please do this every sunday

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Would you please be able to do baking with Ben Platt headcannons please?

- Every Sunday, you and Ben bake something together. Doesn’t matter what it is. 

- You’re a very experienced baker, and Ben is in awe of your baking skills the first time you bake for him.

- You try to help Ben make an apple pie, but it doesn’t end very well. There is stewed apple and flour all over the kitchen bench, and your aprons are messes.

- You decide that next week you’re baking cookies, because my god you were ambitious to start with an apple pie.

- Ben keeps eating bits of the cookie dough, but let’s be real, so do you.

- There’s always 80’s music playing when you bake, so when you’re washing up the dishes, you’re both dancing really badly to Michael Jackson.

- Over time, Ben gets really good at baking, and one day you come home to find the apartment smelling beautiful and Ben pulling a cake out of the oven. You have never been more in love with him.

- He bought the two of you really cute matching ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ aprons, even though you’re not married. They’ve got little apples on them, and Ben thought it’d be funny to commemorate your first baking disaster.

- You love kissing Ben after you’ve been baking, because he tastes really sweet and it’s just fun. However, Ben loves to run his (now flour coated) hands through your hair, and you end up with flour in it if you let the kissing get a bit too carried away.

- You and Ben bake your wedding cake together, and everyone keeps asking who made it. You just smile and point at each other. Everyone thinks it’s absolutely adorable.

- After the wedding, people always ask you two to make cakes for different events.

- You eventually start charging people, because “Goddamnit Ben, I just want to overcharge Will for this cake. Is that too much to ask?”

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I love your edits so much! They're beautiful and gorgeous! The way you use the colours for gifs and enhance the original visuals without changing them entirely are amazing! I just wanted to ask if you take normal gif requests too, besides 'Make Me Choose' I mean? ^-^ If you don't, then it's okay! I love your blog either way! The anime recommendations you do are amazing too! I hope you do those more often because thanks to you I watched all the shows in the Halloween list and I was so impressed!!

Ahh this made my heart jump in happiness! ^^ Thank you for being so gracious with your words, anon. I really appreciate it. Asks like this are really motivational, trust me. ^^ 

I will try to do the recommendations more often. So far I’ve decided to do one set every week (Sunday). I’m really pleased to know that you liked the ones on the Halloween list. I hope you like the shows I recommend in the future too :)

And finally to answer your question, yes I do take normal gif requests too. I’m open to all kinds of requests. Whether it’s -

Make Me Choose 


Gif Request Meme 


Gif/Graphics Request: 

Any ~

~ Anime/Otoge character(s)

~ Specific show/series/season 

~ Ship (canon/non canon)

~ Specific scene

~ Specific episode

Order of Operation

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Starting off with some warmup scribbles, then getting to business!

Only a few requests today
Answering Inbox Questions!


There will be music, however I won’t be taking music requests
Refrain from posting links unless it is for a reference that I will be using
Don’t post porn
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If you do not get a request in, please note that I stream every Sunday at the same time unless otherwise stated.

If I notice that you’ve been getting a lot of requests from me, I will give other people a chance instead. I cannot please everybody. If you really want me to draw shit for you, commission me and I will do it. Otherwise, don’t throw a hissy fit if I don’t draw you free shit. I know my avatar is a rat, but I’m only human.

I’m only willing to give out so much free art.

If you want more free art since you can’t afford to purchase it, draw it yourself.

Moogle of Glory

The “Moogle O’ Glory” is here, which will be hereby referred to as MoG. It is… uh. Hard. Very hard, by my memory? It starts off sorta sane, but gets worse from there. To get the Keyblade, you need to finish the first quest; a heavily type-mixed quest of LV160 High Wizard, Invisible, Morning Star (& Jester, a new-to-NAUX Heartless that buffs/debuffs). After that, it’s type-specific bonanza of a bunch of LV200+, screaming a lot to get Keyblade materials. Also, Jester’s are Horrible, please be cautious.

How do I get it? It’s available every Saturday/Sunday for everyone as a Special Quest (alongside Evolution Quests). As a Special Quest, it’s unlocked early if you buy jewels.

How do I get materials for it? By doing the other quests associated with it. The first one gives no materials. You don’t need to 1-turn everything to get materials, though you do get a nice bonus from the challenge the first time you do so.

Will it have adamant quests? Yes. They start about where the others end, level-wise.

What types does it have? What’s it good for? A Magic and Power Keyblade. It’s pretty strong, but not significantly more than Olympia or Divine Rose. As of now, we have all the Keyblades you get from Story (as of story quest 585), so this is currently the only way to get a Power/Magic Keyblade.

Do I need it? You need it for Proud Quests, which are not yet released but have been mentioned in the developers notes… so are probably coming soon. Otherwise? Not really, but they’ll probably make some Events soon centered around it.

I can’t level it up! This isn’t fair! Why is NAUX so mean??? Nah man, this is a high-end Keyblade. It was very difficult at release in JPUX as well, and I still struggle with one of the first three material quests. Yes, it’s p2w for now, and may continue being for awhile, but eventually you’ll be able to do it. See how it says “Ultra Challenge” on the banner? They know it’s hard. The average person won’t be able to do it right away. With time, though, it should be possible! Just think of the Proud Quests that Unchained challenged us with at release–most are easy-peasy, now! So, sshhh, don’t worry. It’s okay.