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“Who was it, Yuri?” Minami asks. “I didn’t see you leave with anyone last night.” He quirks his eyebrows as if he knows something he’s not saying, and Yuri tenses.

“None of your business,” Yuri says, attempting to roll onto the pillow but Minami snatches it out from under his head.

Yuri groans and pulls the blankets over his face. “I said fuck off ,” he repeats.

“Whatever. Not my business. I heard you,” Minami smirks. His hair is not yet spiked, and it lies against his head, giving his skull a strangely flat appearance, but in the name of good sportsmanship Yuri kindly chooses not to comment on it.

Thankfully, Minami leaves him the fuck alone after that until Yuri has to pack for the plane. He says nothing more than “You missed a spot” when Yuri wraps his leopard-print scarf around his neck. Minami gestures to a spot near his own Adam’s apple, and Yuri adjusts his scarf without even a word of thanks for the reminder.

The Princes as Disney Princesses

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anonymous asked:

I miss your Kristanna fics 😢

Oh nonnie, I’m so sorry!

I feel like I need to apologize to all my KA/Frozen followers, that this blog took such a turn earlier this year :-(

In my defense, it was definitely not something I planned, this certain little movie (and the ship) hit me like a freight train, and I have yet to recover. I’ve been writing a lot for this ship lately, only because that’s where my muse resides right now.

Having said that, I have not given up writing Kristanna! If anyone has any prompts or ideas, I would be more than happy to fulfill them (just like those drabbles I wrote for Nel a few weeks ago). Please feel free to drop me something in my inbox, tag me in something, etc etc

I may not reblog/post a lot of Kristanna stuff much anymore, but they are still very much one of my most treasured ships.

Okay guys, I know we all want to be happy and we f*cking deserve it, but there is something so bittersweet about this finale i can’t not talk about this.
They’re all happy, all our babies are happy, but the’re not free: Flint’s enslaved, Jack will be hanged in a few months, Anne will disappear and and piracy will slowly cease to exist.

They were so close to a war (which they would probably have won) that would have shaped the whole new word and would have meant so much historically. But they bargained it away. In that moment, with Silver and Flint in the forest, we see piracy die.
We see how what they’ve fought for will go unnoticed (their ideals, their hopes, their courage) that history won’t be kind to them and they’ll have no say in that and most of them will simply be forgotten.

They all know it, expecially Flint and I think this tought will creep up on him and he’ll never be free of it. Even if he’s with Thomas.
Jack feels it too, and that’s why he acts like that in the last scene. He fears he won’t have that place in history he’s always wanted.

And what hurts the most for me is that I knew it would have ended like this all along. Still I hoped too, along side with Flint and Madi and the other, for a different and better ending.