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。* ★ IzuOcha Week  2017 ✫ *。

Welcome, everyone to IzuOcha Week 2017!  ~ヾ(^∇^)
IzuOcha Week is an entire week celebration dedicated to the relationship of Izuku “Deku” Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka from the manga/anime My Hero Academia.

We are so excited since this is our first ever IzuOcha Week! We’ve worked hard and done our best on choosing the prompts for these sweethearts; so we hope you will enjoy and join us in the fun! as we celebrate our sweet Heroes in Training and the beautiful relationship they share! Plus Ultra!

。* ★ BONUS DAYS ✫ *。

December 25th or 27th /  Day 8: Celebrations (ex. Holidays, Birthdays, etc.) 

Note: For the bonus day, we’ve added the option for it to be either on the 25th (for Christmas) or the 27th (to celebrate Ochako’s birthday!)

。* ★ November 19th  – 25th  2017 || Prompts per Day  ✫ *。

Day 1: Firsts (ex. Impressions, kiss, date etc.)
Day 2: Tag Team
Day 3: Quirks
Day 4: Dorm Life
Day 5: Growing Feelings / Admiration
Day 6: Loss / Nightmare
Day 7: Confessions

You can use the prompts as you wish, they are meant to inspire and help (BUT they are also optional and not required to use) use your imagination and creativity - and remember to have fun!

Tag all your works with #IzuochaWeek and/or #IzuochaWeek2017

Make sure you place the tag within the first 5 tags so it appears in the tag/s (otherwise we might miss it.) if your works still don’t appear in the tag/s send us a link through the submission page or a message to our askbox and we’ll reblog it!.

*** please be sure to read the Rules and Guidelines here it’s important, so you know what is do’s/don’ts.

Here’s a short list of Rules/Guidelines since it’s the first year.

  • Do not post art or edits/graphics that is not yours, they will not be accepted.
  • Do not use another artist’s art as a base/trace. Please respect others and be original with your work~❤ if you steal, it will not be accepted 
  • Do not post N/SFW content as the characters are underage and it would make others, especially minors uncomfortable. it will not be accepted. remember there are fans of all ages, so please be courteous and respectful.
  • Fanarts, fanfictions, edits, graphics, videos, etc. are all accepted whatever you wanna do!.

RULES UPDATED: // .3/9/17. //

We hope you will participate and show some love to IzuOcha in this special celebratory week!ヾ(๑╹ヮ╹๑)ノ”

banner graphic by: @uravityzero / @eriboook


here’s an oldish theme that i did a lot of revamping on. this first version suits roleplay groups and even rph blogs ! it comes with three admin spots and their own toggleable availability status. i also added a drop down menu with weather icons for your daily forecast. let me know if you have any trouble with the morph modals since they do look funny in edit mode.



dimensions and theme info are all on the preview ! i styled photo posts to look like instagram uploads for /aesthetic/ purposes, however you have the option to turn them off for normal posts. chats and audio posts are also styled bc why not ?? i got carried away. just like the first version, there’s also an online availability status. let me know if you have any trouble with the morph modals since they do look funny in edit mode.



— more theme info on preview.
— any errors? or questions? let me know.
— don’t steal.
— don’t use as base.
— don’t edit and redistribute.  
— please keep credit !


。* ❀  RinShi  Week  2017 ❀ *。

Welcome, everyone to RinShi Week 2017!  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
RinShi Week is an entire week celebration dedicated to the relationship of Rin Okumura and Shiemi Moriyama from the manga/anime Blue Exorcist.

This year is special and falls on Tanabata (Japanese star festival) and we wanted to give it a Summer vibed theme. (◕‿ ◕✿) We hope you will join in celebrating the relationship between our favorite half-demon and tamer exorcists in training!

。* ❀
July 7th  – 13th  2017 || Prompts per Day  ❀ *

Day 1: Tanabata Festival

Day 2: Confession

Day 3: Teamwork

Day 4: Domestic

Day 5: Beach

Day 6: Trust

Day 7: Red String of Fate

。* ❀DAY 8: July 22: BONUS DAY: Battle in Gehenna or 10 Years Later

。* ❀ Basic Rules:

✮ Do not post art or edits/graphics that are not yours, they will not be accepted.
✮ Do not use another artist’s art as a base/trace. Please respect others and be original with your work~❤ if you steal, it will not be accepted
✮ N.SFW content should be under a cut/read more or tagged appropriately and anything else that may trigger, remember there are fans of all ages, and there are those that might be uncomfortable with this type of content; so please be courteous and respectful.

More Rules in this link here: Full Rules list

。* ❀ Guidelines:

✮ Fanart, fanfiction, edits, graphics, videos, etc. are all accepted whatever you wanna do!
Please include ‘RinShiweek’ or ‘RinShiweek2017’ within the first 5 tags so that they can be found. If your post isn’t appearing in the tags feel free to send a message.
✮ Late entries are accepted! So don’t worry if you’re late.
✮ The Prompts given are optional, they are merely here to be a guidance and to inspire. but if you have something else in mind go for it!
If you have any questions, please send them to the ‘RinShiWeek’ blog or your admins’ Flower-Of-Assiah / AoNoTrashorcist and we’ll do what we can. Please do not contact our personal blogs.

We hope you will participate and enjoy our lovely celebratory week for RinShi! (✿◠‿ ◠)


Just some random sketches of dress based on some Youtubers :)
Disclaimer: PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE! I DON’T CARE IF YOU ASK ITS STILL A NO! You may USE the designs but I must be linked back and credited. Not doing so is considered stealing and will be reported as so.

Pewdiepie: I went with something more revealing based on how outward Felix is. I also gave his signature pink boa and his bro fist logo pinned to the dress.
Markiplier: I tried to cover his neck to go with his #thickneck trend. I also tried making his M shape logo where the cleavage is located. I made it a shorter dress to reveal more legs for the illusion of long legs or tallness, this represents how Mark doesn’t like the fact he’s shorter than most.
Jacksepticeye: I gave Jack something more longer and flowy to go with his happy go lucky attitude. I wanted to mix cute with mature because Jack may be adorable but he is also a very respectable adult
VanossGaming: I went with his BatOwl look more. Not much more to say with this one, just reminds me of a evil villain though XD’
H2ODelirious: I gave Delirious a short more cutesy dress for his child like attitude. I implemented his mask in the form of a small hat with a veil, the veil is to try to hide the face of the wearer much like the mask itself does. I gave him boots for a more of a “not of afraid to get dirty” feel to it without hindering the outfit as a whole.
Wiishu: I gave her more of a casual look but with the bling bling~ I added the hat for flare and sass. The leggings are to show that she doesn’t need to be behind a man to show who wears the pants.

Masked Intruder

Summary: Dan is a robber who steals valuable objects nearly every night. When he goes into a flat decorated with plants and stuffed animals, he can’t seem to keep himself away. Dan’s not used to pretty boys stealing things of his own; especially when they steal his heart.
Word Count: 3590
Warnings: stealing, breaking/entering, cussing
A/N: I’d like to thank my roommate @sourmojo for giving me the idea to write this fic (based off of this song) and also @insanityplaysfics for being my lovely beta. That summary is the worst fucking summary I’ve ever written but I love this idea so much and I hope you do too! Please don’t ask me to write a sequel, i will write one if i end up feeling like it, but as of right now, it doesnt seem very likely.
Read it on AO3!


It was something that Dan was proud of, as fucked up as it was. He just couldn’t get enough of everything about it; the thrill, the little prizes he got out of it, hell even the news broadcasters. No matter how hard he tried to get away from his lifestyle, he always ended up going back. His own addiction, his very own little secret. Besides, it’s not like anybody was getting hurt in his escapades. Just himself and his own conscious, but that he could deal with.

So what if he broke into houses and stole objects he found compelling? They were just objects and humans should be able to get over the loss of something so materialistic. Rings, money, antiques. Stealing those didn’t harm anybody. In fact, they should be grateful for Dan. He helped people realise that family was far more important than items.

Dan didn’t necessarily know how he got to this point in his life, where he just went to other people’s houses to steal meaningless crap, but he couldn’t be more thankful. One day he was just a silly little teenager trying to be edgy by sneaking into places he wasn’t supposed to be in, and the next moment he was a twenty-five year old man breaking and entering all to steal that new movie he’s been wanting for weeks. Some would say that he was stupid for risking going to jail just for a movie, but Dan didn’t give a single fuck.

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Kara here bringing you a guide that has taken me ages. Its basically a beginners guide to pretty much everything I know how to do coding wise. Because coding is so diverse, obviously there are thousands of different ways to do things, but this is just how I do them.


What’s a Base Code? How do I know which one to pick?
How do I change the credit? How do I make it cute?
What does Margin mean? How is that important?
Fonts, how do they work? How do I change them? Can I put effects on them?
Pagination? What’s that? Why is it doing that?
Adding images, removing them, and renaming them.
Hover 101.
The magic of colors.

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[ADMIN] Reposted content from FY!MX

It has come to our attention that FY!MX’s current header image has been stolen and reposted in multiple online platforms more than one time.
Our current header image has been specifically edited for header purposes (with the addition of trees and buildings to get a bigger size) and can only be accessed from the theme’s codesheet. Do not steal from our code. You can find the original image in Monsta X’s official Twitter account, which we also used as our base.

We have no issues in displaying edited content for free and without any watermarks, and we do enjoy editing to dynamize the blog’s appearance; but if this goes on without any sort of inquiries or permission from us we will cease to edit any sort of content and will just go with the unedited content we’re given from Starship.

We spend a lot of time creating for you and running this blog. Please be understanding of other people’s work. Thank you.

Under the cut, as requested by anonymous, are #230 rp icons of the beautiful Naomi Scott with texture and border. None of the items used for base are mine. I merely collected, cropped, resized and edited so all credit goes to original makers. Credit is not required but please do not steal or take credit for these. Likes &. reblogs are appreciated if you use them. Enjoy !!

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guys the blog @/eva- -noelle is reposting gifs from various gifmakers in the skam fandom. if you spot edits/gifs that you can recognise that are from various gifmakers whose posts you’ve seen before based on colouring/font use etc, please link them to it so that those posts which contain the reposted gifs/edits can be reported, because that blog is not giving credit at all, and instead are saying how “they’ve spent all afternoon making edits”, when in fact, all they’ve been doing is stealing them.

In celebration of actress Alex Kingston, we’re counting down to her birthday with a week full of Alex love and appreciation! Beginning on March 5th and going through the 11th, please join us in creating and sharing original content – gifs, edits, playlists, art, fics, musings, et cetera – to celebrate all things Alex.


  • Please be sure to tag your posts with “akaw2017” (in the first 5 tags) so everyone can find them. All posts in this that tag will be reblogged by @itsalexthatwelove; if a post is missed, please let me know! Also: Follow that tag and this blog!
  • Other tags to help get your posts seen: “Alex Kingston”, “Kingston edit” (for edits), “Kingston post” (posts that aren’t strictly edits), character names, “drfic” (for River x Doctor fic), & “River Song edit” (for, obviously, River edits).
  • There are 2 prompts listed for each day so you can pick your favorite. Feel free to think of the prompts as suggestions and substitute a lagniappe prompt (below) or deviate entirely.
  • Please do not feel obligated to participate in all seven days!


  • Day 1 (5 March) –  What was your introduction to Alex Kingston? // Alex in a period piece
  • Day 2 (6 March) –  When Alex made you feel all the feels // A time when Alex made you laugh
  • Day 3 (7 March) –  Favorite interview // Cast Alex in a film of your own imagining. Create a graphic, generate a synopsis, and/or write a scene.
  • Day 4 (8 March) –  Favorite acting partnership // Favorite Alex quote (either by or about her)
  • Day 5 (9 March) –  Favorite non-River Song role // Favorite recurring Alex theme (an accessory, outfit, type of role, prop, etc., that’s popped up repeatedly)
  • Day 6 (10 March) –  Alex in a decade // What has Alex taught you? / How has she inspired or influenced you?
  • Day 7 (11 March) –  Happy birthday, Alex Kingston! A free day to create as you please!

Lagniappe prompts: (for substitutions or those who’d like to do just a little extra)

  • A role or production you’d like to see Alex in
  • Favorite sartorial choice(s)
  • Favorite audio recording(s)
  • Favorite stage role(s)

Fic prompts: For the fiction writers out there, write a fic based on a character Alex has played and three words given (to include or inspire).

  • Archaeologist. Dust, worn, shine.
  • Queen. Sword, courageous, skim.
  • Criminal. Atomizer, dense, divulge.
  • Writer. Draft, blurry, tapped.
  • Mother. Water, frayed, grasp.
  • Doctor. Adrenaline, precise, gather.


  • NO STEALING!!! If you need a gif for your post but do not gif, please use one with permission from its creator and/or give them credit. Same with edits and art. Posts containing stolen materials will not be reblogged by this blog.
  • Don’t edit the captions on anyone’s post in a way that changes the OP url at the bottom and makes it look like your own post.
  • Keep it hate-free.
  • When reblogging, please do not remove a caption – part or whole – unless the original poster states that you may do so.
Don’t steal a pillzy

So today I was scrolling through google, looking at some bittybones fanart and it was fine and all, but that was before I found this:

I was surprised to see this picture, so I ended up looking into it more. Turns out it was a cover for a fan-fiction story, which I thought “Oh cool someone wrote a little fan-fiction with Pillzy in it”. So I read it and the more I did, I found out that this story had nothing to do with Pillzy. But was about a bitty girl name Jewel who was a new bitty.

and this is what they said on the picture:

So basically they just used a drawing of Pillzy, re-colored it and used it as a base to make up a new character.

If you want to make up a new bitty or character, then please just draw them or ask a friend to draw them. Don’t steal others art work or mine just to make a character up.

I’m disappointed by this.

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