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bts fic rec masterpost

  i’ve been reading fanfiction for a long ass time and comb through the bts tag pretty much everyday. i consider myself a fanfic guru; i’ve read so. much. fanfiction. 

these fics are all m/m and if you are uncomfortable with shipping, then this post isn’t for you! please do not hate on me or anyone else for shipping because it’s all harmless (except for those assholes). fanfiction is a beautiful way to express feelings, opinions, etc using characters we all know and love.

please notify me if any of the links aren’t working, and visit my ask if you have any recommendations! note: all links are from these are direct links– please remember to check the tags and read the description of each work. 

fics are organized by title, author, rating, word count


A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing by blimpish - explicit - 35k+

Fall and Recover by exfatamorgana - mature - 75k+ (1)

Go by exfatamorgana - explicit - 150k+ (2)

F is for Figure It Out, Kiddo by exfatamorgana - teen and up - 10k+

even my name, knelt down inside me, asking to be spared by squeen - no rating - 7k+

Hard Knocks by dirtyretro - explicit - 34k+

like everybody else by shikae (39smooth) - explicit - 9k+

one shot (is all i need) by kaythebest - teen and up - 6k+

11 Things To Do Before You Die by SevenSoulmates - explicit - 66k+


Wicked Games by Elucubrations - explicit - 20k+

A Question of Feelings by exfatamorgana - teen and up - 7k+

On Penises and Permanence by exfatamorgana - teen and up - 8k+

Sheep Among Wolves by GinForInk - explicit - 33k+

Bloodbeat by sevenbyseven - explicit - 2k+

You’re my Monster and I Love You by Rivertoforever - teen and up - 4k+

Golden Boy by GinForInk - explicit - 85k+

got me baited and bruised by offthebeat - teen and up - 11k+

Escape by bictory - general - 1k+


walk in by mianhae by explicit - 4k+

Structural Integrity by Error401 - teen and up - 5k+

for a good time, call by moonsuns - explicit - 10k+

I Have Time by exfatamorgana - teen and up - 32k+

What Does My Heart Become? by exfatamorgana - teen and up - 9k+

soundtracks by maxx - mature - 38k+

Cavalier by jonghyunslisterine - mature - 5k+

White Noise by rkatz - explicit - 55k+

under false pretences by offthebeat - mature - 16k+

Don’t Forget How Your Heart Raced Looking at Me by chikichikichuu - teen and up - 3k+

If You by suga_wa - teen and up - 8k+

Hands Down by suga_wa - teen and up - 42k+

Liar Liar by suga_wa - mature - 19k+

light me up (i’ll keep you warm) by kaythebest - teen and up - 13k+

Barbershop Love by MissterMaia - explicit - 22k+

The Boy in the Music Box by MissterMaia - teen and up - 52k+

love is not a coincidence (it’s fate) by yururin - teen and up - 10k+

Baby Blue (I’ll Bloom For You) by sugamins - explicit - 38k+ (1)

Powder Pink (Softer Than Mink) by sugamins - explicit - 60k+ (2)

Catching Feelings by whitelalin - general - 30k+

Bon Voyage by rosiex - mature - 47k+

Conflicting Arrangement by PrettyBoyKiller - no rating - 162k+

Butterfingers by ohdizzy - teen and up - 13k+

these four words don’t come easy (i don’t love you) by antemortem - teen and up - 3k+

This Side of Paradise - Elemir - teen and up - 10k+

because you’re you by bullwolf - no rating - 10k+

your body is my canvas (and you are beautiful) by lovehobi - general - 39k+

Notification by maanyn - mature - 11k+

A Mermaid Has No Tears - melecs - mature - 17k+

Two Bowls of Jajangmyeon by Elemir - mature - 15k+

where the heart is by 10cm - mature - 15k+

Side Dishes by Elemir - mature - 10k+

Starcrossed by bazooka - mature - 30k+

we pass in front of a flower shop (and i catch the scent of roses) by groovystars - general - 7k+

you’re my fifth season by sassyneki - teen and up - 13k+

Love, Simply by sugageek - no rating - 53k+

So Kiss Me by BabyLove (sugamins) - mature - 52k+

the taste of you (is just as sweet) by mendsbn - teen and up - 12k+

levis lethum by yoojung (kyungchul) - teen and up - 16k+


crescendo hearts by astringnxt - mature - 9k+

Pink Is The Warmest Colour by dingdongrolling - explicit - 123k+

if we walk down this road together by bts-loststars (TealBlueSky) - teen and up - 6k+

Cladonia Incrassata by winyoongi - no rating - 5k+

any way i can by squeen - general - 4k+

if a heart is always searching (can it ever find a home) by thedarkestdawn - teen and up - 18k+

cat and dog by sugacravings - no rating - 2k+

So Kiss Me by mucha - teen and up - 3k+

Like, Comment and Subscribe by mucha - teen and up - 13k+

The Less I Know The Better  by mucha - explicit - 40k+ (1)

It Feels Like There’s Oceans (Between You and Me) by mucha - explicit - 28k+ (2)

Drag by mucha - teen and up - 3k+

you ruin every song by roachprince - teen and up - 17k+

I’ll Be Good by roachprince - teen and up - 5k+

Take Me Out by roachprince - teen and up - 8k+

Where The Heart Is by roachprince - explicit - 176k+

you love me too by hoars - teen and up - 2k+

(blanket) monsters exists by hoars - teen and up - 2k+

A Hard Thing to Miss by CheekyBrunette - teen and up - 7k+

Forever by signifying_nothing - explicit - 2k+

Cooperate by signifying_nothing - general - 4k+

his name changed when touched by gravity by squeen - general - 9k+

click here to open by skswriting - mature - 12k+

Could You by coley_merrin - explicit - 46k+

White Chalk by g_odalisque13 - explicit - 72k+

disappearing act done poorly by yoojung (kyungchul) - teen and up - 13k+

11:11 by ACatWhoWrites - general - 3k+

Liebesträume No.3 in A-Float by sunsmiles - general - 2k+

i want to believe by hoars - general - 3k+

1286m, 133mm by TheHalesNyx - explicit - 24k+


throwing rocks in frozen rivers by busan_brat - explicit - 37k+

White T-shirt and Brown Timberlands by Rose_gold715 - teen and up - 11k+

underground, the stars are legends by baepsaeved - teen and up - 7k+

Rubies for a King by TheHalesNyx - explicit - 44k+

hear the winter birds sing by bomnari - mature - 6k+

once upon a timeshare by namakemono - mature - 32k+

light of a century by pettey - mature - 14k

you’re a hard soul to save with an ocean in the way (but i’ll get around it) by namakemono - teen and up - 20k+

Take Me Home by signifying_nothing - explicit - 3k+

more golden than a golden snitch by aborescent - general - 4k+ (1)

more victorious than winning the quidditch cup by aborescent - general - 5k+ (2)

next time won’t you sing with me by aborescent - general - 3k+ (3)

here be dragons by wordcouture - mature - 5k+

Take My Hand (Take My Whole Life, Too) by Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita) - general - 2k+

08. far away you were made in a sea by markerlimes (sunmi) - general - 3k+

this summer’s crazy, man by cyphers - teen and up - 4k

24k Rose Gold Hair by flitter - mature - 18k+

the case of the bespectacled thief by parhelions - teen and up - 12k+

i’ve been drinking, i’ve been drinking by decompositionbooks - teen and up - 12k+

Glass Diamonds by GinForInk - explicit - 18k+

doubt thou the stars are fire by iwillalwaysbelieve - teen and up - 9k+

sugar, we’re going down swinging by aborescent - teen and up - 10k+

The Ocean at the End of the Universe by mindheist - explicit - 13k+

You’re My Genie, Lamborghini (You’re My Teeny Weeny Meenie) by mindheist - explicit - 7k+


No Homo by signifying_nothing - mature - 8k+

Brave by signifying_nothing - mature - 8k+


Mister Kim by signifying_nothing - general - 2k+

이사 (Move) by TheHalesNyx - explicit - 12k+

Apex Predator by JemKay - mature - 7k+

little by little (into your world) by sirradel - mature - 15k+

Lyricism by infadel - teen and up - 2k+

Worst That Could Happen? - signifying_nothing - teen and up - 1k+

dracula didn’t have this problem - doozy (jungtaeh) - general - 3k+ 

parallax error by potter - general - 1k+

take it or leave it by mianderings - explicit - 40k+ 

I want you to stay by JemKay - teen and up - 5k+

escape velocity by fatal (cumrich) - teen and up - 5k+

The Man Who Took The Pain by Nero - teen and up - 10k+

you could give it all (but it’s never enough) by cluelesskaru - explicit - 46k+

Warm Fuzzies by signifying_nothing - general - 4k+

soft and squishy (like a bunny) by dimpledprincejoon - general - 1k+

Again Again Again by mnsg - teen and up - 7k+

say it, just say it by namgi - teen and up - 6k+

so the game can’t stop by minki - mature - 21k+

PAUSE, STOP by mainland - teen and up - 8k+

Your Eyes Only Deceive You by arysthaeniru - teen and up - 13k+

when the lights go out (run away with me) by JemKay - teen and up - 3k+

you’re my fifth season (look, to me, you’re still green) by shortiest - general - 9k+

the lost seasons (i try to restore them) by sugastruck - general - 12k+


Wet & Wild by Iridescentpulse - explicit - 2k+

Let’s Not Hurt Anymore by exfatamorgana - mature - 87k+

Find The Value of an Elephant by tired angry egg (Mirabelle) - teen and up - 57k+

listen to my heart (can you hear it sing) by sirradel - mature - 55k+

how people move by doozy (jungtaeh) - general - 17k+

i saw a man so beautiful i started crying by bishounen - teen and up - 8k+

charmed by kaythebest - teen and up - 23k+

Leave your lover (leave him for me) by boatbeforeabridge - mature - 16k+

그 손을 내밀어줘  by sugavevo - general - 49k+

before things come together by brightlight - explicit - 31k+

I will help you climb by fitzgarbage - teen and up - 73k+ 

Oceans Between Us by novilunar - mature - 15k+


let’s cut to the chase, you’ve got me in a daze by finedae - teen and up - 8k+

we are all fools (in love) by kaythebest - general - 3k+

you make my heart beat (faster) by onyu - teen and up - 124k+

all the things we don’t say by 10cm - teen and up - 3k+

water, fire by signifying_nothing - general - 1k+

Who You Gonna Call  by AwkwardBeansidhe - teen and up - 12k+

city of (broken) dreams by hyunwooseokjin - teen and up - 17k+

Inc. by minverse - explicit - 43k+

Looking For Orion by anonymous - general - 8k+

Black Apples by resonae - teen and up - 23k+

show me all the scars you hide by onyu - teen and up - 16k+

house for rent, heart for the taking by onyu - teen and up - 59k+

challenge the call by onyu - explicit - 108k+

when it’s cold outside by shrdmdnssftw  - teen and up - 10k+

And then the flowers said by ppphonology - general - 25k+

In which Bangtan meets Seventeen by itsdatrollmon - no rating - 5k+

The Less You Know, the Better by byulbinnie - teen and up - 13k+


Bad Moon Rising by mindheist - explicit - 21k+

À la carte by meanho - teen and up - 15k+

All the Years of Us by TrappingLightningBugs - explicit - 142k+

In Every Parallel Universe (I’ll Keep on Loving You) by rimacchi - teen and up - 29k+

So Collapse, Fall. by Curionenene - teen and up - 47k+ 

Reborn in Water by TrappingLightningBugs - explicit - 42k+

Here Fishy Fishy by Kavbj - mature - 21k+

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Kavbj - teen and up - 59k+

Love Me Across The Universes by Kavbj - mature - 6k+

home in your hands by hurricanedelta - teen and up - 4k+

Speed Demon by lethallergic - explicit - 50k+

Alarm Clocks and Coffee Dates by Incandescence_Fire - no rating - 3k+

revolt of the #cyberwarriors by monsterplaza (aesthesiae) - explicit - 46k+

can you be (mine?) by melonnim - mature - 34k+

wanna be loved (same love as you) by sugacravings - no rating - 15k+

Comeback Kids by rix - explicit - 34k+

Hickory by rix - explicit - 48k+

Resonance by rix - explicit - 30k+

(thought you knew) you were in this song by expplipo - teen and up - 35k+

Hiraeth by haruguk - no rating - 100k+

40,000 feet in the sky, I found you by MissterMaia - teen and up - 8k+

The Wonder of You by TwentyThreeThirteen - teen and up - 10k+

The Geographical Cure by atechamcham - explicit - 43k+

a flower, dissolving into someone’s life by hurricanedelta - mature - 57k+

My Lupi by kpopismydrug - explicit - 49k+

refrigerator humming, chewing gum and instant karma by locks - explicit - 61k+

Be Your Forever, Be Your Fling by seikou - mature - 40k+

keep me warm (on a cold, cold night) by jeontime - teen and up - 17k+

Toads and Periwinkle by Kavbj - mature - 18k+

don’t be shy (i’ll see you at midnight) by maxx - teen and up - 15k+

the young woundhealer by fitzgarbage - no rating - 35k+

Something To Do With Hands by lethallergic - explicit - 49k+

#livingonedge by iucundus - explicit - 11k+

maps to you by cosmostasis - teen and up - 13k

Play Dead by merelypretty - mature - 30k+

11:58:30 by Batman - teen and up - 15k+

Modern Times by nineafternoons - teen and up - 15k+

We’ll find a way to make it right by fitzgarbage - teen and up - 45k+

Take It With A Swallow by seikou - explicit - 60k+

you and me, we’re bumper cars by syugaflake - mature - 49k+

this is life in color, today feels like no other by taetastic - teen and up - 10k+

Hercules by GinForInk - explicit - 11k+

Love Will Always Be a Lesson (Let’s Get Out of its Way) by mindheist - explicit - 60k+

Get Me Out Of My Mind (Get You Out Of Those Clothes) by taekookmusings - explicit - 15k+

photographs with sepia-toned loving by stoplight - teen and up - 34k+

Riptide by novilunar - explicit - 12k+

Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste by krscnl - teen and up - 41k+

King of the Library, Knight of His Trade by madigraye - teen and up - 47k+

come on, lattice bond by sassyneki - teen and up - 12k+

I Want Nobody (but You, Baby) by merelypretty - explicit - 25k+

Serve & Protect by neptune_scar - explicit - 42k+

Take Me Home (Take It Slow) by buttstrike (orphan_account) - explicit - 76k+

These Tides Fall Over (shades of blue and you) by doozy (jungtaeh) - general - 15k+

Watch the stars (and see yourself running with them) by baepsaeved - mature - 23k+

Prism Ink by eclairdeluxe - teen and up - 14k+

Some Killer King You Are by lethallergic - explicit - 35k+

All’s Fair in Coffee and War by expplipo - teen and up - 6k+

Maybe we can be (each other’s company) by foolishbangtan - explicit - 57k+

Give Me Your Hands (I Will Pick the Stars for You) by mindheist - mature - 15k+

Never Let Me Go by mindheist - explicit - 28k+

Rich Bitch by mindheist - explicit - 28k+

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go by mindheist - explicit - 20k+

Terrible Things Happen (Sometimes, They Save You) by mindheist - explicit - 57k+

Warm Winds by merelypretty - explicit - 20k+

The Sun Half by sacramento - explicit - 48k+ (1)

The Moon Half by sacramento - explicit - 67k+ (2)


Dog Days by rosiex - teen and up - 5k+

meridian by baekhyun (baruna) - teen and up - 16k+

… .- …- . – . by darling - no rating - 7k+

I’ll Be Yours by jonghyunslisterine - general - 7k+

contractual by baekhyun (baruna) - explicit - 11k+

i am ready to be every animal you leave behind by squeen - teen and up - 7k+

when midnight strikes (follow the moonlight) by umji - general - 7k+

sun child by xiajin - general - 30k+

first impressions by xiajin - general - 4k+

A Little More Motion (In Your Ocean) by nivo - general - 2k+

take me out (we’re going down) by kaythebest - teen and up - 20k+

wolf by fitzgarbage - teen and up - 1k+

I Follow Rivers by SevenSoulmates - mature - 10k+

this feels like the first time - 10cm - teen and up - 4k+

witches petals by pursuit - general - 14k+

the start, a simple touch by fadetomorrow - teen and up - 8k+

this is how we danced; alone in sleeping bodies by squeen - teen and up - 15k+

and like flowers in his hands, death blooms by bellamees - mature - 6k+

( ✓ read 10:18 p.m. ) by winyoongi - mature - 47k+

temporary love by strangedesires - explicit - 13k+

The Sound of Winter by officialmaknae - mature - 39k+

siren song by xiajin - teen and up - 25k+

i see you (you see me) by heartbee4 - general - 11k+

so far away (don’t fall away) by sugacravings - no rating - 21k+

You Stir up a McFlurry in My Heart by tau - general - 7k+

How to Omega by yeoubi - teen and up - 7k+

the nights really were made for saying things you can’t say tomorrow day by siderum - teen and up - 9k+

ride out the storm with you by offthebeat - mature - 26k+

I know I’ll fall in love with you, baby by witheredleaf (micooled) - teen and up - 31k+

43 kisses by yoojung (kyungchul) - teen and up - 5k+

I Want You To Be My Night by TheOrgasmicSeke - mature - 32k+

off the record by sears - mature - 15k+

Stupid Cupid by noraebangbang - mature - 20k+

the garden of eden by xiajin - teen and up - 13k+

Cerulean and Malachite by TheHalesNyx - explicit - 16k+


Photographs by sixtieshairdo - teen and up - 1k+

come out, come out by signifying_nothing - explicit - 2k+

not gonna write you a love song by dollyeo - teen and up - 6k+

You’re a Thief, I’m the Police, Pay for your Crime by hunchul - no rating - 3k+

Touch My Body by daybreakstorm - teen and up - 3k+

don’t wanna dance (with anybody but you) by busan_brat - teen and up - 14k+

always under or above by bazooka - teen and up - 6k+

The Low Bird by taetaetiger (sexyvanillatiger) - teen and up - 15k+


The Boys of Erinn by hoseoky (LyricalPary) - explicit - 54k+

The Prettiest Smile This Side Of The Asteroid Belt by Etna - teen and up - 4k+

look at the stars; they shine for you by aborescent - teen and up - 4k+

The Still Point (Of The Turning World) by inkingbrushes - mature - 74k+

Conversations And Exhortations To One Min Yoongi by shikae (39smooth) - explicit - 9k+

난 너를 필요해(I Need You) by soulmatesyoonseok - no rating - 7k+

often a sweetness by deuxoiseaux - explicit - 73k+

if i let you go of your hand, you’ll fly away, you’ll shatter by sugodemic - teen and up - 4k+

strange that things change by realface - teen and up - 7k+

coffee in the mornings by peachys - teen and up - 11k+

kit-kat, kitty cat by sweetlyblue - mature - 14k+

it was so simple (in the moonlight) by inkingbrushes - teen and up - 10k+

Think Tidy by nivo - general - 2k+

where you fit by sweetlyblue - explicit - 18k+

someday by sweetlyblue - teen and up - 11k+

a procession of seasons by shikae (39smooth) - explicit - 21k+

but you and i (we’re pioneers) by inkingbrushes - mature - 16k+

we’ll be looking for sunlight by inkingbrushes - teen and up - 6k+

And all this devotion (I never knew at all) by inkingbrushes - teen and up - 8k+

light the spark by sasireun - teen and up - 3k+

The Sweetest Devotion (Hit Me Like An Explosion) by inkingbrushes - mature - 34k+

(heart) stealer by deuxoiseaux - mature - 18k+

this feeling (this everglow), by inkingbrushes - mature - 17k+

Bright Light by signifying_nothing - general - 6k+

movement (forward, not back) by signifying_nothing - teen and up - 5k+

Hyacinths by boatbeforeabridge - mature - 26k+

even the noise you make (when you sleep) by ahsugaa (janestache) - teen and up - 11k+

leave you drowning (until you reach for my hand) by inkingbrushes - explicit - 38k+


gilded by skateboardsound - teen and up - 9k+

You’re Supposed to Take Me Seriously - CheekyBrunette - explicit - 11k+

naughty or nice by kadotas - general - 17k+

summer, winter, spring (i’m falling for you) by kaythebest - teen and up - 41k+

morning, noon, and night by kaythebest - teen and up - 14k+

to whom it may concern by kaythebest - teen and up - 16k+

if i wanted to (i do) by kaythebest - teen and up - 41k+

call me (whenever you want me) by jhopeg - mature - 23k+

i keep forgetting (my mistakes were made for you) by peachguk - explicit - 22k+

when it comes to us by kadotas - teen and up - 48k+

for you, anything. by kadotas - teen and up - 29k+

tell me how to make this better by kingenjolras - teen and up - 44k+

tonight, we’ll defy the stars (hello my old heart) - fifty-one sunsets (idyleski) - general - 22k+

I Will Make You Whole by lethallergic - explicit - 32k+

it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in by knth - teen and up - 22k+

ensnared like a sweet dream by umji - no rating - 10k+

these stars in your eyes by ubixuitous - general - 2k+

voices of a distant star by passingtunnel - teen and up - 18k+

sky full of stars by acepink - general - 10k+

Jimin’s Bed by taechim - teen and up - 17k+


something was bound to go right sometime today by onyu - mature - 91k+

Galaxy S♡ by mindheist - teen and up - 21k+


if it bleeds by roachprince - explicit - 29k+


too much by fitzgarbage - general - 3k+

아침은 다시 올 거야 by fitzgarbage - teen and up - 27k+

Wanderer’s Teahouse by skeleton_soups - no rating - 25k+

Really, Baby (I Will Be Just Fine) by lethallergic - explicit - 15k+

alone with the stars in your eyes by marcel - general - 10k+

The Days We’ll Never Get Back by fluffyjimins - teen and up - 41k+


My BEST GUESS with “How Many Steps It Takes Chirrut to Get Ready In the Morning”

This is what I deduced from watching the movie multiple times and scouring the internet for information.
Please don’t come attacking me if it’s wrong.

I had to figure out how his costume worked after I started drawing him and realized I didn’t know exactly what layered over what:

↑ Drawn BEFORE I started researching his costume in detail.

I really loved trying to figure out how his costume worked, sometimes watching the movie just focusing on how his right sleeve moved, wondering what “religious meaning” the outfit has, etc. :)
Also, I found a production still from a shot they didn’t use in the movie where Chirrut had his tarp(?) on his back draped over his left arm. Since Jedha is set to be a moon in a permanent winter, I’m guessing that’s an extra layer of warmth if he needs it.
Again, these are only my best guesses.

Anyway, this was a great excuse to watch the film over and over again.

korellyn  asked:

Aaaaaahhhhhh!!! Just got to the bit in Deadline about SFU. That was my school!!!! Working my way thru all your novels and loving it, but just felt the need to shriek a bit there. Perfect setting, A+ horror show. PS Do you receive any benefit when I check your books out from the library? Limited budget and shelf space, but hope I'm helping at least a little.

I do!

Libraries are a huge help to authors, because they help us reach a larger (legal) audience than sales alone.  Plus they serve their communities in an absolutely essential manner that should never be understated.  Please, please continue to use your local library.  Who knows: maybe someday you’ll have the funds and shelving to go back and buy your favorites.  Or maybe you won’t.  Either way, your library system, and by extension I, will have benefited.

“It’s Whatever” (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

Request:  “I’m only letting you use my jacket because you won’t shut the hell up.” With Jared Kleinmen please???? (I love your work btw!!!!)

Warnings: dirty ol swear words!!

Word Count: 243

Notes: sorry its so short!!!! but i like it i hope u do too!!!!

You and Jared walked towards your house after school, just like every other day. However, today seemed to be quite different considering the fact that it was snowing. It was completely unexpected, none of the weather forecasts even showed high precipitation chances, yet here it was.

You began shivering in your t-shirt and shorts, because how did you know it was going to snow? You didn’t. However, Jared Kleinman, being the little shit he was, had a thick jacket on and sweatpants.

“Man, am I warm as fuck. How’re you doing, Y/N?” He smirked at you, but his smile fell quickly when he saw your state. “Dude, you’re gonna get hypothermia, why didn’t you wear anything?”

You turned and glared at him.

“Because it’s fucking November!” You muttered, crossing your arms and shivering even more. “My house is like, 10 more minutes away, Jared. I’m really cold and I can’t feel my arms.” You complained. He rolled his eyes and you saw him tugging off his jacket, putting it on you and scowling.

“Wh-What are you-”

“I’m only letting you use my jacket because you won’t shut the hell up.” He muttered. You blushed a little, but since it was cold, you could just play it off as the temperature getting to you.

“Thanks, Kleinman.” You smiled at him, planting a soft kiss on his cheek. A blush, an unmistakeable blush, rose to his face. He smiled and looked down.

“It’s whatever.”

Give me all the Dean angst!

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Thank you, Sundae

Dean’s face told her everything you needed to know.

“John wants you to leave today, doesn’t he?” She asked, her chest tightening as she felt her body shake.

His eyes met hers before he looked away. “Y/N, he’s hurt. Sam just left us. Dad started drinking and I took off. He wants to get back to work.”

She moved in front of him and took his hands. “Dean, Sam’s out. You can get out too. John’s going to do what he’s going to do, without or without you and Sam!”

“Sweetheart, please. I can’t let him down.” Dean pleaded. He touched her face and closed his eyes. “I wish I could take you with me.”

“You can! If you won’t stay…”

Dean shook his head. “Y/N, my dad is going to be furious when he finds out how serious this is. If you’re with us…”

“I’ll have to come back when the baby is due. You’ll have to come back with me.” Y/N smiled. Dean’s eyes gave him away. “Dean?”

“I don’t know if I can….Y/N, I’m not ready for this.”

Y/N felt the air leave her body. “John’s not making you leave, is he? You’re leaving because you don’t want to be here!”

Dean shook his head. “I do! I’m scared! I never thought I’d have a kid. Hell, I never thought someone like you would give me the time of day.”

“I did. I fell in love with you, Dean Winchester. I’m having your baby…”

“I know. I just don’t know if I can…”

Y/N considered her next words very carefully. “I want you to go. I want you to think about what you want. If you don’t come back, I want you to have the best life you can. I want you to know that I will move on.” She paused. “I won’t tell anyone about you though.”

Dean kissed her softly. “Y/N…”

“Make the best choice for you, Dean. I need to make the best choice for me.”


“Go, Dean.” She kissed him one last time.

“What if I don’t want to?”

Y/N’s eyes filled with hope, but she shook her head. “Take some time and think about what this means. This is your choice. I’ll love you no matter what you decide.”

This Week In Gundam Wing August 13th - 19th

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Drabble Game!

Lately I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands and have decided to use that said free time on improving my writing skills!

Below are a list of 25 drabble prompts that I will be using for the game. Please limit yourself to one request and read my rules before requesting!
I’ll be updating this post with the prompts that are already taken.

Also!! To send a request, please use this format:
prompt number, ship, genre
So for example: Prompt 13, Namseok, Angst

Genres: Angst☻and/or Fluff ♥

① “You work here too?!”
② “Our zodiacs aren’t compatible, I don’t know how we’re going to make this work.”
③ “Crushes are whack, who needs so- HOLY SHIT WHO IS THAT?!”
④ “You can’t just love cats AND dogs!”
⑤ “Do you like kids?”
⑦ “If you get a Prius, I’ll never drive with you again.”
⑧ “It is a SIN to put pineapple on pizza.”
⑨ “Your eyes hold more depth than space itself.”
⑩ “STOP THE CAR! I want to pet the dog.”
⑪ “You made me breakfast in bed?”
⑫ “How are you a morning person!?”
⑬ “We should get a pet.”
⑭ “I’ll never kiss you again if you eat that.”
⑯ “Can you do me a favor and pretend to be my partner for the family retreat? Only couples can go…” ➭ jihope ☻ ♥
⑰ “Surprise! I got you your favorite! This is your favorite right?”
⑱ “I’m so sorry”
⑲ “But I love you.”
⑳ “Art is supposed to make you feel something.” ➭ jihope ☻

Request here!

Okay but:

Ladybug running her fingers through Chat’s hair just bc she likes the messy look, and then one day doing it to Adrien out of habit bc ‘oh there’s my cute boy with the blonde hair & pretty green eyes and wAIT WRONG BOY’

Chat flicking Ladybug’s pigtails when he passes by just to be annoying & cute & bc he likes her hair

Adrien scaring the bajesus out of Mari by doing it to her too & bc she messed with his hair first

Mari getting him back by running her fingers from the nape of his neck up during class, which surprisingly makes him yelp & turn to glare at her absolutely scandalized

Madame Bustier not caring for once because FINALLY those kids are getting somewhere (#otp)

Alya secretly taking snaps of these occassions without telling anybody

Mari wearing her hair in different styles to avoid the pigtail-flicking

Adrien suddenly floored because ‘Holy SHIT Mari looks beautiful with her hair framing her face like that, why didn’t anyone tell me’

Adrien’s soul exiting stage left when Ladybug shows up for patrol with her hair down too

Chat suddenly in a short ponytail

“It’s a CAT tail Ladybug, get it?”

Ladybug pulling out the hairtie bc just no, and then Mari showing up with the same hair tie on her wrist the next morning

Adrien fucking swooning, & Plagg telling him he’s jumping to conclusions bc he’s got a heart made of putty

Nino is ready to burst, “Adrien, bro, just ask her out already!”

“I can’t just ASK HER OUT, Nino!”

Alya is constantly screaming

The hair shenangians do not stop

Nathalie & his driver are beginning to wonder just what is happening in that school to make him look like he just rolled out of a blanket burrito


“Maybe it’s impossible to live life without any regrets. Even when you know the future… you’ll still mess up.“ 

orange wallpapers requested by anonymous ☆

Please Help Two Disabled Survivors Eat

Full Post

My boyfriend’s identity was stolen while doing survival sex work, and his disability pension has been stopped in the mean time. We can barely keep a roof over our heads on just my pension, and due to us both being severely disabled, neither of us can work right now (even ssw).

We currently have around 5 bucks left for food, and both of us come from extremely dangerous & abusive homes. I have already reached out to my mother anyways because we had nothing to eat.

My paypal is Even a dollar would make a huge difference to our situation right now.

If you can’t donate please boost!


“I’m not going to wish for much. Only to hit for sure all the pitches that I know I can hit.”

Happy Birthday, Kominato Haruichi! ☆ (01/03) 

Enneagram: How to get along with the types.

Type 1

- Be responsible for yourself, so I don’t have to do that for you, too.
- I’m hard on myself. Assure me that I’m good, just the way I am.
- Tell me that you appreciate my advices.
- Be fair, and attentive, like I am.
- Apologize when you are wrong. This helps me forgive.
- Help me loosen up a bit, and teach me how to laugh at myself. But please, listen to my concerns first.

(Most common type among ISTJs, ESTJs, and INTJs)

Type 2

- Tell me you appreciate me. Be specific about why.
- Share your joy with me.
- Do care about my problem, even if I’m busy with yours.
- Let me know that I’m important and special to you.
- Please be gentle, even if you have to criticize me.
- In intimate relationships; assure me that you’re still interested in me.
- Remind me that you love me.
- Tell me I’m attractive, and you really like when people see us together.

(Most common type among ISFJs, ESFJs, ESFPs, INFJs, and ENFJs)

Type 3

- Leave me alone when I work.
- Please give me honest, but not critical feedback.
- Help me to organize, and to keep my environment neat.
- Don’t burden me with negative emotions.
- Tell me that you like being with me.
- Tell me that you’re proud of me and my achievements.

(Most common type among ESTJs, ENTJs, and ENFJs)

Type 4

- Give me compliments often. They mean a lot.
- Be a supportive friend, or partner. Help me to love others and to appreciate myself.
- Please keep the power of my intuition, and foresight in respect.
- Though I don’t always want people to cheer me up from my melancholy, sometimes you still have to bring back the light to my inner world.
- DON’T tell me, that I’m too sensitive, or I overreact something!

(Most common type among ISFPs, INFJs, and INFPs)

Type 5

- Please be independent, not a puppy.
- Talk shortly, and straightforwardly.
- I need to be alone to think.
- Remember, if I appear to be distant, or arrogant, that’s because I feel uncomfortable.
- Show me that you’re happy to see me, but don’t ever overact because that makes me doubt your honesty.
- If I have to repeat something I said, and I become irritated, that’s because it was hard to say for the first time even.
- Help me to avoid big parties, loud people, overheated emotions, and the violation of my privacy.

(Most common type among ISTPs, INTJs, and INTPs)

Type 6

- Be straightforward and honest with me.
- Pay attention to me.
- Please don’t condemn me for my worry.
- Let’s solve our problems together.
- Assure me that everything’s OK between us.
- Laugh, and joke around with me.
- Lead me gently to new experiences.
- Don’t overreact when I overreact something.

(Most common type among ISTJs, ESTJs, ISFJs, and ESFJs)

Type 7

- Give me company, kindness, and freedom.
- Have stimulating conversations, and laugh with me.
- Appreciate my ideas, and listen to my stories.
- Don’t try to change me. Accept me for who I am.
- Be independent. I don’t like babysitting others.
- Please don’t tell me what to do.

(Most common type among ESTPs, ENTPs, ESFPs, and ENFPs)

Type 8

- Stand up for yourself… and for me.
- Be confident, strong, and straightforward.
- Don’t talk behind my back and don’t abuse my trust.
- Dare to be vulnerable, and share your feelings with me. Notice, and admit that I have a delicate side, too.
- Give me space to be alone.
- Admit, and appreciate the things I do for you, but don’t try to dazzle me.
- I often talk passionately. Please don’t take it personally.
- When I rage, I break things, or I shout. Remember, this is how I work.

(Most common type among ESTPs, ENTJs, and ENTPs)

Type 9

- It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it. I’m sensitive to pressure and expectations.
- I like being quiet and to serve, but don’t take advantage of me.
- Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking, not even when I digress a little.
- Give me enough time for decisions, and tasks. But you can push me gently.
- Ask, if something’s not clear.
- Please tell me, if you like me. It won’t go to my head.
- Hug me, and show me your emotions physically. This helps me to open up.
- I like a good conversation, but not an argument.
- Let me know, if I did or said something right.
- Laugh with me, and share your happiness with me.

(Most common type among ISTPs, INTPs, ISFPs and INFPs)


A little gift from me!

Here they are! My 100, 200, and 300 followers gifts! I decided to clump them all together into one post like a little bundle. I cannot believe that all of you decided to follow my trash blog, and I am so grateful. Anyways I really hope you guys enjoy this!

- Base Game Compatible

- Custom Thumbnail

- 25 Swatches for All and the cropped sweater has a few stripey patterns :)

Tag me if you use this I would love to see what you do with it!

TOU- Please don’t claim this as your own. Feel free to recolor but don’t include the mesh and give proper credit <3

downloads (no adfly) // Turtleneck / PJs to Work / Sweater

Credits, EA

Pictures of them in game under the cut.


★ Kozume Kenma Wallpapers! ★ (as voted for by my followers)


Pokefemslash Day 9: First yuri ship?

i take your "tall girlfriend” and i give you… taller girlfriend