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The Art of Remembering (1/?)

Summary: Killian hasn’t seen Emma in months, not since she ran off in the middle of the night. But when he receives a call from the hospital informing him that she’s been in an accident he rushes to be by her side. Nervous and anxious to see her again he’s not sure what to expect—but he definitely doesn’t anticipate that upon waking she would have no idea who he is. Modern au 

Word Count: 4,700

Rating: T

Also on:, ao3

a/n: I’m so excited to start sharing this story! Thanks to @cutieodonoghue for giving it a read and being an amazing person. 

It’s way past when he should’ve been home that Killian Jones finds himself dragging his tired body in through his front door. Work hasn’t kept him this late in a long time and, to put it simply, he is exhausted. Even just slipping off his shoes and tossing his keys to the table is almost too much effort, his limbs heavy and awkward.

He doesn’t even bother to turn on the light—choosing to stumble through the front room by memory—before he groans and collapses onto the couch in a sprawled out heap.

He should just take the extra steps down the hall to his room and go to bed, knows he’ll probably regret staying up even later come morning. But as tired as he is, he knows how impossible it will be for him to fall asleep. Not with the way his mind is racing right now. It would keep him up for hours, running circles around things he would rather not think about this late at night.

So instead he stretches out his arm and blindly searches for the remote. The fluorescent glow of the television slices through the darkness as he skims through the channels with little interest. Nothing good is ever on at this time of night anyways. Eventually he settles on a rerun marathon of Friends and tosses the remote to the other end of the couch. Ignoring the way it bounces off the arm of the chair and clatters onto the floor.

He burrows a little deeper into the leather cushions, sighing at the relief it brings his aching muscles, and falls asleep sometime in the middle of the second episode.

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EXO Reaction when the boys hug you so hard that your back cracks/pops

Me all the time… it feels nice tho xD I’m weird
Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*You playfully take your revenge* “Uhh so mean~.. okay okay jagi… I deserved that one”


*Freezes* “Was that her… back… did I just… that’s not cool Kris… not cool!” *Giving himself a lecture*


“Tell me I didn’t break you… please say I didn’t… say I’m not that strong…somebody save me”


*Immediately starts crying* “Omg baobei I’m so sorry that even hurt me!” *He’s hiding tho.. probably scared of your ‘revenge’*


“Ahh you are so squishy jagi… let me do that again” *Messing with you* “C’mere my teddy bear”


“Way to go Xiumin… next time you try to flirt… don’t give your famous bear hugs..” *Embarrassed af*


“II’ll give you a sexy dance in compensation” *Cracks his back too XD*




“Sorry about jagi.. are you okay?? Do you want a little massage? Yes? I’m an expert~”


*Too embarrassed to ever hug someone again.. he can’t even look at you in the eyes* “I failed as a huger… I’m sorry jagi!”


“Oh lord… are you okay baby? Let’ me heal you okay?” *Kisses your back* “Better?”


*This is hid face for the next two weeks* “Jagi? Is your back better?! Please forgive me!!!”

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First off, I'm head over heels for your blog! The scenarios are incredibly well written and I feel like I'm in (GOM hair coloured) cotton candy heaven! 💞 Can I have a scenario where GOM freaks out after their S/O jokingly suggests breaking up?

[thank you so much!]

Aomine Daiki: “Huh?“ Aomine physically jolts back in surprise. "What do you mean by wanting us to take a break?” His expression visibly darkens when you don’t reply. “Oi, answer me, _____. What the hell is going on?" 

Kise Ryouta: He spits out his drink in shock. “Nani?!” Kise’s eyes widen with fear. “_____-cchi, what did you just say? Please tell me you’re joking…”

Midorima Shintaro: “Y-You want to what?” Midorima nervously swallows down the terror that had leapt into his chest. “C-Could we at least discuss this first?”

Murasakibara Atsushi: He falls silent immediately, shoulders slumped - suddenly looking very small. “…Is it because I didn’t share my chips with you yesterday?” Murasakibara asks finally. “…Don’t be angry, _____-chin…I won’t do that ever again…”

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko’s face remains expressionless, but his hands freeze in place for a moment, before he slowly lowers them to place his vanilla shake on the table. “Please take back what you just said, _____-san. I don’t like it.” 

Akashi Seijuro: “I don’t think so.” The quietness in Akashi’s voice is unnerving. Reaching out, he brushes a stray lock of hair from your face; fingers lingering to trace the contour of your cheek. “But I’d like to hear what triggered those words, _____.”

Such a tease-(Cedric DiggoryXFem!Reader)

Request-Can you do Cedric Diggory smut because honestly there is not enough on this dang site and I like to squeal while reading about him sinning with his willy without it ending with him dying so pLEASE anything where Cedric doesn’t die will be perfect





I squealed while writing this.

Enjoy! -Madi💕

Originally posted by hogwartsanddeathlyhallows

I couldn’t think of a single thing more boring than Divination class. The sounds of Professor Trawleny’s voice currently make me want to rip out my eardrums and give them to her personally.

I was sat across from Cedric, my boyfriend since second year, in the small classroom. Thoughts of our previous nights activities began to cloud my mind as I looked over at him. All at once, all of the love bites that he had marked me with began to tingle as an idea popped into my head.

The only way to conquer my boredom was obviously to entertain my self. Slyly scooting my chair as close to the table as I could get it, I carefully tugged my shoe off and slowly dragged my sock clad foot up Cedric’s lower leg. Today, I had decided to wear my thigh high socks along with my sort and sweater, a combination that drove Cedric utterly mad.

When my foot began to inch up onto his thigh, Cedric’s head whipped to me, sending me a silent threat that he wanted me to stop. Smirking and raising my eyebrows at him, I carefully placed my for over his groin, pressing lightly. I felt him instantly become hard and pulled my foot away, deciding that it was enough teasing for him.

Cedric sent me another look making my core ignite like he had thrown a match at me. I was in for a treat tonight.


“You think you’re funny, don’t you (Y/N)? Teasing me like that in the middle of class.” Cedric slammed me against his dorm wall as he spoke. Once Divination ended, he grasped my hand firmly and dragged me up here without saying a single word.

"Mmm yes.” I breathed out as I arched my back, desperate for even the tiniest bit of contact. As I did this, Cedric’s eyes darkened visibly.

"That’s ‘yes daddy’, baby girl. Ready for your punishment?” He didn’t even give me time to answer as he swiftly picked me up and carried me over to his four poster bed. He sat down and I instantly knew what to do. Wiggling from his hold, I stretched out across his lap, backside up and ready.

I could feel Cedric’s gaze on me as I wiggled on his lap impatiently. He reached out and lifted my skirt up, instantly groaning at what he saw.

"No underwear? Wow, you really are a naughty girl.” He tsked as he stared down at me, teasing running his slender fingers over each of my ass cheeks. Suddenly, he lifted his large hand and let it drop swiftly down on my right cheek with a loud smack. It stung and brought tears to my eyes but the pain slowly turned to pleasure as he rubbed it soothingly until I was wiggling my behind, silently begging for more.

After thirty hard spanks, in which he alternated sides and made me count out loud, my ass was beat red and had visible hand prints of where he landed his hands every time. My heat was dripping onto his pant leg which made him groan even more.

"You are so wet after your punishment, kitten. Now, tell daddy what you want him to do to make you feel better?” He asked huskily as he continued to massage my bottom soothingly.

"Anything daddy! Please, I just need you to do something.” I pleaded, mind fogged over with pleasure. Once I spoke, Cedric immediately flipped me over onto my back and tugged on the hem on my sweater, in which I gave a quick nod of approval for him to take it off. He did it and bit his lip when he saw what was under it, which was a (Y/F/C) lace bra that made him practically come undone in his pants.

"You sure know how to make daddy happy, don’t you princess?” I nodded, writhing as he looked me up and down. I just needed him to do something, I wanted release. Scratch that, I needed release.

He lifted up my skirt once again, not even bothering to mess with my socks. Cool air hit my dripping heat, causing me to suck in a sharp breath. Cedric dove in without another thought, his faint stubble tickling my inner thighs as he licked a long stripe up my folds.

Gasping, my hands found their way to his hair and tugged which caused him to moan, sending vibrations into my sensitive core. Shivers ran up and down my spine with pure ecstasy. Without any warning, Cedric plunged a finger into me and attacked my clit with his skilled tongue. Moaning, I tangled my fingers into his soft locks even more and pushed him closer to me.

"Feel good, princess? Speak up and tell daddy.” Cedric pulled away but continued to pump his long finger into me at a fast pace, looking down at me expectingly for an answer.

"Yes, daddy! It feels…. so good! I-I’m… Im close!” A fire ignited in my belly as he began to circle my clit slowly with his thumb. Just as I was about to go over the edge, I suddenly felt nothing.

"What the fuck?!” I breathed out angrily, pushing myself up onto my elbows as I looked at a smirking Cedric who was sucking on his fingers.

"That’s not very nice language, princess. You’re crazy to think Id let you come that easily after you teased me like that in class earlier.” As he spoke, he bang to strip his clothes until he was completely bare. Just the sight of his toned body could have me coming undone in his very hands. Reaching behind me, I unclasps my bra and flung it on the floor.

"You’re so beautiful baby girl. So damn beautiful….” Cedric’s warm hands massaged my breasts thoroughly as he leaned down and kissed my lips. The kids was rough and our teeth clashed, there was sure to be a bruise on my lips later.

Without another word, Cedric roughly pushes into me, causing me to cry out. His large length stretched me but I quickly adjusted since we had done this many times before. I nodded, a signal for him to start moving. Moans erupted from the both of us as Cedric started to thrust harder and faster. Suddenly, he grabbed my right leg and lifted it onto his shoulder, creating a new angle that created more than enough pleasure. This angle allowed him to him to thrust into a spot inside me that had my legs shaking relentlessly.

"Daddy, I-I’m about to-!”

"Me too, princess. Let’s do it together.” Cedric grunted out.

With only a few more harsh thrusts, we both came undone. Stars began to swarm before my eyes as a sore ignited throughout my body. Whimpering, I grabbed the bed sheets as Cedric rode out both of our highs while grunting and moaning.

"That was…… utterly amazing…” I spoke softly, Cedric collapsing next to me and pulling me right to him.

"I agree. Maybe you should start to tease me in class more often, eh?” I giggled and pulled the covers over the both of us. He was right but I wouldn’t admit that to him.

I chuckled softly, drifting asleep to the thought of how I wouldn’t even be able to walk later on.

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FIC TITLE: Inkstained 
FIC TYPE: One Shot
A/N: This is not a new piece of writing – it’s one that I found in my drafts that I didn’t really like enough to publish at the time, but I edited some parts of it and added a new ending and figured that I should give you guys something during my hiatus!! So here you go!! It’s definitely different from my usual stuff. Regular is Camila, italics is Lauren. 

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Did I hear trans!Milla headcanon? pls tell me more (/^▽^)/

Heh, sure! I haven’t fleshed out all the details yet, but I just like this idea too much. (also, I’m still puzzling over how to interpret that one line in Sharilton where she says that ‘strictly speaking, the concept of gender doesn’t apply to me’)

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