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Fake Texts w/Jimin | Bestfriend!AU

So I tried something??? Idk what people will think of it or if it’s even any good but I had this in my head for ages and kinda wanna look at maybe doing fake Texts or drabbles or something? Any feedback (((or requests))) would be so very appreciated!!

     you brought out the best of me; a part of me i'd never seen.

After I finished this drawing, upon sending it to myself I realized I misspelled “Justice” as “juicestice”

The second time I emailed this drawing to myself, I found that I had once again spelled “Justice” as “Juicestice”

Despite my best efforts, Juicestice still rained from above™

Anyway hi hello I drew Pharah, she’s v cool

i’ll cry to the end » the nonsensical soundtrack to some weird teenage coming-of-age film

coming of age - foster the people // wake up - arcade fire // breakers - local natives // take care - beach house // easy easy - king krule // itchin’ on a photograph - grouplove // always like this - bombay bicycle club // everybody wants to rule the world - tears for fears // when did your heart go missing - rooney // something good can work - two door cinema club // honolulu - last dinosaurs // apocalypse dreams - tame impala // come on eileen - dexy’s midnight runners // glockenspiel song - dog is dead // you - the 1975

so i just want to say something.

please don’t harass other tumblr users. don’t, for any reason. 

i don’t care if you don’t agree with them, i don’t care if i’m upset by a headcanon they posted. i don’t care. no one deserves to be harassed. 

yes, i’m upset by something someone posted recently, but i don’t want that person to be hurt because i don’t agree with what they said. 

please, don’t harass anyone for any reason.