

Merlin is gone forever

Harry is truly dead

Phil left Dan today

Malec will not happen

Simon is dying, Clary

I still miss Max

Magnus belongs with Camille

Sherlock, John is dead

John, Sherlock has died

Will secretly hates Jem

Yuri doesn’t love Victor

Victor is using Yuri

I think that’s all the fandoms i’m willing to insult.

I love all of these fandoms but i wanted to ruin peoples lives for some reason. Sorry but i o u some pain. (props if you get the reference)

You don’t have to be androgynous to be nonbinary. You can be femme presenting and nonbinary. You can be masc presenting and nonbinary. You can prefer binary pronouns and be nonbinary.

You’re gender identity is not restricted to your gender expression.


      …or the missing half of a spyglass.


  • Me from season one to season five: "Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski forever and always."
  • Season six: *Chris Argent appears in Melissa's kitchen, makes her coffee, goes out on hunts with her, holds her hand while he's lying on a hospital gurney hurt, smiles at her like she hung the moon in the sky*
  • Me, staring at my television: "Nevermind."