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On Translations

I’ve seen a post floating around on the difference between the MangaStream and YonkouProd translations of Chapter 521. Figured I’d shine a bit of light on the websites themselves and on… some bigger issues in this fandom. Those issues are important, so this post isn’t going under a cut. Sorry. You need to read this if you weren’t aware of these issues already. 

YonkouProd: A newer website as far as translations go. I haven’t been reading them for a long time, so I don’t trust them as well. 

MangaStream: A more experienced manga website. They’ve been around for years, and while they’re known for fluffing up the translations with flowery prose, they’re generally pretty reliable. They have a large team of hardworking translators. This most recent chapter, for example, had a team of 7 people involved working on stuff from framing to translations to scans. 

MangaPanda is pretty much obsolete at this point, so those are the two main competitors. I’d take both translating teams with a grain of salt, however, and there are some very good reasons for that.  

MangaStream and YonkouProductions are the manga industry’s equivalent of the art thieves and reposters that people complain about here on Tumblr. 

You may remember the days when Fairy Tail chapters came out on Fridays, way back to the GMG arc. For a good amount of time, they switched to Mondays, and now that YonkouProd has found a way to get earlier scans, they’ve inched back to Saturdays. People bitched and moaned when Fairy Tail’s release schedule scooted back three days, but there was a reason for that. 

In Japan, Fairy Tail chapters come out on Wednesdays (Tuesday night for us). People in this fandom seem to understand this, as the general consensus is that it’s impolite to Tweet Mashima before the chapter comes out in Japan. For some reason, however, people cannot seem to understand that America and other English-speaking countries do not get the scans early because they are special. 

The scans only come out early online because people take them illegally and repost them without giving Mashima proper credit

As I’ve said time and time again, Mashima does not write Fairy Tail out of the goodness of his heart. Fairy Tail is his job. It is his source of income. I know there are authors and artists out there that realize how it feels to see your art reposted and given no credit on other sites! I’m not going to minimize that, but please realize that for Mashima, it’s not just people stealing his work. It’s people stealing the work and him losing money for it

I’m sure you understand why this is an issue. So… what can you do? I’m sure you still want to read Fairy Tail, but where can you go to get it legally? 

Circling back to your initial complaints… there’s a website where you can read it legally and get higher-quality, more accurate scans! It’s called Crunchyroll. I’ve given you the link. Yeah, there’s a fee of $6.95 a month, but you don’t just get Fairy Tail. They have a variety of manga and anime and pay every single creator for their work to the best of my knowledge. I believe you can read the most recent chapters of Fairy Tail for free. Don’t quote me there. 

If you can’t afford to pay that, I can’t stop you from reading Fairy Tail. I just can’t. I can hope that you buy the official merchandise or the volumes from stores or something, but I can’t force you to do that, either. 

I can ask you to stop bitching about the illegal scans that you get for free, though. Knock that shit off. Have some respect. 

Give Mashima the credit for his manga that you would want for your fanart, and for the love of all things holy, stop expecting the word of God to come down from illegal manga sites. They’re going to be inaccurate and lower-quality, and as long as you continue to read them for free without giving Mashima his dues, they’re going to stay that way. 


Close your eyes to the cold world
Lie on your bed
Block both your ears
Yesterday is today, and today is yesterday
You’re just full of overdue blame
As if we’re in the same dream
A familiar song calls out to me
I’m finally connected
You should accept me
HATE is on me
Even if every day is a repeat of itself I’m okay
I walk above a depth of darkness
And look at the real truth that’s hidden here
Quietly open your eyes (echoed)
Now, OPEN YOUR EYES (echoed)
Quietly open your eyes
Quietly open your eyes (echoed
Now open your eyes
Hatred that I haven’t thrown away
And dreams that torment me (this dream)
The clock goes on without an error as if to mock me (oh yeah)
I’m a wreck, even I don’t know myself
The future has been painted dark
I struggle
It (the future) paints this night more pitch black (woo yeah)
Close your eyes to the cold world
Lie on your bed
Block both your ears
Yesterday is today, and today is yesterday
You’re just full of overdue blame
As if we’re in the same dream
A familiar song calls out to me (you do)
I’m finally connected (you want)
As usual I’m headed somewhere
In districts I don’t know the name of
To a hall without a name
Even if I sleep for some (consecutive) nights
I get no comfort
No matter where I go
(at that place) I’m mostly an Explorer passing my time
Uh and that’s a long ass ride
I go wandering in a trance and eventually I close my eyes
The spaces between now and my dreams
I am suspicious of them again
I still have something I need to confirm
Right now, with you (uh)
Quietly open your eyes (echoed)
Now open your eyes (echoed)
Quietly open your eyes (echoed)
Now open your eyes
Inside harmed irregularity (inside)
The story I’ve hidden really deep
Opens Its eyes
Through this song
Your dreams can be read (dream)
My seventh sense
Is awoken from a deep sleep
(Oh) Come here by my side as the night unfolds
Now another dream approaches, little by little
I understand [your dreams] as if they are my own
See the truth open your eyes
I’m not alone

Translated by: @LTY_Int/ @withtaeyong Please Take out with full and proper credits. Please do not use to sub without my permission

Sehun’s Letter to EXO members and EXO-Ls

I prepared a letter. Hello members, this is maknae Sehun. Were you surprised? I always tell you all how I feel but there are some quite embarrassing things that I couldn’t say. It has been three years together with the fans, and so I prepared what I want to say to all of you. Being infront of you right now, I’m so nervous and I feel like I’m gonna go crazy. These all came from the heart so please listen well. I will start by age. 

First! To Minseok-hyung who looks young. Thank you for accepting my, not sometimes but often, playfulness and whines to you. In the future I will just whine once a day. (I really do this a lot.)

To my loving Suho-hyung. I don’t always say when I’m having a hard time but you always seem to know when I do with your comforting pats. If hyung is having a hard time, I’m here so please don’t worry. Just call me, except when I’m sleeping. Please believe in the maknae, hyung. 

To Lay-hyung who wasn’t able to attend this but would be nice if he was here. You’re watching, right? I will check if you watch this or not. What did Sehun say at 45:02? I’ll ask you like this. Do well in your movie filming, don’t get hurt and always be healthy. Wo ai ni. 

To Chennie chennie chen Jongdae-hyung that I am anticipating in this broadcast. You know that I love you, right? I know that you always take care of us, but I wasn’t able to tell you that I know. I’m very thankful and I love you. 

And Chanyeol-hyung, please stop joking around so much. We’re all adults now, it’s getting irritating. I’m joking. We’ve been so tired lately but because of you, we always get to laugh and you make the tension disappear and the atmosphere better. I love you.

And to Baekhyun-hyung. You always practice your singing even late at night, please do it just once in a while. It’s really irritating. I’m genuinely curious why you do it late night and not earlier. We always get to talk a lot when we’re together, hopefully we can also talk about serious stuff next time. 

And to Dyo, Kyungsoo-hyung. Truthfully, I’m very frustrating, aren’t I? It’s because I love everything about hyung that I reject that you reject my love. I’m thankful that even if you reject and say you don’t want to, you hate to or you won’t do it, you still do (for me). I love you. It’s spring now, so when you go riding your bike at Han river, please give me a ride too. 

And to Tao, who I’m thankful for that I treat like a friend. I regularly talk to you a lot and so I end up spending a lot of time with you, and now that you’re not here it feels empty. Don’t get hurt. Wo ai ni, Tao. 

Lastly, to Kim Kai who’s becoming more handsome. We always talk a lot, and you make me want to work even harder because you’re so passionate. You’re the member who makes me want to strive harder, my driving force, and also gives me strength. And so, I really like that. I love you. 

If we get strength from one another, we will be able to show the best stage. It’s already our 3rd year. Time really flew by so fast. We had a lot of memories, even this moment where I’m reading this letter will become a memory as well that hopefully we will talk about next time as well. Always be healthy and don’t get hurt. We are one. 

And lastly, to our beloved EXO-Ls. I want to express our love to you. For always believing in us, for loving us, for supporting us, and for always believing in us and our members.. The love that you have given us, we will do our best to give back more. Please watch us, thank you, I love you.

Credit: @sehunownsme 
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I still cant figure out how to dress in Summer…
Summer fashion is my greatest weakness.

This was a huge labor of love, and the first colored comic I’ve ever really done! I hope you like it. Shoutout to my Pinterest fashion pins which really helped out with references! Please do not take or share without giving proper credit to my blog! Thanks ILY! -Tombo


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     I am ANGERED and DISGUSTED by this. It takes me 2-5 hours to make these manips. This one shown above, took me 4 hours to make. I enjoy doing them, but if it comes to this I will STOP posting them.

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Ryeowook: Next week or the week after, Super Junior[-M] will make a comeback in Korea. If I appear on TV, please regard me prettily.

Trans by gwiyoming | tumblr

Do not take out without proper credits


Translated by Sally @ K1MJIWON

Interviewer: After winning SMTM3, did people’s reaction change?

BOBBY: Oh! No! The reason why I don’t have many chances to feel the popularity is because I’m usually only at the practice room and the studio. There are some people who notice me when I sometimes go to the airport or when filming. The existence of the people who like me itself is surprising and I’m grateful.

Interviewer: You have so much more popularity than you think.

BOBBY: Oh! No! Thank you so much!

Interviewer: Are you doing this because you’re embarrassed?

BOBBY: It’s just because I’ve heard this for the first time, haha.

Interviewer: You like Hot dog and pizza? (It was actually the dinner menu that day)

BOBBY: It suites my taste more than Korean food. I have a taste like a baby who likes sausage and cheese.

Interviewer: Even if you eat a lot, you’re not the type to get fat, right?

BOBBY: As I do dance practice every day, I lose weight naturally.

Interviewer: Do you like exercising?

BOBBY: Looking at it, doing it I like both. I want to try ice hockey.

Interviewer: Ice Hockey, somehow it matches with you. I watched all of SMTM. You were really good at rapping as if there was more to it?

BOBBY: Although I feel good that I won SMTM, I felt that I was lacking a lot. I think I can do better than this but it’s hard.

Interviewer: I liked your self-written rap lyrics. I had a feeling that you were exactly telling a story about what you’ve been through and what you thought.

BOBBY: Personally when writing lyrics, I like to move things as I think of it. The programme concept of saying everything what you want and the writing style of my lyrics matched well. I thought ‘This is the time!’ and I wrote lyrics while enjoying.

Interviewer: I think this programmme changed the perception of ‘idol rapper’.

BOBBY: It was also my goal. If you say idol rapper, they get easily looked on. They consider that they’re rapping to the lyrics that someone else wrote. I thought I’d be upset if those titles comes up to me. So that’s why I wanted to destroy the prejudice. I wanted to show that some idol rappers know how to be embarrassed at their own skills and they try hard to do well.

Interviewer: You did this in the programme as well but you like to use the word ‘destroy’ a lot.

BOBBY: It suites well with the context and somehow it looks cool.

Interviewer: Haha, that’s right. What is the rap style that you pursue?

BOBBY: That it has to be cool from the start of the song to the end. It has to be cool unconditionally.

Interviewer: What is that ‘coolness’?

BOBBY: Mhm…being manly. Overflowing with masculine, tough and saying what they want to say…I think that’s the real coolness. I’ll keep it as no need to cover and bringing it raw as it is. I will be using a lot of stories about strong things and raw things in my rap in the future as well.

Interviewer: The word right now, isn’t that over pronouncing the rhyme?

BOBBY: It came out naturally, haha.

Interviewer: You study the ways that make you look charming?

BOBBY: If you say entertainment agency is school then I’m in the graduating class. For the last 4 years, I never missed a time and took videos every week and did monthly evaluation. Although it was hard thanks to that, I found out myself what expressions can be a weapon. It’s not just simply showing singing and dance on stage, I learnt it with my body that you need to add motion and gesture to make up the mood.

Interviewer: About how much do you think your talents are?

BOBBY: I think talents change in proportion with the amount and time you try. If you stop trying, the talent will remain there. If you try hard constantly, your talent will also develop.

Interviewer: I thought that talents were born/gifted with. That’s new to hear. It’s your 3rd time on only survival programmes from <WIN><SMTM> to <MIX&MATCH>. Have you ever thought that it was cruel?

BOBBY: I did at first but as I experience it often, as a musician, I felt that there’s no other format better than survival programme to develop. Although it’s hard, you eventually get to develop. So now I feel thankful to our CEO.

Interviewer: When seeing the other members, sometimes there are images of their mental collapsing but it seems like the survival programme format suites Bobby well.

BOBBY: I think it’s because I have a stronger mind of ‘this too shall pass’ than the other members. If there’s a mission given, I believe that I can do it anyway and I’m still young. There’ll be more opportunities in the future.

Interviewer: As you participate in a survival programme, have you thought of ‘I can never pass over this person’ by any chance?

BOBBY: I’ve rather thought the opposite. If I try hard like now, no one will be able to pass over me.

Interviewer: If you had the ability to steal someone else’s talent, whose would you steal and what talent?
BOBBY: Mhm, it’s not one or two people. I want to steal 0.1% each from all the rappers that I like.

Interviewer: You have a lot of greed?

BOBBY: Yes. I really think a lot of ‘How good would it be if I could steal a little bit of all the rappers skills’.

Interviewer: That’s a mature answer as a 20 year old. Since when were you a positive mind?

BOBBY: I think I inherited (that) from my parents. My parents were my scariest teacher as well as the funniest comedian to me. Since childhood, I received my parents’ positive energy so I think I got used to it in my body.

Interviewer: What do you need the most to yourself right now?

BOBBY: Mhm, love. The weather has become colder and there’s nothing better than lyrics about love. Reflecting on my experience, I wrote the lyrics well when I was in love. I moved the words that was from my heart not my head to lyrics. I can’t write it without experience and there’s sincerity that can only be done at that time.

Interviewer: Whatever emotion it is, it maximizes when dating. Then you know about it.

BOBBY: That’s exactly right. You’re writing the stories in your heart into lyrics so when dating, a better expression comes out more than usual.

Interviewer: What’s your recent source of trouble?

BOBBY: Mhm, Christmas. I’m worried because I don’t have a girlfriend to do an event to.

Interviewer: There’s still a while left, have you already planned for Christmas?

BOBBY: I want to spend this year’s Christmas fun. Last Christmas was quite boring.

Interviewer: I hope you spend a fun Christmas as planned. What modifier do you want to be called as in the future?

BOBBY: Just rapper Bobby. I want be recognized as a rapper. That word in front of my name is good enough.

Interviewer: What do you think you did well this year?

BOBBY: Appearing on SMTM.

Interviewer: Not winning?

BOBBY: Appearing on it itself means a lot to me. If I didn’t do well here, I thought it was a losing game. There were rappers who did absurdly well. Because of the tension, I went back to my first intention and constantly practiced. Thanks to that, I was able to win.

Interviewer: You said this is your first interview ever. How would you remember today in the future?

BOBBY: I will remember it as a time to trace back on myself. I never talked deep about myself. It was new because it was my first time.

Interviewer: I have something that I really wanted to ask. When are you going to debut?

BOBBY: Mhm, I’m not sure. Because one reap as one has sown. The thing that I can do before that is sowing seeds. Then, some day it will be fruitful as much as expected.

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