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If you’re a fan of Moulin Rouge or Great Gatsby, watch The Get Down because it was created by Baz Luhrmann, who also co-wrote and directed both films. 

If you like musicals, watch The Get Down. 

If you like 70′s aesthetics, New York City, hip hop, or disco, watch The Get Down. 

If you claim to want or support actual representation for people of color, watch The Get Down, which has a majority black and latinx cast and has, like, two white people who only show up a couple times. 

If you want LGBT representation, watch The Get Down. If you want to know a little bit about the history of black and latinx drag culture, ballroom culture, and LGBT culture, watch The Get Down. If you want to see interracial relationships, watch The Get Down. 

If you want to see well written, nuanced women who are complex and who actually make mistakes, watch The Get Down. 

If you want a glimpse into the way working-class people struggle with white capitalism, how poverty subjugates people of color, and the struggles young people of color from these communities face, watch The Get Down. 

Watch The Get Down. It hasn’t received a tenth of the amount of attention it deserves, and we know that it’s because it has a majority black and latinx cast. Tumblr can’t handle such things, but seriously I encourage you to watch it. 

How much

Post 7x11 “Cancel Christmas” (Densi)

The short walk from the car to the front door was spent in silence. A silence accompanied by screaming gazes, shy, trying not to get caught, but if they did the fire could have lit up the entire street.

When they made it through the front door, he had her backed against it in less than a second, his body pressing into hers, trapping her. Her chest was heaving with every ragged breath she took. His breathing was anything but even as his eyes bored into hers, his hands on either side of her head steadying him as he leaned in impossibly closer.

She felt tremors running through her body, making her weak in the knees, and for a brief second she wondered whether this was a California earthquake. Their heated gazes meeting told her it wasn’t.

“I meant it,” his words caught her off-guard and she blinked, trying to make sense of what he was trying to say. Her mind was clouded, clouded with him, everywhere, surrounding her, making it impossible to breathe and impossible to form a coherent thought, let alone a sentence.

She heard herself breathe out a word that sounded like “what”, but she wasn’t sure, couldn’t be sure. Her eyes met his as she tried to read the meaning of his words, the meaning of her own words.

“What I said earlier,” his lips danced dangerously close to hers, and she knew that one more fraction of an inch would do it for her.

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I want to change charater today!
I very very very love Nathanael!! He have red hair, blue eyes and have comic passion! And is so shyyyyy~~
In the case of illustration i think he Wars drawing secretly Marinette, and watch she behind the book. She notices and believe he’s sick so approaching to Ask him how he is. Obviously he takes a show and his heart starts beating very strongly.
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Taking flight.

The flight from Sydney to Queensland wasn’t nearly long enough. Usually, Connor preferred shorter flights, because he was anxious to get to his destination. Lately, the flights seemed to stretch for age, because it wasn’t a place he was trying to get to, but a tall, beautiful boy with eyes that shimmer and a heart of gold. Of late, Connor had been on many long flights, each one whiled away with thoughts of Troye. His brain was on overdrive, flipping from work, to Troye, to Crown selections, to Troye, to his book, and back to Troye.

This flight however, was different. Connor was still consumed with thoughts of his boyfriend, but they weren’t contained to his imagination any longer. Troye was with him, beside him, mere inches away. They arrived at the airport early in the morning after a work event for New Years Eve the day before. They’d been inseparable since Troye and Connor arrived in Perth the day before, but had yet to have any alone time, between wanting to make Tyler included, Troye’s busy schedule for the event, and Connor’s never ending worry of being in the way.  Now, though, all of that was over and done with. They were boarding a flight to New Zealand, to spend 10 days with just each other for company. No meetings, no work engagements, no fan events. Just the two of them, totally focused on each other.

Connor kept his wandering hands to himself, just barely, as he sat beside Troye in the waiting lounge. They were meant to be sitting beside each other on the plane, thankfully, but neither was looking forward to the cramped quarters of economy, not to mention the watchful eyes of the half dozen viewers that had already approached them for pictures. Connor snuck a look over his shoulder to confirm that the girls were indeed still there; watching and waiting for anything they could see between the boys. He let out a frustrated huff and returned to facing forward, being careful not to brush against Troye.

The younger boy quietly watched as Connor observed their fans. He truly loved the viewers, and he knew Connor did too. And they both knew that they would have lots of privacy in their hotel and on the adventures they’d planned for the next ten days. But they were anxious, especially Connor, to be closer to each other. The older boy thrived on physical touch, of even the most innocent kind, and Troye could see him withdrawing inside himself, unable to express himself openly here. As he considered the situation and watched his boyfriend, Troye was struck with an idea, and jumped up. He reassured Connor he’d be right back, and bolted up to the check in desk.

Connor watched in confusion as Troye, smiling widely, chatted with the gate agent. They already had their seats and boarding passes, so he was at a loss as to what was going on. He decided not to worry, and closed his eyes for a few moments. New Years Eve had been a great party, even without the perfect midnight kiss, but his body was not recovered from the combination of jetlag, partying, alcohol, and the cursed hangover he was going through.  Letting himself relax, his mind wandered back to only 6 hours earlier, as the clock struck twelve on the Sydney City Harbour.

Troye was standing on the opposite side of the room, a room filled with cameras. They’d been told ahead of time that footage from the hosts would be used in a montage, so the young couple had already decided not to risk a kiss at midnight. Feeling unable to resist, Troye had moved to stand beside Tyler, leaving Emma and Connor to chat in the corner. Connor smiled along with the crowd as the countdown began, and let his smile grow at the loud cheers of “Happy New Year” spreading through the group. He felt a squeeze from Emma and a nod of her head in Troye’s direction. Connor looked to see Troye, eye’s visibly smouldering from this distance. He gave him an apologetic smile, wishing his lips were otherwise occupied, but unsure if there was anything he could do. Before he had even begun to look away, Troye was stalking across the room towards him, eyes blown wide and focus on his face. Troye clamped his hand around Connor’s bicep and pulled him into the single bathroom off the side of the stage. They closed the door, Connor turning his back to it to look at his boyfriend. Connor stared at Troye with a mix of confusion and love, while the younger boy’s face was hard, eyes sparking. Troye lifted his hands and pressed them against the wall on either side of Connor’s head, toes pressed between Connor’s feet. He crowded him up against the cool steel of the door, and leaned in only a hair’s width away from Connor’s ears. The simple movement had Connor feeling warm in all the usual places, and his breath was coming rapidly. “Happy New Years, babe” whispered Troye; in a voice Connor could only describe as pure sex. A shiver went from his ear down his spine, settling at the bottom of his stomach along with growing warmth. Connor tilted his head away from Troye, hoping the teasing might continue. Taking the cue, Troye pressed his lips to Connor’s jawline, whispering, “I love you” as he made his way off the jaw and down the side of Connor’s neck. The older boy tensed, hands jumping to Troye’s sides, and began to slowly work his finger into the light fabric of the dark sweater. They continued like this, heavy but slow, getting closer together, building up for what was sure to be a perfect first New Years kiss. After a minute longer, Connor’s hands had found the small of Troye’s back, and Troye’s had settled on the sides of Connor’s neck. They pressed their foreheads together, eyes open, each drinking in a sight they’d never get enough of. Connor was the first to give in, eyes fluttering shut and lips parting slightly. Troye’s eyes flashed with desire as he went in to close the gap, only to be harshly thrown off of Connor as the door to the bathroom was flung open. There stood Emma, bright red as she took in the scene. After a few muttered apologies, she scurried away, leaving the boys bright red and uncomfortable. A few seconds past before they could bring themselves to look at each other. The second their eyes met neither could hold it in any longer, and they began to laugh hysterically. The moment, they felt, was definitely ruined.

Connor chuckled bitter sweetly at the memory. He couldn’t count how many times Emma apologized on the ride to the airport this morning, right up until she was ready to drive away after dropping them off. Just then, Connor was snapped out of his reverie by Troye’s return, bouncing towards the chair like a child on Christmas.  He sat gently beside Connor and began to tap restlessly on the older boys thigh. Connor gave him a look of utter confusion before seeing what Troye was holding up in front of his face. “Boarding passes?” Connor asked, not seeing what was so exciting. “FIRST CLASS Boarding passes baby!” Troye giggled, looking extremely satisfied with himself. Connor’s confused face fell into a frown. “Troye, we don’t need that. I am going to be just fine in a normal seat.” Troye returned the frown, before placing the passes on their bags in front of them, and turning to grab both of Connor’s hands. “Conniiiieee” he whined, drawing out the nickname, “You don’t understand! First class has couples pods. Two seats, private room. It’ll be just you and me. No peeking viewers, free champagne, and, did I mention, just you and me?” Connor’s face was frozen. It cracked after a moment, taking in what Troye had said. “But Tro, these are like, really expensive. I can’t ask you to  - “ He was cut off by the briefest of kisses, so short it looked from a distance to be just bumping heads. “Connor Franta, shut up. I know you didn’t ask. But I want to be with you. Ten days is going to be great, but I want to start now. I want to be able to kiss you, to touch you, to whisper in your ear. I want to feel your head on my chest and your fingers in my hair. I left it down for you, and we will not be letting that go to waste!” Troye finished his speech with a very serious look on his face, and Connor gazed back with adoration at the boy who loved him so much. “Just you and me, then?” Connor whispered, standing as the boarding line opened. He extended his hand to pull Troye up, who was nodding in response.

The boys walked up and showed their passports, then entered the tunnel. Arriving in the first class seating area, they both stared, soaking in the luxury and privacy they would be enjoying for the next few hours. For the first time, Connor was wishing for a longer flight, because the little space pod he and Troye would be sharing looked like heaven. Suddenly remembering the boy standing directly behind him, Connor turned to Troye. “You know, this is a really nice gesture, but it is too expensive. I’m going to have to pay you back.” Troye smirked and nodded, before gently prodding Connor into their seats. He turned and took their champagne from the following flight attendant, setting it aside then pulled the curtain shut, giving them the privacy they’d been craving. Troye folded his fingers through Connor’s and pulled the boy back towards him. They were inches apart. “I just thought of a way you can pay me back for the ticket, babe,” Troye whispered slowly. “Oh? And how’s that?” Connor asked, feigning innocence.

“Let’s have our New Years kiss. And then maybe another.” “And then?” Connor smiled, prodding Troye along. “And then…then we might not be getting to see much of New Zealand.” Connor frowned, not understanding. “Why?” he whined, pouting at Troye, who laughed and pushed the offending lip gently back up. “I think we can find so many ways to be…together…in the hotel room. What do you think?” Troye tipped Connor’s chin up to his. Connor opened his mouth to respond, but before he had a chance, Troye’s lips and tongue found the older boys, and they were lost in a kiss they’d been waiting on for far too long. The kiss was response enough.

When they disembarked four hours later, slightly dishevelled with warm skin and pink cheeks, wearing each other’s jumpers, Connor decided he didn’t mind long flights. In fact, that was one he would have preferred to last a little longer. 

I don’t want Finding Carter to be canceled if MTV decides to.

my personal opinion is: if MTV really is going to continue screening Faking It season 3 i don’t see any particular reason why they should stop screeaning Finding Carter if the viewers statistics stay this miserable. seriously, i like Faking It, but it’s about nothing - just about two girls fighting all the time trying to find themselves. Finding Carter is better in so many ways and it’s not just 20 min TV show.