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I keep checking on AO3 for a new update on home ever since your latest one. But when I checked your Tumblr page and saw March......... I died inside!😔😢. So I'm asking, are we really going to see chapter 18 in March?!?! I don't mean to be brutal but I stopped reading chapter 17 to wait and read the new one and it together so I could finally complete something that t really meant something to me. So please for this anon, finish with your darn book and make something out of yourself. For me.


I work on Home every day, anon, as I have for two years. I start at 10am and draw until 8pm. I don’t go to school or have a job because I have severe anxiety. I need more time because the drawings are extremely detailed (click here to see what I mean) and I was recently diagnosed with lupus, which means I’m flat in bed with a fever more often than not.

If by “darn book” you mean the book adaptation of Home I’m working on, I haven’t touched it in two months because I’ve been trying to finish the fic. Please don’t insult the novel. The novel is Home/Raising Home, word for word, with different names and a few adjustments. The story and the artwork is my heart and soul. I cry happily while crafting it sometimes.

So don’t come to my inbox to yap at me to go faster, because I dedicate every ounce of free time to making the last chapter the very best finale possible.

Visual 9: We don't need the bedroom *requested*

“can you make a visual smut about they fucking you in the living room ? rough please, thanks (:”

AN: there isn’t much ‘story’ with these… but I tried even it was just a line. 

click read more if you are ok with sexual gifs

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Please continue No more scenario of Sehun, but can you make it the aftermath of how Sehun feels? You don't need to do this if you dont want to.

No More ~Sehun~ ✕ ✕ [THE AFTERMATH]

Happy endings don’t always happen, so that’s why this scenario may not end how you want it to, but that’s reality

[ Click here to read the original scenario first ]

Sehun woke up the next morning, groaning and tossing from side to side on the bed. His head had been spinning all night for some reason, and he barely got any sleep because of it.

At one point, Sehun gave up on sleep and jumped out of bed. While he trudged to the door, he noticed that you weren’t there beside him.

The bed was empty on your side.

“What the heck?” he mumbled and turned around, stepping through the doorway. “______?” he called. “______, where are you?”

As Sehun went down the steps, his head hurt more and more with every step. “Ah, stupid headache,” he muttered once he finally reached the last step.

When he looked around, he still didn’t see you. And as he listened closely, he couldn’t hear anything at all.

“______, this isn’t funny, where are you?” Sehun called out. He ended up going through the entire place, searching for you. But once he was finished, he finally realized the truth.

You were gone.

Sehun let out a frustrated groan and plopped down on the couch, rubbing his head fiercely. His headache was growing worse now. And still, he couldn’t figure out what was the cause of it.

“_______, go get me some water, my headache is-“ Sehun stopped midsentence when he remembered that you weren’t there anymore. You weren’t there to follow his orders anymore. You weren’t there for him to boss around anymore.

Sehun sat up and stared at the front door. “Why did you leave me?!” he cried out and ran towards the door. “______, where did you go?”

He was breathing heavily by now and to anyone who would have seen him at that moment, he looked like an absolute mad man.

In truth, Sehun really didn’t know the reason why you left. In his mind, it was as if he had done nothing wrong. He did everything for you and treated you right… Didn’t he?

Sehun blinked and sat down on one of the chairs in the living room, staring at the TV.


“That’s all you ever say, sorry. Maybe you wouldn’t have to say sorry so much if you just did things right for once!”

“You never do as I say correctly. You always find a way to mess things up!”

“I’m fine, okay? I don’t understand why you always have to baby me whenever you think I’m upset, when the majority of the time, I’m not even mad at all.”


He couldn’t believe it. The memories came rushing back to him and he finally realized why you left.

It was because of him.

Sehun now realized just how awful he treated you. He was aware of how soft you were, and he took that for granted.

“Oh my gosh,” he mumbled and buried his head in his hands. He took advantage of you and your softness and drove you crazy on the inside to the point where you left.

In reality, it was you who treated Sehun right. You were the one who did everything for him. You were the one who supported him. You were the one that dealt with all the pain until you finally came to your breaking point.

Sehun didn’t realize at this point that he was crying until he felt a single teardrop fall onto his hand. He stared at it with wide eyes, as if he couldn’t believe that he was capable of producing such a thing.

He had no real explanation for his actions, other than the fact that he just took your softness for granted. He had a bad temper in general, and as opposed to a normal person hitting him back with the same coldness, you stood quiet and endured it. And he took that for granted.

“I’m sorry, ______,” Sehun said, even though he knew it was useless. You weren’t there, and you most likely wouldn’t come back. There was no way you’d come back after he crossed the line.

But still, Sehun did the one thing he felt that it was appropriate to do at the moment. As a human being, he couldn’t just let you leave like that with the cold image of him always in the back of your mind. He wanted to at least let you know that he felt guilty for his actions.

Sehun wiped away some of his tears and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He went to his messages and clicked your name, slowly typing out a message:

 I know there’s no way you’d ever forgive me, and I don’t blame you. But I at least want you to know that I really am sorry for everything. I wish you the best, ______. I hope you find someone in the future who will treat you way better than I did because you definitely deserve that. –Sehun

I can remember the good old days,

When you and me used to hide away

Where the stars were shining or the sun was blinding our eyes.

Kodaline - Talk

Decided that I needed more Mikasa and Eren being cute in their downtime and Eren showing affection towards Mikasa because she deserves it! Also Eren with a book because he CAN read.

Please click on the picture because Tumblr makes it look very small :(


taltal / toqtogha / the great historian tuotuo [1|∞]


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hello!!!! i’ve been thinking about this for a while and i think it’d be super cool to do!!

basically, i get itunes allowance each month so i’m often left with far too much money on there than i need, so i thought it would be nice to give somebody else free music!! i’ll let you choose any album off itunes (as long as it’s not a super rare one that costs three times more than usual lmao), i’ll take your itunes email address and i’ll gift it to you straight away!! then bam free album for you :-) 

sound cool?? okay;

  • please be following me!!
  • a reblog will enter you, likes won’t count :-)
  • depending on notes i’ll either scroll and click or use to see who gets it
  • this ends tomorrow night! 

thank you for reading & if this goes well i’ll do it again sometime :-)

After all the time I promised to make icons of Teen Wolf (maybe 3 or 4 months ago) here it go 621 colorful icons of Teen Wolf 3A [per episode] by artjunkpsds! I have been thinking a lot and I decide to give you'll a vote of confidence and I'm posting them as "photo" so you can click on "read more" and see, save (or whatever)my icons BUT I'm only asking somethings in return: don't modify or use it as a base for a more elaborated icon, don't repost or claim ANY of them as yours (as you can see 621 icons takes a lot of time to be made), credit me if someone asks and please, like or reblog this post if you save/use any. If you don't want to do this at least leave a message at my askbox saying that you saved one or some. 

  • Like or reblog if you save and enjoy it.^◡^.

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Preference #10: I don't Think You'll Make It Today Ashton/4

Requested: Yes

ANON- More visuals please

Type: Visuals

Who: Ashton Irwin

Rated: R

If you are not comfortable with images like this please do not click ‘Read More’ Thanks Love

P.S. I’m always taking request

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To read the victim’s empowering letter, click here