please do whatever you can to help venezuela

Difficult situation

I did not want to get to this, I hate to get to this point, but I really need to ask you to ask for commissions, I do not ask for donations or anything, because with commissions I feel comfortable, I feel that I earn money in a dignified and hard-working way
I ask this because my situation at home is very difficult, there is no money, I am eating once a day, I have not had good commissions for 3 weeks, I do not have to pay for school and I could not register for that reason

Look, I do not like to sell my work, because I feel that it is not enough to do something commercial, it is not something that is worth money, I like to draw, I like that you like it, but my situation is difficult, I keep my house , to me and my mother, my mom has not earned a salary since September of last year and with the commissions I have been helping her, I can not say that I can look for a job or that she can get a different job than what she has in Venezuela getting a job is almost impossible

-sigh- I just want to tell you this, because if I do not get the money to keep my house I am forced to look for other means and to leave the blog, and I do not want to do that

Please ask me for commissions, even if it’s sketches or whatever, I’ll gladly make them