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AU: Your boyfriend, Calum, and his band mates were getting increasingly more popular with you by his side, but lately there had been a lot of hate directed at you and whether or not you deserved Calum. Although he’s normally sassy, he took the matter very seriously especially when he was on the road. He asked fans to help bring down the hate, being the best at putting you first!

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Snapchats for the ROWYSO: Turin Show

Here are some accounts that are supposed to be snapchatting during the Turin show tonight! I haven’t seen any livestreams yet, but I will post if I do.

If you know of anyone who should be added or that should be removed, please let me know! Also, please know that I cannot guarantee the content that will be shown on these snapchats, and you are adding them at your own risk!

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anonymous asked:

Hello! First things first, I love your blog. I needed it for so long. I just didn't know. I am trying to fill this application online and it is asking me to paste my cover letter and resume but it looks weird when it is pasted, besides I've already attached it. Can I just write that it is attached? Help, please!

Actually, what you should do for online applications that require you to paste your information into a text box is to create a plain text version of your resume and/or cover letter. If you’re using word, click “save as” and choose the format of “plain text .txt” This will remove any formatting and give you just the text. You might need to clean it up a little, but after that, you can copy-paste this into any online form and not worry about losing valuable formatting, because there won’t be any.

Request for ts2 cc makers!

Are there any cutie-pies out there who can help a little, lost simmer here? I have attempted to create some skin recolors but I don’t even know what files are corresponding to what ( face and body textures). Plus exporting a base package from bodyshop just makes the skin SUPERDUPER pixelated and I’m at the point where I want to throw myself down a cliff from attempting to remove the pixelation.

What I wanted to do is to make recolors of Nilou’s Remain Unnamed skin in Trapping’s Du Hade Tid and Den Döda Vinkeln actions, but  I have no experience with this. Are there anyone who can be a really kind person and do them for me? I feel so lost and I pretty much gave up de-pixelating this mess. i don’t even know what skintone I’m supposed to use as a base to apply the actions!

I’d ask over at GOS too but I don’t have a user, and creating one just for this one request seems like a waste.

Obligatory question mark since I’m desperate???

Tumblr | Pixiv

Remilia Scarlet from Touhou Project

This is literally the most Gothic thing I have ever drawn oh dear.
Also, I’m making a new dA account, so please watch me when I start to post there~

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I had decided once I reached 400 followers I would do an art giveaway! I am also launching my commissions at the same time as I have finally figured out how the fuck paypal works! [I also have BlueBird if preferred] So if you’re not wanting to play the odds and wait it out, you need only to wait till I post my commission list, moments after I launch this baby. 

Giveaway End Date : June 28th, 11:59pm Pacific Coast Time

It’d probably be easier for you to follow to keep track of when the winners are announced, but it is not a requirement!

Reblog for Entry, Like for Reference, Multiple Reblogs allowed, but spam will be frowned upon and tempt disqualification. Please do not remove any text from this post.

Prizes are gonna be as follows;

Three Runners Up (3) will be given a Full Body Digital Sketch!

The sketch can be drawn in the color of your choice! You can also swap for the option of a TWO Digital Bust Sketches. (I consider bust to mean from the shoulders up.)

Grand Prize will go to One(1), and will be the following package.

* 1 Traditional Full Color Piece

(or a single Artwork cost equivalent from pricelist, Up to an $80.00 USD Value)

* 1 Waist Up, Full Color Digital Artwork.

* 1 Full Body, Digital Sketch, OR 2 Digital bust sketches.

Explore my Art under my tag /Mine ! I use Sai Paint Tool.

          Good Luck~!! 

Examples : 

^Bust Sketches ^

^Waist Up Sketches^

^Full Color Traditional Piece, Approx Value : $75.00^

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Patricia Zaragoza 2015

A design for a cybernetic arm that I was thinking about for a character. It’s not perfect, but it is not bad for the first design (its also technically not finished, but I was quite impressed with it so I really wanted to post it!)

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So this technically is a fandom/aesthetic/art/trashblogging blog just like any other teenage tumblr user’s blog and I’m just trying to find my way and reinvent myself over the summer

My blog is under construction so be cautious and wear a hard hat & I’m gonna settle on an avatar, header, and url once and for all

I’m probably throwing a lot of my regulars off with this

I’m just gonna keep this edit here.

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Kanako Yasaka and Sanae Kochiya from Touhou Project

‘Peaceful Gensokyo sunset’ turned out looking disturbingly hellish. Not a good scan either.

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