please don't judge me too badly

hardcover-kpny  asked:

You don't want Steven Universe becoming a show that brings fans closer together with fun conventions, amazing musicians, and a great outlet for depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.? Bronies aren't bad. Every fandom has there assholes, Steven Universe included. We are a fandom. We aren't a person. Quit saying bronies THIS and bronies do THAT. It's bullshit. The definition of a brony is a fan of the show. You can say "I'm not like others" but don't say "bronies are bad." Please. It's stupid.

I’m not judging SU fans based on the fools saying “We’re gonna take back the Steven Universe fandom from the bronies and guess what, we’re taking back My Little Pony, too!” The fact that you see the term “brony” as negative makes me sad. Brony is not manly. It’s a term used to describe a fan of the new generation. That’s it. End of story. Any connotations it has are a result of people giving in to stereotypes, and if you perpetuate that notion, it will only end badly. I’m not here to say you’re a horrible person. I’m just saying, please don’t use the term “brony” to describe something bad. It’s bullshit that it’s used that way.

Congratulations you have officially caught my attention.

You are apparently a Brony that I offended in my rant about SU and MLP, and I apologize for that

But I will not redact my statement.

First and foremost, I am a brony. I love MLP. I’ve followed the show since it’s incarnation and have also been an active if not retreating member of the fandom. I collect the coloring books, I buy plushes, I have a full Princess Celestia cosplay sitting in my closet.

First and foremost, I am a brony.

But I am not a Brony.

And I never said that Bronies were manly. There is a distinction between bronies and Bronies.

bronies are cool. 

Bronies are douchebags.

Bronies are the ones at convention centers circling around eleven year olds in Rainbow Dash cosplays goading them into coming up to their hotel room with them.

Bronies are the ones who start yelling about which pony is the sexiest and who they’d rather fuck in a movie theatre during the Equestria Girls screening.

Bronies are the ones who work behind the Princess Molestia blogs and then ask the voiceactors at conventions about whether or not Celestia would rape anyone.

Bronies are the ones drawing sexualizied MLP characters and making it unsafe for little girls to search for MLP shit on Google.

There is a difference between a brony and a Brony.

bronies are fine.

Bronies are bad.

Thank you for your opinion but I will not be swayed on mine.