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Who thinks if this extreme level of PC, shutting down of free speech + debate, and generally the American-centric bad Social Justice Warriors of tumblr, spilling out in real life in America especially in college campuses fuelled this 'whitelash', white Americans' backlash against sjw 'poc' infiltrating the states? I mean that, & all the useless white hatred & blaming whites for everything (I have West European colonialism & slavery, but non-white non-Christians like the ottomans did this too).

a lot of people me included, but like, saying IT’S ALL SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS is an oversimplification. like, I read a post once which was enlightening which pointed out how the sjw rhetoric is actually just rehashing of the US OR THEM bush jr rhetoric that ran wild post-sept 11th and I REALLY wish US kids who don’t remember bush (good for you) actually read up on it because what I see rn is the lovechild of that rhetoric + the opposite side.

what I mean, for instance: when people on tumblr think that EVERYTHING VAGUELY CRITICIZING ISLAM is *islamophobe*, it’s because they grew up in a world where it was americans vs horrid terrorist muslims coded as The Enemy for eight years post sept 11th. someone who doesn’t remember sept 11th has no idea of why muslims are the current Enemy, they just know their country has unchecked hatred towards muslim, and therefore when they have to defend them they go ALL OR NOTHING as well and you read shit which pretty much implies excusing every muslim country that violates human rights or worst saying being islamophobe means being racist when being muslim is a RELIGION and you can’t be racist against religions. anyway, all discourse post-bush jr works like this. tumblr culture reinforced it and sjws are playing into it so naively I wish I was as naive sometimes, but like since this kind of thing brings to extremists and radicalization, a good part of the newer generation grows up with that mentality of US VS THEM and rn it’s EVIL WHITES VS POCS and the likes. now, that The Bad People are equated with the wasp cishet middle aged male is understandable because that’s the most privileged category in the US, but since there’s no nuance there, people have made the horrid mistake of deciding that wasp cishet white middle aged male = ALL *WHITE PEOPLE* whatever white people means.

and as that cracked article I linked last day pointed out (here), it’s not how it works. because again most of these people who can afford to have this Discourse TM (esp if they’re also white) can afford to go to college and have internet and so on and they’re actually in a fairly privileged position because then you don’t see what’s going on outside your city or your college. that being: THERE’S A BUNCH OF *POOR* WHITE PEOPLE IN THE US WHO ARE NOT PRIVILEGED. and that our famous *working class* is currently not doing well and there isn’t someone who seems to cater to them. if trump gets a bunch of votes in midwestern states with high unemployment rates (where SANDERS won the primaries which makes me think people just wanted to vote out of the establishment without looking at the politics because I can’t fathom how someone who votes sanders then might vote for trump in protest) then the problem is waaaay deeper than ALL OF WHITE AMERICA IS RACIST. first the problem is that half of the people didn’t go vote anyway which says all.

but second, the thing is, as I had the misfortune to see with berlusconi here, people who vote for demagogues who cater to the worst part of the electorate don’t necessarily share their more outlandish ideas. like, berlusconi also was a raging sexist and a bunch of women voted for him because ‘he got things done so who cares’ (thing is, he didn’t get things done either but that’s a problem for another day), there’s SOME non-white immigrants (legal, who came here years ago) who support LEGA NORD OUT OF EVERYTHING because *they*, legal migrants, are honest and hardworking but the refugees are all dangerous muslims and they should be thrown out, there’s gay people voting for parties that openly said they loathed the idea of civil unions because other than that they’re right wing and they don’t care to get married - like, it’s complicated and someone who voted trump because it seems like he’s the only candidate who cares about them and not because they’re a raging racist…

like, see, the point is: some people who voted for trump are legit white supremacist/racists/actually voted for him because he’s a racist sexist bigot. with those people you can’t do anything. no, listen, I have a great-aunt who voted right party first, then the neofascists, then berlusconi when the neofascists tried to clean up and move to center positions and now she votes fucking lega nord even if she’s from sicily because she’s so right wing it hurts and she hates gay people and immigrants and so on and after… sixteen years I figured there was no fucking point. those people won’t change their minds unless they’re bitten in the arse directly and maybe not even then. especially if they’re not young. (young people might still be swayed. idk, remember the son of the founder of stormfront who went to his jewish classmate’s dinners bc the latter invited him and he changed his mind? yeah.) but a good part of the rest probably voted trump for other reasons that trumped the fact that he’s a complete joke and absolutely not presentable. now, how about people try to understand why that happened and for the love of god STOP with the ‘if you voted for trump you’re a racist and you’re the problem I won’t talk to you period’? because with that attitude the people who might actually be swayed will just go vote for trump again. and again.

thinking that we were *superior* to berlusconi and assuming his electorate was ridiculous/dumb/would eventually realize he was that shitty and refusing to engage with it was what fucked us over because now we’re filled with people worse than B. who could get that far because B. opened the road and on the opposite side no one caught the discontent. please don’t do the same thing and if your aunt voted for donald trump please make sure she’s like mine and not genuinely misguided before telling her she’s a horrid white supremacist and the root of the problem. the root of the problem is why some people are so desperate that they latched on to an idiot who is obviously lying to them and will damage them more than anyone else, not OMG HALF OF THE US IS WHITE SCUM. first, a quarter of the US since 46% of the people who could didn’t vote. second, a good part of that quarter is white scum, but the other might be sway-able… if you take care to actually talk to them.

otherwise you get trump/pence 2020. if that happens…

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like. the american left needs to really take a step back and rethink itself, and people not for trump need to COMMUNICATE WITH THE OTHERS, PROTEST TRUMP WHEN THEY CAN AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T PAINT EVERYONE ELSE AS THE DEVIL OR THEY’LL HATE YOU EVEN MORE AND YOU CAN’T GRAB THEM BACK.

and you don’t really want that.

also, I really doubt that the midwestern voters give two fucks about sjws especially if they don’t go too much on the internet or don’t go to college, same as rich assholes who voted trump can’t give two fucks. it’s not the content of the rhetoric. it’s the rhetoric itself.

tldr: in that post about the bush jr era I mentioned, someone who was around in the eighties remembered that back then instead of pushing for the US VS THEM mentality people were encouraged to get pen pals in the USSR to see that we were all the same and there was no need for a cold war. I realize the concept of pen pal here is completely outdated but the idea behind it? I daresay it’s time to unbury it because that might do some good. (not necessarily with russian people but with people you don’t agree with. reasonable ones obviously.) that’s the same idea that the guy who ended up making the stormfront kid rethink his worldview had, maybe if we all tried that it wouldn’t hurt. I mean, you might grab back two people on ten or convince someone else to vote next time. can’t hurt. surely not worse than this idiotic fearmongering has done.

and yes, for the love of god people need to stop feeling offended when someone disagrees with them and actually, like, engage in discussion.