please don't hold it against me!!!

@delectablezanylady12  lmao I’m not gonna block you because your dumbass responses make my day because they’re a reminder of just how fucking stupid the homophobes that are left in this world are so when you reply to this please know that you are making a dyke carpet muncher very happy thank you for that god bless

tbh I just want someone to hold me, look at me like I’m the best thing that ever happened to them and the best thing that will ever happen to them, and feel their smile against my lips. I want someone to love me and I want to love them back

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Acacia Brinley but if she ends up playing Alaska Young there is a chance that I will not be going to see the movie.
This is a character that I hold very dear to my heart and was disappointed when the movie was announced.
Just please give Alaska an actress who can portray her complexity without tearing apart the wonderfully bewildering character that John green managed to create.

Marvel, please give me a scene in Cap3 where Steve and Bucky finally reunite and they fall into a hug. Where Bucky closes his eyes and puts his face against Steve’s shoulder, breathing him in. Where Steve responds by tightening his hold, leaning into Bucky’s hair. A scene where two boys out of time just cling to each other, remembering everything that was, and not wanting to let go.

Because two best friends who were willing to die for each other deserve a strong, emotional reunion. It’s been seventy years. Let them hug. 

all of these games (we play)

summary: 29. rival CEOs who secretly fuck au. send me a prompt from this list. requested by kayla-ships-klaine-and-destiel, and 4 other Anonymous users.

word count: ~ 2,900 

rating: m. i’m serious.

a/n: ok mostly just smut and some feels, but MOSTLY SMUT. is under the cut bc some people won’t want to read this. now let me go fly to alaska without internet and never be seen again for writing this.

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hummingbird heartbeat - pt2

part 1 )

The videos seemed to come out about once every two to three weeks. The video cover of Wiz Khalifa’s Work Hard, Play Hard was just the audio over a montage of angry cat pictures. Bitty voted it up immediately. The video of Britney Spears Hold It Against Me was preceded by a rambling explanation of why Sweetie hadn’t covered it yet, despite having been asked repeatedly to do so in comments.

“Sometimes it takes me a while,” he said, hands busily tuning the guitar, “to come up with the arrangement, and then I have to figure out what it is that I want to do. You know?” A pause. “And I had to take my cat to the vet. She has this toy –”

The video went through a whole story about how Sweetie’s cat had chipped its tooth and he’d rushed it to the vet in what sounded like a panic. It was adorable, truthfully. That cat clearly meant the world to him.

Bitty started leaving comments on the videos. 

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Literally just call this past week National Brallie Week because it was amazing.

Monday: Beautiful scene talking about Dani and an amazing hug. Promo with them HOLDING HANDS and talking about telling moms. Audio from the duet in the second half of the promo.

Tuesday: Sneak Peek video of their BEAUTIFUL duet scene, Jeff from AfterBuzz jumped aboard the ship after notoriously being against them since Season 1.

Wednesday: TVLine calls 3x19 “an important episode for Brandon and Callie” and Bradley discusses the “different versions” of the star crossed lovers storyline.

Thursday: Script is posted and it’s discovered that ‘Callie Jacob’ is listed instead of Callie Adams Foster (!!!!!!) Freeform posts video interviews with David where he talks about Brallie being in love ~present tense~. 

Friday: Sneak Peek montage video released featuring more of the duet “what’s in a name?) and Callie asking about what would have happened if they had just told the moms. Article snippet says that Brandon and Callie “deal with lingering feelings they may still hold for each other”. Bradley tweets the picture of Callie IN the play, teasing us even more.

In between we’ve had countless articles and podcasts and interviews hint dropping about the Brallie storyline, I’m CRYIN how are we surviving this