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Aside from the fact that these memes are ridiculously incorrect, I think that I’ve figured out why they bother me so much:

—> An activity or choice does not need to burn significant calories in order to be valid.

There’s absolutely no need for you to base your entire lifestyle around acts that burn the largest amount of calories possible. It’s absurd to imply that everything we do has to use up lots of energy in order to make it worth doing. After all, is this how you make every life decision? (Which burns more calories, being a doctor or a lawyer? A teacher or a plumber? Guidance counselors never told me, how will I ever choose?!) If your lifestyle is based only around doing the things that burn the most energy possible, then it’s time to talk to your doctor: You’re developing an unhealthy obsession with weight loss, exercise and calories. Seriously. 

Even if complaining or thinking didn’t burn any calories at all, you would still be completely justified in choosing to spend your time that way. It’s your right to do what makes you feel good or comfortable. An activity doesn’t have to be justified with its weight loss potential - Burning calories doesn’t legitimize an act, while failing to burn calories doesn’t condemn it. 

We need to stop assigning value to our actions based on this inane scale. 


                             Favorite Final Fantasy Character → Zack Fair

  Technically, Crisis Core was my first Final Fantasy game. Since I was not aware of anything else besides Crisis Core, I was not expecting Zack’s death. I kept replaying the game multiple times thinking that I did something wrong to cause his death. I’m not ashamed to admit I shed major Ghibli tears the first week after I finished the game. Ahh, sweet memories. I learned much from Zack. He is a precious character and will always remain in my heart. Even if it achy achy.