please don't ever leave us

I know now that I love you more than anything. That the moment I should think about how I would survive, the only thing I could think about was you. And if I would meet you again. And I am so afraid of loosing you and never seeing you again. And I know it’s difficult for us now and no one of us knows if we will ever have a chance but what I want most right now, what I wish from the bottom of my heart is to have a chance to tell you how I feel, how much I love you and how wonderful person you are.
God, I miss you, I miss you so so much. I don’t wanna lose you. But only a miracle can save our love right now. Only a miracle.
—  moonstone-girl

anonymous asked:

This "you're too old to be on Tumblr" hate that people are getting is absolute crap, and telling people that because they're mums that they shouldn't be here is stupid. You know what, Bonnie? You're our mum and I don't know what we'd do without you here to love us. Please don't ever leave.

Awww, thank you, doll!  I’m happy to be your Tumblr mum, and I’ll do my best to stick around for as long as you want me to!

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In 2009, President Jimmy Carter severed ties with his former church due to his philosophical disapproval of their teachings.  He has also supported same-sex marriage and science while managing to still be a devoted Christian, proving that tolerance and rationality are not incompatible with spirituality.

And also proving that not all old white guys are the enemy.  Jimmy Carter for World President.