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-_- mixed feelings about rich butch crisp-suit lady

  • Seokjin: Fire Era Jin. Named after that one Jin Era that everyone can agree on. Pink Grapefruit, Campari and Gin. As pretty and pleasant as expected.
  • Namjoon: Artisan produced Single Malt Whiskey served in a mug for safety reasons. Comes with a haiku.
  • Yoongi: The SugaBomb. Straight Vodka. No sugar. Simple, unassuming but will still kick your ass. Same goes for the drink. Cherry and little umbrella optional.
  • Jungkook: The Jeonmeister. Red Bull, Coke and Jaegermeister. It's all grown up.....but not really.
  • Jimin: Mudslide-Jimin. Bailey's Irish Cream, vodka, Kahlua and chocolate ice cream. Blended. Like a milkshake. Only lethal.
  • Taehyung: Long Island Iced Tae. 5 shots of Vodka, Rum, and Tequila with Triple Sec, Sour Mix, Coke. Tastes subtle but will steal your name and rob you blind. You will wake up in Canada with a dog called Gary.
  • Hoseok: Hope-In-A-Glass. Pineapple juice, Vodka, Malibu and ice. It's delicious, friendly and life affirming. A palate cleanser after the other horrors.
     you brought out the best of me; a part of me i'd never seen.

psa please absolutely 100% send me fanart or just raccoon art that you’ve done or whatever, even if you want only me to see it, or if you want me to post it and have it featured. All y'all are talented and just know that I (Raccoon Man) love all of you and would be honored to recieve your work tbqh


Fake Texts w/Jimin | Bestfriend!AU

So I tried something??? Idk what people will think of it or if it’s even any good but I had this in my head for ages and kinda wanna look at maybe doing fake Texts or drabbles or something? Any feedback (((or requests))) would be so very appreciated!!

Update on the Mike Fuentes situation y'all

so incase some of you haven’t heard, here’s a little update.

apparently there’s gonna be an AP article about the allegations soon. this should contain more evidence/pics and more detail. they’re also allegedly talking to other victims who have come foward but so far i’ve only seen one other story against him (there could well be more, it isn’t exactly clear as of yet.)

still no statement has appeared from Mike or the band, although please realize it takes time for people to gather themselves in these types of situations, and they’re probably going through talks as we speak.

BUT, please remember:

• don’t attack the band, Mike, Alysha or any of their family members

• don’t take every piece of information for truth

• don’t attack the victims/people who have made allegations

• we don’t know who’s in the wrong and who’s in the right yet, don’t be so quick to pick sides

anonymous asked:

I dont know if you know this (and i really hope i dont sound rude) but roa/\ch/\patr/\ol is a pedophile (there are several posts on if you look it up) and idk if you'd want to know so that you could like delete the post or just avoid them in the future or w/e but this is like a heads up i guess? i really hope i dont sound like im tryin to fight this is more of a warning cause i didnt even know till recently. Have a good day!

I know you’re not trying to fight, but I know for sure roach isn’t a pedophile (or a transphobe, or a nazi, or a lot of things people have called him), because I was following him when the whole discourse started, so no, I’m not going to avoid him. If it makes you uncomfortable, you can block him I think (?? I think that’s how it works ??) and unfollow me also. I’m also very wary of anonymous asks without direct sources telling me “x is a bad person just look it up” so if in the future I reblog something from an ACTUAL criminal or nazi without knowing (which has happened sadly) please do it with your blog attached to it and direct sources. Thank you very much, I hope you understand, have a nice day !

anonymous asked:

I don't want to be rude, so sorry, but your "is it worth the discomfort of real queer people" sounds a bit hypocritical. Are dub-con\non-con, incest and adult\minor worth the discomfort of people who's triggered by that, and could have an actual mental breakdown if exposed to it? The fandom answer is yes it's worth it. Your own answer on multiple occasions was "don't like it don't read it'. I won't even mention how no one EVER tags misoginy in fics and gets you exposed to it all the time.

Hi! I understand where you’re coming from, and i do think about this regularly and consistently evaluate my thoughts on how i perceive those issues differently.
As i’ve said before, i support the freedom in fiction. That includes dark fiction as well. There are terrible things happening in real life, and it’s only normal that they seep into fiction. The important distinction, for me at least, is that in dark fiction i know what i’m reading is twisted and wrong. I have a good grasp on the concepts of fiction and reality, and i can keep them seperate without them influencing each other. The way i see it, humans are driven by curiosity. We are curious of things we don’t/can’t understand, and fiction can be a good tool to sate that curiosity if utilized responsibly. I personally have dark thoughts, and dark fiction can be a cathartic way to deal with them. I’m still aware that these things are absolutely not okay, and i’m still aware that the perpetrator is a terrible person that should not be sympathized with. The immorality is still there.
However, when it comes to issues like racism, misogyny, transphobia, and homophobia (this list can go on); if the fictional work that includes them doesn’t represent them in a way that makes it clear that they are not okay, it can lead to altering the readers perception and normalizing oppressive beliefs, which would actively contribute to real oppression of minorities that’s prevalent in our societies. I perceive this differently, because while we’re aware that certain actions are absolutely not moral (e.g., rape, abuse), latent heterocissexism, racism and etc aren’t as overtly recognized or accepted. If you’re not a part of the minority group in question, you can very easily fall into this kind of harmful thinking. The line i see here is that “this character thinks in x way” vs “things work like x way”.
I have one part of your question that i don’t agree with though. I don’t believe that fandom response is that dark fiction is worth the discomfort of people. The response is actually the heavy importance in appropriate tagging. For example, if a work has a rape scene, the author is encouraged to tag and warn for it. As content creators, that’s our responsibility, if not obligation, to make sure our consumers/readers stay safe. The distinction here is that, fandom does not police what can and can’t be created, it instead sets guidelines so people who are vulnerable to such topics are able to blacklist and/or avoid such works. Fandom policing is a very slippery slope, because once you start controlling the content there’s no end. If you’re old enough, you may remember that back when fandoms were new, creators did try to control fiction and that also included “you can’t write anything gay”. Not to mention, such control would also apply to survivors who use dark fiction as a way to cope and process their feelings. Not implying that you have to be to read dark fiction, but such limitations effect the people fandom “purists” are set out to protect as well.
Obviously, there will be people who think differently, and i probably can’t change their opinions. I don’t support normalization of immortal behavior/thoughts, but i also don’t support putting limits in fiction, which should be a safe space to explore vast and various sides of humanity. I don’t think fiction is something we can control, and that’s not just because my personal opinions but also because i just don’t think that’s possible. What we can do is have discussions, educate people, and raise awareness to use fiction responsibly. At the end of the day, i’m not setting out rules for people, they definitely won’t listen to me because neither i, nor anyone else is the authority here. I’m just explaining my side of the discussion, and how i perceive things.

After I finished this drawing, upon sending it to myself I realized I misspelled “Justice” as “juicestice”

The second time I emailed this drawing to myself, I found that I had once again spelled “Justice” as “Juicestice”

Despite my best efforts, Juicestice still rained from above™

Anyway hi hello I drew Pharah, she’s v cool


Golden Boys & Clever Girls

A three part playlist of our favorite golden boys of Dragon age and their roguish women who run the show.

i. Duty

Landscape —  Florence + The Machine

Flags — Brooke Fraser

If — Red Hot Chili Peppers

All This And Heaven Too — Florence + The Machine

King And Lionheart  — Of Monsters And Men

Orphans, Kingdoms — Brooke Fraser

Kings & Queens  — Brooke Fraser

We Will Not Grow Old — Lenka

Forget Me Not — The Civil Wars

Rivers and Roads — The Head and the Heart

ii. Purpose

Heaven Go Easy On Me — The Head and the Heart

Sloom — Of Monsters and Men

Love, Where Is Your Fire? — Brooke Fraser

Poison & Wine — The Civil Wars

Fireside — Arctic Monkeys

I’m Not Calling You a Liar — Florence + The Machine

Devil’s Backbone — The Civil Wars

No Light, No Light — Florence + The Machine

Mountain Sound — Of Monsters and Men

Your Protector — Fleet Foxes

iii. Luck

Someone You’d Admire — Fleet Foxes

Eagle Song — The Staves

After the Winter — Lenka

Josh McBride — The Head  and the Heart

Medicine — Daughter

Never Let Me Go — Florence + The Machine

These Days Are Numbered — The Head and the Heart

Tomorrow — Daughter

Facing West — The Staves

Grown Ocean — Fleet Foxes