please don't judge me ;(


Ok so I made this ages ago and I never posted it because it was bad but I’m posting it now because it bothers me to see this crappy video in my computer without getting posted. Also I dared to post crappy Weeabootale “animations” so it can’t be worse lol (r-right????)

also the animations aren’t fast enough since my phone app couldn’t make it faster so here are better gifs:

voilà voilà.

oh yeah, here’s the original video btw.

No I didn’t die 23456765433456654 times against him why do you lie.

well it doesn’t matter since now I became a real pro against him hon hon hon

Edit: wow 100+ notes?? Thank you so much!! Even if it’s an old thing, I’m glad you like it!! (Because it was still long to make…xD)

Early apologies to anyone who follows me who actually reads my shit
I beg you not to judge me okay I’m still questioning and exploring this new thing I have discovered-

So I’ve noticed there’s lots of monster boy/human girl or monster girl/human boy in the teratophilia tag but?? Where’s my human boy/monster boy?? Human girl/monster girl??

A 10'0 tall monster with scales and horns and curved claws wrapped around his 5'8 tall human with freckles and soft spiky hair and a cocky grin because hey, look, my true love is this huge, terrifying monster who’s actually a marshmallow.

A 9'8 tall demon with feathers and spikes and long teeth carrying her 5'4 blonde, chubby and angelic girlfriend on her shoulder with a proud look because she has the best human who loves her even though she’s non-human and her human is just as proud because her monster is so sweet and kind and shy around her.

Like where are my gay monsters guys-

Mystic Messenger and Yuri On Ice got me like

I’m babysitting right now but the kids are just studying so I’m on my phone desperately trying to keep up the facade that I’m a cool older kid with tons of friends to text and hide the fact that I’m literally fake texting fake Korean boys or reading gay fanfiction about gay figure skating anime boys. Please don’t look over my shoulder, I beg you.