please don't delete photo credits or links

A quick note on photo credits

(Sorry to be boring!)

Today and yesterday I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of direct reblogs from me with people removing all credit from the photo, not cool and not appreciated!

As a photographer and filmmaker I use this social media platform to showcase my work, and when the credit is removed and people can’t find me and get in touch easily, I don’t get work, and I don’t get to share more rad trips and shots with you guys. 

I’m just asking that you have a little respect and at the very least leave the “Photo: @ollyjelley“ bit on even if you don’t want the title. 

I do my best to keep it minimal and unobtrusive, no lines of links to my other social sites or huge captions. And for gods sake can you please stop removing my credit in order to post links to your own blogs, instagrams etc.

Sorry to get boring on you, the last couple of days has just been crazy. Just over 150 reblogs, and only 14 people have kept the credit on…

Cheers, Olly