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Genso Wanderer Giveaway!

Hello all! With the new release of Genso Wanderer for PS4/Vita, it’s something a lot of people have been eagerly awaiting for a long time. Now you too can see Touhou on the shelves of your local store. With all the support I’ve received from this community, I wanted to give a little something back.

So I am going to be giving away one copy of Genso Wanderer (Standard Edition)!


  • One like and one reblog count as entries
  • You do not have to be following me but if you’d look at my blog it’d be much appreciated!
  • US only, I can’t really pay the International shipping fees. Sorry!
    EDIT: If you would be willing to pay for international shipping costs, we can possibly work something out. Please just let me know it is international!
  • You must be willing to give me your address to ship
  • You must be 18+ to enter or have a parent/guardian’s permission
  • If you would like to reblog but not enter, please put so in the tags. If you are not entering please do not like this post.
  • I’d prefer if you entered with the intent of playing the game I am giving out, and not reselling it
  • Winner will be drawn via random number generator Monday, March 27 at 6PM EST

★  Giveaway is CLOSED!! Winners will be drawn shortly!  ★


As a thank you for you all wonderful people following and interacting with this blog, I’m hosting an art g¡veaway!!

FIRST PRIZE is going to be a shaded pic!
SECOND PRIZE is going to be a flat color pic!
THIRD PRIZE is going to be a 500x500px icon!

HOW TO ENTER: like and reblog this post! Please do so only once.

This ends on April 26!

More info under the break!

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Hello my lovely little beans since i havent done any kind of celebration or event for this blog for what seems like years i have decided i am now going to be doing Blogs of the Month!!! (also how extra am i with this banner ik) 


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  • entries end on 30th April

please put the category you want to be in the tags you can apply for two categories if you want but you cannot win two categories. 


  • harry potter blog
  • multifandom blog 
  • original creations (includes writing) 

please put your creations tag in the tags 

what i am looking for: 

  • kind, friendly and active bloggers
  • i’ll also be looking at the overall blog which will include icon, posts, and themes (how organised or neat it is) 

prizes undercut

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sexylibrarian1  asked:

The tags aren't working because life. I would like Bucky. You know my kinks, lol. Think of this as revenge on me for making you suffer.

This is what my wife requested, I hope you enjoy iit honey and that it  makes feel, at least, a bit better or helps distract  you a little.

Originally posted by suicide-girl-broken-alone

SMUT under te cut, so please 18+.

You groaned. They were going at it again, Bucky and Natasha were speaking russian during a mission, again. No one in the support team, made of you and a junior agent spoke russian, so no one knew what they were saying. Bucky was destracting enough as it was, adding a foreign language to it was just torture. He called her “Natalia” and you groaned again, thankful that your mic was off. Why did he insist in calling her that? No one did. It was frustrating.

“You” You turned around at hearing his voice and saw him pointing at the junior agent “Get out”

“What now, Barnes?” You asked, annoyance dripping from your voice.

“What were those groans I kept hearing?” You could feel how his eyes were drilling holes in your soul.

“Y-you could hear that?” Your face grew hot in embarrassment.

“Yes” Bucky crossed his arms over his chest. And your eyes went straight to them “What was that about?”

“I.. Is just that you and Natasha have this habit of speaking russian during missions and no one knows what you’re saying” You sighed “Is annoying and distracting and you’re already distracting enough” You want to slap yourself when the last words leave your mouth. 

“Am I?” The change in his voice is sutil, but you notice enough “How?”

“You… Just are” Your voice comes out weak.

“You know that’s not a good enough answer, Kroshka” He had made his way across the small control room and whispered the last word in you ear, chuckling when a shiver ran down your body “How am I distracting you?”

You shake your head, decided to not give into him that easily, but you do. You always do. And he knows. You pushed him away and got up of your chair, making your way to the door, but Bucky was way faster than you and closed the door, pinning you against it in no time.

“I asked  you a question, kitten” He nibbled  your earlobe “ Are you going to answer or do I have to fuck an answer out of you?”

You shake your head again and Bucky laughs darkly beside your ear.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to fuck it out of you, then” You’ve been wet since the moment you heard him speaking russian, but when those words scape his mouth you feel a new wave of arousal course through you. Bucky bites down on your neck and you cry out, he places his flesh hand over your mouth “Shh… You don’t want Natalia and that kid to hear you, do you Kroshka?” You shake your head and feel how, with his metal hand, Bucky starts to pull the zipper of your tactical suit down. When it is completely open he shoves it down your arms, until it is hanging around the top of your thighs, then pulls your panties to the side and two of his fingers dive between your lower lips, coming out wet and shiny with the evidence of how much you want him “Is this is all for me?” With his hand on your mouth all you can do is nod furiosly and he smirks, turning you around “Hands on the door and keep quiet or you don’t get to come”

You do as Bucky says and when you hear the shuffling of clothes, just before you feel how he teases your entrance with the tip of his cock “O-oh… Please, James”

“Please what?” He grabs two hanfuls of your ass and spreads you open, grinding his tip against your folds “What do you want?”

“Your co-cock, please” He enters you and you whine, earning a sharp bite on your shoulder.

“My pretty slut, so wet and fucking tight” He snaps his hips and youu have to bite down on your lip, to keep from being to loud, you know that if you don’t do as he says he’ll leave you hanging. Bucky starts to build a fast pace that has you panting and whimpering softly, you  tighten your walls around his shaft and earn a low groan and the grip on your ass becomes stronger “You wanna come, baby?”

“Yes! James, yes!” Bucky circles his metal arm around you and starts circling and pinching your clit “Fuck… I’m gonna come”

“Oh, no… You won’t” His other hand snakes around your waist possesively and he bites your neck again “You’ll come when I tell you to”

Bucky keeps fucking into you hard and fast, his hot breath on the back of your neck, and you try your best to hold back your orgasm but it only gets harder with every second that goes by “Please, Bucky. Ple-ease”

“Come now, Kroshka” You do, and your knees buckle under you, is so intense you can’t even make a sound and Bucky comes right after you, his lips on your hair, muffling his sounds, thrusting his hips a few more times before he locks the door and moves back to the chair “Are you going to tell me now?”

You laugh “Look,it turns me on whn you speak russian, ok?” You hide your face on his neck. And his arms tighten around your body, making you snuggle closer to him.

bedding (part 1)

danisnotonfire x-reader

Part List

warnings- smut… is swearing a warning idfk

info- just btw, this is set in medieval-ish times. like kings and queens were the thing with nations ect.

y’n’s “underwear” - corset thing and a thin skirt and under that is basically a bra and panties

Dan’s “underwear” - basically shitty boxers

You sigh, looking in the mirror and eyeing the delicate dress you were to wear today. Today was the reading of your father’s will. He was the single ruler of what now is your land and had died proudly in battle around a week ago.

You knew just what to expect, your father had told you exactly what was to happen when or if he died before you were married. Prince Daniel Howell was to take over his role as king and you were to be his queen. It had been an arrangement between the two fathers for years.

As you step into the large room filled with the important castle staff and you father’s allies and friends, a wave of realization crashes over you. You were to be married the next day to a man you had never met. Worse than that, the bedding. You will have to have intercourse with practically a stranger right after he takes your father’s spot on his throne.

You sit on your throne, the one next to your father’s, as the reading of the will begins. All eyes are either on you or the floor, each person anticipating the new king to take his spot next to you.

“And, finally.” The reader says, close to finishing the reading. “Prince Daniel Howell is to take my spot as king, and marry my daughter, y/n y/l/n.” He reads aloud. Out of the corner of your eye you see someone stand up a bit straighter. “He would like you to take your place on the throne, Prince Howell.”

A tall, brunette man slowly stands from his seat at a table and walks to the throne. He sits down, looking ahead. Everyone claps and the reading is dismissed. everyone filing out of the large room. Daniel and you keep your spots on the thrones as the room empties. Once there is no one left, you stand and walk to the doors, trying your best to rush out and avoid contact with him as much as possible.

“Uh, Miss y/n?” A husky voice says from behind you. He sounds as if he’s just woken up. You slowly turn to face him walking towards you.

“I know you must feel rather awkward about our situation, but I feel rather awkward as well, so if we work together a bit here and get to know each other, I feel as if this whole marriage thing will be easier for the both of us, yea?” He asks, stopping about a foot in front of me. You can’t help but nod your head.

“Are you alright? You sound as if you may be sick.” You ask, worried just a tad.

“Oh, I apologize. My voice gets a bit rough when I’m nervous.” He answers. You nod your head and he smiles a little bit.

The rest of the evening was spent with the two of you talking, taking walks around the castle grounds while you do so. When it got late enough, you attended dinner and then you both went to your separate rooms. You had warmed up to each other a bit, but you still weren’t completely on board with the bedding you knew would follow the night after. Nevertheless, you slept with ease.

The next morning was preparation for your wedding at seven that night. Everything was in order aside from your thoughts. You had never kissed anyone, let alone slept with someone! It was forbidden! You had to be kept pure for your marriage, and you knew that it wasn’t the case for princes. They could “do” people as they pleased, as long as a child wasn’t the result.

As you walk down the isle towards Dan, you can’t help but imagine how much more experienced he was. He had such good looks, and his title had to have been a bonus. You can’t imagine the amount of girls he had-

“We are held here today…” Your thoughts were cut off with the castle’s priest reciting the vows.

“I do.” You hear Dan say. You hadn’t been paying attention.

“And do you take Prince Daniel James Howell to be your husband and king?” The priest asks.

“I-i do.” You stutter a bit, clearly letting everyone know you were nervous.

“You are now King and Queen, you are excused.” He announces. You are pulled down the isle and inside the castle by Dan, your fingers intertwined.

Sometimes you had imagined what it would be like to be among the common folk, marrying on of them and kissing there, at the alter. It’s not allowed at royal weddings, kissing is a private matter that is only to be done in seclusion.

Before you knew it you were at the two of you’s new shared bedroom that had previously been your fathers, and years earlier, shared with your mother. He sat you down on the end of the bed as he stood in front of you.

“y/n, I can tell you’re nervous, are you alright?” He asks you, sympathy shining in his eyes.

You nod in response, he goes to the door, twisting the lock closed, before he sits next to you.

“You don’t have to be, love. I promise I’ll be gentle, I don’t want to hurt you or anything of the sort.” He explains quietly. You nod your head slowly before he stands again, beginning to remove his clothes. He was left, standing before you, in only his underwear.

He sits next to you and undoes your dress, sliding the sleeves down and pressing kisses to your newly exposed skin. As the dress falls, he signals for you to stand, you follow his directions and your dress falls to the ground, pooling around your feet. You were standing before him in only your undergarments, a state that only that maids who dressed you have seen.

“You’re lovely.” He mumbles under his breath after pulling the remaining cloth off of you until you were in the last layer of your underwear.

He pulls you onto the bed, having you lay down as he straddles your hips. He kisses your lips, moving them softly against yours as you try to copy his actions. He starts to kiss you a bit more passionately and his tongue enters your mouth. It felt weird at first, but you soon found your tongue being massaged by his pleasuring. He takes his lips from yours and kisses down your jaw, then your neck. Sucking on several different places before he sucks on one certain place that makes you gasp. You feel him smile against your skin as he continues sucking and nibbling on the sensitive skin near your collar bones before continuing down your body. He pulls away and removes the cloth covering your breasts. He then re-attaches his lips to your skin, moving down to one of your nipples. He sucks on one lightly while he massages your other breast, causing you to moan for the first time, then repeating the actions vise-versa. He pulls away and looks up at you.

“You sound so beautiful my love, don’t hold anything back.” He says, then continues moving his lips down your body. He pulls your panties down your legs slowly, taking in your wet pussy before licking a flat stripe up your folds. You moan at the new feeling, loving it. He circles his tongue around our entrance before pushing it in quickly and removing it. You moan again, but louder.

“Do you like that, y/n?” He asks, the husky voice from yesterday returning. You nod eagerly.

“Use your words, sweetheart.”

“Please, Daniel do that again.” You moan out when his tongue once again enters you. He moves his mouth to your clit, sucking on it while he brings a finger to your entrance. He pulls his mouth away and comes back to your lips, kissing you roughly.

“It’s Dan, love.” he whispers as he slowly moves his middle finger into you, thrusting at a slow steady pace. You moan before squirming at the new feeling. It was strange, yet you didn’t want it to stop. Dan speeds his actions up, adding a second finger. You moan louder than before, causing Dan to moan himself.

“Such a pretty noise.” He says into the heated kiss the two of you were sharing. You felt pressure build up in your stomach, and Dan must have noticed your walls clench around his fingers because he pulls them out. He pulls away from your kiss and sticks his fingers in his mouth, sucking them clean. He then pulls his underwear off, his erection springing free as he lines himself up with you.

“Are you ready?” He asks, making eye contact with you and waiting for your response. You nod.

“Words, love.” He demands.

“Yes, Dan bloody hell.” You answer. He enters you slowly, stopping half way for you to adjust, before pushing into you fully. He sighs in content and doesn’t move.

It hurts, but not enough to outweigh the pleasure.

“Move, Daniel. Please.” You breath out. He pulls out almost all the way before thrusting back in. He continues, his pace slowly quickening whilst both of your moans filled the room. The pressure once again built up in your stomach and you soon after explode into pure pleasure. Your walls clench around Dan as you cum, which causes Dan to loudly moan, cumming soon after you. He pulls out, laying next to you.

He pulls you into his chest, working the covers over you both before tucking your head into the crook of his neck.

“Ask for medicine tomorrow, my dear. We don’t want you to bear children just yet.” He whispers.

You nod, mumbling an “Of course.” Before you both fall asleep.

calling all asexuals

hey everyone!! so i need a little help. i’m doing my math investigative task and my topic is on if there’s a correlation between GDP per capita and the number of asexuals confirming their asexuality. 

basically all i need to know is what country you’re from and what year you found out you were asexual! all data from 2000 to 2015 is extra welcome! please reblog your answer in the reblog and not in the tags so i can easily copy!

it’ll be super super extra helpful if you’re from the US, UK, China/India, or any other Southeast Asian country except for Singapore (sorry fellow Singaporeans!!) but feel free to help add on your data even if you’re not from the above countries!

and if you’re not asexual, please help boost this! i need all the data by february 5th so i have time to write up the report.

thanks so much!! as a way of saying thank you, everyone who reblogs this with data will be automatically entered in an art giveaway so please please do help me out, thanks!

Edit: thank you all so much for the data! I have plenty to work with now and won’t need more. The results of the giveaway will be posted this Saturday when my math has been submitted! Thanks again everyone, you’ve been a massive help!
The Prince and the enchanted refrigerator is looking for voice actors!

details: The Prince and the enchanted refrigerator is a podcast told in the style of an audio book, being narrated by me, @heyitssamanthajackson , and  I was hoping to find some people who want to voice the characters in the story when they have dialogue. there are no requirements for auditioning, although I would like you to keep oin mind that I would be a bit more comfortable  working with people close to my age, as I am only 15. 

some of the characters you can try out for are listed below the read more, in order of their apperances from the Pilot episode, (currently completly written out) and the second episode, (currently only partially written). If you don’t get the part/parts you tried out for that are on this post, don’t fret, there will be plenty more future characters who’ll need voices.

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I Adore You

Chapter 1

AO3 Version


Genre: Angst, Romance, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: The one thing I’ve learned in life is that nothing is permanent, but then you came into my life and made me want to make you permanent.

I lay in a bed that isn’t my own with another nameless body. Our skin sticks together and I fight the urge to push him off me. Instead, I pick his wrist up with nimble fingers and drag it off my waist and carefully untangle our legs. I watch his hair decorate the curves of his face that is smothered by the pillow under his head. Without another wasted second, I dip down to collect my clothing, hurriedly putting them on as I escape another night away from a stranger to a home that never really felt like home. I sleep restless, like always, shutting my eyes before day breaks, trying to escape reality if only for an hour.

But I guess the sun comes up whether you like it or not, one way or another. You can’t sleep all your worries away forever. Instead, a stranger’s bed fills the cracks of loneliness, moans fill the silence, and touches fill the heart more than anything else. It’s all temporary though, but the one thing I’ve learned in life is that nothing is permanent. There is no forever, only temporary.

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hey!! so steph and i both hit milestones and wanted to do something and i forced her we decided to do tumblr awards!! we love yaLL

to enter ;

- please reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

- follow steph and elly

- deadline is 20′3 12:00am ( gmt ); 19′3 8:00pm ( est )

- leave your creation / writing tags in the tags when you reblog

categories ;

harry potter award - best url

hermione granger award - best desktop theme

ron weasley award - best harry potter blog

luna lovegood award - best myth blog

ginny weasley award - best multifandom blog

draco malfoy award - best edits*

pansy parkinson award - best writing*

remus lupin award - nicest blogger

regulus black award - best overall

sirius black award - steph’s personal favorites

james potter award - elly’s personal favorites

prizes ;

- a follow from both of us

- our eternal love and friendship

for winners: 3 promos upon request and 2 edits of your choice

for runner ups: 2 promos upon request and an edit of your choice

⭐Aro Positivity⭐

Since that other person pissed me off and I’ve been feeling really anxious about some of this lately I wanna give some well needed aro positivity to those that need it

  • To all those who think that because you don’t want to enter into romantic relationships you’re going to die alone or unloved: Remember that there’s more to love than romance. Remember you’re always going to have friends, family, and even pets who care deeply about you and love you. You’re never truly alone in life
  • To all those who think that because they’re aromantic they’re unable to feel love: Again, there’s waaaay more to love than romance! I’m sure you care about others and that in and of itself can be love. Just because it’s not the type of love marketed by shitty romance novels or tv dramas doesn’t mean it’s any less or not love. Love comes in so many different forms and all of them are just as important
  • To all those who think that a successful life includes romance: IT DOES NOT. Do what makes you happy! Do what you think is important! Romance has nothing to do with leading a “successful” life. The key to success is happiness and anything that makes you happy is important!!
  • To all those who feel pressured to enter a relationship with anyone: Please don’t do this to yourself. You do not need a relationship to be happy. You are whole and complete on your own, and being without a romantic partner is not and never will be a problem that “needs to be solved.” You especially do not owe yourself to other people
  • To all those who think they’re less than human because they’re uncomfortable with romance: You are not. You’re human because you’re here and alive. Nothing can take that away from you.

And remember above all else: you are wonderful and amazing!!!!!!! You’re an amazing person whose going to lead a great life. Right now you’re probably young and worried about the future, and that’s ok. You have time to grow, learn, and do the things you want to do. Try not to worry too much about things you don’t like/are not interested in. It’s only going to make you stressed and feel bad, so focus on all the things you do like/are interested in and you’ll do great  ⭐

Feel free to add on! presents:

Misters May the 4th contest!

The breakdown:

My followers who have been a around a while know what a tremendous Star Wars fan I am. So for this years star wars day I decided to have a contest. 


- Create a submission featuring you in or with your favorite star wars items. It could be you in your favorite shirt, or other article of clothing. Perhaps you have a tattoo, maybe you have toys or stuffies that are Star Wars related…the criteria is limitless, just be creative with your imagination and do your best. 

- submit this through the contest blog at ONLY. DO NOT SUBMIT IT THROUGH THE REGULAR BLOG. IT WILL BE DELETED. Submissions will be taken until May 3rd, 2017 at 11:59pm

- You must also include your age and location (not your address, State and/or city will do) when submitting. 

- Anyone who submits but fails to follow the directions specifically as laid out will be disqualified. 


 The winning submission will receive a prize package of hand chosen items by Mister. This may include a stuffie which I personally rescue from a second hand store, coloring items, little stuffs, candy, and/or a small personal notebook that contains some special writings, doodles, observations, etc from my mind… as well as an opportunity for a short Skype call where you can personally ask questions, or simply enjoy a conversation.


- This contest is open to anyone 18 and older who lives within the Continental United states of America. You can be a little, a middle, a daddy, mommy, etc.. doesnt matter. 


- USA WINNERS: You must be able to receive a package in the mail addressed to you, and must be able to provide an address to send said package to. Package will arrive in a plain box with no return address and mailed from a post office. I do not want your address unless you are chosen as the winner. Do not send it to me with your submission.

- Winner will be chosen and contacted through PM on May 4th, 2017 and asked for their address. If May 4th passes without being contacted, you did not win.

- the notebook I was going to include was recently lost in the wilderness, so a new one will be made or an alternative one will be chosen. It may take 6 to 8 weeks for your prize to ship.

- Only enter once. Please do not enter from multiple blogs. 

- Your submission may be NSFW. I reserve the right to edit it. If you submit but do not want to be credited, please note that with your submission.


- submit this through the contest blog at ONLY. DO NOT SUBMIT IT THROUGH THE REGULAR BLOG. IT WILL BE DELETED. Submissions will be taken until May 3rd, 2017 at 11:59pm

and may the fourth be with you…. always.



So Imma do a 500 follower Art raffle and it’ll be good practice for my drawing!

~You gotta be following me
~ You have to reblog to enter Likes do not count
~Please put in the tags #Rosie’s Art Raffle so it’ll be easier to find all the reblogs
~No over the top complicated drawings
~ i’ll do anything else really

1st prize:
Drawing of 1-2 characters
1 chibi drawing
Both Colored & Shaded
Full or half body

2nd prize:
Drawing of 1 character
Half body or full

3rd Prize
Sketch of a character
half body only
no color or shade

4th Prize:
a Chibi sketch of character of choice

You have until the 22th of Febuary to join!

Drowning (Shiro x Reader)
Request: (Season 2 spoilers) I heard you’re looking for angst :3 Could you do a scenario where the reader breaks down after Shiro disappears?

Requested by: @beyondtrash-voltrondumpster Note: Sorry if this is so long, or if it’s trashy but, please do enjoy! Shiro x Reader

You had entered the Black Lion last, trying your hardest to catch up with the others quickly. But unfortunately couldn’t, so when you reached them, you could barely see over them.

But it was quiet. Why?

You expected Shiro to be hugging them, you expected laughs of relief and tears of joy but you didn’t see either of that. You saw unmoving bodies, and when you stood on your toes and peered over Allura’s shoulder, you could see a look of fear on Keith.

In a fit of confusion contorted by fear, you pushed through them, almost knocking Hunk over as well. When you stumbled out in front of them, and your hands grasped the corners of his chair, you pulled yourself up and your heart shattered.

You felt as if the space around you became smaller, your eyes lost focus and you started heaving. You could feel hands grabbing your hands, your arms. Softly rubbing your back and the voices around made it feel like you were underwater.

You were drowning.

“Y/n?” That was definitely Keith, he’s the only one who calls you by your full name. Besides Shiro.

“I’m sorry…it’s all my fault.” Your sobs filled the others ears, Keith was kneeled beside you as your forearms still rest on the chair from behind. Your forehead pressed against it, cooling you. Keith had one arm wrapped around you, and another rubbing your shoulder, he gazed at the remaining Paladins, Coran, and Allura.

You were silent after that, an occasional sniff would break your silence but that was all. The others were worried, and would try speaking with you but every time you would just stare at them for a minute or two, only to go right back to picking at the skin of your fingers or lips.


Allura and Keith were in the kitchen, Hunk baking a few feet away as they all discussed how you were doing, and what to do about searching for Shiro as well.

“Well, there is really no telling where he could have gone, and we can’t just waltz onto a Galra ship like it’s nothing! This is so frustrati-” Keith stopped, eyes wide and seemingly unable to blink as you stepped into the room. Everyone froze, actually.

“What? It’s not like I don’t eat.” You snapped, uncomfortably walking over to the counter Hunk was cooking on.

“Uh-Uh hey Y/n, do you nee-?”

“What’s this?” Although you seemed so very tired, you still had to communicate at one point. Allura turned in her chair, a smile growing on her face as she stood and practically flew over to you. Her arms wrapped around your shoulders and she lifted you from the ground.

“Uhm! Allura? What are you doing!?” In instinct your knees curled in and you went deadweight, trying to put your feet back on the ground, only for Keith and Hunk to join in on the hug as well and let out some relieved laughs. You could feel Allura’s face squished into your back after she threw her arms down to your waist.

“Glad to have you back, Y/n!” Allura chirped, putting you down and kissing the top of your head when you turned around.

“Now let’s find Shiro.”

Silver Lights [Sherlock/Reader]

Okay so this was reaaaaally heavily inspired by Hotline Miami bc I forgot how much I loved that game. I love Jacket’s character so much, I thought it’d be interesting for reader to have a similar one. So here, have a murderous Mute!Reader. ~ 🕷️💋

Originally posted by sherlockspeare

‘Need you down at the station ASAP. - GL’
‘I thought I told you already, if he has a purple mop, you can arrest him. Check the underwear drawer, the gun’s in there. -SH’
‘We already took care of that. New case, very peculiar circumstances. Need you here for help. Please come. -GL’
‘Be there in twenty. -SH’

Sherlock grabbed his coat, throwing it on as he hurried out of the flat and into the street below, where he eagerly hailed a taxi. New cases were always amusing. Arriving at Scotland Yard, he made his way to Lestrade’s office, where the older man sat waiting, sifting through various objects sprawled across his desk.

“New case?”

Lestrade jumped at Sherlock’s voice, “Yes. Multiple homicides. Horribly bloody. Might as well call it a massacre.”

“Sounds fun.”

“You should’ve seen it. The newer guys, they won’t sleep for a week, at least.”

“That bad?”

“Yeah,” Lestrade picked up one of the objects - a Walkman - and inspected the outside before opening it and pulling out a cassette. He noted the piece of Scotch tape at the top with chicken-scratch writing scrawled across it. He took a moment to read it.

“Richard’s Mix?”

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I promised that if I reached 1,000 followers, I would celebrate by doing A Thing. This is it!


Two (2) winners will be announced on March 3, 2017

First prize will receive the short sleeved MCR shirt of their choice from Must be comfortable giving me your shirt size, preferred clothing gender, and your mailing address so I can send it to you. 

Second prize will receive the MCR Funko Pop ™ vinyl figurine of their choice. Must be comfortable giving me your mailing address.


To enter to win, please LIKE this post. Do not reblog. (I’m worried if people see this post on your blog, they’ll follow me solely to win the giveaway. That is not the goal here. -_- )

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On March 3rd, I will write the urls of everyone who entered on scraps of paper and pick two out of a hat. It’s going to be completely random, so begging to be picked the winner is not going to help you any. 

If you are the first prize winner, do not ask me for a long sleeved shirt. They cost like $20 more and I’m too poor for that shit. Sorry. 

Yes, your prize must be MCR merchandise.

If you have any questions, please message me. Good luck, everyone!!

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hey so im really bored and i wanna compliment people so please enter this

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C: I’m beginning to feel quite depressed in university. I am feeling very worried about my career and my accomplishments. I have two years left and I don’t know what I am doing, I entered this major to please my mom when she doesn’t even care about me. I can’t transfer because the major I am in is hard, therefore my GPA is low and most faculty transfers need high GPA’s. I don’t want to continue wasting my student loan for a major which is a dead end and has no work in today’s society, but idk.

Screaming from the Dr’s room

A smut request where Gerard is a gynaecologist, and things go a bit better than you expected.

Part two x

Staring down at the multiple tweets that didn’t interest you, you switched to another app to try and find something interesting that would fill your waiting time. Sure, you could just do things the old fashioned way and not have to have your eyes glued to the screen of your phone; but you didn’t feel comfortable enough to do that. You were at the doctors to get your pelvic examination done, nothing had been worrying you, but it’s always best to get checked out. You’d rather a bit of awkwardness  instead of being surprised with some kind of STI. Even though you knew it was a perfectly normal thing to get done, you didn’t really want to look around at the other people in the room, who would make it obvious that they were judging you.

After scrolling through twitter, facebook and tumblr five more times, you heard a little beep, as your name appeared on the screen in the waiting room. Putting your phone away, you walked towards the doctors room. You weren’t going to lie, you were a little nervous, you’d never been to one of these things before, so you didn’t really know what to expect. Your legs went wobbly beneath you, and you could tell that anything would set your cheeks alight, even if you got the tiniest bit embarrassed. Knocking on the door you took a death breath in, closed your eyes, entering when called by the doctor. You were met with a peculiar man, or at least peculiar for a doctor. A man in a blue suit stood in front of you, with crazy flame red hair. Well this certainly wasn’t what you were expecting. You expected maybe a fat middle aged man who hated his job, or a judgemental women in her 20’s who seriously regretted her life decisions. Instead this man introduced himself as Dr. Way, and seemed friendly and alert, not to mention… attractive. You sat down, placing your rucksack on the floor, thumbling with the strap whilst avoiding eye contact.

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