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I promised that if I reached 1,000 followers, I would celebrate by doing A Thing. This is it!


Two (2) winners will be announced on March 3, 2017

First prize will receive the short sleeved MCR shirt of their choice from Must be comfortable giving me your shirt size, preferred clothing gender, and your mailing address so I can send it to you. 

Second prize will receive the MCR Funko Pop ™ vinyl figurine of their choice. Must be comfortable giving me your mailing address.


To enter to win, please LIKE this post. Do not reblog. (I’m worried if people see this post on your blog, they’ll follow me solely to win the giveaway. That is not the goal here. -_- )

Do not like this post using multiple accounts to try and get more than one entry. That is cheating. 

On March 3rd, I will write the urls of everyone who entered on scraps of paper and pick two out of a hat. It’s going to be completely random, so begging to be picked the winner is not going to help you any. 

If you are the first prize winner, do not ask me for a long sleeved shirt. They cost like $20 more and I’m too poor for that shit. Sorry. 

Yes, your prize must be MCR merchandise.

If you have any questions, please message me. Good luck, everyone!!

500 Follows

What’s up my guys! ?

I hit 500 followers today! ! So I’m gonna do another ych (this time I will actually have time to do it)!!

Runner up sketch prize for the best suggestion fir the following prompt; if you could hang out with my sona for a day, what would you do and why?

Please reply to this post to enter for the runner up prize! !!!!

I will choose a winner and post the YCH sketch in another post.

Good luck! !!


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  • Please keep your ask box or private message open so that I can send a message if you win. If you do not respond within 24 hours, I shall choose another person.
  • 4 lucky winners will be chosen randomly.
  • Prizes can be shipped to any country.
  • Give Away ends on March 31, 2017 at 10pm JST.

Entry Requirements

  • Please like and reblog this post once. If you have several blogs, please choose one to enter.


 (Please kindly understand that the products are not new. They were won in an auction.)

Seventeen going to a Christmas Party (feat. BTS)

Episode Three: Seventeen attends a Christmas Party at Bangtan’s Dorm.

Jin: “Hello beautiful people, welcome to our humble dorm. My name is Jin the princess, feel free to make yourself at home, but please do not enter the room at the far end of the dorm that has a pink door, it is strictly out of bounds”

Mingyu: “Why? What’s in there?”

Jin: “I said it’s out of bounds”

Woozi: “Imma take a nap on this sofa, wake me up when this is finally over”

Suga: “It’s like looking in the mirror, I shall name you yoongi junior”

Scoups: “Their dorm’s bigger than ours and we have thirteen people!” *rAgE*

Vernon: “At least we have more toilets than they do, right?”

Rap Monster: “Hello everyone, thank you for coming to Bangtan’s annual Christmas party, I would like to make a toast.”

Rap Monster: “Memories that are made when it is with the ones you love are the most beautiful ones. I am most thankful for all of you on this cold Christmas day, thank you for making it a warm one, cheers”

Hoshi: “Coups hyung why can’t you say wise stuff like that?”

Scoups: “Shut it Hosh”

*Meanwhile on the adventures of our favourite 97 liners*

Mingyu: “I wonder…. what magical creatures lies behind this pink door”

The8: “But Jin said not to go in…”

Mingyu: “Huh? What? Who?" 

DK: "Oh dang, its locked”

Jungkook: “I have the key” *slowly raises key*

DK: “Where did you get that?”

Jungkook: “I stole it, Jin hyung hid the key in his super mario coin pouch” *smiles like a little child*

The8: *whispers to mingyu* “Who is he and when did he get here??”

Mingyu: “what did YOU JUST SAY? DID YOU JUST ASK ME WHO HE IS?! How can you not know who Jungkook is?!!”

The8: “I did NOT ask you that ewgyu”

Mingyu: “Yeah you did, you just asked me that like 3 seconds ago and did you just call me ewgyu?!”

Jungkook: “…”

DK: “Don’t mind them Jungkook, they are always arguing but they secretly love each other”

Mingyu & The8: “WE DO NOT.”

Jungkook: *unlocks door to Jin’s room*

The8: “Thughao down thughao down. Too. Much. Pink. AHHHHHH

Jungkook: “I always wondered what Jin hyung’s room looked like….. but this is EXACTLY how I pictured it to be in my mind….. pink and filled with super marios….” *smh*

Mingyu: “Hey Seokmin! Oh look! It’s you!”

DK: “Where?”

Mingyu: *points at donkey kong figurine*

DK: “Do I really need to remind you what DK stands for?" 

Mingyu: "D is for Donkey, K is for Kong”

DK: “It’s so obvious that you haven’t been listening to anything I’ve ever said”

Mingyu: “oooohhhh what’s this?” *picks up Yoshi figurine*

The8: “What did I tell you guys, he has an attention span of a squirrel”

Mingyu: “It’s name is… hoshi?”

Mingyu: “Hoshi hyung is that you?”

The8: “It clearly says Yoshi”

Jungkook: “Okay. I’m bored, I’m leaving, bye guys”

The8: “What was his name again?”


The8: “Why do I even try”

DK: “Put that down Mingyu before you cause some serious damage like you always do”

Mingyu: “I do not, what an outrageous thing to say… I am offend-” *hits glass display case for figurines*

*display case falls and smashes into smithereens*

Mingyu: “whoops”

DK: “God dammit gyu”

Joshua: “So I heard you guys went to America in your rookie days, how was it?”

Jimin: “Yeah! It was great! I met a guy named Tony and he was really nice to me!”

Joshua: “Well when I came to Korea, I met a really nice guy named Jeonghan" 

Jimin: "I think I was his favourite out of the entire Bangtan”

Joshua: “I think he was my favourite out of all the Seventeen members”

Jimin: “and he had a cute nickname for me, he called me chim chim”

Joshua: “my nickname for him is angel, because he is an angel that has such a beautiful heart and also beautiful hair. Every time I look at him, it’s as if there’s a glow around him- wait who were you talking about again?”

Jimin: “Tony?”

Joshua: “Who dat?”

V: “Hey want to hear a joke about paper?”

Jun: “No, not really…”

V: “Never mind its tear-able”

Jun: “Oh god”

V: “I am on a seafood diet. Every time I see food, I eat it”

Vernon: “That doesn’t sound like an effective way of dieting”

Wonwoo: “But I can’t eat seafood” TT

Jun: “Please stop”

V: “Okay I got some Christmas ones!”

V: “What do you call a broke Santa?”

Wonwoo: “poor…?”

V: “Saint-NICKEL-LESS! Get it?”

Wonwoo: “Jun… I don’t get it”

V: “What do you call a rude reindeer?”

Vernon: “… disrespectful?” i call it seokmin, but call it whatever you want 

V: “RUDEdolph HAHAHAHHAAH” *claps hands uncontrollably*

Jun: “Someone take me back to China….”

Jhope: “I’m your hope! I’m Jhope!”

Jeonghan: “I’m Jeonghan and my hair brings people hope”

Dino: “No it doesn’t….”

Jeonghan: “Hush child, you’re too young to understand about the hopes my hair brings to this world”

Dino: *pouts*

Jungkook: “tell me about it, the downfalls of being the maknae”

Dino: “I know right? Even though I’m cute and squishy and I can get my way when I act cute-”

Jungkook: “But they treat you like a fetus even when you’re 90 years old and the only food you can probably eat is mush”

Dino: “I think I just found my new best friend” *tears up*

Jin: “Okay…. Which dumbass went into my room?!”

97 Line: *looks away*

Jin: “You!”

Mingyu: “Who? Me?!?”

Jin: “Yeah you, tall one. It was you wasn’t it!”

Mingyu: “What. NO”

Jin: “I know it’s you, I followed your snot trail and it led me to you!”

Seungkwan: “Now that is just plain nasty”

Jin: “You broke my glass display and my super marios are now covered in glass!”

Seungkwan: “Damage level percentage prediction: 99.3%”

Scoups: “What in the world Kim Mingyu, I leave you alone and you wreck someone’s room?!!”

Rap Monster: “Alright everyone, let’s just take a deep breath and calm down-”

Jin: “Calm DOWN?! You’re telling me to calm down? What if this snot boy went into your room and wrecked your Ryan bears?”

Rap Monster: “Woah woahhh why are you bringing my Ryan bears into this”

Jin: “Oh yeah that reminds me, you broke my beloved refrigerator door, god of destruction”

Joshua: “I am not acquainted with the god you speak of”

Rap Monster: "What… I bought you a new one to replace the broken one”

Jin: “It can never replace the love I have for the old one Namjoon, it had two doors and this one has only one! The old one had an ice dispenser on the outside so I named it Icy, it was so beautiful.” *dabs eyes with tissue*

Jin: “I remember it like it was yesterday, one fine day I was using it, I pressed the button and it dispensed ice into my caramel macchiato and then the very next day someone broke Icy’s door right off her body. R.I.P Icy the refrigerator” 

V: “We will never forget your sacrifice for us” *takes off hat in respect and bows*

Rap Monster: "I can just buy you an ice dispenser if you want one that badly”


Scoups: “Okay children, let’s get out before he remembers about Mingyu…" 

Seventeen: *creeps out slowly*


Woozi: “I ain’t leaving this place, I finally found my family”

Vernon: “But we’re your family…”

Suga: “Not anymore you’re not”

Scoups: “I’ve failed as a leader, all those years I spent training with you Woozi, all the tears I shed… did it not mean anything to you Jihoon? Our friendship-”


Woozi: “Okay you know what, Soonyoung why not you stay here and I’ll leave”


Suga: “Yes please take him with you. I already have a Taehyung and a Hobi, I do not need another one of these" 

Wonwoo: "Well that was fun!” *chirps happily*

The8: “No hyung, no it wasn’t”

masterlist ✨

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P4DAN songs that are Yosuke/Yu duets: Signs of Love, Your Affection

P4DAN songs that are not Yosuke/Yu duets: either version of Best Friends

the defense rests

(this is a shitpost please do not enter Discourse Mode at me)

It’s that time of year again!

  • People of all ability levels welcome!
  • Must be Vocaloid/UTAU fandom (that sounds kinda unfair but that way no one struggles with what to draw anyone)
  • The above should be clear from your blog, if you don’t have content tagged such as “vocaloid/utau” or something, your partner is going to struggle to draw you anything!
  • Like OR reblog this post to enter (reblogs are much appreciated to spread the word!)
  • Deliver your gift by January 10th 2017! If you can’t manage it, please let your secret santa partner know!! If you end up unable to do it, just let me know.
  • You don’t have to be an ask blog! As long as you can meet the above conditions and make some kind of nice gift for your partner! That includes drawing obviously as well as things like MMD pictures, writing and maybe even vocaloid/utau covers? And of course nice messages will always be appreciated.

Extra rules for housekeeping:

  1. Signup will close on DECEMBER 9TH at midnight EST in orderto give me time to distribute the urls by DECEMBER 11TH and you the time to create the gift
  2. If you haven’t received a partner by December 12th please contact me, it’s likely tumblr ate the ask/submission
  3. Same goes for if you want to join after the deadline, contact me and we’ll see what we can do, please don’t feel you’ve missed the boat if you miss the signup deadline, though it’s preferable you meet it if you can.
  4. Have fun!!


So Imma do a 500 follower Art raffle and it’ll be good practice for my drawing!

~You gotta be following me
~ You have to reblog to enter Likes do not count
~Please put in the tags #Rosie’s Art Raffle so it’ll be easier to find all the reblogs
~No over the top complicated drawings
~ i’ll do anything else really

1st prize:
Drawing of 1-2 characters
1 chibi drawing
Both Colored & Shaded
Full or half body

2nd prize:
Drawing of 1 character
Half body or full

3rd Prize
Sketch of a character
half body only
no color or shade

4th Prize:
a Chibi sketch of character of choice

You have until the 22th of Febuary to join!


The 1889 Lenormand Oracle
A winner will be chosen by a random generator Thursday February 23rd at 10:00am MST (GMT-7)

Rules as they will appear for each deck as They are posted throughout the year.

  • You don’t have following me. Though it would be nice 🌻🌞
  • This giveaway lasts for the rest of the year starting February 19th with the first deck. Then approx. every 28 days there after the next deck will be posted.
  • One entry per person.
  • Reblog this post to enter the giveaway.
  • Likes do not count.
  • Please do not delete or edit the text of this post it will disqualify you.
  • You must be at 18+ years to enter (Tumblr guidelines).
  • Your ask box must be open so I can contact you. 
  • This give-a-way is in no way affiliated with Tumblr.
  • Please do not tag this giveaway or the PTB’s will disappear it.  

I hope I’ve covered everything.
Good Luck

Oh Heck let’s post this now.

Giveaway for my follower [have 2give aways ]

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hey so im really bored and i wanna compliment people so please enter this

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that’s all! you dont have to be following me or anything, i just ask that you please reblog the post, likes dont count. also please be patient with me, ill either get a lot of these or a little so it might take some time

Drowning (Shiro x Reader)

Request: (Season 2 spoilers) I heard you’re looking for angst :3 Could you do a scenario where the reader breaks down after Shiro disappears?

Requested by: @beyondtrash-voltrondumpster Note: Sorry if this is so long, or if it’s trashy but, please do enjoy! Shiro x Reader

You had entered the Black Lion last, trying your hardest to catch up with the others quickly. But unfortunately couldn’t, so when you reached them, you could barely see over them.

But it was quiet. Why?

You expected Shiro to be hugging them, you expected laughs of relief and tears of joy but you didn’t see either of that. You saw unmoving bodies, and when you stood on your toes and peered over Allura’s shoulder, you could see a look of fear on Keith.

In a fit of confusion contorted by fear, you pushed through them, almost knocking Hunk over as well. When you stumbled out in front of them, and your hands grasped the corners of his chair, you pulled yourself up and your heart shattered.

You felt as if the space around you became smaller, your eyes lost focus and you started heaving. You could feel hands grabbing your hands, your arms. Softly rubbing your back and the voices around made it feel like you were underwater.

You were drowning.

“Y/n?” That was definitely Keith, he’s the only one who calls you by your full name. Besides Shiro.

“I’m sorry…it’s all my fault.” Your sobs filled the others ears, Keith was kneeled beside you as your forearms still rest on the chair from behind. Your forehead pressed against it, cooling you. Keith had one arm wrapped around you, and another rubbing your shoulder, he gazed at the remaining Paladins, Coran, and Allura.

You were silent after that, an occasional sniff would break your silence but that was all. The others were worried, and would try speaking with you but every time you would just stare at them for a minute or two, only to go right back to picking at the skin of your fingers or lips.


Allura and Keith were in the kitchen, Hunk baking a few feet away as they all discussed how you were doing, and what to do about searching for Shiro as well.

“Well, there is really no telling where he could have gone, and we can’t just waltz onto a Galra ship like it’s nothing! This is so frustrati-” Keith stopped, eyes wide and seemingly unable to blink as you stepped into the room. Everyone froze, actually.

“What? It’s not like I don’t eat.” You snapped, uncomfortably walking over to the counter Hunk was cooking on.

“Uh-Uh hey Y/n, do you nee-?”

“What’s this?” Although you seemed so very tired, you still had to communicate at one point. Allura turned in her chair, a smile growing on her face as she stood and practically flew over to you. Her arms wrapped around your shoulders and she lifted you from the ground.

“Uhm! Allura? What are you doing!?” In instinct your knees curled in and you went deadweight, trying to put your feet back on the ground, only for Keith and Hunk to join in on the hug as well and let out some relieved laughs. You could feel Allura’s face squished into your back after she threw her arms down to your waist.

“Glad to have you back, Y/n!” Allura chirped, putting you down and kissing the top of your head when you turned around.

“Now let’s find Shiro.”

castiel color challenge: january 2017!

to enter, please do the following by january 20th:

-reblog this post

-send me a message that says: cccjanuary2017

everyone will receive a prompt (one color) and the deadline on a rolling basis, which means the sooner you reblog this, the sooner you get your prompt, and the more time you have to work on it!

entries can come in the form of:


get as inventive as you want with it! this challenge includes any version of cas: AUs, trueform, pre-spn, whatever you decide! ships are fine, but try to keep the focus on castiel

all you have to do is upload your work by the deadline and tag castielcolorchallenge, and i will reblog it to the challenge blog
Bruno Heller: Make Riddler & Penguin a male couple in Gotham TV series to represent sexual diversity!
Media has an impact on our society and vice-versa, and this is the reason we find it very important to discuss this. We've created this petition, to let our voice hopefully be heard by the show creators, with the hope that this will help to make a room for a significant change. We wish to have...

Hey Guys if you like Nygmobblepot as much as I do, please enter to sign this petition to make them canon.

2017 GIVEAWAY!!!


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First Prize♥!
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This Giveaway will end on Feburary 2nd 2017 !
I’ll announce the winners that night and give them 24 hours to respond!
If you do not respond your prize will be rerolled and I’ll contact the new winner!


castiel color challenge: december 2016

to enter, please do the following by december 20th:

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everyone will receive a prompt (one color) and the deadline on a rolling basis, which means the sooner you reblog this, the sooner you get your prompt, and the more time you have to work on it!

entries can come in the form of:


get as inventive as you want with it! this challenge includes any version of cas: AUs, trueform, pre-spn, whatever you decide! ships are fine, but try to keep the focus on castiel

all you have to do is upload your work by the deadline and tag castielcolorchallenge, and i will reblog it to the challenge blog

(banner drawn by alitotes!)

RP Hivemind: A 16+ Homestuck Roleplay Server!

This Discord server is a small out of character space for Homestuck roleplayers to chat and hang out! That’s honestly as simple as it gets.
We include separate channels such as general chatting for everyone, a nsfw chat for adults only, a spoilers chat, an art channel, and so on!

 Members must be 16 years or older. To request an invite to this server please message @violetbard or @alitotes. This is to prevent a public invite from allowing too many people all at once, as well as preventing spammers from entering! Please be patient if we do not get to you right away. If you have any questions, about the server or of Discord itself, feel free to contact us about that as well!

Read the rules below before requesting an invite! They are important!

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Happy birthday to Dylan Klebold. You would have been 35 years old now and the thought of you being gone for more years than you were alive kills me. I hope you are at peace now and are no longer suffering. You are in my thoughts everyday, and you are dearly missed by so many. Happy birthday Dyl 🕯

I am going to end this with my favourite quote from you.
“Love is more valuable than anything I know. To love is to enter a completion of ones self.”

Please do not remove the caption out of respect. I did not write all of this just for you to delete it so it will fit on the “aesthetic” of you blog. Thanks.


You have received an important text message from campus security:

It is believed a concealed weapon has been spotted in the area of the Nu Sigma house and it is now  under official lock down, local police officers have been placed outside of the house to ensure the safety of the students and that no one enters or attempts to leave. Please do not panic, we will update with details as soon as more is known.

Due to what is believed to be a threat of violence and to the safety of the students the Nu Sigma den mother has ordered the house to be placed on a temporary lockdown. Details are currently unknown but campus security believes there is a concealed weapon in the vicinity of the house. In the panic of the moment everyone got shuffled around and have ended up locked in separate areas with others. Common areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. While cell service is still in tact everyone is confined to the room they’re in until they receive the text update from campus security giving the all okay.


Under the read more we have listed the groups that have been locked together and their locations. We encourage you to message each other to plot events of this lockdown out!

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