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Day 7 of Adrinette Month: Patrol

No, you didn’t miss Days 1-6. I just haven’t done them yet. Doesn’t matter how I do it, just so long as I get this month done :)

Bonus DJWifi as a nod to the awesome cosplayers I’ve met at Newcon and RCCC. Please drop your name in the comment so I know who you are, you lovely humans!

i’m going to be straight up with this. when you’re in college, especially around exams/midterms, there seems like there’s no time to do everything you need to accomplish, much less care for yourself. i’ve devised a list of five small, relatively quick ways to get in some self care time during those weeks where you barely have enough time to catch your breath.

i. get some sunshine

set down your pens, close your notebook momentarily, and step outside your building. taking a break from your studies and getting a breath of fresh air can be so motivating! take a small break from your study session in the library. you don’t have to make it an hour long endeavor: just step outside for 30 seconds, a minute, five, however long you feel like, and take a minute to breathe. bonus points if you leave your technology at your desk.

ii. drink some water

this may seem trivial, but you would be surprised by how often you forget to hydrate. it doesn’t have to be a tall glass or an entire water bottle, but take some time to travel to the water fountain and take a sip! not only will you get a small break from your activity, but you’ll get a refreshing pick me up! throw in a healthy snack! here’s a masterpost of some cheap + low maintenance power snacks worthy of a college student’s affection.

iii. take a quick shower

showering helps relieve tension, and help you sleep better! turn on your favorite song and stay in the shower for as long as you have the time to devote to it. wash the stress from the day off or just stand under the warm water. whatever you decide to do, it is sure to be relaxing and refreshing so you can get back to doing all of the amazing work you’re doing! even if you don’t wash your hair or your body, taking a moment to relax and breathe can really help you with your activities for the rest of the day.

iv. clean/organize your desk

personally, i clean/organize when i’m stressed out. if this is something that helps calm you down, go for it! if this is not necessarily a go to stress relieving practice for you, take a look at your study space. have you been in the library all day? throw away any trash leftover from your midday snack, and recycle any papers you might not need anymore! has it been a few weeks since you cleaned off your desk or reorganized your stationery? take five minutes and tidy up your study space! a change of pace can be so helpful when it comes to finding your motivation to continue working.

v. take a short nap

i know what you’re thinking: this is a slippery slope. it can be, but knowing when you really do need a nap is part of being an adult! i try my hardest not to take naps unless absolutely necessary, but sometimes i do need to unplug, close my notebooks, and crawl into bed to recharge. don’t write off naps as an act you can never indulge in. if you have a bad night and don’t get enough sleep, your productivity will be affected. science shows that you should nap for either 45 or 90 minutes so you don’t screw your rhythms up! regardless of whether or not you are the royalty of napping, or someone who tries their hardest to refrain from napping, remember that naps are more than okay sometimes, and that sleep is a necessity if you want to be the best student you can be!

i can’t say this enough: taking time for yourself, especially in college, is so important. when you feel better about yourself, you have more time to devote to studying and doing the things you love! try to make a habit of doing a self care activity, be it one i mentioned above or something completely different, for at least 10 minutes every day. you will feel refreshed, motivated, and prepared to continue your studies! i am wishing everyone the best of luck! as always, if you have questions or suggestions, please send me an ask.

1. you have made it to 20! what a whirlwind year it has been but if you can survive 2016 you can survive anything.

2. remember that love trumps hate any day, everyday. just keep spreading love and being the best person you can be.

3. last year was definitely not your year for romance, try it this year though. I have a feeling a lot of love is coming your way.

4. school is a priority, do not ever forget that. you are so fortunate to be able to even attend college so just try your hardest in each and every class.

5. DO NOT SKIP YOUR 8AM! you signed up for it, you now have your afternoons free to study as you please. it’s an important class and really an hour difference of sleep is not going to kill you.

6. go to bed early, you’ll thank yourself when that 8am roles around.

7. take care of your body. eat healthy but eat good. make sure you are hydrated and exercise on the days that you can. you know that you always feel so good after you exercise.

8. keep meeting new people and keep making friends. talk to people in your classes, make new friends and study buddies.

9. when you are not feeling good on the inside remember to just take time to unplug and go outside.

10. remember your worth. this can be applied to friendships, to relationships and even when you are with just with yourself. you are worth so much and you have purpose, you are just starting to figure out new parts of your journey, don’t be so hard on yourself.

11. you can change your mind.

12. don’t let people make you feel bad for not wanting to do what you used to do, for changing and growing.

13. do not be afraid to let this love inside. when people give it to you sometimes you make up excuses to not take it. don’t do this, embrace the love and keep giving yours as well.

14. last year was so hard there is no doubt. but baby he doesn’t think about you anymore and you were not worth anything to him. that was not love and there is no love there. he is in the past, he is not your future. just let it go. let him go. no more.

15. you make each day what you will. it’s up to you and you are writing your story, you get to decided the paths that you take and the people you get to take it with. mistakes happen along the way and you can recover. you are in charge.

16. just spread love. give it to yourself in abundance and give it to the people you meet and want to keep getting to know. 

17. be who you want to be in 2017. there are so many possibilities and so many different outcomes and lots of things that we do and do not have control over. make sure that the things you can control that you do. make sure that you spread love and light. we all are going to need it.

—  17 things I want to remember in 2017
BTS reaction to you being horny all the time


Jin wouldn’t really know what to do. He would be pretty tired when he came home, but since you were always so horny he would sometimes try to please you. Other times, he would just want to relax, but since he would never say no to you, he’d sleepily try his best to please you. “How can you be so horny all the time? Don’t you ever get tired, baby?”

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Yoongi wouldn’t mind, but sometimes he’d take advantage of it. He would tease you when you were, then not do anything to get you off. He’d just smirk and walk off like nothing happened. Other times, he would give you his all. It just depends on what kind of day he was having. “What do you mean I keep teasing you?” He’d laugh as he squeezes your butt in his hand. “I would never do such a thing~” Yoongi would growl in your ear.

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Hoseok would be just as horny as you, so he wouldn’t mind. Anytime you said you were, he’d smirk and please you until you couldn’t take anymore. He’d be the person that would never get tired of hearing your moans or just tired in general. Anytime you wanted him, you got him. “Such a naughty girl~. I like it.”

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Like Yoongi, he would love to tease you. He knew when you were horny and knew just how to drive you crazy. He’d start kissing your neck as if he was going to move to the rest of your body, then would just stop out of no where leaving you wanting more. When you started teasing back though, that’s when he would lose it. “I’m the one that teases you, baby. I’ll have to teach you a lesson.” Namjoon would smirk as he laid you on the bed pulling off your clothes.

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He would love the idea of it, but when it came down to it, he wouldn’t know what to do. Jimin would just be confused why you were so horny all the time. He wouldn’t mind pleasing you though. He’d do it every chance he got but wouldn’t understand why it was never enough for you. “Princess, I know you want more, but why don’t we do that a bit later.” He’d suggest. “I have a surprise for later anyways.” Jimin smirked.

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Tae would be kinda flustered that you wanted him all the time like you did. All the teasing you would do to him would eventually get to him and he would end up just letting out all of his sexual tensions on you, which you loved. “Is this what you wanted, babe?”

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Jungkook would really love it. It would be sort of like a game to him. He would keep teasing you and trying to make you as horny as possible before you pretty much were begging for him. Once you finally had enough, he’d give you everything he had. “Are you finally satisfied? Or do you want round two?”

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Anon request: Fighting with Jungkook + drabble
It’s not the same as Yoongi’s but I thought this fit better. 
I am so sorry it has taken so long, it has been sitting in my drafts for weeeeks (ask you can tell by the date of the text) I am so sorry
I hope you like it! 

Jungkook x Reader
Warnings: Implied Smut
Words: 1250

You knocked once on the bathroom door and waited for a response. After receiving a text from Yoongi, you rushed out of the door and into the nearest taxi. Reading over the texts again and again, you felt your stomach twist as the guilt set in. Fuck, what had you done. The fact Jungkook thought he was a bad boyfriend made your heart squeeze into your throat. He was far from it, in fact he was the best boyfriend you have ever had, going above and beyond anyone ever had. Making you smile when you needed it, telling you that he loved you nearly every day even when he was on tour. He would always make you feel so loved and important and you couldn’t even let him off this one time. You were being selfish and you needed to fix it. You phone beeped with another text, this time from Taehyung.  

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Diabolik Lovers Tweets (170303)

It’s Girl’s day~ Kou started a chain of tweets….along the way the Sakamaki brothers started blackmailing each other aaaaand we ended with Kino (/)u(\)

(Translation under the cut - Do not use/repost)

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The One With The Nap Partners -One-shot (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: What happens when Y/N and Bucky have a nap together?

A/N: This was inspired my the Friends episode by the same name.

My relationship with Bucky could be described as tense. I had been in DC the day Shield fell and had gone up against the Winter Soldier. Long story short, Steve wasn’t the only one to end up in the hospital after the helicarriers where taken down.

I knew that at the time he wasn’t entirely in control of his actions, but the man had but two bullet holes in me, and I was still pissed about it.

I sat on one end of the sofa in the living room with Steve in the middle, and Bucky on the other end. The movie on the television was halfway through when Steve got a call from Sam. After Steve left I was tempted to leave, but I was the one who left last time we were alone. It was Bucky’s turn to leave.

I didn’t even remember falling asleep until I woke up and the movie credits were rolling. I couldn’t remember the last time I had such of a good nap, or any kind of sleep for that matter. I scooted back closer into the warm sofa and sighed in contempt.

I was falling back asleep when a very large, very muscular arm wrapped around me from behind and pulled me closer to a very large, very muscular chest.

After the initial shock, something clicked between myself, and the person behind me and we both jumped up off the sofa with our hands raised in the air.

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anonymous asked:

Oh gosh, Akaashi is suffering every time Bokuto and Hinata are even near each other. Does he ever worry for Hinata's life in the kouhai wars?

please give him a break


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As I sit in the back of the classroom, I watch her. I watch her as she works on her math homework two rows in front and three sets to the right of me. And I wonder why I am so captivated by her. It’s because Y/N Y/L/N is perfect. Her hair is beautifully styled and her clothes compliment her body gorgeously.

“Jug snap out of it. You’re staring again,“ I turn to my left to see my friend Archie talking to me.

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Soulmates AU / Jughead Jones

Prompt: Hey could you do maybe a Jughead X Reader Soulmate AU? One where Jughead and the reader have a tattoo of a crown on their wrist, and they are best friends but neither of them had ever seen the tattoo on each other. (They were blind, but so where the others) But one day Jughead sees it and knows that they are soulmates, so they meet at pops and he kisses her and after it is really cute. They tell the group and it is really fluffy. In the story the other ships could be Beronica and well the Jughead X Reader. If you do this please send me the link and tell me you did it! Please?

A/N: I’m sorry if at the end it isn’t how you wanted it to be and if it’s REALLY REALLY short.
This is my first imagine in another language so yeah I’m a little excited and terrified. English isn’t my first language so I’m sorry if it sucks and there are any mistakes.

Originally posted by nessa007

You stared at the engraving of ink on the pale skin of your wrist: a little crown. This tattoo was supposed to be the same your soulmate had on his wrist too. You had always thought about him, how he would be.
-How did you know she was your soulmate?- you suddenly asked to Veronica who was laying on her bed, a pen on her hand and her history book on her lap. She has already found her soulmate Betty, and everyone could see how perfect they were for each other.
-I felt it. The moment I saw her, I knew she was the only one for me and then I’ve seen her tattoo and, well, it was obvious we were meant to be. One day you’ll feel like this too.- she smiled, probably thinking about the moment she met her girlfriend.
-I hope so.- you sighed.
-Have you ever thought that maybe your soulmate is next to you and you don’t even know it?- she asked curiously.
-What do you mean?-
-Nothing at all. It’s just that sometimes things are way easier than what you think.- she smirked, probably hiding something.
-I just want to find him.-
-What about your enormous crush on Juggie?- she asked.
-I’ll always like him but it would be different with my soulmate, you know.-

The next day you were at school, stood by your locker as you kept watching the faces who crowned the hallway. Maybe your soulmate was one of them.
-Hey, Y/N.- You turned around and face Jughead, your bestfriend and big crush since forever. You have never really thought about him in that way cause of all the soulmates thing but you like him anyway.
He smiled at you, waiting for a reply.
-Hi, Jug.- You smiled back and looked at him. He was wearing his usual beanie but something was different. You didn’t know exactly what it was but you felt it.
-What are you thinking about? You seem really concentrated.-
-Oh you know, the usual.-
-Your soulmate?- he asked laughing.
-Yes.- you replied. -I just want to meet him. What if he isn’t what I’m looking for? What if he isn’t…?-
-Hot?- he said and smirked.
-Oh, shut up! It’s not what I’m thinking about.-
-Sorry, I know you’re not that type of girl.- when you heard his words your smile got bigger than it was before. Then he spoke again: -Why don’t you let me see your tattoo?-
-Well, I could ask the same to you.-
-I asked it first.-
-I just want my soulmate to see it first.- you said.
-But if you don’t let other people to see it, then how would he be supposed to know the person he’s looking for is you?- he stared at you intensely and for a moment when you met his eyes you felt like your own world collide. You liked him even if ut was wrong.
-I just think I’ll recognize him.- you whispered. You placed your books on your locker and then you closed it. Cause of your action, your sleeve raised and your tattoo showed for a moment. You quickly covered it, than you turned to face Jughead who had a shocked expression on his face.
-Jug, are you okay?-
-Yeah.- he whispered, keep looking at your now covered wrist. -I have to go.-
-Wait, Jughead…- But he was already down the hallway, direct to the exit.
What was his problem? You thought.
During the morning you tried to text your bestfriend but you never got an answer. Then before the bell rang you received a notification from him.
Meet me at Pop’s after school.
You walked down the street thinking about what he would say to you. At the diner you pushed the door and enter in the building. You looked for Jughead when you saw him in your usual booth. You walked up to him and you sat in the cough in front of him.
-Could you explain me why you left school today? Oh, and maybe why you didn’t text me back?- I said angrily.
-Well, hello to you too.- he laughed then turned serious. -I just needed time to think about something.-
-What?- you asked.
-I could tell you but maybe it’s easier if I show you.-
-Show me what?-
-My tatto.- he said simply.
-No Jug, you don’t have to.-
-I want.- he said raising his sleeve. Then you saw it, that little black crown. For a moment your breath caught.
You looked at him and saw how worried he was. But his face was different, it seemed like it was the first time you actually saw him, how his eyes brightened and how handsome he really was. He was your soulmate, the person you would spend your life with.
-How did you know…?-
-Today at school I saw your wrist, that’s why I left. I needed time to elaborate it.-
-You’re my soulmate.- You whispered. -My best friend is my soulmate.-
-Are you sad?-
-Not at all, I just didn’t expect you to be him.- then you added: -I always wished it would be you.-
-Really?- he smiled softly and my heart skipped a beat.
-I know it sounds like a cliché but I’ve always had a crush on my best friend.- you blushed.
-That’s good cause I think I’m in love with you.- you smiled at his words. -There you are. I’ve been looking for you.-
He stoop up from his seat and he sat next to you, just a few steps between us.
-I was so blind before.-
He didn’t reply, he just cupped your face and pressed his lips on yours. You didn’t expect them to be so soft and taste so good. He intensified the kiss and you gasped against him, forgetting about the fact that you two were in a public place and everyone could see you.
-Woah, what is happening here?- you heard the voice of Betty and you two split, both blushing.
-Why were you two making out at Pop’s?- Archie joked.
-We have just discovered we’re meant to be.- Jughead said.
-Are you soulmates?- Veronica asked with a shocked expression.
-Actually, yes.-
-Omg, that’s great! We’re so happy for you guys. I’ve always shipped you two together and I knew you were perfect for each other.- she yelled happily.
Your face turned even redder at her words while Jughead took your hand under the table. You looked at him without saying anything.
-Look at them, they’re so in love.- Betty commented sitting on the other cough.
-I really am.- added the boy next to you kissing your nose. -I finally feel complete with her.-

Genre: extreme angst im ready to make y'all cry

Request: I’d like to request an angsty Jaehyun scenario where he starts dating you bc of a bet he made with his friends and you find out and breakup with him but he actually truly loves you. Sorry if this was confusing.

A/N: okay so i used fool by winner for this scenario because it’s one of my favourite songs and it fits this scenario perfectly so!! and this is quite long and im proud of myself for writing this so i hope y'all like it too!


I was a fool

Nothing is gonna change

Even if I’m sorry now

I know

He hesitantly looked at you, remorse and sorrow filling his eyes. Your cold and intense gaze was set on the book you were holding in your hand, as you tried to ignore his presence.

But a part of you wanted to be back in his arms- even after 4 months.

You miss him.

And you loved him.

Out of all places, you had to coincidentally meet him at the small little cafe down the street.

It’s not like he had not been clinging on to you and trying to win you back for the past few months.

But you resisted.

You didn’t want to be with someone who didn’t love you as much as you did.

“Y/N… Um.. How are you?” he asked in a soft tone.

You ignored him and flipped the page of your book.

He sighed, then bit his lips. But not giving up, hs asked again, “Are you busy these days? You haven’t been replying my calls or texts”

Your heart ached a little.

But you pressed on.

You ignored his words again, your eyes fully focused on the words on the page.

Jaehyun ran his fingers through his hair, then took your hand in his. You tried pulling away, but he held it tightly, and you could see clearly the eyebags that formed under his eyes and amount of weight he loss as you struggled to pull away.

“What are you trying to do right now?” you asked him sternly, keeping a straight face.

He flinched a little, then sighed, and you saw his eyes becoming teary. “I’m really sorry, i only just realised how much you mean to me and i know i shouldn’t have done it but i really do love you and-”

“It’s already over anyways, is there still a point in saying all these?” you cut him off, a look of frustration on your face.

He bit his lips again, “I just really hope you can forgive me and i just… really love you”

You shook your head and scoffed, “If you really did you should have put in more effort, but you didn’t. It’s too late Jaehyun, you need to let everything go”

You grabbed your book and bag, the shot him one last glance, “If i can, then you can too”

But in fact, you couldn’t, and didn’t.

But you had to lie and convince yourself.

Jaehyun sat back in dejection on the back of the seat, his tears rolling down his cheek.

He knew it was going to turn out this way.

He took in a deep breath as his hands rubbed lightly against the screen of his phone, where a picture of the both of you shone brightly.

He misses you.

If only he didn’t do it


Stupid bastard, foolish bastard

I know now that it’s all my fault

Jaehyun had his arms all around you, as he lazily gave you a peck on your forehead. You giggled softly to yourself. His chin was resting on your head, as he used his phone, humming in response to your words.

“How cute would it be if we stay together till we die?” you asked innocently, your fingers in his soft locks, as you admired his beautiful skin and features from below.

He let out a small laugh, his dimple showing evidently. “That would be very cute” he replied with almost no sincerity, but you ignored it anyways, since all you cared about was being with him.

He made you happy.

Never did you think that you’d be together with him, considering the fact that the both of you had total opposite personalities and interests.

One fine day he started hitting you up and talking to you at the library, the place you like to go to.

And all his friends were so supportive of his actions, it seemed to you like his feelings was sincere.

After two long months of getting to know each other even more, you realised you had already fallen for him.

Only he had the power to make you happy.

Small dates at cafes and carnivals led to lazy cuddling and movie marathons at each others’ house.

And it was not until when you realised Jaehyun’s lips was on yours, his hands under your as your legs wrapped around his lean body, that you realised the both of you were madly in love with each other.

At least you thought so.

Until that one day you heard everything, which left you in devastation and pure agony. But you said nothing about it, because you loved him too much.

You were helping him to fold his clothes and laundry at his house, waiting for him to come back from his short meeting with his friends.

At the side of your eye, you caught a glimpse of a family leather black wallet sitting on his bed top, and it occured to you that he had forgotton to bring his wallet- which had almost everything he needed inside.

He didn’t pick up your call.

You remember him telling you the name of the restaurant they were going to meet up at, and knew that it wasn’t far away from his place.

In hopes that he’d smile and and thank you upon seeing how you made your way down to pass him his wallet, you were faced by another sight.

“So… How’s she? Dude i didn’t know you could last more than 3 months, are you starting to have feelings for her?” the brown-haired man asked Jaehyun with a big smile, hitting your boyfriend’s back lightly.

“Honestly not yet? But she’s really nice and sweet though, do you think it’s right to do this?” Jaehyun asked, then shook his head.

Was ‘she’ referring to you? What was happening?

You frowned as you stayed well hidden, as you pressed on to continue listening.

Another man spoke up, patting Jaehyun’s head, “Who was the one who was so hard up on this bet three months ago? Don’t regret your decisions Jae”

“You’re right Johnny”

“Oh, someone even set her as your lockscreen, you sure you don’t have feelings for her?”

You saw Jaehyun blush a little, but kept his cool and scoffed a little, “I have to let her know i love her right?”

You knew that his lockscreen was you.

He had taken it while you were doing your work.

“You look cute”

You wanted to break down so badly.

So all of these had been a lie?

You wanted to confront him, and you had many questions.

But you couldn’t do or say anything.

Something was pulling you back.

You didn’t want to lose him.

So you acted like you didn’t know anything.

You lied to yourself and told yourself he would at least have the slightest feelings for you.

If not, why was he able to give you a big warm hug and a long kiss everyday without fail? Why would give you small little compliments and pecks on the cheeks after, and blush everytime you called him cute?


I’m selfish, I’ve always been

I only think about myself

I think I’m crazy

The person who pushed you away is me

After the 6th month, he became to grew distant.

Skinships became lesser and he spoke to you even lesser now.

It was as though he wasn’t interested at all.

And you knew why.

You engulfed him a big and tight hug in your arms as soon as he stepped into the house, but his arms didn’t wrap around yours like they used to, his head simply just resting on yours.

You tried to ignore the aching pain in your chest, the one you had been feeling for the past two months.

At least seeing him everyday made you happy.

But it killed you internally too.

“How was work?” you asked lovingly, your hands making their way to his. He moved slightly away, and you looked at him as your heart sank.

He replied with almost no emotion, “It was fine”

His eyes were glued to the television screen, and he didn’t look at you even once, as compared to when he would always stare at you with those doe-like eyes, lighting up as you smile.

“Had a bad day? Or..? Can i do anything to make it better-”

“No, thanks”

You couldn’t deal with this anymore.

A rush of anger ran up your body as you threw the pillow on the floor, as you watched Jaehyun stare at you in confusion.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Can you at least show me that you care for me? Jaehyun i’m already suffocating and hurting on my own everyday, can you please make it better for me?”

Jaehyun scoffed, and he gave you the most intense glare he had ever, “What do you mean? Why are you pushing everything to me right now?”

You bit your lower lip as you rolled your eyes, “You know best Jaehyun. Here i am trying my best every single day for you, hoping that you’d share the same feelings i have for you but your actions right now clearly shows it isn’t working.”

“I’m just tired, of course i love you, what do you mean by 'share the same feelings’?”

You scoffed, “The bet. I know everything, stop pretending.”

His eyes widened, “Y-You knew…? How did you-”

“I’m done with this bullshit Jaehyun. I hope you had fun on this bet while i was here suffering alone for 6 months, being fooled by you and your bunch of oh-so-great friends for dating me, thinking that you actually had genuine feelings.”

And with that, you walked out of the house, and never once looked back.

You needed to let go.


If I can see you once more

A last glimpse of you even for a short moment

But Jaehyun only got worst.

The night after he found himself missing your presence, the familiar and comforting hold around his body as you would wrap yourself tightly around his body.

The day after that he found himself staring and looking at all photographs and pictures of the both of you, as he’d smile and laugh, reminiscing all the memories of the both of you. But would start tearing up and crying unknowingly when he realises what he had done.

He found himself texting and calling you constantly, trying his best to apologise and make it up to you.

He realised how happy he was throughout the months he was with you.

And he realised that unknowingly, he had started to have genuine feelings for you.

He loves you.

You found his waiting at your doorstep one day, his arms behind his back, head hanging down as he waited patiently for you.

“Y/N… I-”

But you walked past him and unlocked the door to your house, and without saying anything, you slammed the door in front of him.

You heard his breath fasten a little, and you heard his soft and small little cries, but still tried to say a few words to you,

“I really do love you and i’m sorry, i know it’s hard but please give me a chance?”

Upon these words, you broke down as you fell weakly onto the floor, pulling your legs closer to your body.

You wanted to forgive him, but at the same time, you wanted to forget him.

It was too much for you to handle.

You’re radiating and you go far far away

I try to feel the scattered memories

I miss you every every day

Yes I know I’m late

Come back to me like nothing ever happened

Jaehyun grabbed onto the piece of cloth in front of him and brought it up close to his face, as the comforting and warmth scent of you caused his tears to roll down again.

It was the only piece of you he had left.

“I’ll be leaving for a few years, don’t bother finding me anymore. Please let go”

He clenched his heart tightly as the last few words from you rang through his mind, as he took even bigger breaths as his crying got worst- he was a mess right now.

“Jaehyun.. Please call us when you see this, we’re all worried… and sorry”- taeyong hyung

Jaehyun felt a pain in his chest, as he let out a frustrated yell, then threw punch to the wall beside him.

He hated himself.

Why didn’t he cherish you while he could?

He threw another punch, and soon enough, his knuckles and hands were filled with scratches and cuts, as small bits of blood started to be more visible.

He didn’t care.

The pain in his heart hurt more tham anything else.

He wished everything was back to before.

He wished he hadn’t done anything at all.

He wished he could turn back time and make up to you.

He regretted everything.

And it was already too late to realise that he genuinely loves you,

because you were already gone.

You are such a fool, Jaehyun.

Stranded // Jackson Wang & Mark Tuan (M)

Originally posted by vladilife

Pairing: Jackson x Reader x Mark

Genre: Smut // Threesome

Summary//Request: wonderandneverlandtrip said: Could you possibly do a mark x reader x Jackson smut from got7 ? I love your writing btw 🙊❤❤

PLEASE READ: I have written a continuation of this scenario! If you would like to read it, you can~ I’m Okay With That // Jackson Wang & Mark Tuan

A/N: Please be advised this scenario is rated mature // Threesome, car sex, oral.

If you hadn’t of been in the company of your two best friends, Mark and Jackson, today would have officially been the worst day ever – period.

All three of you were en route back from a weekend getaway with the rest of the boys. You, Mark and Jackson were in the old red Volvo, while the other 5 took the jeep – currently miles ahead of you. Unfortunately for you three, Mark had accidently ran over some idiot’s broken beer bottle left lying at the side of the road, causing the front left tyre to completely burst flat. To make things worse, upon getting out of the car and examining the flat tyre, Jackson then informed you both that there was no spare in the trunk – completely adding insult to injury. Mark called JB, telling him of the situation.

“Well, I can’t come back for you guys because there’s no room for you – it wouldn’t be safe. You guys are gonna have to wait until I leave the other boys home and then come pick you all up. I’ll be about 4 hours – so just stay put.” JB instructed Mark upon him calling, leaving the three of you stranded at the side of the lonely, barren road as you all sat in the car – eating the food left over from the trip and watching the sun as it set in the distance.

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Some Things Aren’t Permanent

Pairing: (Yoongi X Reader); Ft. 95z

Prompt: Tattoos Are Forever Part Two

Genre: More Angst!! (I know chill Lexi)

Words: 3128

Originally posted by kthmyg

Read part one >> HERE

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Burned Pt. 1 [M]

Genre: Smut/angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Triggers: drinking, sex, dom/sub sexual relations

Word Count: 5.5k

A/N: based off a post I made a few days ago and encouraged by. This is my first time writing smut so please be kind to me. I’m still learning the ropes haha. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Everything about the drive home was the same and for that you were thankful. It had been months since the last time you saw the familiar buildings of your hometown. The farmer’s market was in full swing and you were tempted to stop by, but you knew your mother would kill you if you showed up later. 4 hours late, in fact. You probably should have called. You didn’t mind the lecture that was sure to commence once you got home because it was the first time you were able to sleep in for months. You were in your first year of medical school and it was taking a toll on you. Between work and school you barely had time for anything, or anyone. Luckily, the national holiday came right at the perfect time and you managed to squeeze in a trip home, not minding the long drive each way. Hopefully, your mother had prepared your favorite meal because it’s been awhile since you ate something that didn’t come from plastic packaging.

As you pulled down your childhood street you saw the familiar commotion of seven boys playing basketball in your driveway. Taehyung, your younger brother, had begged your dad for two years for a hoop. After Tae broke his elbow from building a makeshift one out of a ladder and a laundry basket your father finally caved in. The six boys playing with your brother were his childhood best friends. They’ve stuck together through everything, from dating each other’s exes, to going away to separate universities. You had never seen friendship like that and you would be lying to yourself if you didn’t feel a little bit jealous. None of your friendships had lasted that long and you hoped that nothing would ever get in between theirs.

The sudden sound of loud thumping on the hood of your car scared the shit out of you. When you looked up, you saw your brother’s boxy grin staring back at you. “If you dent my car you’re going to have to pay for it, you little shit,’ you threatened.

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korealchemist  asked:

Hello and how are you doing? Could you do baby headcannons for Jack, Genji, Roadhog, and Reinhardt? Or if there s/o was pregnant? The sweeter the better please and thank you! (If it's too much, I understand! I'm sorry but I hope you have a good day!)

((sorry for the long wait!!))


- When you find out you’re pregnant, you’re scared to tell him
- you know he’ll still want to be around you, but he’s got a lot to do and a dangerous job
- So when you tell him, he gets surprised, and takes off his mask
- Probably the first time you’ve ever seen tears coming out off his eyes
- he builds the nursery using stuff that comes from both of your backgrounds, and only the best materials.
- When you’re due, he freaks out, and never leaves the room
- When he’s holding his child, he cries for a second time
- he can’t believe that you and him made something so beautiful
- That is how you welcome Alex Morrison into the world

- When you tell him, he is so excited that he carefully picks you up and spins you around
- He treats you as the most fragile, delicate thing in existence
- he uses a bunch of old German methods of keeping you and the baby happy and safe
- Totally plays hasselholf around he house so that the baby is familiar with the music
- On the day you give birth, he can’t be inside due to his large size
- He paces outside the door until he’s given the clear all to come in, then he rushes in
- He cries, as he sees the baby being held in your tired arms
- He gently lifts the baby, to see the beauty that you two made
- He is glad to welcome Adalard Wilhelm into the world

- He didn’t even know he could have a baby in his condition, and was scared to have one due to his child not liking him
- When he finds out you’re pregnant, he knows that he wants to keep the child and all his fears wash away
- He makes you follow the diet, and makes sure you’re safe at all times
- He paints birds and trees in the nursery for the baby
- When it is your due date, He is allowed to come into the room, but he has to stand back
- When he sees that you have given birth to a beautiful baby
- It even has his hair, and he nearly cried
- He takes off his mask, so that the baby can see the face of their father
- Genji welcomed Yukiko Shimada into the world, to be raised by the two great parents

- You’ve never really discussed the prospect of kids, but he really didn’t want any with his life style
- he also was scared he’d end up hurting them
- When you tell him, however, He takes off his mask, and kneels i front of your stomach, and kisses it
- He treats you like an absolute goddess, and never has a hair out of place with you.
- When you’re due, he can’t come in because of his size, but waits outside the door, listening to Junkrat Chatter.
- When he’s allowed inside, he holds onto the small item in his hand tighter, and goes to see your child
- When he walks in, he takes his mask off, vowing not to wear it around the baby, he wants them to know Mako, not Roadhog.
- He tells you both that you are so beautiful, before picking up the child in one hand, they’re so small
- He welcomes Tamati Rutledge into the world by placing a hand knitted hat with a pig design on their head

The Play Room-

warning: This is smut, don’t read this if it makes you uncomfortable.
Also, if you use this please credit me! It would be nice

Word Count: 1,438

Please request, I don’t just want to write about Jaehyun. My Dms are always open, you can request any member and you can suggest a scenario, so please do that!
Please follow for updates.

I also wrote as well as I could, so sorry if there is any typos. Just ignore them! And enjoy lovely people.

It was another normal day for you. You went to the practice room because you needed to practice on your dancing since you knew you weren’t the best. Since you started your trainee days. you always had a crush on Jaehyun. Your feelings for him have developed even deeper ever since SM decided for you two to do, what they called ‘dirty dancing’ together. It wasn’t really that dirty, it was just grab on the hips and grind, which you had enjoyed. You decided to go early and just practice before Jaehyun came. You wore tight leggings and a tight crop top which made it easier and more comfortable for you to move in as you dance.
You put the music on and let yourself free, you practice your movements and you learn how to keep your speed steady, you have learnt how to move your legs to the beat, even better then before. From doing a Hyped Drake song, you changed to a sexy girl group concept, you went from AOA miniskirt to Girls Day something. Your skills were amazing, so much better then before. You even noticed that yourself. That’s when Jaehyun was about to walk in, when he noticed you do the sexy dance, he was so focused on your hip movements and the way your hair moved to the way you danced, made him notice how sexy you were to him.
He walks in clapping “that was amazing Y/N” he smiled…
“You really think?” You asked him
“Yes, you’ve improved so much over the years” you smiled at his compliment.
You two practically grew up together over the three years “thank you” you smiled obviously shy.
“Should we start our dance?” Jaehyun asked as he reached out his hand, to grab yours.
“Let’s do this” you put your hair to the side and go to your position in front of the mirror.
Jaehyun points the small remote to the massive stereo to turn on the music.
You stood in front of him, really close to his front side. Your bum so close to his crotch for this heated dance, he had to put his arm around your waist.
The beat drops… you sway your hips side to side as he sways his in sync with yours. He spins you around and grabs you closer to him, he puts his arm around your back and you guys start doing the classic Spanish dance, when you stretch your leg straight and put it on his shoulder and lean your head back as held your other leg to spin you around.
You two continued and finally finished the heated dance, you two sweating and lying down to get back your breath.
“That was really good” you giggled
“You were good” Jaehyun raises his eyebrows
“Ohhh, you keep complimenting me” you said as you took a sip of your water and let some spill on your crop top which got wet so it could cool your body down. That’s when you realised Jaehyun was staring at you “is there something on my face?” You asked.
“Those lips are” he bit his lips
“Jaehyun you’re so cheesy” you laughed
“I mean it” he groaned
You raised your eyebrows confused “what?” You let out another laugh
“You know… I’ve always been into you” he admitted
“Really?” You ask
“Really” he said as he came closer
“I need you” he then said
“In what sense?” You asked him, again not understanding what he meant.
“I’m craving you” from this point he was hovering over you
“Jaehyun stop playing games” you laughed as you hit his chest and that’s when he kissed you.
You kissed him back, of course you hesitated at first but you got into it.
“What are you doing?” You asked as he broke the kiss
“I’ve always wanted to do this to you Y/N” he smiled
“Well I like you too” you bit your lip after you said that
This time you kissed him and it got heated… in between the kiss Jaehyun said “you’re so sexy” as his hand traced your body, his lips moved from your lips to your cheek to your neck, leaving almost visible love marks. “If you’re going to leave marks leave them one my breasts” you said
“So you want me to do something more then I was planning to” he smirked
“Shit” you said as you though about what you just had said to him.
“Don’t worry I was planning this for time” he said as he took your crop top off.
“You…” you didn’t finish your sentence…
“We can’t do it here” you said
“Let’s got to the changing rooms then” he said has he grabbed you and you both ran to the changing rooms.
You two went to the biggest changing room and he then proceeded to do what he did earlier. He massaged one breast as he nibbled on the other, he started leaving love marks. You started moaning as he continued kissing you and massaging you. He then made his way kissing your body further down as he started to rub your sweet spot, you continued letting out faint moans as he started pleasuring you.
“Jaehyun I’ve been craving you for all this time” you said as you closed your eyes in pleasure.
He proceeded to take off your leggings and continued to rub your sweet spot.
“You’re so beautiful” he praised you “I’m going to give you what you deserve” he said as he licked his lips.
He pumped one finger in you, slowly moving it inside and out of your sweet area, it was getting more wet, you tried to rub your thighs together but Jaehyun wouldn’t let that happen. “At least let me have some fun before I give you what you deserve” he whispered
All you could do was moan in pleasure, your moans turned Jaehyun on, which made him hard. He put in another finger as he was pumping, his speed increased causing you to moan louder, you started getting even more wet and your body was twitching.
“Jaehyun I’m about to cum…” you moaned
“Not yet baby girl” he smirked
He continued pumping more when you couldn’t handle the pleasure. You finally came and Jaehyun started licking you.
“You liked that?” Jaehyun asked
You nodded as you smirked at looked at him “my turn” you licked your lips as you reach his boxers and strip him to reveal his hard member.
You looked at him as you motioned your hand upwards and downwards, looking at his face, his expression of pleasure, you bit your lip “this is your punishment” you started to lick his tip and twirl your tongue around to tease him… you continued pumping your hand up and down on his member. “Just… just put it in” he said in a faint tone as he almost sounded like he was begging you to.
“Not yet” you smirked as you again started to lick his tip.
“Stop being a tease” he practically begged
You finally bobbed your head up and down on his member, you started off slow and the went faster. He started moaning your name “Baby you’re so good” he moaned, he started grabbing your hair.
You increased your speed and you could feel his liquid release in your mouth.
He then got up and started rubbing his member on your sweet spot “stop playing Jaehyun” you moan
“You want me in you so badly?” He asked
“Yes” you moan
He continued to tease you with his member when he put it in, you moan again. He started off slow, knowing that it would make you frustrated and desperate for him to increase his speed.
“J..Jaehyun” you moan, he increased his speed! He continued going faster and faster, making you moan and him grunt in pleasure. As he continued to feel your tight wall, you two felt close to cumming “Jaehyun I’m about to…” you said “same baby, just hold on” you could feel the body heat you two were giving off, the sweat from your bodies, you could hear the sound of his skin rubbing on yours. Jaehyun increased his speed for the last time when you both came.
Out of breath “Jaehyun, that was so fun” you said trying to breathe in oxygen
“Want to be my girlfriend?” he asked putting your hair behind your ears
“Really?” You asked
“Really?” He kissed your lips
“Yes” You smile
“Let’s do a round two in the shower” he said as he grabbed your hand and took your in the shower.

it's been a year since i came out to my mom!

hey guys! i came out to my mom as bisexual around a year ago. it seems so much longer ago but i still remember it so vividly. we were at disney world for the day, like we usually do every month, and all day she had been pointing out rainbow merchandise in the shops on main street. i felt like she Knew i wasn’t straight and she was just waiting for me to come out to her. so, i decided that it was the right time as we started heading into tomorrowland. i think i said something about wanting one of the rainbow things she had pointed out, my mom said something along the lines of “only if you’re gay” (what she said wasn’t offensive at all either, we’re both just really sarcastic so i think it reads as mean if you don’t hear the inflection). i was silent after she said that and kept walking. she stopped and looked at me and said “well are you gay?” and i just kinda whispered “i’m not Fully gay.” and she kind of rolled her eyes (jokingly) and said “well what does that mean shell?” and i told her i was bisexual. my parents are older, so i had to explain to my mom what bisexuality meant. by this time we were on the people mover and i was kind of crying because i was so relieved and just, i felt like massive weights had been lifted off me. i asked my mom why she wasn’t crying (youtube taught me coming outs had to be dramatic) and she said “why would i cry if i’m not upset?” her saying that has stuck with me and i think about it all the time. later that day we were in a different store and there was a shirt i think that said something along the lines of “ariel is my girlfriend” and my mom picked it up and goes “you should get this.” i’m so thankful for my mom and i’m so glad she’s so amazing and we’re so close. my mom is truly one of my best friends and i’m so grateful for her everyday.

this was kind of long but, idk i just wanted to talk about my coming out more in detail. i remember making a few posts right after it happened and people were congratulating me but, here’s more detail. i don’t recommend coming out if you don’t feel like your parent/s (or whoever you’re living with) will handle it well or if you are in an unsafe environment. always remember to do what’s best for your current state of well being. i know not coming out is always difficult (i’m not out to my dad because i’m terrified i’ll get kicked out of my house), but please be careful and remember that your health and safety come first.

Top “must read” mshenko fics list

Well, I want to do this list for a long time, and now, when I`ve read lots of fics, I can make my wish come true. I`m quite new in Mass Effect fandom, so I don`t think  the “veterans” of ME lovers will find there something new. And some works have alredy been in others lists…but I still hope you will like this great works as mach as I do.

1. The Difference Between The Sea And The Sky by @bagog - I have no doubt, that it is the best Mshenko fic. (And honestly, it`s the best fic I`ve ever read at all). Set during ME3 and has 62 chapters. If you didn`t read it yet, please, do it! This is story with awesome character development, graet language and thrilling plot. But  be ready to spend whole day and night, reading it, because it`s impossible to put it down.

2.  A Most Unexpected Man series   - Omegavarse AU  The series includes 7 works which ware a real surprise for me. The plot, the characters, the feels and thougts make your heart beats faster. The author has created an incredible universe. This work is unique in its kind. And this story really make you think differntly about people and society. (Also there is anothe recence of this masterpiece, bigger and better one by @ellebeedarling)

3 Downtown Eastside by @renlyslittlerose - Modern AU with rich Kaidan and gang  banger Shepard. It is really great story about two strong people who want to be together no metter how.  It is still WIP but there is already  28 chapters of 33.

4  Burn Down the Sky - Firefighter AU 41 chapter full of feels, fire, intrigue,  drama and love. Just read it! I promise, you will like it. And If you like it and want more, there is a fic, (5) Home Away From Home   with is an official crossover with (6) Feels Like Home universe.(with is warth to read too) 

7. Elevators And Eclairs by @arcticlucie - Well, i think its name speaks for itself. Lots of nsfw, kinks and elevators. But dont punic, it has a good plot too. Set during ME1.

8.The Right Decision by @arkesstuff -  What if Shepard say “no” in Apollo`s Cafe? And then understood that it was the biggest mistake in his life? 

9. Someone To Love by @ellebeedarling Set during ME1 and still WIP. But there is the best and my the most favorite Shepard.

10. Play - It is the shotest fic in this list ( Only 5130 words ) and is exactly a porn with plot. But really very hot one and has a “amp-port” fetish.

This isn`t very long, but I hope you like it. And if you want to add another fic to this list, this will make me the happiest man ever.

Couch ~S.W.~

Summary: the Omaha squad catches you and sam

Writer: Tristyn

Requested: yes

Me and Sammy were on the couch downstairs watching movies like we usually did on Thursday nights. It was like a way to rest before partying hard on Friday and Saturday.

Me and Sam have been pretty busy doing our own things lately so it was great to have time with him and just him. And honestly Im kinda horny, it’s been almost 2 weeks since me and Sam last had sex.

I look over at Sammy to see him laughing at a part of the movie. His eyes were scrunched up and he looked adorable. When his laughter calmed down he bit his lip and then turned to look at me.

“Y/n, I would ask you why you’re staring at me but I already know it’s because I’m incredibly sexy and you’ve never ever ever seen someone who looks as good as I do and you’d love to take me on this couch right now.” He says smirking like he always is, except this time his eyes of a childlike glimmer in it.

I immediately smash my lips into his. His hands automatically go to my face and hips. I take my clothes off quickly and Sammy does the same. I lay myself down while never breaking the kiss. Sam’s hand went down to my thigh and he ran it up to hips and squeezed them. I broke the kiss to breathe and Sam moved his lips down to my neck.

I reached down and lined Sammy up with my entrance.

“Wasting now time I see” he says groaning as he pushes into me.

“It’s been almost 2 weeks. I’m sick of waiting.” I say before moaning at the feeling of Sam filling me up. “Please move Sammy please” I almost cry out.

Sammy begins moving at a moderate pace. He’s not going that deep but we’ve both waited so long it doesn’t matter.

“Fuck Sammy. Please give me more Daddy, fuck me deeper and faster” I scream at Sammy. He pauses for a quick second looks at me and smiles.

I grab his face and kiss him before he goes absolutely savage. He’s moving faster than I thought possible. I was moaning and whispering in Sams ear to encourage him.

“Fuck right there Sammy I-”

“Hey guys sorry we didn’t AHHHHHH STOP”




We shoot our heads over and see J, G, Nate, and Hayes standing by the front door. Our couch faces the door so they can see everything. Sam pulls the blanket over us and looks at the boys.


“Hey, I’m not the one with my dick out, dick” Hayes says

“You do realize this is our house and we can have sex where ever and whenever we want correct?” I ask the boy.

“My virgin eyes are still in pain” Nate says rubbing his eyes.

“Nathan please, you fuck more in a day then me and Sam do in a month, which is a lot considering we try our best to have sex everyday.” I say looking at him.

“Anyways sorry we didn’t call, but do you guys want to hang out. We miss you both” Johnson says. I look beside him and see G with his hands still over his eyes.

“Of course. Now if you don’t mind I’ll be taking the blanket and going upstairs to get dressed. ” I say as I snatch the blanket and wrap it around my body and run upstairs to my room leaving Sammy naked in front of his friends.