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Hey everyone! So you may remember a previous post of mine where August 9th was declared Bottom Hannibal Day. Well @cannibalcuisine​ and I got together and decided to make it a little more “official,” so…

         On Wednesday, August 9th, we humbly invite                    everyone to participate in Bottom Hannibal Day! 

BUT WHYEvery few months, this fandom spends a few days bogged down in the discourse of Bottom Hannibal, usually spurred by someone who is vocally unhappy that they had to witness it in some form or another. Recently the fandom has acknowledged that this gets a little tiresome, so, we propose making this less about repetitive discourse, and more about celebrating our favorite cannibal getting the pounding he truly deserves. After all, this fandom is full of Top Hannibal/Bottom Will, and it’s important to remember, in the words of Bryan Fuller, “They flip.”

OMG WHEN/HOW: On August 9th, post your Bottom Hannibal contributions with the hashtag #BottomHannibalDay or just #BottomHannibal. Please feel free to tag @cannibalcuisine and I (@feyestwords) as well, we’d love to see everything & will be reblogging works. We will also likely add a collection to AO3 for the day (depending on how many people intend to participate).

WHAT?!: Not just fanfiction or art - everyone is invited to contribute whatever they want. Videos, manips, edits, gifsets, murals, dissertations, powerpoint lectures, interpretive dance - all are welcome.

                           We can’t wait to see your beautiful work!

It’s my great pleasure to announce the first-ever Lila Rossi Appreciation Week!

The Week will run from Monday, the 17th of July to Sunday, the 23rd. You can create any sort of content: fics, art, gifs, graphics, audio, video, theories, gen or ship! — just as long as it focuses on Lila ^^

The Week’s prompts are:

  • Monday, July 17th — Akumatised (Volpina or an original design)
  • Tuesday, July 18th — Miraculous Holder (Canon or original)
  • Wednesday, July 19th — Civilian
  • Thursday, July 20th — Alternate Universe
  • Friday, July 21st — Relationship
  • Saturday, July 22nd — Pre-Canon
  • Sunday, July 23rd — Free Space

Do tag your creations and edits as #lilaweek!

July is a busy month, so I’m hoping this early notice will give people enough time to get their prompts filled! If you have any questions, please message this blog, or my main imaginal.

BAPNet presents: Summer 2017 COLOUR CHALLENGE! (#BAPNetColourChallenge)

Following the colour series B.A.P began with Noir and Rose, BAPNet has decided to start its first member event since 2015! The aim of the event is to provide inspiration for content creators who want to contribute, but don’t have much new material to work with (and to have more B.A.P creations on tumblr in general), as we are now approaching the quiet time before the next comeback. (We really hope this won’t clash with any comeback teasers!)

Event details:

  • The event will be a week long, starting on Monday 7th August and finishing on Sunday 13th August. It’s best if we work with KST for times, so we can all roughly be posting at similar times.
  • Choose a colour from below (blue, white or green), and work your way through the 7 themes. Create a post of original content for each theme, and publish each post on its respective day in the week. For example, if you are making gifsets and choose green, post a gifset inspired by the word ‘growth’ on the Monday, and then one about ‘energy’ on the Tuesday, and so on.  
  • The event is mainly aimed at the creation of visual content, such as gifsets, edits, graphics and fanart, but if you find a way to contribute in another medium (eg writing, video edits etc), then that’s amazing! Please make sure that this is your original content that you are creating for this event, though: please no picspams of fantakens, personal/lazy text posts, or crack posts.
  • The challenge is to stick to the colour you have chosen and to be able to create something for each day’s theme! If you want, you can do more than one colour, but make sure you finish them!
  • You don’t have to make the same type of content every day: you could make a gifset one day, and a graphic on another, for example.
  • The creations themselves don’t need to contain the colour you choose: so if you choose blue, your content doesn’t need to actually have the colour blue in it (you can include it if you want, though!)
  • What’s important is addressing the theme for each day. Create content based on what the word means to you, and what exactly about B.A.P it inspires for you. 
  • Anyone can take part by tagging their posts with #BAPNetColourChallenge for others to find. The network will only reblog members’ posts though, so if you’re a member, make sure to tag your content with #BAPNet as well.
  • Have fun!
  • We’ve not decided if there’ll be a winner yet, or how. We’ll see how it goes during the week, and if we have enough people taking part in the event.


Please reblog this post to show your interest in the event, and to spread the word! We’ve been planning this event for a while in the hopes that it’ll boost activity in the B.A.P fandom on tumblr, so we really hope you’ll take part and enjoy it!

- Admins M and S

Welcome to Xingtober Countdown!

Yes, it’s that time of year again where we get to celebrate the lovely, beautiful, amazing, sexy and talented Zhang Yixing’s birthday!

To celebrate as a network, we have decided to do weekly themed challenges, where members can create any content (gifs, edits, fanart, videos, fics etc.) according to the theme of the week!

Reminder to members: please remember to tag both #zyxnet and #xingtober17  (we’d appreciate it if members only used the tags) and use the captions below when posting.

The project will start on August 27th and end on October 7th (CST time zone). It is not compulsory for members to participate in each week’s challenge! Do it at your own preference and whenever you have the time.

Themes (bolded are captions for your posts!) :

27 August - 2 September : Favorite Yixing Era(s)

countdown to xingtober -> week 1: fav yixing era(s) 

3 September - 9 September : Favorite Yixing Stage(s)

countdown to xingtober -> week 2: fav yixing stage(s)

10 September - 16 September : Favorite Yixing Look(s)

countdown to xingtober -> week 3: fav yixing looks(s)

17 September - 23 September : Favorite Photoshoot(s)

countdown to xingtober -> week 4: fav yixing photoshoots(s)

24 September - 30 September : Favorite Friendship(s) [can be OT12!]

countdown to xingtober -> week 5: fav yixing friendship(s)

1 October - 7 October : Anything Yixing! [literally do whatever you want!]

countdown to xingtober -> week 6: anything yixing!

Feel free to approach the admins if you have any questions over at @grinding-on-baek and @xingslove​.

We hope all the members take part in this so that we can show our love, support and appreciation for EXO’s healing unicorn 💖 More importantly, we hope that you have fun doing this with us! 

- Admin A & M 

N̡ǫ̵̨ ͢҉m͝e̶͞r͘c̨͞͡y.͟͞.҉.̸̧

A quick, small edit, from Nate’s video Heroes Never Die. No mercy…seemed a good moment for Natemare to show up ;)

(As always, this is my gif/edit. Please do not steal or repost ANYWHERE **including Facebook, Imgur, iFunny, Twitter, Tumblr, Wattpad, etc** without my permission.

If you enjoy these gifs, please give this post a reblog! It helps others get to see it and gives me a reason to keep making them. Also, if you have any requests for gifs, let me know via my askbox! Thanks!)

Get ready for Stingsu Week! @akatsukigadaisuki and @dreamingoffairys present to you: a week dedicated to Sting x Natsu! Our goal is to spread more love to this ship~! We hope you have fun submitting entries for these two charismatic beauties/dorks. ♡ This week will run from June 6th - June 13th.

Banner/image credits: original drawing to @vhazzrhossze ; colored and edited by @akatsukigadaisuki

Prompts + Dates

Note: These aren’t set prompts, they’re just here to guide you! Please feel free to use your own prompts! The prompts listed below can be interpreted in any way, so go ahead and let your creativity flow and your imagination run wild!

June 6th, Day 1: Secret Relationship

June 7th, Day 2: HighSchool AU

June 8th, Day 3: Time

June 9th, Day 4: Tough Love (Angst)

June 10th, Day 5: From Enemies to Lovers

June 11th, Day 6: Idol

June 12th, Day 7: Teasing 

June 13th, Day 8, bonus: Fantasy 

We’re encouraging everyone to participate! Unless Stingsu is your ultimate NOTP, why not give it a try?~


  • NSFW is allowed, but make sure to tag it.
  • You can submit any and all forms of media! Edits, AMVs/Videos, GIFs, Fanfics, Fanart, Manga Panel Colorings, etc! 
  • All work must be new and your own. Do not steal other people’s work. 
  • Polyships are allowed. Ex: Sting x Rogue x Gray x Natsu (Mod Aki’s personal fav xD)
  • Tag #stingsuweek in the first few tags so we can find your post and reblog it! We recommend that it’s in at least the first five tags.
  • If you submitted something and it hasn’t been reblogged in a while, let either one of us know at @dreamingoffairys or @akatsukigadaisuki
  • No ship hate, please!
  • Remember that this is a ship week, not a brotp week!
  • Don’t bash on any characters. If they get in the way of your ship, just don’t include them. You can use them to develop your idea (for example, if you’re writing a fanfic) but no hate on them.
  • If you’re writing/drawing/editing angst, make sure to tag your trigger warnings if applicable.
  • Late entries are accepted! We are putting this up in advance to give you time to get started, but if you feel that you won’t make it on time, don’t worry about it! You can submit your work whenever you’re ready.
  • Reblog and spread the word! We want to get as many people to participate as possible! 
  • Have fun! Please don’t pressure or force yourself into submitting entries if it doesn’t make you comfortable. 
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact either of us at @dreamingoffairys and @akatsukigadaisuki!

so i have the most votes for a q&a video for hitting 2k followers!! ive been postponing it a bit so now i’ve hit 2.3k but i want to do something!! so since i’ll be filming the q&a video after christmas (once i get my camera) id like to get some questions!!


  • mbf me
  • reblog this post
  • send me a question + your name if you want a name meaning edit!
  • i’ll probably only choose a few questions to answer but please send in any you can think of!

To spend together the last week of Lucifer winter hiatus, I’d like to celebrate our devil and detective. The week of January 9th to January 15th will be Deckerstar Appreciation Week!

You can contribute in any way, with gif, edit, graphic, video, music, fanfiction. Every type of art you want to do!


  • Jan 09th • Day One: Deckerstar (the moment I started to ship them)
  • Jan 10th • Day Two: Just, shut up (the scene that ripped my heart out)
  • Jan 11th • Day Three: Detective! Lucifer! (favourite little things)
  • Jan 12th • Day Four: Don’t, please (favorite moment of physical contact)
  • Jan 13th • Day Five: Like you said (favourite quote)
  • Jan 14th • Day Six: I love these people (Tom and Lauren appreciation)
  • Jan 15th • Day Seven: What’s your deepest, darkest desire? (free day)

It would be nice if you tag your posts with #deckerstarweek in one of the first five tags so all the works are collected together!

Have fun! :)

Here it is, the final reminder: #ClackWeek finally kicks off this Sunday, August 7! A bunch of you guys have seemed so excited about this, which in turn has made me incredibly excited to see what everyone has planned!! As announced in the previous posts, it’ll take place this year from AUGUST 7 - AUGUST 14. As a quick reminder, the themes for each day are as follows:

DAY 1 (AUGUST 7) - Firsts -or- Clack Aesthetics
DAY 2 (AUGUST 8) - What If? -or- Official Art
DAY 3 (AUGUST 9) - Lyrics -or- Genderswap
DAY 4 (AUGUST 10) - Crossover -or- Comical
DAY 5 (AUGUST 11) - Happy Birthday, Cloud!
DAY 6 (AUGUST 12) - Favorite Moment -or- Favorite Quote
DAY 7 (AUGUST 13) - Remake -or- Favorite Headcanon
DAY 8 (AUGUST 14) - Bonus Free Day!

For additional explanations of some of the prompts, please be sure to check out the original announcement post here. Any and all creative content will be welcomed and appreciated. Show your love for the pairing through fanart, gifs, edits, fanfics, fanmixes, meta, headcanons, cosplay, videos — basically anything you can think of!

Whatever you choose to do, just be sure to tag all your posts with #clackweek or #clack week!

This blog will serve as the official hub for #ClackWeek, so please do follow it to stay up-to-date and to see all of the (hopefully many!) contributions, which will be reblogged as they start rolling in. And if you have any last minute questions/comments/concerns, please direct them here or to @daisyridleys.

As always, please reblog to spread the word!

May 10th to May 17th, we will be celebrating just how much we love ffxii by having a week long appreciation for the video game! The posts can be anything from gifs, graphics, edits, fanart and anything else you would like to do!

Day 1; Favorite scene
Day 2; Favorite location
Day 3; Favorite character
Day 4; Favorite relationship
Day 5; Favorite quote
Day 6; Favorite villain
Day 7; Free Day! 

Please reblog to spread the word and remember all posts related to FFXII should be tagged under #ffxiiweek! We want you to have fun and if you have any questions, please ask yunalesca or howtotrainyourneoshadow!

Hayley Marshall Appreciation Week
August 10th - 16th 2015

There’s a lot of hate and negativity directed towards Hayley from the fandom, so I thought it’d be a good idea to set up a week encouraging positivity towards her character. Nobody really likes seeing hate in their favourite character’s tags, so I thought I’d try and change that

 Throughout the week everyone who enjoys Hayley’s character is encouraged to participate in any way they can, be it making gifs or edits or fan videos or just writing about the topics and sharing your Hayley thoughts and meta with everyone. Everyone’s encouraged to contribute whatever they want to :) I’ve tried to make it as inclusive as possible, so that everyone can contribute in whatever way they feel best.

Please reblog to spread awareness, and if anyone has any questions regarding the week  please don’t hesitate to contact me. I don’t have anon on at the moment but I will do for questions if anyone wants to ask them on anon nearer the time. 

I’ll be tracking the tag #hayleyweek and will be using it for my own Hayley week creations, I encourage you all to do the same so we can all keep track of the contributions.

Themes for the week are;

Day 1 - Favourite outfit/s  (Mon August 10th)
Day 2 - Favourite  Hayley quote/s  (Tues August 11th)
Day 3 - Favourite relationship  (Wed August 12th)
Day 4 - Favourite scene/s or episode/s  (Thurs August 13th)
Day 5 - Hayley as a Werewolf or Hybrid? (Fri August 14th)
Day 6 - Hayley & Hope (Sat August 15th)
Day 7 - Free choice (Sun August 16th) 

  • Here are some ideas for the free choice on Day 7, but can also be used on Day 6 by those who used Hayley and Hope as their favourite relationship on Day 3; Why you love Hayley, Hairporn moments, most heartbreaking scene, cutest scene, Hayley + scenery, what you want for Hayley in season three, favourite quotes about Hayley, favourite location (Bayou, Compound, Cemetery, Plantation House etc), Hayey + Full body shots, Favourite crack!ship
  • Any of the above may be used on Day 1 by those who are not contributing using edits/gifs and would like to write meta instead.

You heard right! To celebrate having more than 3 thousand loyal followers we are hosting our FIRST EVER Secret Valentine!.

This is our information post for the event, so be sure to like it in case you lose it! Here are some rules + some information:

  • Name/URL/Pronouns.
  • Specify if you want Stelena, Stefan or Elena in your gift. For example, you may want a gif set of just Elena, or maybe you’d prefer a gift relating to the couple. It’s totally up to you!
  • What type of gift would you like? Please be specific. For example, do you want a gif set based on quotes? Your favourite Stelena scene in gifs? A fanfiction of Stelena going off on an adventure? You can choose between gifs, edits, graphics, videos, fanmixes/playlists, fanfiction, fanart, etc.
  • What would you be able to make for your giftee? Can you make fanart, graphic or by hand? What about putting together a playlist? Please let us know, so we can try to give out secret valentines as accurately as possible! (Ex: If someone requests a fanfiction, we want to make sure that the person who is their secret valentine mentions that they can write fanfiction).
  • If someone has to back out, would you be willing to be a backup secret valentine? If you say yes, you would have the possibility of having to make two gifts if someone else is unable to complete their gift.
  • Anything else that you haven’t mentioned?
  • You have one month to get to know your secret stelena valentine. You may send them anonymous messages at least once a day!