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Drarry fics II
  • Fanfiction-author: Mmh... I haven't written some good old smut in a while... let's just start with Harry pushing Draco angrily against the wall in a fight...
  • Draco: Potter, what are you doing?
  • Harry: I don't-
  • Fanfiction-author: ... and then Harry draws closer... and closer...
  • Draco: Ew, Potter! Get away from me.
  • Harry: I'm not... I don't know what's happening. She's making me do it!
  • Draco: *huffs* Then why do I feel like your wand is pushing up against my thigh... even though you're holding it in your hand???
  • Harry: It's clearly HER fault.
  • Fanfiction-author: *evil laughter* Wait for what I have prepared for you guys in the Room of Requirement... 😜🎁🎉🎊😈😉
  • Draco: What the hell? 😳
  • Harry: *panicking* Oh no. Please don't make me lose my virginity to him.
  • Draco: Hahaha, you're still a virgin, Potter?
  • Fanfiction-author: Why are YOU laughing?
  • Draco:
  • Fanfiction-author: Also, this is a bottom!draco-fic, so...
  • Draco: WHAT??
  • Ralph: Jack kissed me.
  • Piggy: Oh my god.
  • Sam: Alright. We have to hear this. Eric, get the wine. Does this end well or do we need to get the battle sticks?
  • Ralph: Oh, don't worry, it ended very well.
  • Eric: *getting the wine* Do not start without me. Do not start without me.
  • Simon: Aw, please tell us more about the kiss, Ralph. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?
  • Ralph: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh god, and then we just sort of sunk into it.
  • Sam: So, were you holding him? Or were his hands like on you?
  • Ralph: No, actually first they started on my waist. And then they slid down, and then they were on- well, you get it.
  • Everyone: ooooohhhh
  • [Far away, Jack is eating a burger, while Roger swirls a cup of tea]
  • Jack: And then I snogged him heh.
  • Roger: Tongue?
  • Jack: Yes.
  • Roger: Cool.
Seeing Double

He’s being ridiculous, he tells himself.

It’s sentiment, nothing more, and it’s playing with his senses. Knocking him off balance- Which is a thing not to be borne.

After all, the likeness isn’t particularly striking, once the body’s turned over.

And if the hands are the same size, the nails cut to the same degree of shortness, then what of it? If the hair is of a similar colour and style as that she favours, that’s still no excuse for this ridiculous, insipid… mawkishness which is scratching at his rib-cage. His chest. His heart.

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anonymous asked:

I feel so bitter and upset because of what someone did to me and they don't even acknowledge what they did was wrong. they somehow manipulated me into believing that I was the problematic one when EVERYONE I've asked for advice agrees I did absolutely nothing wrong. i just don't understand why Allah would put me in this situation. I've never done anything to anyone in my life and I've been sad for months because of this one person. Please make dua for me my heart hurts too much.

و عليك السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

Why let one person ruin your day? Or even your life? You are the one who can give the power to someone to either hurt you or not to hurt you.

Something that one of my teachers said to me last year was that, the person you become angry at and hold resentment against will have moved on. They might not even know that you’re angry at them.

But you.

You’ll still be in that same state of anger and you ruin your mood, and relationships because of it. So who’s losing out in the process?

Whatever this person did, put it behind you. Don’t let it ruin your future. If you know you did nothing wrong and everyone knows you did nothing wrong then what’s there to be upset about?

You have such a beautiful example set by the Prophet  (ﷺ). All his life he was persecuted, ridiculed and mocked by the very ones he called family. But how did he choose to respond to them? With forgiveness and kindness. And that’s how people became muslim. His noble characteristics is what softened their hearts towards Islam.

Be a better you. Forgive that person and move on. Even if that person doesn’t forgive you or acknowledge what they did.. just the sense of contentment and peace you’ll feel in your heart because of forgiving and letting go and doing the right thing wallahi, you won’t feel it anywhere else.

And maybe this is your test. And perhaps Allah is teaching you humility and patience through this. And perhaps He’s raising your status in Paradise because you endured the hardships with patience and praising Allah.

Be of the ones whom the Prophet  (ﷺ) mentioned as being the first to be called towards Paradise because they praised Allah in times of ease and in times of hardship.

May Allah ease your heart and grant you happiness in this world and in the Hereafter.

You know me
Now and then, I’m a mess
Please don’t hold that against me
I’m a boy with a temper and heat
I know I can be crazy

But I’m not just a fuck-up, I’m the fuck-up you need
I don’t hear nobody when you focus on me
Perfectly imperfect, yeah, I hope that you see
Tell me you see
‘Cause I know that you’ve been thinking 'bout it

Don’t leave
Shut your mind off and let your heart breathe
You don’t need to be worried
I may not ever get my shit together
But ain’t nobody gonna love you better
Don’t go
What we have here is irreplaceable
No, I won’t trade this for nothing
I may not ever get my shit together
But ain’t nobody gonna love you better than me, yeah
Love you better than me

In a room full of people with you
I don’t see anybody else, no
When we fight, and you’re right
So sorry, I make it just so difficult

But I’m not just a fuck-up, I’m the fuck-up you love
We ain’t like nobody else, tell me so what
Perfectly imperfect, yeah, baby, that’s us
Baby, that’s us
'Cause I know that you’ve been thinking 'bout it

Don’t leave
Shut your mind off and let your heart breathe
You don’t need to be worried
I may not ever get my shit together
But ain’t nobody gonna love you better
Don’t go
What we have here is irreplaceable
No, I won’t trade this for nothing
I may not ever get my shit together
But ain’t nobody gonna love you better

Sitting in the living room
You look at me, I stare at you
I see the doubt, I see the love
I have and it is all for you
Let me wrap myself around you, baby
Let me tell you you are everything, you are
Losing my words, I don’t know where to start

But baby, don’t leave me
Shut your mind off and let your heart hear me
I won’t trade this for nothing
I may not ever get my shit together
But ain’t nobody gonna love you better

Don’t leave
Shut your mind off and let your heart breathe
You don’t need to be worried
I may not ever get my shit together
But ain’t nobody gonna love you better
(There ain’t nobody gonna love you better than me)
Don’t go
What we have here is irreplaceable
No, I won’t trade this for nothing
I may not ever get my shit together
But ain’t nobody gonna love you better than me, yeah
Love you better than me

adamantseal  asked:

Hello Sister. I am Orthodox, but I hope you won't hold that against me :) I haven't been to church or received communion in over a year. I miss God but I am afraid to go back. Every time I was in church before I stopped going, I would start crying uncontrollably and have to leave. I have anxiety and depression. I am working with my doctors to treat it. In the meantime, I don't know what to do. I was never scared before this happened. Please pray for me.

Hello my Friend! ☺️ Thank you for sharing your story with me & I absolutely love the fact you are Orthodox. I respect & love Eastern Spirituality. I am with you in your struggle & I’m praying for you. God has His own time of healing you. Trust as much as you can. Don’t force yourself into anything at this time. Pray. Find your favorite place where you can pray & be with God comfortably. The time of healing will come. Prayers! 🙏

There is a common trope in phanphic that I have never understood:

In all the phics I’ve ever read(granted,they were fics where E/C was endgame), Raoul has always been very reserved when it comes to giving affection.

I can understand this when they are both in public and he only does small things like hold Christine’s hand or giver her peck on the cheek for propriety’s sake, but when they are alone he’ll just kiss her and that’s it. If Christine so much as experimentally flicks her tongue against his bottom lip, he recoils from her.

The man is a naval officer and a member of high society with more money than he can spend in a lifetime. He‘s wined dined at least a few women before he found Christine again.

Don’t sleep on Raoul.

Catch me not
  • Emil: If I run and jump at Mickey, he will almost definitely catch me.
  • Mila: I don't think-
  • Emil: *runs towards Michele*
  • Michele: NO, I'M HOLDING COFFEE!
  • Michele: *dodges Emil so he ends up slamming his face against the floor because he's heartless like that and doesn't give a shit*
  • Mila: well that went well
  • Sara: I bet if I did it he would catch me
  • Sara: *runs at Michele*
  • Michele: OMG SARA!!!
  • Michele: *flings coffee out of hand, kicks Emil away and plants his feet far apart and opens his arms wide easily catching her in his arms*
  • Michele: please don't be so reckless
  • Sara: *laughs*
  • Emil at Michele: I fucking hate you
  • Michele: really?
  • Emil: no
  • Mila: *stares into the camera like she's on office*
all of these games (we play)

summary: 29. rival CEOs who secretly fuck au. send me a prompt from this list. requested by kayla-ships-klaine-and-destiel, and 4 other Anonymous users.

word count: ~ 2,900 

rating: m. i’m serious.

a/n: ok mostly just smut and some feels, but MOSTLY SMUT. is under the cut bc some people won’t want to read this. now let me go fly to alaska without internet and never be seen again for writing this.

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“I feel like sleeping my life away right now.” She said quietly, burying her face in her knees.

“No, don’t.” He replied as he moved closer to her, close enough to wrap his arms around her.

“I know things are rough now but you need to know that you are not walking alone. If you think that you are going to go through all of this alone, know that I won’t let that happen. I will take your hand and shoulder all of the worries, pain, burdens, and everything that fucks you up, together with you.”

“Listen,” he said to her, resting his chin on her head, “no matter what happens, I’ll hold your hand and we will go against the world.”

“You will always have me by your side, you know?”
—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #89 // I won’t leave you, so please don’t leave me.”

Pairing: MakoGou [Free!]

Warnings: Lots and lots of smut (o///u///o)


He shouldn’t be surprised. He should’ve seen it coming. So when Gou entered the clubhouse -coincidently while he was changing back into his uniform- he shouldn’t have been surprised, he should have seen it coming. But this is Makoto we’re talking about, of course he was shocked to see her there, standing on the doorframe against the orange shades of the setting sun, head tilted innocently to the side, eyes piercing right through his, and of course her teeth biting down her lower lip. 

He almost chocked.

When was the first time he saw her do that? It was the exact same day Gou started this little rendezvous between them.

Under the blazing sun in the middle of practice, Makoto felt a slight brush against his naked skin.

He was startled but he didn’t move. He remained sitting on the edge of the pool, as the intrusive touch traced a sloppy pattern against his back. It was a strange feeling, maybe because he was still soaked, but the faltering caress sent shivers down his spine.

He kept his eyes on front, fixing his gaze at the bickering Rei and Nagisa on the other side of the pool. What was he supposed to do? The owner of that indiscreet finger was most certainly Gou, since Haru was diligently completing his menu for the day. Makoto was more than aware of Gou’s obsession with muscles, but she had never taken her admiration into an actual physical contact.

Just when his mind was drilling for a correct course of action against the manager’s sudden activities, he heard a small gasp and then the caress was gone.

He felt Gou stand up, and he heard her clear her throat.

“Okay! Practice is over!” her cheery voice announced, as he heard her footsteps getting away from him.

Makoto stood up as well, when he spotted Haruka getting closer to the edge. Makoto offered him his hand, and after he helped his friend out of the pool, her troubled face caught his eye.

What trapped his attention wasn’t her furrowed brow, or her flushed cheeks, but her teeth biting down on her lower lip and her shy gaze set on him. At that moment, he didn’t know why that sight was enough to stop him on his tracks.

However now, as she makes her way towards him, closing the door behind her back and he remembers his shirt remains unbuttoned, he feels the adrenaline rush. Makoto curses inwardly, because he’s unable to move under her persisting stare, because he’s helpless when it comes to Matsuoka Gou…

And because she’s biting her lip again.   

The second day was when he noticed her hands were trembling, as they began travelling down his back. Never mind that she had boldly touched him again in the middle of practice, only this time she hadn’t limit herself with a finger. She pressed both her hands flush against his trapezius, her fingers pressed against his flesh, memorizing every curve, touring his back as if it were a map, sending heat through his body. Her fingers opened, grazing as much skin as they could.  Makoto was lost in the way she seemed so daring, but her small hands betrayed her as they were shacking.

But the excursion had to end somewhere, so when the mischievous little digits brushed against his waist, he felt ticklish. Fearing he might crack a chuckle and divulge to the rest of the team the manager’s little intrusion, he turned around to tell her to stop.

Gou was startled with Makoto’s sudden reaction, crouching behind him, her hands left his body and curled in front of her in a shy manner, her cheeks were rosy and her eyes were set on his with determination. The contradiction again.  He could only stare back at her, his mouth opened in a loss of words, for he had no reason to cover for her indiscretions, and yet that was exactly what he was planning to do. Why was it that for the small of a moment he felt like he didn’t want her to stop? Why was it that he felt oddly in debt to the shy yet forward Matsuoka Gou?

But just like that, his musing was cut short when she stood up and her hand tucked some loose strands of hair behind her ear. And she flashed Makoto a look filled with meaning, a meaning he couldn’t comprehend just yet.

Then, she did it. She bit her lower lip, eyes never leaving his. To say he was confused was an understatement.

That’s just the way it is with the paradox that is now standing in front of him, savoring the moment, rejoicing in having successfully paralyzed her pray. Gou lifts a finger and places it on Makoto’s half-opened lips. She makes a shushing sound and his Adam’s apple bobs in his throat as he swallows.

Her hand shoots upwards, around his neck and onto the back of his head, nestling in his olive colored hair, grabbing a fistful and lightly tugging it, just as she knows he likes. Her other hand supports her, as she places it against his uncovered chest, standing on her tiptoes and her body flinging forward. Her mouth opens and she captures the tender skin of his neck in between her lips.

Makoto can’t help but wonder how is it that she knows how to drive him crazy. Despite the fact that all he can really think about is how there’s a spot right under his jaw that stirs him and that the trail she’s leaving with her tongue is approaching it painfully slow.

His mind traveled back to the day her incursions reached a new nature, from the secret fleeting touches in the middle of practice to a more intimate and private setting.  

It was that day at Haru’s place, after practice, a friendly gathering.  Everyone was cheerfully chatting, well everyone except Haruka who was just kinda there. But her eyes would find his every so often and they would be filled with that something he couldn’t decipher.

The pressure was too much, so he excused himself to go to the bathroom. Makoto splashed water on his face as he tried to make sense of Gou’s actions. The task was almost impossible, so resigned he left the washroom with a sigh.

As soon as he stepped outside, there she was; waiting for him, leaning against the hallway wall. Makoto swallowed and he froze in place.

Gou extended her arms, cooing him to move forward, to reach her. And not knowing why, not finding an appropriate excuse to refuse her, he did. He stepped until he was on her arm’s reach and she placed her hands on his chest. His heart beat madly against her palm and this somehow made her smile, cheeks flushing red.

He mumbled her name –it was almost a question- and this made her look at him in the eye. Stepping on her toes, she did something he would’ve never imagined; she kissed him. Her lips pushed against his almost awkwardly. No matter how forward she seemed, she was as inexperienced as he was.

She seemed to have lost her balance when she pulled away, for she stumbled and he had to catch her by the arms to hold her in place. They remained silent, Makoto staring at her head because she was refusing to meet him in the eye.

But, just when her name escaped his lips again, she looked over her bangs.

And she was biting on her lip.

Makoto’s insides burnt at the sight. He placed his leg in between hers, steading her against the wall, his hands traveling up her arms to settle on her shoulders. And she tugged at his shirt, beckoning him to do something. And so he did; he bent over and he gently hovered his lips over hers, not fully confident in his state of mind just yet.

She moved forward and eliminated the short distance against them, molding her lips against his. Her hands started roaming freely over his chest and threatening to go lower as each finger traced the contour of his abs. Her sweet scent took over his senses and he felt desperation cursing through his veins.

A hunger for something unknown.

This was something completely new to him. This rush was so unfamiliar, and the more reason why it completely took over him. His hand was now pressed against the wall, as the other one found its way to her waist, pulling her against him. Her tongue slipped inside his mouth, and the lack of experience in the fight of tongues made some drool drip to their chins.

It felt so right. It felt so good.  

Gou’s hands dared to go under his t-shirt, hating the barrier that prevented her from completely feeling his muscles. Makoto moaned against her lips, when her nails started a trail on his boiling skin.

But then they heard footsteps and this excursion was over. They untangled themselves from each other, panting heavily as they tried to regain some sanity. Gou gave him that look again and she mumbled something he couldn’t quite catch. He was going to ask but she suddenly turned around and began walking away. He felt like going after her, but she stopped halfway and looked at him over the shoulder.

She was biting her lip.

And now he understood why this always froze him in place. He found that action incredibly arousing. The image was so naughty… And he liked it.

 A bolt of pleasure pulls him out of his memories again. His hazy eyes find Gou crouched in front of him, lightly stroking his arousal, which she has set free while he reminisced.

It’s his turn to bite his lip, as she envelops him with her playful mouth. He stifles a moan and he unties her ponytail so he can bury his fingers on her silky hair.  He starts bucking his hips with the rhythm she has imposed, but soon his knees give in and he feels like he’ll collapse to the floor any minute now.

“G-Gou!” he warns her and she stops, not before giving his head a teasing lick. She thinks she has successfully dominated him again. But this is the funny part; she never does, and this is something she loves about him.

She just needs to light his fire and soon the pray becomes the hunter.

He places a hand on her cheek and she nestles in the caress. But she knows he’s signaling her to stand up, and so she does. He holds her against his body and he takes in the sweet scent of his girlfriend. Yes, this girl is his and his alone.

He flips them and now she’s being pinned against the wooden shelving that serves as the swim team’s lockers. He diligently starts unbuttoning her shirt, marveling at the skin he exposes.

He’s so lucky.

He’s so lucky.

He’s so lucky.

And when he has removed the offending article of clothing he hugs her tightly. Pressing her exposed chest flush against his. She’s not wearing a bra, she likes to tease him during the day, giving him glimpses of something he’d have to wait for.

She’s just naughty like that… and he loves it.

He loves her.

And he rejoices every day at the knowledge that her heart is his.

He had waited for her at the end of practice -the day after their kissing incident. She seemed really surprised, that he was there. But he needed answers. So he walked towards her with determination, his heart beating at her troubled expression. He offered to walk her home and she reluctantly accepted, wary of his sudden change of demeanor.

They walked in silence for a while, and he found himself enjoying her company more than he should. The happy feeling settling on his chest was preventing him to ask about the matter at hand.

He was suddenly afraid that she’d tell him she did all of that out of curiosity; because he was the easiest target, because she just really wanted to feel some muscles. That wouldn’t really be odd, she had always liked ogling at guys anyways.

That sent an unpleasant feeling through his body. He felt angry. What if she was also doing this to other guys?

But that wasn’t really his problem, he had no right over her.

He stopped walking and she noticed a couple of steps later. She turned around and stared at him quizzically, but he still couldn’t find the guts to ask. He probably looked very troubled because she…

She bit her lip.

And that was enough. He found his drive.



“…Why?” he found that he couldn’t actually formulate the question. How could he possibly ask something like that.

“Does it bother you?” she had understood where he was going.

“I-it’s not that. It’s just tha-” but he was cut off by her lips. It was a chaste kiss, prepping him for her chaste words.

“Because I’m in love with you,” she whispered, her face still inches away from his. “And this is the only way I could think of conveying my feelings…”

“It’s not because you like muscles?” he realized he sounded like and idiot, but he hardly cared. She shook her head blushing. “S-so you’d never do this to anyone else, right?” she shook her head again biting her lower lip and he felt like scolding her for doing it, because it made him want to kiss her.

Ah. How he likes Matsuoka Gou.

“Y-yes it’s true that I like muscles and that I sometimes look at other guys but… Suddenly I was watching only you… and I…” How stupid of him to have doubt her. How stupid of him to have made her say those words. This was probably harder for her than it was for him. “I thought I was okay with just that, but it wasn’t enough… I’m sorry for pushing my selfish feelings on you and troubling yo-” He grabbed her by her chin and this time he cut her off with a kiss.

“It’s no trouble at all,” he smiled at her. “I’m new to all of this… But I’m certain that I like you too.”

Somehow, the memory brings a pang to his chest. He’s so lucky to have the innocent yet mischievous team manager in his arms right now. In the club house, where she’s all his. He wishes that he’d realized sooner that he was madly in love with her.  

He feels her hands drawing patterns on his back, under his shirt. And Makoto decides that it’s enough recalling for today. Gou from the present was persistent not to let him ponder anyways. 

“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m just thinking I’m the luckiest man alive,” and she chuckles against his chest.

“There you go being cheesy again…”

“I love you, you know…” when she confessed her feelings for him, she had told him that she loved him, but he had replied that he liked her. Now, that he’s aware of the intensity of their feelings, their relationship, he makes sure to tell her just how much he loves her everyday.

He’ll make up for that day over and over again.              

“I know. I love you too.”

“Mm…” he starts kissing her neck. “I’m glad.”

“Not as much as I am,” she states, because she feels his fingers traveling up her skirt.

She begins to grind against his hand, which has already reached her drenched underwear. She’s already too aroused to loose time with foreplay. But he likes to tease her thoroughly. He likes it when she begs. So he strokes her over her panties and she lets out a pleased whimper.

He pushes the fabric to the side and slides two fingers inside of her, it’s easy because she’s so wet already.  She clings to his opened shirt and pulls him to her lips, where she drowns her moans against his.

Ah. She’s so naughty.

Trying to be in control one more time, she twirls around and pushes her behind against his arousal. Looking at him over her shoulder, biting her lip. She knows he loves it. It drives him mad.

And it does.

He lifts her skirt and he places himself over her buttocks, grinding between her cheeks as he still pumps his digits inside of her. She’s about to be thrown over the edge, he knows it because she’s clinging to the wooden shelves for her life.

She’s moaning his name uncontrollably and he can’t take it anymore. This also counts as begging, he decides.

He removes his fingers and before she can protest; he slams himself inside of her in one thrust, filling her completely. He starts an aggressive rhythm, going in and out of her with desperation. She turns slightly and she grabs him, pulling him by the back of his head, sticking her tongue out so he’d let her roam inside his mouth.

She’s naughty like that.

And he loves it; so he obliges.

Their moans sound choppy -their tongues dancing on a sloppy kiss dulling their cries- and the only other sound being the slapping sound of their violent tempo. His hands travel to her front, where he meets her full breasts. He pitches her nipples and this makes her crumble, she tightens around him and her legs buck.

They fall to the ground, but she holds herself with her knees and elbows. She’s shacking in ecstasy, for she has reached her orgasm. But he’s still not there yet, so he rides her trough her climax; holding himself with his knees, holding her by her hips, watching his member appear and disappear inside of her.

Shoving himself inside of her, until he sees white when his orgasm finally hits him.

Makoto lets out a grunt. He wraps his arms around her and he sits, supporting her back on his chest, refusing to let her go as he continues to spill inside of her.

He places his forehead on her shoulder and he struggles to catch his breath.

“You know… My mother will be late tonight…” she says, resting her cheek against his, grinding her hips slightly so he’ll catch her drive.

“Aren’t you tired?”

She turns around and circles her arms around his neck.


“B-but, Gou!”

And she bites her lower lip.

And suddenly he’s not tired anymore.

“I love you, Makoto…” she bites his ear lobe.

Ah. What’s he going to do with her? Because she’s just naughty like that, and he loves it.

He loves her.

“Me too.”

- - -  

Ahh! I’m sorry I just had this idea of naughty Gou I couldn’t shake off of my head (X///u///X) *hides in embarrassment* I hope you liked it! :3


PIL Headcannon - Fun times for MC  ;)

Anonymous Request: Is there any way you could do a headcannon of the PIL boys eating out MC… thank you! *blushes and runs away*

*evil laughter* momma’s been hopin for a request like this XD


Pinned down to the bed, you had a fistful of sheets clenched in your hands as Alan’s tongue did devilish things to you. He traced your folds decadently with the tip of his tongue, spurred on by the sounds escaping your lips. His hands held your hips up, aiding him in his efforts to devour you.  

Alan growled words of love and adoration against your heated core, causing you to let out a moan and squeeze his head between your thighs as you felt your release fast approaching. 


He lapped up your juices with his eager tongue as you squirmed on the bed, panting your arousal to him. His eyes watched you as he continued his ministrations, watching the dreamy look on your face. The closer you got to your impending release, the more aroused he became. 

He let out a low moan against you, unable to help himself, so lost in you that he thought he’d drown in his own lust. The vibration of his moan sent a shock wave through you and you clenched his hair in your fist, throwing your head back against the pillow. 


Both of your legs were thrown over his shoulders and one hand pressed against your mouth, trying to silence your cry’s as he continued to suck on your most sensitive nub between your legs. His tongue toyed with the pulsing nub, knowing that you were so damned close you could practically taste it. 

You whispered his name repeatedly in your delirious state, wanting him to end your sweet torture. He couldn’t help but to think of how beautiful you looked in your disheveled state, and a dominant male pride erupted in him. With a smile, he obliged, swirling his tongue around your desire. The sudden tautness of your legs told him that you were almost there. 


He attacked your core in a sudden ferocious lustfulness. He showed you no mercy, paying no attention to your voice as you hoarsely shouted out. His tongue delved between your folds, letting the feminine honey coat his tongue and lips as he fed on you. 

Your fingernails dug into his arms as he held you down, pricking his skin with the fierceness of your arousal. He growled against you, wanting more, needing more of you. Feasting upon you until he heard your sudden intake of breath, and knowing it was only moments before you feel over the precipice of desire. 


You were cooing in delight as Christopher’s tongue did sinful things to your core. He looked up to meet your eyes, fire burning within both of your eyes as you looked down at him between your legs. He applied gentle suction upon your nub, loving the way your eyes rolled back into your head as he did so. 

The edges of your sanity were torn away from you and you let out a shrill moan, not caring who heard. Christopher continued, rubbing your body with his free hands as he waited for you to reach your peak. 


Russell’s surprisingly adept tongue was worshiping your heated need. All of his concentration and energy spent on trying to elicit the sounds of lust from you that drove him completely insane. The sounds that were torn from your chest only spurred him on further, feasting with animalistic delight upon you. 

You began whining out your need, so damned close and yet all you needed was just one more little push. Russell smiled against you, hearing you begin to beg him for your release. Desperate for him to give you everything you desired. And he was only so happy to oblige. 


With his eye patch thrown across the room in your endeavors, his eyes lustfully watched you as continued to taste your core. He loved when he felt your fingers kneading through his hair, holding him firmly against your need and crying out his name. His name sounding like a heavenly chant coming from your sinfully decadent lips. 

He chuckled deviously, pulling away slightly only to hear your meek protest. The way your eyelashes fanned on the tops of your cheeks, the flame lighting up your cheeks, had him fiercely ignoring his own desire. He returned a moment later, loving the way you tasted, and how you sighed his name in delight.

Gone with the Wind {Sentence Starters}
  • "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."
  • "I'm going to live through this and when it's all over, I'll never be hungry again."
  • "You can't leave me! Please! I'll never forgive you!"
  • "I only know that I love you."
  • "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy."
  • "I'm very drunk and I intend on getting still drunker before this evening's over."
  • "No, I'm through with everything here. I want peace."
  • "That man looking at us and smiling. The nasty, dark one."
  • "You can take it all back to the kitchen; I won't eat a bite."
  • "If I said I was madly in love with you, you'd know I was lying."
  • "I'm not kind, I'm just tempting you."
  • "With enough courage, you can do without a reputation."
  • "So, you see I shall have to marry you."
  • "You're coarse, and you're conceited. And I think this conversation has gone far enough."
  • "And I suppose you think you're the proper person."
  • "If you go, where shall I go? What shall I do?"
  • "You're like the thief who isn't the least bit sorry he stole, but is terribly, terribly sorry he's going to jail."
  • "I love you. Because we're alike. Bad lots, both of us."
  • "Don't hold me like that!"
  • "No, I don't think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly."
  • "I'm leaving you, my dear."
  • "I hoped against hope that you'd call for me, but you didn't."
  • "You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how."
  • "No, you're wrong, terribly wrong!"
  • "You think that by saying, 'I'm sorry, all the past can be corrected."
  • "Please, please take me with you!"
  • "I'm not asking you to forgive me. I'll never understand or forgive myself."
  • "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry for everything."
  • "I wanted you desperately, but I didn't think you wanted me."
  • "My darling, you're such a child."
Hurts Sentence Meme
  • "Just take my hand, I'll make it feel so much better tonight."
  • "It's such a beautiful lie."
  • "Forever I'll fight."
  • "And I would give you my devotion. Til the end of time."
  • "Strip me of shame."
  • "Time waits for no one."
  • "Inside the heart of every man there is a lust you understand."
  • "We are all illuminated."
  • "Cause I'm down on my knees begging you, please."
  • "I will let the devil no that I was brave enough to die."
  • "You've got to lose inhibition - romance your ego for a while."
  • "I will never be forgotten."
  • "I've got nothing left to live for, got no reason yet to die."
  • "Fill me with rage and bleed me dry."
  • "Blood, tears and gold won't make it any better."
  • "Don't cry, mercy."
  • "Before you I had nowhere to run, nothing to hold on to."
  • "Rage on against the dying light."
  • "So we will say goodbye girl and watch as the world burns."
  • "I don't need this life, I just need somebody to die for."
  • "There's too much pain to come."
  • "leave me in chains."
  • "So just let the heads roll and we'll stand on this world alone."
  • "Now there's no way back from the things you've done."
  • "So change your mind and say your mine."
  • "Forgive my thoughts when I'm asleep."
  • "Heres hoping, you'll help me to be brave."
  • "Cause I know this loves seems real, but I don't know how to feel."


- ✼ -

It’s all warm sheets and steady breathing until he tenses. “Where’s Pooh?”

Despite having aching muscles and being hesitant to get up, you decide that his happiness is more important than your comfort. You go get Pooh off the shelf and settle back into his arms; his gentle smile makes the trip worth it.

You can tell by the silence that he’s absentmindedly petting Pooh’s head, but soon his soft voice interrupts the quiet. “I’m sorry.”

His voice is a little muffled against the back of your neck. It’s hard to see his expression in the dark but you shift slightly anyway.

“That I always need Pooh,” he clarifies, and pauses to gather his thoughts. “I know it must be kind of weird. It’s just.. a lot of the time I feel overwhelmed. Like, everything changes so fast and I’m scared to fall behind. So I like to - to have Pooh with me because he never changes no matter which rink I’m skating in, or which new faces are in the crowd, or which country I’m adjusting to. Does it - do I sound crazy? I sound crazy. I’m -”

“I understand,” you whisper, your fingers ghosting along his cheek to reassure him. “You’re not crazy. I understand, he’s your anchor.”

He sets down the bear to hold you a little tighter. “I hope you know that you come pretty close,” he says, and you smile against his chest.