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Moy’s advice for improving your drawing skills

So, I was asked by @a-wolf-thing to share some tips on how to improve your drawing skills, and I hope this helps someone! Sorry for any typos.

1. Draw

Now, I know this might seem obvious. But really, the most important thing to do is just that. Keep drawing. I can honestly say that I’ve drawn almost every day in the past year. And I can with 100% certainty say that I’ve drawn every week. This is the key to why I’ve improved.

The two things that can make this seem hard is usually:

1. Time 

This is a tricky part because we do not always have the luxury of lots of free time. The reason I’ve been able to draw so much, despite having a demands on me from my school, is that I don’t really do anything else. I rarely go out, or hang with friends. I am an extremely stereotypical introvert in this case. What you have to do if you are someone who doesn’t have lots of free time, is to bring a pencil and a notebook wherever you go. Just sketch whenever you can.

2. Motivation

This is not something I believe I can help you with. In my opinion, drawing is a priviledge. I love to draw, I need to draw. This may sound harsh, but no one should have to force you to draw. If you do not want to draw, don’t. Maybe it’s not for you. Maybe you need to take a break. Maybe you need to remind yourself of why you are drawing. It’s up to you.

2. Use references/tutorials

This is incredibly important. If you’re not sure how to do something, learn! Don’t just fumble in the dark. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using references, heck, you may even trace my art as long as you do not upload it anywhere. Though you will learn more if you try it on your own.

References are great for everything: proportions, ideas, colour inspiration. One glance at a tutorial made me suddenly understand the arm much better, and lately all my sketches include lots of pretty nice arms. Which is a surprise since my arms tend to look really stiff and awkward.

Also important: once you’ve seen the tutorial or found a good reference, practise! 

3. Don’t abandon your piece

There are generally two reasons people might abandon their work: one, you’ve lost interest in the piece, or two, you’re stuck and you hate everything about it. Reason one is ok (unless you always do it), everyone abandons their ideas sometimes. The second reason, is not ok. I do not ever abandon something because I do not like how it currently looks. Now, for me this is natural, since I’m ridiculously stubborn. In fact, the more I hate a drawing, the more time and effort I will spend on it. In my opinion, you have to work through it. 

See these faces? I had to redo Solas from scratch 3 times before I felt satisfied enough with it that I could upload it, and I had to redo the entire colouring on Thenvunin 4 times before it was ok. I will never give up, and neither should you.

Some advice if you’re stuck:

1.Take a break

 Do something else for a while. I once had to take a long walk before I could figure out why I hated my drawing.

2. Flip the image

I do this all the time when I work, and it makes it easier to see what’s wrong.

3. Remake it from scratch

 I often do this when I hit a dead end. Sometimes I even go back to the original, but the process usually helps me anyways. 

Two links that might help: <—– This is where I reblog all the tutorials I want to be able to find later. The tag is “helpful”. <—– Guy who makes rather good tutorials.