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she calls me

pairing: oh sehun x reader

words: about 480? i edited this in tumblr so idk the exact word count.

genre: crack/fluff/ame trolling around 

aesthetic/inspiration: i had a random thought.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing could’ve prepared you for how awkward this was.”

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Your name: submit What is this?

It was the most classic horror story of all time. See, your parents are quite protective of you. Especially your mother.

Once, in high school, you bought a boy home, and she made him a plate of food, and almost poisoned it- if it weren’t for your dad, she would’ve been in jail. Bless your father.

“You have a boyfriend, Y/N?” inquired your father, as he came across a picture of you and Sehun on your Instagram feed.

“Yeah. I really shouldn’t have taught you how to use Instagram, damn.”

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musician life hack

if you run out of rosin just rub butter all over your instrument. just rub a big tub of butter on your instrument, even if its a wind instrument. just rub it all over your practice room. your concertos. even you

Mp100 characters as stupid shit I have done

Shou: Goes sledding down a pile of broken concrete and rusty metal bars. Ends up with a concussion and blacking out for 2 mins. Doesn’t tell anybody till years later

Teruki: tries to show off by doing a fancy jump into the pool. Hits head on the edge and wakes up getting stitches

Mob: spaces out while crossing the street. Barely avoids getting hit by a speeding ambulance

Ritsu: Goes to a pool party and lies about being able to swim to go on the water slide. Nearly drowns and comes to in mother’s arms. Eats pizza.

Reigen: Out of mouthwash so takes a swig of vodka, swishes and then swallows

Serizawa: Used scotch tape and paper towels as a makeshift bandaid because too shy to ask the teacher for a real bandaid

Touchiro: Convinces brother to play ‘pretend grocery store’. Insists on being the cashier and only using real money. Keeps money.

Dimple: teasing a friend then beats a bully with a hiking boot after they make fun of friend for the exact same thing




I am very excited to share some personal news. I finished my master’s degree in Communication Disorders! (and am now in the process of trying to find a clinical fellowship position.) And Lauren graduated from law school this last weekend and I am very proud of her! @originalmeaningofalternative

BTS and english

- Me when BTS speak english: OMG I’m so moved and happy! They’re doing their best to learn english to communicate better with I-ARMYs and–

*suddenly thinking about Youtube, AO3, WattPad, Tap, Twitter, FanFics, Memes, Gifs, Ships, OTPs, smut…*

- Me to BTS: Naaaah! You don’t have to speak english, really… just be yourselves, we’ll manage with subtitles!
Please don’t learn english… please…..