please don't go to germany

Not to burst your bubble, but we European side of the Hetalia fandom would love to remind you that

  • we have no Walmart. We have LIDL and other chains.
  • Supermarkets and stores are generally smaller, also seen the density of population is higher
  • we don’t use dollars. We have many other currencies, most of us use euros.
  • Our countries are all old as balls
  • We have different laws, especially when it comes to legal age. Eg Alfred could buy alcohol in Europe.
  • Most countries have free public health care, even in private centers you spend less than in the US
  • We are roughly 715 millions. Europeans, despite the various  ethnicities and cultural diversity, are considered white.
  • Less than 4% of the total population are immigrants. If you want POCs, draw African characters. We need and like them too.
  • We don’t have all the products you buy in the US. Some are banned because they contain unhealthy chemicals, some just don’t get sold here.
  • Also, there are cultural things that belong within the US area and make no sense to us. Like, we write day/month/year. Nobody would get the 4/20 joke.

    We just wanted to point out that your headcanons are fine, but stop making them Americo-centric when dealing with people from other continents, please. Here in Europe as well we’re having it different than you.
    Thank you.
You know you're in too deep if you get overexcited just walking through the bedding area in Ikea