please do not repost my photos or i'll stop posting them


but imagine this concept

haruka nanase, aged 18

know how to user the computer!!!!!



haru knows how to use the computer AND EVEN the internet. he can even type in the address. and write a blog. in fact he’s p popular on pixiv.

(altho he prefers drawr or tegaki because uploading pictures on pixiv is bothersome)

aaaaaaaaaand at first he was drawing only water and water stuff like oceans and waterfalls, and people LOVED THEM (and still do!!) because they were not only aesthetically beautiful but also had Soul, as if the artist was born in that place and knew everything about it. he’s kinda known as that wild dude who draws rad-ass water pics….. but is lazy as heck, as people realised when someone told him to release a book and he was like, ……..that would require me doing addional work. mmmmmgh

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Hello, the Tumblr. Your friendly neighbourhood Marciana here, back again with another friendly reminder about reposts and reblogs, and why one of them is good and the other is bad. This post is going to be a bit long, but bear with me.

Now I’ve been seeing quite a lot of reposts happening in some of my tracked tags, and it’s just not okay. But then again, some people might be NEW to the whole concept of reposts vs reblogs, so here’s your overview.

“Reblog” is when you see a post that you like, either on your dashboard or in the tags, and click on the small icon on the lower right corner of the post and click “REBLOG” to put it in your blag. Very simple, three steps at the most.

“Reposts” are when original posts, fanart and/or graphics such as edits/manips and GIFs/GIFsets made by other people are posted by OTHER people who did NOT create them, for various reasons. Reposting happens in a few ways:

  • Saving the fanart/graphic/GIF/s to your own computer,uploading to Tumblr all over again, making an entire new post on your own blog, not giving credit or sourcing back to the original source/creator.
  • Taking a screenshot of the single post you like (be it a joke, or a gifset, or an edit, what have you), cropping the screenshot in a photo manipulating program (Paint, Photoshop, Photoscape, Gimp, etc.), uploading the screenshot to Tumblr, making a post with the screenshot, no link back to the original nor permission from the original post’s creator
  • WeHeartIt, Rebloggy or something like that (I’m not sure I’ve only seen it for a couple of days), or other image archiving/blogging website that does not link back to the original source on the internet of the picture or content of the picture

So as you can see, it takes a whole lot more effort to repost than to just reblog, but that’s not the only reasaon that reposts are frowned upon. Reposts essentially take the credit (and the notes) away from the original creators/artists/editors, even though that may not be the intent of the reposter. It’s like doing someone’s homework for them and then watching them take all the credit when their homework turns out to be perfect but their paper got graded and/or noticed before yours. Of course, it’s understandable that a blogger would like to be found by interesting people, they want the notes and the followers, and for others, reposting other people’s fanart, edits and graphics is a way of appreciating what they’ve done. But there are PLENTY of other ways of doing that without violating copyright policies as set in Tumblr’s rules and regulations.

“But Marciana,” you point out, “What if we’d REALLY like to post them on our own blog so that people going through the tags can find us, like us and hopefully follow us?” Then please do not hesitate to ask permission from the original creators/artists. Some will say yes, others will say no. Whatever the decision, be respectful of it. Saying “I do what I want” and going through with the repost anyway doesn’t make you a cool rebel, it just makes you a jerk that can easily be reported to Tumblr staff through a specific e-mail address. Several posts AND blogs have already been deleted and suspended because of serial violations of the copyright laws of Tumblr, which now thankfully also cover GIFsets. In the event that the original source gives their permission, please do not forget to link back to the original post. Other artists will be fine with you leaving their name/Tumblr URL in the post as a source, but the point is to ask first. If in case you can’t find the original source anymore, make sure to say so in your post. “I can’t find the original source, if this is yours, please let me know so I can properly ask your permission/give you credit.”

Oh, and please take note: WeHeartIt is not a legitimate source, as it archives photos from all over the internet and NEVER links back to their original sources when you post them here on Tumblr.

“Okay fine,” you say, “But what about using people’s jpgs and gifs as reactions to posts? How is that different from illegal reposting?” To be honest, it’s not VERY different, except for the fact that if you use someone’s jpg or gif as a reaction, it’s not really seen as you claiming it for your own. Almost everyone on Tumblr is using everyone else’s stuff for reaction anyway that at this point, this has become the gray area. Still, if the jpg or gif you want to use is watermarked with the creator’s URL, ask permission to use their stuff if you want to be very sure.

While we’re on the subject of permission, let me bring up one more permission issue that needs to be talked about. Some people are very good at ‘shopping pictures together for shipping or ficcing purposes. That’s all well and good, until you cross a certain line. There are pictures out there of fans with their favorite celebrities or actors that they’ve met, and these shots usually make for good posing for shippy pictures. The problem with doing that is that some people will callously cut the fan out of their own picture, which is their representation of a special day or moment that they had, to serve someone else’s purpose. This can be, and has been, very, very disrespectful of the fans, who only uploaded their pics in the first place to share the fun with the fandom. I’ve asked in the future for people to please stop doing this, but of course, thats not going to happen in a flash. If you’re going to insist on doing it, get permission from the original blogger of the picture, and for the love of fandom, please respect whatever answer they give you. This kind of thing puts people off of sharing their awesome pictures and stories with the rest of the fans, some of whom will never be so lucky as to even be in the same city as their fave actors/singers/celebrities, let alone attend a con they’ll be in and pay heaps of money for something very, very special.

For you creators/editors/artists out there who would like to prevent your stuff from getting reposted, my only advise is to watermark or sign your things. That’s not really going to physically stop the actual reposting from happening, but at least you’ll know that it’s yours, and if you wish to report the reposting, you have proof that it was yours at all.

That’s it for now, you guys. I hope this post, even though it’s been long, has been informative and helpful, and here’s to less reposts in the tags, and more respect in the fandom.

(Special thanks to bifca for the fantastic idea for this post.)