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You know that last post got me thinking: what is up with the these alleged fans who don’t think Star Wars is funny? Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely am here for the Skywalker Family Drama (because hello I have a pulse) and the Kenobi Sads and the Lore but like…at the end of the day? Star Wars is ridiculous! It’s so delightfully humorous. How do people not see this?! Who are these guys and why don’t they want to actually have fun with any of this nonsense?


Victor Nikiforov // History Maker ❉ 

Vodka was easier to swallow than the fact that you weren’t coming back.

Someone asked me who my fave haikyuu is but since I don’t have an answer to that I just drew the bokuro again

Last night I stayed up until the bitter end, cried myself out until I was more exhausted than I have been in a long, long time, and tried to get some sleep. Two hours later, I got up to go to school.

At school I looked students in the eye all day. Students who are Black and Latinx, almost exclusively. Who are from immigrant families or immigrants themselves. Who are disabled. Who are queer. Who are women. Who want answers. Who trust that I, somehow, can give them.

Today I and every teacher I saw made ourselves raw with talking about this. I left school shaking and I might still be. It is my job to explain to these kids what happened, to assuage their fears, to listen to their thoughts and tell them I stand with them, we stand with them, a vote does not mean there are no longer good people behind them.

All day I wanted to ask my mentor-teacher if I was doing this right, to settle my fears that I too was failing these kids again, because how the hell do you handle this?

You tell students about it in the same way I’m telling you, by and large, I guess I’ve learned.

Elections in the US rely on a peaceful transfer of power and we have to let that happen, but as Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton said in her concession speech today, that does not mean allowing bigotry. Bigotry is not a democratic value, and I refuse to let it slip in as one (Huffington Post: What do we tell the Children?)

We get angry. We get sad and angry and we grieve and we shout and we find our safe space to do this in and we don’t let anyone take that away from us, and we don’t let anyone take it away from our friends, our neighbors. We process, we prepare.

We survive. We survive out of spite and then we thrive out of spite when we can. We look out for our fellows and or neighbors because we are still decent human beings and we do not let that value be hidden.

We fight. We find our causes and we step in, on whatever level is the level for us. We vote in every election, from the most seemingly inconsequential town election on up. We prepare for the midterms. We know our congresspeople and we know our preferred way to contact them. We keep the pressure on Congress.

We be the record keepers. We do not allow the world to forget what happens, so next time we’re here, next time the country is divided on such lines, next time bigotry is on the ballot, next time the sharpest and most evident ideological and economic divide in America we have seen becomes evident, we handle it differently.

And then we look ahead. We allow no one to forget. We keep our fights moving, we keep planning and adapting and fixing. We keep protecting and surviving and never, ever plan to stop.

That’s what I told my students today. That’s what I’ll tell you. Last night was a tragedy, it was emotionally devastating, and on many ways I cannot physically engage right now. But Secretary Clinton gave us a well thought out, beautiful, powerful concession speech, and I am going to listen to her. Nothing I’ve said here is easy, and Secretary Clinton knew that when she spoke too. Nothing here sounds even remotely easy, especially to some of us. For me, mourning and then surviving is all I can expect and ask from anyone. But this is my plan, for me. I’m mourning and grieving, but when I’m ready, I’ll move on, and I’ll look forward, and I will make double sure to look out for my neighbors, because if we don’t look that way, the future isn’t going to look much better.

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Do you watch steven universe? and if so, do you have ideas for any gem forms for the hamilton crew?

*slams hands down onto the table*

Ok first of all yes, I freakin’ love that show!

And second, I have literally been dying to do a Hamilgems au. I have so many ideas and designs and god I just can’t wait to show them off!

Hamilton: Citrine, Gem is on his forehead, Weapon is a saber

Laurens: Snowflake Obsidian, Gem is over his heart, Weapon is a pistol that shoots fire charged ammo (because volcanos)

Lafayette: Axinite, Gem is on his back between his shoulder blades, Weapon is an axe (because axe puns)

Mulligan: Red Spinel, Gem is on his left upper arm, Weapon is a spiked gauntlet

Jefferson: Pink Zircon (because Jefferson), Gem is on his left palm, Weapon is a French rapier

Madison: Amber, Gem is on his right cheek, Weapon is a short dagger

Phillip: Snowflake Obsidian (winks evilly), Gem is over his heart, Weapon is a normal pistol (Ham and Eliza freak the fuck out)

And then I had Burr, Ange, Eliza, Peggy, Maria, and the Theodosias as humans with Theo Jr kind of being like Connie. kind of?

I also think I’m going to stop here because they only wanted gem form ideas, but boy do a have a story-ish thing planned! And I’d be more than happy to share if anyone ever asked, *wink wink*


Remington (my OC)

oral deaf problems

me: *tries summarizing a news story I read today*

parents: speak more clearly, better! You’re not making any sense!

me: *tries summarizing with different, similar terms and simpler language, and fumbling for words at times because talking has never been my strong point conversation wise*

me: And this is why I hate talking with you guys, what I say NEVER makes sense to you most of the time and you also hate the way I sound. I hate talking.

parents: that’s because you sound like this! *does a bad imitation of my voice* If only you didn’t talk like that!

me: -___________-


Don’t watch Hwarang episode 6
It’s amazing but it will make you cry and if you didn’t already have second lead syndrome for the king, you definitely will now
I repeat: don’t watch Hwarang episode 6

I have come to realize that I am like an old 20-dollar bill—crumpled, torn, dirty, abused, and scarred. But I am still a 20-dollar bill. I am worth something. Even though I may not look like much and even though I have been battered and used, I am still worth the full 20 dollars.
—  “You Are My Hands” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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remembers ffvii au wallace
…. :O

I’m Sorry - Solangelo

In which Will is a lying, cheating asshole. (In no way is cheating on your partner ever okay, please don’t do it)

Word count: 935

“I’m going to go shower, then we can head out,” Will informed Nico, before grabbing his phone and his towel and locking the door. Nico didn’t think anything of it, just got ready to go out for dinner.

Looking back, he should have seen the signs. Nothing too obvious, but when you stack them all together, it was the equivalent of a flashing neon sign saying ‘I’M SEEING SOMEONE ELSE". Nico hated himself for taking so long to piece things together.

First, it was having a password on his phone, when he had never bothered before. It was just in case it got lost, he said.

Then, he never left his phone out of his reach. Notifications were turned off. Showering? Bring it with him. Sleeping? Placed safely under his pillow. Anywhere else? Tucked safely in his pocket or grasped firmly in his hand. He was never without it.

There had been a bruise on his hip, but that was from 'bumping into a corner’.

They hadn’t gone out on a date in months, barely cuddled, and rarely slept together. Will was 'just too tired’, and, 'Raincheck? I don’t feel like it’.

Nico hated himself for letting it go on for so long. He hated thinking of all the times he said I love you only to get a mumbled reply or a head nod in return. Hated thinking what they must have thought of him, the two of them laughing at how stupid and naive he must be for them to be together right under his nose.

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Arzaylea: ‘People I went to high school with are literally doing what they were doing 5 years ago.’

Ummmm….. you don’t even have a job? And never even had one or any other type of adult responsibility? Like paying rent or bills? You are not getting through life by working for and earning the things you have like the rest of us but by scrounging off others who do work and achieve things by themselves?Where on earth did you get this sense of superiority that makes you think it’s ok to laugh that others who unlike you, are living in the real world and earning a living for themselves? You have nothing in your life that you worked for? Even your paid/sponsored Instagram posts and lip fillers came off the back of Luke’s and 5SOS’s popularity and not your own? 

Get a job and join the rest of us in reality because with that you’ll get a sense of what it’s like for someone who hasn’t taken advantage of others and leeched off them. You really should not be proud or happy to be a freeloader because it really is shameful. If Luke dumped you tomorrow where would you live? How would you provide for yourself? I suppose that’s where the safety net of Dad and your trust fund comes in?