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is it weird I sort of ship bits and whiskey? like, calling him by his first name, all the animosity between them (mostly on whiskey’s end) at the beginning of this year, whiskey supposedly being pretty hockey-focused and bits cheering him up after the season – it’s all kind of reminiscent of zimbits, honestly.

Pidge: Ok, so don’t get too excited, but I’ve worked out a way to connect the laptop to the internet…
Lance: Pidge how the quiznak did you think I was not going to get excited about this?!?!?!
Hunk: Anything I can help with?
Pidge: Ok, so the thing is that from our end it’s pretty simple right, I mean it’s just a case of sending and receiving correctly coded signals, and my laptop has the inbuilt hardware for all that. The real problem is that we’re light years away, and even with the ship’s range, it’d take years for our signal to reach Earth, and we can’t use the speed-enhanced Altean frequencies because it has to fit in with the existing architecture, and then coming back there isn’t enough range anyway and-
Keith: Pidge, breathe
Pidge: …Anyway, if we had a way to transport the signals instantly we could simply relay them back and forth through, say, a wormhole specifically designed to transport waves rather than matter?
Hunk: But the only way to do that is if….
Pidge: … yeah

Shiro: I can’t believe you’re seriously debating asking the princess to use her Altean energy so the castle can get a wifi signal
Shiro: *leaves*
Other paladins: *ashamed shuffling*
Five minutes later
Shiro, running back into the room: SHE SAID YES!!



ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore

You don’t have to be androgynous to be nonbinary. You can be femme presenting and nonbinary. You can be masc presenting and nonbinary. You can prefer binary pronouns and be nonbinary.

You’re gender identity is not restricted to your gender expression.


female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”


They never went on a spontaneous road trip again



Voltron Mini fic

Lance didn’t mean to turn his coms off, he was just so excited to be on a new, none hostile planet that he just forgot.

Allura had debriefed them all about the planet but he was to excited to listen and when she finally let them go he bolted. He ran out of the castle and far into the woods, taking off his helmet to breath the fresh air and hear the sounds of a living, thriving planet.

He only became more ecstatic when it began to rain, real actual rain. He kept running through the woods until he reached a clearing. It wasn’t big but it was beautiful, with deep green grass and small delicate flowers littered through out the grass. Surrounded by trees on all sides it felt like he was in a small secluded world of its own, with all sounds being dampened and the only thing you can hear is the soft sound of rain hitting the blades of grass.

He set his helmet down at the base of a tree and walked to the middle of the clearing, the grass folding over his limbs and making him feel content to lay there with his eyes closed and let the rain gently trail down his body, cooling the skin as it continued down.

He laid there for hours, the rain never stopping and the temperature steadily decreasing as darkness enveloped the world. He opened his eyes when he saw a large flash of light through the sky and seconds later thunder rumbled so loudly that he could feel it shake deep through his body. There was a lightning storm a few miles away and after watching for a few minutes he realized it was coming in his direction.

He got up and grabbed his helmet sliding it over his soaking wet head and turned his coms back on only to get bombarded with shouts of his fellow Paladins.

“Guys? What’s going on?” He asked, slightly confused and concerned that there might have been an attack. The line went completely silent before again erupting in a course of shouts. “Lance! Where have you been?! We have been trying to get a hold of you for hours!” “You should have been back hours ago! What happened?”

He was taken back by the concern in his fellow Paladins voices, he was only gone for a few hours… right? Another crack of lightning and the roll of thunder sounded before he was able to respond and the others quieted once more. “Lance?” That was Allura, and she too sounded concerned. “Exactly how close to the storm are you?” He turned at looked up at the sky trying to judge the distance. “ I would say about 10 miles, why?” “Lance you need to run now!” Allura shouted, sounding slightly panicked. “What? Why? What’s wrong?” He asked turning back to look up at the sky, watching as the storm moved in closer with each passing minute. “As you know thunder is created when cold and hot air mix, this storm is no different. The night on this planet becomes so cold it freezes everything over. If you get caught in the storm you will die.” She explained, urgency in her voice.

Lance took once last look up at the storm before he took off running towards the castle. No longer was the crack of lightning a calming presence that reminded him of the storms he would watch with his family back home. It became a terrifying presence, and with each flash he could see it growing closer and closer. He hadn’t realized how far he had run before, and now he cursing himself for getting lost in the moment.

The others were still there, encouraging him to run faster and not look back. Pidge was tracking me on her map while simultaneously tracking the storm. She studied it for a while before urging Lance on faster, but she could see the speed the storm was moving and she knew that there was a slim chance Lance would be able to outrun it.

He was only about a fourth of a mile away from the castle when lightning struck a tree off towards the right of him. The world flashed brightly before going dark again and the tree fell to the ground, fire consuming the tree and burning brightly. The tree was too long in both directions to go around and there wasn’t enough room to go under. His only option left was to go over.

He tried using his helmet to talk to the others to see how for behind the storm was but when he tried all he got was static. He looked up then, realizing he must be directly beneath the storm and the electro magnetic build up was what was blocking his radio signal. Turning back to the burning tree he started running again, but when he landed on the other side, his foot had landed on uneven ground and injured his ankle.

Pushing through and running on pure adrenaline at this point he continued running, vaguely noticing the sudden drop in temperature.

When he was close enough to see the castle he could also see his fellow Paladins at the entrance. His attempt to call out to them was lost with the wind and rain still pouring down. He continued on, slightly limping now, until they finally noticed him and they rushed to meet him. Hunk rushed to support right side while Shiro went to his left. Keith came straight up to him and grabbed his face in his hands. “Lance are you okay?” He shouted over the storm. Lance just nodded his head and they all rushed to the entrance of the castle.

Once they were safely inside the brought Lance to the common room and placed him on the couch. Hunk hurried into the kitchen to make some warm tea and Pidge ran off to get Lance some dry cloths and warm blankets. While Coran examined his ankle he explained that it would be unwise to use the pods while the storm was going and that he would just have to heal naturally. When Pidge returned with his clothes he was shaking too much to be able to dress himself so Keith and Shiro helped him into his new ones. Once the cold wet clothes were put away, they all crowded onto the couch surrounding Lance trying to help raise his body temperature.

It took a while but he was finally able to stop shaking and fell into a light sleep. He might not be on earth, but right now, huddling together with his fellow Paladins, he was home.


top ten eleven rwby relationships (as voted by my followers)

6. neopolitan & yang xiao long

“you two go on ahead. this one’s mine.”